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  1. This thread is going offtopic and nowhere fast. If no one has any reasonable comments to put forth, perhaps it's time to close?
  2. sabaijai

    The End Of Buddhism In Thailand.

    Something better? Could you elaborate, greatflood? And before you do, please read the guidelines for posting in this forum.
  3. sabaijai

    Some Questions About Buddhism In Thailand

    Just to lighten things up a bit. Don't forget to be thoughtless
  4. The photo is too blurred to read the list of ingredients.
  5. sabaijai

    Suggested English Speaking Temples In Bangkok

    In Bangkok perhaps the most convenient temple for what you are seeking is Wat Mahathat. There is an international meditation section there where English is spoken, and you are welcome to stay there as long as you like. Wat Sanghatan on the outskirts of Bangkok has at least one English-speaking month as well. The semi-rural, semi-urban setting is conducive to beginning practice. Ven Dhammanando at Wat Benjamabophit is a British monk with over 20 years experience in the Thai monkhood and high accomplishments in both Pali and meditation studies. He would be worth talking to about possibilities at Wat Ben. Phra Neil at Wat Paknam in Bkk is a Scottish monk who is one of the most senior western-born monks in Thailand. There are a few other western monks at Wat Paknam as well. The last time I checked, foreigners were welcome to stay there and study Buddhism. Good luck.
  6. sabaijai

    The End Of Buddhism In Thailand.

    Off topic rant about the growth of Islam, and a response to that post, has been removed. Please stick to the topic, ie "The End of Buddhism in Thailand."
  7. sabaijai

    Some Questions About Buddhism In Thailand

    Actually there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books in Thai teaching basic Buddhism, as a visit to the Indapanno Archives in Bangkok or any Thai bookstore anywhere in the kingdom will confirm. Buddhadasa himself taught in the most basic way. Living masters who teach barebones, intuitive Buddhism include Phra Wudhijaya Vajiramedhi. There are many other less well-known monks and laypeople writing very simple booklets about basic tenets. But always room for another perspective, which is what I would guess your friend has in mind. Best of luck.
  8. sabaijai

    The End Of Buddhism In Thailand.

    I was going to write something similar. Consumerism can lead to nibbida, and it has in many westerners, including, I would guess, in the case of Fabian Fred and many other westerners who have ordained. So personally I wouldn't despair. Indeed, it seems like a form of aversion, worrying about whether Buddhism will not survive. The truth never dies.
  9. sabaijai

    Monastery/Meditation Centre During Hot Season?

    Various individuals, not limited to Mahasi Sayadaw, have elaborated different methodologies based on the Mahasatipatthana Sutta. And vipassana is not a practice, but a result. The practice is satipatthana (mindulness development). Vipassana is not the end result. Vipassana - moments of insight - come with sati (awareness/mindfulness), and accumulate to produce paññā (wisdom, discernment, cognitive acuity). When paññā is ripe, nibbana occurs. The sutta of the four foundations is vague enough to allow for differing methodologies, including no meditation at all.
  10. sabaijai

    Monastery/Meditation Centre During Hot Season?

    Thanks Sabaijai! Those are some useful suggestions. I will investigate both further although Suan Mok seems to be limited to 10 day retreats - maybe one can stay longer - i am not sure. Sounds like Myanmar is not such a good idea at that time cheers The International Meditation Centre adjacent to Wat Suanmok is oriented towards retreats. The wat itself is a full-time monastery that welcomes foreign monks.
  11. sabaijai

    Monastery/Meditation Centre During Hot Season?

    In a normal year, the district where Wat Tham Wua is found is heavily affected by agricultural burning.
  12. sabaijai

    Some Questions About Buddhism In Thailand

    I don't think I've ever seen food offered to a Buddha image here in Thailand. The usual offerings are candles, incense and flowers. At any rate, this activity as well as the others you mention are all part of the way Thai Buddhism is practised, and it's much more complex than assuming that Thais view the Buddha as 'god.' Many Thais agree with you, that Pali texts should be translated into Thai, and in fact Thai translations of the Pali canon as well as common Pali chants are widely available in book form. The general belief, however, is that the translation is somehow less meaningful, less powerful, than the original Pali. Just as many Catholics believe that Latin liturgy is more meaningful than vernacular liturgy. Why? Because it's human nature to seek talismanic properties in ritual and sacred art. Philosophical Buddhism has a following in Thailand, but only among a minority, it seems. The good thing is that you and your wife are free to choose either of the two or any combination thereof
  13. sabaijai

    Unidentified Foreigner Found Dead In Phitsanulok

    There is a common Thai belief that if a victim sees the murderer before the victim dies, the .latter's spirit will haunt the murderer the rest of his life.
  14. sabaijai

    Vinyl Records In Bangkok

    Check out Zudrangma Records on Sukhumvit Soi 51. It carries lots of vinyl with Thai music from the 60s and 70s, incluidng molam and look tung. Not so much look krung. They'll play any record you like on their first-class audio system before you shell out. www.facebook.com/zudrangmarecordsthailand
  15. sabaijai

    Your Most Admired Living Teacher/Master

    I wasn't familiar with Sayadaw U Teganiya before your post. Have now read some of his written teachings online, a fresh perspective, for me. Thank you for the signpost. Have you visited Shwe Oo Min Forest Center? http://sayadawutejaniya.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/8_tej.pdf