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  1. Is that the 3BB Fiber 100/30 Mbps, 900 baht plan?
  2. I have a feeling that Iv'e seen syrup at Yok...not 100% certain though.
  3. This is the brochure for the @3BBInter...
  4. Sparkles, I agree... We had the same experience at the passport office in February; superefficiancy. Even paying the Electric at Nong Hoi PEA office, you scan your bill to get a queue number, the cashier has all the info. on the computer without seeing your bill, pay, get change, 10 seconds at most. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  5. Your mistake is applying US values to Thailand...
  6. Does anyone have any experience of the @3BBInter extra 200 baht extension to 3BB VDSL internet? My IPTV streaming is OK during the day, High Definition no problem, little or no buffering. However come 5pm in the evening HD becomes nigh on impossible and SD sometimes a struggle. I am considering paying the extra 200 baht per month on top of the 700 baht for my 50/20 VDSL line to eliminate this problem. However, I suspect that 3BB would want me commit to a new 1 year contract so I would like some user experiences before committing.
  7. I came to stay in Chiang Mai in January 2010. At that time all Immigration services were located at the Airport Immigration Office.. I did visa extensions, change of visa from Non Imm. to retirement, 90 day reports, retirement extensions, transfer of visa to new passport and Certificate of Residence (C of R)...all at the Airport Immigration Office without the need for a Visa Agent and no need to get up before 6:30 am. The system worked perfectly smoothly for me and, IMHO, certainly wasn't "broken". It was accepted that you paid 500 baht for a C of R At some point, I don't remember exactly when, there were some people who decided that the C of R should be free and started making noises to that effect. Around that point in time, Immigration moved the C of R office to the building opposite Promenada and started offering free C of R if you were willing to wait a month or so. The anti 500 baht noises continued and Immigration even withdrew the issuance of C of R for a while. Then the Office moved partially to Promenada and the onslaught began from certain people to change the way they worked. Whether the system would have settled to the previous level offered at the Airport Office we will never know. My own view is that since we are visitors here and require Immigration services, and that they have the upper hand, we should not be interfering and they should have been left to allow their system to develop at their own pace. Interference only produced a lot of resentment.
  8. Correct "moe666". That's why I used the singular... "A fact that our American contributor conveniently forgets..."
  9. Exactly.... If immigration were to discontinue issuing Certs. of Residence, which they have done in the past... For us UK citizens it means a trip to British Embassy in Bangkok plus a nights stay-over to collect the certificate the following day, if you are lucky. A fact that our American contributor conveniently forgets whilst continuing this never-ending, and possibly damaging, vendetta.
  10. From your close up photo, I would say that the phosphoric/hydrochloric acid in the toilet duck has etched the surface. You might just be able to feel the change in texture on the surface when you run your finger very gently over it. It does look like a crystalline structure below the surface has been produced which is different to the top surface. If my theory is correct, polishing the affected surface "might" work but I would suspect not. It may be that the granite has a surface coating which you have removed.
  11. ...or you can do it on-line. On-line 90 day reporting site is up and running again. https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do
  12. Best way in this country is just to turn up...emails are easily ignored.
  13. http://me.eng.cmu.ac.th/new/?page_id=608 https://goo.gl/maps/32oVpKupQnw Sorry, the message below was shown when I first tried to paste the map reference, but cannot remove it.
  14. The price per meter will depend on the guttering size. 350/meter sounds OK for large size. The appropriate downspout is usually charged at the same price per meter.