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  1. https://www.homepro.co.th/product/1050513 The specification only indicates cooling for this model.
  2. We have used LMG in the past... https://www.lmginsurance.co.th/en/Products/Pages/Travel.aspx We did have a claim as we had to return to Thailand, from the UK, prematurely due to a death in the family. They paid out the additional expenses incurred promptly.
  3. Plumbing parts for faucet

    Strip it down, clean it up and replace the shutoff washer and the valve stem sealing washer and it'll be good as new...
  4. Skid marks and the screech of brakes...but they failed ???? What failed was the head connected to the eyes and the foot...
  5. Offset closet flange?

    Has anyone seen these available anywhere in Chiang Mai, please?
  6. Land Valuation - Chiang Mai

    The Land Office will have a value. (I forget what they call it), but it is a value that they base their charge on (as well as the sale price)
  7. Red Bricks

    https://goo.gl/maps/F2tyBdmDEzL2 Here they make them and sell them, but, of course, it may be nowhere near where you live...
  8. I have checked the whole thread and have failed to find any informed contribution from you...
  9. Fair enough, but no need to throw insults... So, then I presume they are issued from your home country but you are living in Thailand (?) Do you think it will be an easy task to claim for an incident in Thailand? I had an attempted illegal access to my UK bank account and was frozen out of on-line banking for nearly 6 months. One of the problems you face is that banks, certainly UK banks, will not send replacement cards or pin codes to Thailand, the Thai postal system is deemed to be insecure...
  10. So you are content to have one 1 million available on your bank/credit card, have it go astray in Thailand, have someone empty your account and rely on the Thai banking system to reimburse you? Sorry, I'm not that naive... I maintain two bank accounts, one has a bank ATM card and one does not. The account with the card only has sufficient money for my current needs, the rest of my money is kept in the non ATM card account. And GarryP, just because it hasn't happened in 36 years is no guarantee that it won't happen next year, ( basic statistics apply)
  11. My previous comment about carrying large amounts of cash in Thailand would also apply to carrying credit cards or bank cards. You have absolutely no protection against fraud in this country.
  12. IMHO, the reason for having accident insurance is not to get your money back, it's to have something available so that you can get immediate attention should you need it. Your comment about Kasikorn is correct. We had the traumatic experience of my Thai step-son being killed in a motorcycle accident and it took Kasikorn 6 months to pay out the paltry sum that they covered, after wanting numerous copies of documents after they lost them. On the other hand, the Government compulsory insurers handed over a cheque immediately on reporting his death...
  13. If you carry more than a few thousand Baht around with you in Thailand, you are a fool... So the 50,000 Baht cover does ensure that you will get some immediate hospital attention following a motorcycle accident until you can access more funds, should they be necessary.
  14. Connecting the pump directly to the towns water supply without a buffer/break tank is like sucking on your ass to get the water you are drinking...
  15. 500,000 B Loss of life, dismemberment, loss of sight hearing or speech, permanent disability. 200,000 b Medical expenses each accident. for all accidents inc. motorcycle.