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  1. Steel Sheet Roofing

    Bluescope on the 1317 San Kampheng road a short distance from Promenada. If they have the colour you want you can collect the next day, if not they get from Bangkok in a couple of days. https://goo.gl/maps/MaHDhgmJGWL2 There is a supplier of a cheaper version, thinner steel, near Toyota garage https://goo.gl/maps/MMB2Wsx5h7Q2 Edit: just re read op. I don,t know if they have the thick backing...
  2. Grumpy Duck said.. "It is ฿65,000 gross a year." Not correct.. It is 65,000 baht gross per month.
  3. Where to get curtains made?

    Reasonably priced made to measure, we had our curtains made here:- https://goo.gl/maps/7zGqfXSzeJu No experience, but seen several shops:- https://goo.gl/maps/4bLmA9ob1p62
  4. Last week, Wednesday, I did my 90 day report on-line. No problem except that it was not approved by the weekend. So, I deleted it and made it again on Sunday in the hope that it would be approved on Monday. But no approval on Monday, so I deleted it again on Tuesday and tried again. This time it rejected my application with the "go to your local office...." message. So it seems that they only give you one deletion, before rejecting you application. Went to Prom at 15:00 hrs on Tuesday. After reporting, and filling in the customer satisfaction questionnaire, and was out by 15:15 hrs. They even have the number displays at each desk and the clear number announcements now...
  5. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    Thank you SteveB2, looks like a useful document.
  6. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    He said 16mm THW copper is OK for down-comer and over head, but 16mm NYY copper must be used for underground.
  7. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    Thank you... I have spoken to the PEA and it is still permissible to use overhead mains feed in our area.
  8. What are the current PEA regulations for the private house mains feed from the 15/45 meter to the house? Can you still suspend the wires over-head or do they have to be located in an underground conduit?
  9. Tries three times at the local Kweng. First time he said we had to be married...we got married (not just for a yellow book) Second time he said we needed three witnesses, one of whom was a government employee... Third time (a non-official approach) he said if we had children he would issue one... Talk about moving the goalposts...
  10. Another stupid avoidable accident... I don't know if this has been pointed out (I've not read the full thread), but if the driver on the correct carriageway had been driving in the left-hand lane on the clear road, he would have avoided the collision...just an observation.
  11. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Got mine at McCormick Hospital. They route you through the Health Check system rather than the Out patients Dept., very quick, 100 Baht...
  12. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    My experience was much the same, except that they did want the Medical Certificate. For the cost of 100 Baht, I would suggest that a Med. Cer. always be taken.
  13. IPTV with Thai channels

  14. See my post above (with luck)
  15. Scottiejohn I have not checked your profile or your posting history... ...but I assume that you posses a visa extension that allows you to work, and that you have a work permit, since you are so insistent that "time is money" to you in Thailand. However... ...most of here in Thailand are on a retirement extension which prohibits employment, which includes assisting ones wife or a anyone who is working (even if it is for no remuneration). So, one day every year spent at Promenada to personally carry out my extension is no hardship, in fact it is an opportunity for myself and my wife to brows the mall, especially the well stocked branch that Rimping have there. I was there on 29 May, arrived at 07:45 and was finished by 09:40. No hardship there, two hours lost pay...lol ps. forgot to insert Scottiejohn post...