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  1. Just tried it and it appears to be up and running...
  2. That is an annoying trait in Thailand, following customers and not giving you a chance to browse. I tend to ignore them and just go my own way. At Suksawad Trat Wong Road you can just go round the back and look at the timber and chose your piece. At the smaller depot past the railway station they do try to select for you. I just keep rejecting anything not straight until they let me select my own pieces.
  3. The shop on Trat Wong Road has very extensive stock.
  4. I bought a 400 baht drill from Big C, then took it back. The chuck had an elliptical rotation. Home Pro had an offer on a Ryobi which Iv'e used for several years.
  5. I have used Super Shield with good results I have tried the 4 Seasons clear primer recently but am not impressed. The Super Shield gives a white base which is easier to apply colour to than the clear 4 Seasons.
  6. Suksawad... https://goo.gl/maps/qWDQTsQYbqQ2 They have several shops. Put them in google maps to find your nearest.
  7. The first time I drove down to the south of France, I left the motorway and joined a minor road. It was blistering hot and I wound down the window only to be met by the sound of what I thought was a puncture in one of my tyres. Got out and realised that it was the sound of the Cicadas...
  8. I often try clicking my fingers under a tree with a cicada in it, but no success so far...lol
  9. I have 3 million baht full replacement house insurance for 7K baht through AA Insurance Brokers, however, that excludes wooden houses...
  10. Well said that man...I am in exactly the same situation and fully agree. As far as I am aware, the form the foreign husband signs at the Land Office is confirmation that he relinquishes all financial interest in the land.
  11. I have always been amazed at the rapidity with which he posted excellent photo's of a location someone made a post about...
  12. http://www.lcdtvthailand.com/review_detail.php?Page=4&id=1963 A useful review can be found here (it translates to English OK) If I read it correctly, it appears UHD can only be run via USB not HDMI. The case is not the most elegant... You can buy it at Lazada for 37,590 baht. My personal advice would be to buy a top brand 55' smart TV for less ...for what it's worth...
  13. https://lcdtvbuyingguide.com/lcdtv/lcdtv-responsetime.shtml http://www.lcdtvthailand.com/topic_detail.php?id=233 https://displaylag.com/exposed-input-lag-vs-response-time/
  14. Brochure today from Super Cheap, 55" Samsung UA-55K5500AK Smart TV 15,990 baht...