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  1. Dean1953

    Lawn mower service, preferably near Bo Sang

    YouTube is your friend. Just before flying over this trip, I watched YouTube 20 times on how to replace the heating element on a Samsung clothes dryer. A $20 part and 3 hour job that a serviceman wanted over $300 to replace. A new dryer can be bought for a little more than $500.00
  2. Dean1953

    Lawn mower service, preferably near Bo Sang

    Thanks. My Thai neighbor that has done electrical work on my house took it Saturday I saw that he returned it last night, so I'll check to see if he fixed the starting problem and see if he was able to replace the broken bolts on the handle frame. Husqvarna Thailand finally responded to my emails yesterday but offered no help.
  3. Dean1953

    I need teak strips made

    I'm a hardwood flooring contractor, both installing and refinishing mainly oak floors for 40 years. I own a couple of table saws for my business and am certain that any bought table saw in Chiang Mai would get more than one use. I'll probably get arrested for working without a proper work permit.
  4. Dean1953

    I need teak strips made

    Thanks. I have 18 teak planks, 2 inches thick, 12 inches wide and at least 6 feet long, left over from when I built my house. Locals are telling me that I can't even hire someone to cut them in my driveway. Maybe, I'll have to wait until after the next elections and buy a table saw and do it myself.
  5. Dean1953

    I need teak strips made

    Eight years ago, I put air conditioning in two bedrooms in my house. One bedroom was brick and concrete. The other one is all teak, with small gaps between the boards. I bought non teak strips one inch wide, 8 feet long and 1/4 inch thick, stained them in a teak color and installed them between each board on walls and ceiling. My renter, who moved out last month, installed air conditioning in the other 2 bedrooms. I would like to do the same thing but Global House, where I bought the original strips, wants 47 baht per each 6 feet strip. That's too expensive for me. Does anyone know of any saw mills that could make them? Or, I have teak logs on the side of my garage. Could I find a saw mill that would convert the logs to lumber that can be cut into strips.
  6. Dean1953

    Railway Station Parking

    I just went to pick up a couple of tickets at railway and asked the lady at the ticket counter. Their is parking in front for both cars and motorcycles and, at least for the cars, she thought that it costs 100 baht per day.
  7. I'm in the middle of my every other year trip to work on my house in Bo Sang, off the 1006 San Kamphane highway. Tomorrow (Saturday), I'm locating a shop that makes cushions for furniture (I have an idea where it's at but no phone number or exact address), a lady near CM University that makes shirts and a shop that works primarily on lawn mowers. I own a husqvarna that I bought 8 years ago and has worked fine for myself and people that I've hired to cut grass in my absence. My recently departed renter bought a gas stringer to have workers cut the grass but left the husqvarna alone, as he couldn't start it. I've spent the last 2 days contacting Husky Mowers of Thailand because I had bought the mower from the person that had previously owed the business. The only way that you can contact them is by email and if the last 48 hours, they haven't responded. I'm open for suggestions/recommendations for lawn repair companies. Many of the posts recommend Montreal but the posts are 5-7 years old and I'd like more recent recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  8. Dean1953

    Dental Implants Chiang Mai - 75K

    I decided to get a lot of my dental work done at a Dental school in Kansas City. The only problem is that they take an extensive set of x-rays and found three enlayed teeth that have a considerable amount of decay and need crowns. He also wants to pull the upper wisdom teeth (leave the lower ones) because they have decay and don't allow me to clean the adjoining molars, which are starting to show some decay. It's unlikely that he will have time to pull them before I leave for Chiangmai on April 23. His price to pull the teeth is $89 per tooth. Does anyone know a reliable Dentist in CM that will pull the teeth for no more than $89? If it's more, I'll have them done at the dental clinic in the U.S. By the way, the two enlays that were pulled have gold in them. Are they worth anything?
  9. Dean1953

    Dental Implants Chiang Mai - 75K

    I had completely forgotten about Songkran, but it ends April 15 and, more likely, I'll be in April 25 and stay until May 9, with the last day in Bangkok. I did find a sprinkler system man who is half British and speaks English, which is good for me. He put a new sprinkler system in a year ago and recommended putting in a separate water tank, where the well water used for irrigation could be filtered and not clog the sprinkler heads. I'll try to get this done this time. I've had a renter at my house since August and the main reason for coming over is to meet him in person and, as it sounds like he will be there for a couple of years, see what things he would like to have done around the house. Ther's a few things that I would like to have done, like replacing the gezebo that I had to tear down a year ago because it was falling apart. I'll check in advance on some of the dentist recommendations. Thanks!
  10. Dean1953

    Dental Implants Chiang Mai - 75K

    I'm going to be in Chiangmai for two weeks in April. I'm looking for a crown on a molar and whatever they can do to a lower front tooth thatgot knocked out but still has a 25% base left. Is 2 weeks enough time to get them finished?
  11. Dean1953

    Recommended house insurance company?

    As you can tell, the first floor is brick, the ceiling for the first floor is wood, and the second floor is wood. The only type of wood used is teak. On both the first and second floors, the back of the house is concrete, which would be the kitchen and bathroom on the first floor and two bathrooms and outdoor patio on the second floor. I'll get several quotes, and include Bangkok insurance as one of them.
  12. I'm not getting my hopes too high but a real estate company has told me that an American couple moving here wants to rent my house. Assuming that the negotiations go smoothly, at some point, I need to insure the house, preferably for full replacement value. It is a 2 story teak house, with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. I spent 4.2 million baht building it in 2002 and would assume that both the price of teak and labor has gone up in the last 15 years. Would an insurance company appraise the house or should I hire one? Are there any recommendations out there of an insurance company that you have been happy with and came through when catrastropy strikes? Any information would be appreciated.
  13. Dean1953

    Upholstery shop in C.M.?

    That explains why I couldn't find him on my December visit. I'll try again next time.
  14. OK, let me say it loud and clear that I won't be using poison to kill the birds, even as a last resort. I don't think that a scarecrow on the ground is going to keep birds away from a second floor roof. Keeping poison on the roof would be dangerous to other wildlife I'll accept the fact that as long as house is empty, there will be bird problems. I'll study up on how to get rid of birds safety when I go back to the U.S. on Tuesday. Rather than post another topic, I'll ask here if anyone knows of a product that I can buy that I can spray on gras on my patio and kill it? Also, where can I buy it? Thanks in advance
  15. I'll give a couple of those suggestions a try. 3 years ago, I put up a solar powered owl, whose head spin around once a minute. That scared the birds for abou2 hours. At least the house was thoroughly cleaned today and 4 months of bird crap and nesting have been removed. Between the sprinkler crew, who should start Saturday, and another crew that will trim the tops off of 11 teak trees and cut off most limbs, it should be a fairly busy next 4 days. I'll be cleaning out the concrete drainage system next to the perimeter wall. It's got 3-4 years of debris and leaves sitting in it. Fun vacation!