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  1. I suggest you look up the difference between a Royal Enfield motorcycle and a Lee-Enfield rifle. Here's a clue: One goes broom-broom and the other goes bang-bang.
  2. ballpoint

    Hotel near or in Soi's 1 and 5

    The Golden Palace used to be on Sukhumvit Soi 1. It had a swimming pool in a walled off area out front. It's now been pulled down and turned into a parking lot for Bumrungrad Hospital staff.
  3. The same reason that 50 people can travel in a bus when all their lives rest on the success of a nut behind the wheel not sleeping.
  4. ballpoint

    British grub

    Especially when she finds out it isn't a real toad.
  5. And, to prevent criminals from physically meeting one another to discuss and plan their evil plots, all citizens will have a GPS chip embedded in them at birth, with their locations monitored constantly. In addition, all houses, shops, offices and public places will be fitted with cameras and microphones to nip any nefarious deeds or words in the bud. Finally, in order to prevent any wrong doer from carrying out an individual crime, anyone who appears to be thinking anything unlawful will be rounded up and incarcerated without the need of a trial. "I'm watching you!"
  6. "We're going to win so much. You're gonna get tired of winning!"
  7. ballpoint

    more bike porn

    Hail to the King: I had the privilege of seeing him race at our local little stockcar/speedway track back in NZ in the '80s. He didn't bring the gold bike, but still gave a hell of a ride in his late 40s, winning the NZ long track series 4 years in a row from 83 - 86. Sadly, he passed away April this year, but was still riding a speedway bike at 72 years old.
  8. ballpoint

    more bike porn

    There's a seat? I thought he was sitting on the wheel. Brings a whole new meaning to getting skid marks out of your pants.
  9. The problem with that is trusting the translator. Most in the West can't read Chinese, and I doubt if Xi can write in English, so one would be unintelligible gibberish and the other would be written in Chinese.
  10. "I only hire the best criminals"
  11. What do you mean, "again"? It's only by a process of elimination that he even knows which direction the South is in. ("Let's see, to the East is my old murderous crony, Hun Sen, to the West are my old murderous cronies, the Burmese junta, to the North is where my old murderous crony, Thaksin, comes from. Hmm, I wonder what could be in the other direction?"
  12. Is there or has there been, any suggestion that she has ??? Or is it just the usual ignorant and biased presumption on the part of some posters here ?? Funny that the rest of the country, including the parliamentary opposition are silent, but 5 or 6 folks on TV are certain of her guilt in certain and huge corruption............ Funny that. Must ask my mate Phuked Iffarno what he thinks. It has been widely reported that the rental price of rice-growing land has increased markedly. Are you suggesting that the PM, her cabinet and fellow PTP MPs, many large landholders, do not commercially grow rice or rent land for that purpose? Did those that do declare a conflict of interest? Has this policy achieved its stated aims efficiently and cost-effectively? If not, what is its REAL purpose? Your friend seems better informed than yourself. His friend appears to be the source of information for the majority of his posts.