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  1. The Thai people can not take their country back, as they have never, ever, had possession of it. They need to take control of it for the first time, which necessitates removing all the abusers from politics, including the present day military, the "old" military (Chavalit, Pallop et al), the Bangkok "elite", the up country strong men and families, and the agenda holding rabble rousers of all shirt colours. Sadly, every time a new face emerges, it is either swallowed up by one or other of the sides, litigated into submission, or made to disappear. The last thing any of the current players wants is for a genuine grass roots figure to emerge and remove them from the trough while investigating past wrongs, though I fear it will be a while before the country is mature enough for that to happen.
  2. Musk made his first accusation on July 15th, just three days after Unsworth's CNN appearance. Even if something does come up in the investigation, Unsworth's lawyers could argue that Musk had no knowledge of that when he made the accusation, and still technically win the case. (Though Unsworth would still be in a world of trouble). If, in those three days, it was that easy to find evidence of what Musk asserted, then surely Unsworth would have been aware of this and laid low? It should also be easy to prove or disprove some of Musk's other comments. Notably the 30 year period, the frequent visits to Pattaya, and the 12 year old bride. Whatever the findings, I can see further court appearances for Musk. If the accusations are true, then a case should be presented as to why he did not take his evidence to the police. Not only would that be the lawful and decent thing to do if having proof of paedophilia, he would also have done far more damage to Unsworth. On the other hand, if the accusations aren't true, and Musk made them based on some perception of male expats in Thailand, a very real defamation case against him could be made by all of us living here. Although it appears that a few members here have no objection to being called a paedophile, and claim they would say nothing if accused of such (if the cap fits... being the logical conclusion to that), I would say that the vast majority would take offense to such a lie and take steps to clear their names.
  3. Is that "I really want to sound superior" post of the day contest still open for entries? I think we have a winner.
  4. Just as in describing the man who tries to jump the Grand Canyon on a child's tricycle, courage is often used when stupidity would be more appropriate.
  5. There have been no reports of CCTV coverage or witnesses claiming that the door was partly open. Therefore, only two people know / knew if the door was ajar or not, and the one claiming that it was has shot the other one dead. So we'll just take her word for it then. (At least one paper is also reporting that she claimed she tried her key on the door but it was already unlocked. If you believe the papers, there seems to be more stories here than the apartment building has, and she goes to a different one each time). On the other hand, two independent witnesses claim they heard knocking, and a woman demanding to be let in, before the gun shots, but another neighbour said she didn't hear anything. Let's see, that's one person, who just happens to be the accused, saying the door was ajar; one person saying there was no knocking or talking before the gun shots, and two people saying there was. Fishier than a fish monger's fish faced fish wife fish fingering a tuna fish's fishy bits in a fish market. "Critics point to differences between the Dallas Police Department and Texas Rangers records that indicate Guyger's account changed. The police search warrant states that Jean confronted the officer at the door, while the Rangers' affidavit said Jean was across the room when Guyger walked in". "One law enforcement official has said the evidence so far doesn't determine whether the door was unlocked". "A neighbor said she did not hear knocking or yelling before the gunshot, which she assumed to be a domestic dispute, and then heard the sound of a woman calling 911". "Attorney S. Lee Merritt said two people reported hearing knocking and a woman's voice saying, "Let me in," before the shooting". https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2018/09/14/week-ago-botham-jean-killed-dallas-officer-amber-guyger-know-questions-remain
  6. Quite apt that this came from the ABC News, it's as much of the alphabet as Trump knows how to use. (With a tip of the hat to Elvis Costello).
  7. Look out for two Russian tourists travelling to a town near him...
  8. Word is, it's a cow. And Elon Musk laughed, to see such fun. And, in other news, the dish ran away with the spoon.
  9. The White House has asked for more time to reply, as Trump hasn't yet finished reading the last note from Kim.
  10. So, you turn up at what you think is your apartment, find that the key doesn't work, and, rather than checking the number, instead knock on the door, shout "let me in", and then shoot the guy who opens the door? Nothing fishy about this at all. Apart from everything.
  11. ballpoint

    Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma to retire: New York Times

    Anyone who doesn't have the drive to keep going when they are a billionaire doesn't have the drive to be a billionaire in the first place.