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  1. "You mean I can finally go home?"
  2. Good to see the charabanc waiting on the Stranglers for a change. Don't want them to be stuck there the whole summer, that would be a bummer.
  3. "Jared Kushner just threw Donald Trump Jr. under the bus. Bigly".
  4. Witchcraft works. "She turned me into a newt"
  5. Before Kislyak has a Kardyak.
  6. Newton, Darwin, Faraday, Maxwell, Eddington, Dirac Shakespeare, Johnson, Dickens, Orwell, Kipling, Tolkein Hitchens, Russell, Bacon, Fry Watt, Stephenson, Brunel, Turing, Babbage, Whittle The English language Parliamentary democracy The Magna Carta The industrial revolution Association Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf Are some of the things they have given me, and no, I'm not British.
  7. If ever a swamp needed draining...
  8. PTP monitors rice sales for irregularities
  9. No, there are thousands of muscular Mexicans sitting behind trees on the other side of the border randomly tossing bags of drugs across. Trump was hit on the head by one as a baby, which explains his fascination for the topic. And a lot of other things...
  10. He's learning. Already he's expanded his vocabulary of words starting with "V" from repeatedly saying "very" to now add "violent" and "vicious". I wonder where he overheard those words? Let's see how long it is before he starts combinations: "Very violent. Very, very, violent. Violent and vicious. Very violent and very, very, vicious..." I'd venture that vacuous, vacillating, vulgar, vacant and vulture are some of the other "V" words he keeps overhearing, and await their use in further Trumpbursts.
  11. Given that Trump has embraced the man who hacked the US democratic process, said he would be honoured to meet with Kim Jong Un, and danced with the providers of the 9-11 hijackers while waving a sword about, I can't see him being squeamish about shaking the hand of a two bit junta leader.
  12. And Jared is Harpo. Anyone heard him talk?
  13. More like he's too busy white washing his heir.
  14. When asked why he made that decision, Trump replied "What do I care about the climate in Paris?"