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  1. Donald Trump praises Boris Johnson for bravely making the most of it after discovering his wife only packed half of his suit jacket.
  2. "Science moves, but slowly slowly, creeping on from point to point" Alfred Tennyson, Locksley Hall
  3. That doesn't matter. Any day now the Earth will be sucked into the black hole that the Large Hadron Collider will surely create. If only we could go back and stop those cave men from banging rocks together. Nip the spirit of experimentation in the bud.
  4. The poor chap obviously suffers mental issues. Who in their right mind would go to Korea right now? The build up of arms there is bad enough without starting a build up of legs as well. What's needed is for some kind benefactor to come along with a group of men in white coats, take him to hospital and fix his leg. I'm sure he'd be truly grateful.
  5. Join a motorcycle gang, then go around with the lads and sort her out.
  6. And when asked the difference between a lentil and a chick pea, Trump replied that he wouldn't pay to have a lentil on his face.
  7. What the grassroots Red shirt supporters should be asking is why were their leaders prepared to give amnesties to Abhisit and Suthep in exchange for Thaksin's one? Not one MP from the Reds voted against the bill. Shows exactly what their true feelings are, throwing the supporters under the bus that brings Thaksin home.
  8. There is a restaurant down the other end of Soi Kola that is often frequented by local MPs (or ex-MPs these days) of all political persuasions, and high ranking army officers. I doubt if the well connected owners, or their "Hi-So" customers, want a foreign turf war on their doorstep. These people definitely have the power make this problem "disappear", and are a very good reason for the army to get involved.
  9. The North Koreans have already threatened an H bomb attack if he goes near them.
  10. Ask any of the many beautiful women who marry fat old rich men.
  11. What if it wasn't a biker gang? What if someone had an issue with a bar owner, rounded up his mates, came back and beat up the owner? Would there still be the same arguing over whether what these guys did was right or wrong? It's wrong. No matter if it was a group of bikers, a group of football fans, a group of nationalists or a group of clergymen, it's wrong. It doesn't matter one bit if other members of the gang, or other gangs, do charity work, help old ladies across the street, pick up litter or go around handing out money to everyone. What these guys did was wrong.
  12. That's because this guy is a rat on Red Bull, and it's given him wings. (And a rat with wings is a bat).
  13. Russian Nuclear Tech For Thailand

    The cyclotron will be used to manufacture isotopes used in Single-Proton Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Positron-Emission Tomography (PET), which are imaging techniques for various body functions used in medicine, including monitoring cancer, brain function, and heart and infectious diseases. Thailand already produces some PET isotopes locally, but all SPECT ones are currently imported. I trust the bashers on here will put their health where their mouths are, and turn down any medical treatment making use of Thai made isotopes both here and elsewhere in the region once production and export are up and running.