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  1. Yes, you can jam it in the window to stop it sliding shut.
  2. I thought they were so you could tell if you're actually moving or not.
  3. Snap, crackle and pop. Sure sounds like a certain motorcycle brand...
  4. My how the Bethlehem visitor trade has fallen. From three wise men following a star, to one orange idiot following the money.
  5. He needs to eat more fibre.
  6. If only some of the arguing children of all ages on this thread would jump into a khlong too.
  7. Another "I don't support Trump, but..." poster.
  8. And there you have it. Trump supporters don't want the investigations to follow the facts.
  9. Stop dribbling on your keyboard, your caps lock key is sticking.
  10. "Vote for me, and make the witch hunt great again!"
  11. You forgot to break that statement up. "More fake news, comes from someone reading a memo over the phone to a Washington Times reporter. Not verified at all. News reporting now days is just to weird for words. Can't believe anything I read now days". Only the stupid believe this stuff.
  12. Build a wall, and get Mexico Myanmar to pay for it.
  13. 15 hours and no posts on the pun in the headline?
  14. Or, in this case, pumpkin calling the carrot orange.
  15. Sean Spicer's latest press briefing