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  1. But it's still no use if its hands are too small to see.
  2. Much as dash-cams have pretty much become the norm for evidence of driving wrong doing, I can see the day when we will all need to carry personal video and audio recording devices to do the same in our daily lives. Particularly for encounters with the opposite sex. This will allow anyone attempting to abuse their power to be accused and charged the first time they try it, thus preventing further attempts on others, and will also prevent fraudulent accusations being made against them. Some may find it all "Big Sister is watching you", but sadly, the way the world is going, giving up some personal freedoms in order to preserve your own freedom, or at least reputation and career, seems to be the only way to go.
  3. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    He did say late on arrival.
  4. It turns out he was lying about that too. He's actually 10 times the misogynist, racist, blustering buffoon he came across as back then.
  5. The OP is from Reuters with reporting "by Michael Holden; Editing by Stephen Addison", so take your Thai bashing chip off your shoulders.
  6. I look forward to seeing the Queen send Philip a telegram for his hundreth birthday in four years' time, and then sending herself one five years later. Congratulations to them both.
  7. In the case of this president, either no one would notice, or it would be an improvement. Nothing to lose. Bring in Krusty. Sideshow Bob for AG.
  8. No, but his supporters have already turned the story into a whine.
  9. Welcome to Trump's Fantasy Lieland.
  10. Or the other one that goes along the lines of a husband asking his wife on his death bed "We have 6 sons. 5 are fine, athletic, intelligent, upstanding men, and then there's Joey the weak little runt. Tell me the truth. Is Joey really mine?" Wife replies "You want the truth? Joey's yours, the rest aint".
  11. He hasn't done much for "great" either.
  12. The ruling Communist Party are just like my mother. When anyone important comes to visit they only see the good china.
  13. North Korea says sanctions hurting women, children

    Poor kids. Held as pawns due to a line drawn on a map and a posturing idiot. How many meals could have been bought using the money spent developing missiles and nuclear weapons? Given that North Korea has suggested hosting some 2018 winter olympics events at the Masikryong ski resort, the world should have taken them up on their offer, and flood the country with foreigners. Just keep on flying in fully laden 747s and A380s until the official "guide" network is overwhelmed. Thousands of foreign tourists freely roaming the country will do more to undermine fat-un's regime from within than any threats of attack will. The first of the unauthorised flights can be packed with all those currently calling for war with North Korea, so if (not so) Li'l Kim is mad enough to shoot it down, they can shuffle off happy in the knowledge that their wish will be fulfilled.
  14. Well, if criminals can get hold of hand grenades then it's only fair that decent, law abiding citizens should have access to them too. Or, taking it further:
  15. I propose a simple test to gauge the mental stability of anyone wishing to own an assault rifle: "Do you wish to own an assault rifle?" "Yes." "Fail!"