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  1. RickBradford

    PHOTOS: Student 19, crowned Miss Thailand World 2018

    That would be nice, but hard to enforce. Like drugs in sport. Random testing regime, perhaps?
  2. RickBradford

    PHOTOS: Student 19, crowned Miss Thailand World 2018

    Interestingly, the Thai press describes her as an 'import' from the US who recently decided to come back to the land of her ancestors. However, her mother has the surname Hoji, which doesn't sound very Thai. Further muddying the waters of Thai beauty contests is the runner-up Helena Busch, good Thai name, who is the girlfriend of the Thai national team footballer Charyl Chappuis, who is Swiss. I'm surprised that the PM hasn't put his size 9 Army boot into this one, demanding a more nationalistic approach.
  3. Won't work - he's got 13 hours on-board to brush up on his well-thumbed copy of the best-seller "1001 Easy Thai Excuses For Any Occasion".
  4. It's clear that the global Manufactured Outrage department is in full swing on this one. They don't care about any putative damage caused to the main subject of the cartoon, simply about forcing an apology from the newspaper, and then, a disciplining of cartoonist, editor and on up. This is just a power play, like so many others that the SJW types engage in, the zero-sum victim v oppressor narrative, us noble globalists versus those despicable racists. They don't care about doing any good, or alleviating any harm, merely in pushing their agenda. Fortunately, Murdoch is one of those guys with sufficient albondigas to tell them to get f.....
  5. I doubt that the Church of the Perpetually Outraged would have liked Bill Mitchell, one-time cartoonist for The Australian. His series 'The Treasure of Los Bananos' would have had them screaming "racism" and "cultural appropriation" before you could say "Caramba!", and sent them whimpering into their fluffy-toy safe spaces. That's what happens when you grow up glued to social media on your phone and don't have any real friends.
  6. You also wrote: "I think the Arabs want to shoot people ". It seems to me that you are a bigger racist by far than the cartoonist in the Australian newspaper.
  7. No you didn't. You wrote: "I think the Arabs want to shoot people ". That is a racist and Islamophobic comment that would be regarded as a hate crime in many jurisdictions. Stop trying to weasel out of it.
  8. And so, on the basis of the dreadful actions of 2 men, you demonise an entire race of people: ""I think the Arabs want to shoot people " Despicable.
  9. If you don't think that writing: "I think the Arabs want to shoot people " is not a bigoted and racist comment, then you are in a very small minority.
  10. What a horribly bigoted and racist comment.
  11. Exactly. That's all it is. And you have been approximately as hysterical about it as the Arab League was about the Danish cartoons of Mohammed.....
  12. You demonstrate once again that your "anti-racism" is purely of the virtue signalling Manufactured Outrage type.
  13. You appear to be hyper-sensitive to alleged racism against a black American, and utterly dismissive of actual racism towards Canada's First Nations people. Social Justice Warriors -- rigidly enforcing double standards wherever they go.
  14. Not only did President Obama sign legislation in 2016 to remove the word 'Eskimo' from Federal statutes, but also Canada a long time ago removed the word from official documents. It may well be that Native Alaskans don't have another word to describe themselves, but I think there are words used between members of the black community in the US which an outsider should not use. The communities in Canada and Greenland find the word offensive, and both the US and Canadian governments have respected their wishes in this matter. It should not be bandied around by outsiders.
  15. Don't call any of them Eskimos -- to the people of the far north of Canada and Greenland that is a pejorative word which has not been used in knowledgeable circles, that is, not racists or chavs, for decades. It's like assuming all Asian people are Chinese and calling them all .. , well, I won't use the word, but you know what it is. They are to be called Inuit, or by a more precise tribal description. Check your privilege.