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  1. Islam is a religion of peace -- the moment all the infidels have had their heads cut off or been enslaved, there will be global peace for a myriad of myriad of years. It's just all those pesky Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, atheists, and animists ruining things by insisting on being alive.
  2. I believe that propaganda on behalf of Islamic terrorism is likely to cause much more burden to the security forces than people asking the government to get its act together. I'm sure government doesn't like to be criticised -- politicians never do. But that's in a different league to when you have an Islamic preacher at a UK mosque telling children that that non-Muslims wanted to kill them and that they must “stand up and be ready to sacrifice, be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt.” This charming individual went on to suggest that the kiddies go to non-Muslims and “finish them and remove their heads for what they do. Inshallah... we will see the black flag rise over Big Ben and Downing Street." That's what I call creating a burden on the security forces.
  3. That is a truly bizarre conclusion to arrive at. I should have thought it would be clear to the meanest intelligence that if I had any say in the matter, I would have gone straight to the security agencies and asked them what they needed to root out the evil canker of Islamic terrorism. More money, more people, more technology, and several simple policy changes which would not seriously impact most citizens, but which would have measurable positive effects on security. There always has to be a balance between security measures and the burden placed on normal citizens as they go about their daily life. Due to spineless government and a compliant and largely Islamophilic media, the UK is now in a position where security is still rather poor, but the security-related burdens on the daily lives of people grow constantly.
  4. The best way to provide "recognition of the terrible suffering" is to do everything to ensure that this sort of Islamist atrocity does not happen again and again. Anything else is mere hand waving. That requires stating the obvious -- that this is a problem with Islam -- and discussing it openly and forthrightly. Yet the mainstream media does the opposite. They do their best to bury the Islamic connection, and focus instead on the dangers of an "Islamophobic backlash". They care more about the well-being of nameless Muslims who have not been attacked, than they do about citizens who have been blown to pieces or hacked to death by Islamic madmen. That has to change.
  5. And you don't win wars with flowers, hugs and #ilovemanchester hashtags when the other side brings machetes, bombs, AK-47s and homicidal trucks.
  6. Come on. The security forces "work for" the government in the sense that they are ultimately paid for by the government, but that doesn't mean they agree on policy or anything else. You could equally well argue that the coal miners in a nationalised industry "work for" the government, but that doesn't mean they agree with government policy. The security forces get on with their job, because that's what they do, whether they're happy with policy or not. I'm sure the 23 people slaughtered at the Manchester Arena, the 250 injured, and all their families, are utterly thrilled with the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.
  7. Complete disengagement from the Islamic world is a strategy favoured by a number of prominent writers. http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/006854.html
  8. More important is what the mainstream media called it. The BBC, a fully paid-up member of the traitor class, to this day just calls them the "Paris attacks", reducing the mention of Islam and terrorism to a footnote. Similarly, the BBC's take on the Nice terrorist atrocity, which killed 86 people, was: "Dozens of people were killed, including children, when a lorry ploughed into a large crowd ..." as though this was perhaps an autonomous homicidal lorry, not an ISIS fanatic carrying out a terror mission. The media lie by both commission and omission, and that is important, since they -- especially the taxpayer funded ones -- have a duty to report the news openly and forthrightly rather than pursuing their own political agenda.
  9. I find the mainstream media response more reprehensible than anything posters here can say. The standard steps in the media response are: 1. Ignore it 2. Bury it deep on the website 3. Claim the perpetrator was mentally ill, no link to militant Islam 4. Point to perpetrator's Norwegian passport, (or French, or Dutch) 5. Warn about Islamophobic 'backlash' 6. Rinse and repeat. If the modern-day BBC were reporting the Second World War, they'd probably not mention the Blitz, in case it upset the Germans and caused an anti-European backlash.
  10. This nimrod will have his own TV show soon, given the way the mainstream media are lining up to hear his views.
  11. Thank you for the prompt clarification. Most illuminating.
  12. I see. Do you believe that democracy is well served when elected political representatives are subjected to wanton assault, and the perpetrator is treated like a media star, with the whole world invited to share his utterances? Here's another long extract of his words of wisdom, from Sydney's Daily Telegraph, this time. Abbott's responses are buried way down in the story. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/business/work/mps-condemn-unaustralian-attack-on-tony-abbott-by-gay-marriage-supporter/news-story/c1008ff94c48135805722cdbf645c307 Another triumph for Knucklehead Row.
  13. Knucklehead Row has gone into full damage control mode. The ever-so-right-on SMH has now extracted a quote from the perpetrator (who was wearing a YES badge) that the assault was nothing to do with the debate, but about "his lifelong ambition to headbutt a 'fascist'." So that's all right then. This person must have less sense than a billiard ball to choose this moment for the assault, but then I guess you don't expect intelligence from someone who calls themselves Astro Labe, and describes their career as DJ, barista and anarchist. The Age, too, allows us to hear this gifted individual's wisdom in full: "[It] was just a lifelong ambition to headbutt a fascist because I'm a skinhead that likes ska music and hates fascism. He's an evil c---, I'm an anarchist and I believe in human rights." But not Tony Abbott's right not to be assaulted, apparently. Not a good day for the "progressives".
  14. Anybody else want to condone physical violence against a Member of the House of Representatives on the grounds that "he wouldn't have felt it", or "he's a politician", "he has his head up his Rs" or even "he's a blockhead"? I sure hope none of you people are old enough to vote, or are otherwise disqualified under Section 13 of the Electoral Act.
  15. I can't imagine why you think I was referring to people on this forum when I spoke of the instinct to nurture and cosset Muslim terrorists. This forum isn't that important, nor are the people on it, so I wouldn't waste my time to "accuse" them of anything. My criticism, as I wrote, is of politicians in the West, of a supine virtue-signalling media, and of taxpayer-funded NGOs and other do-gooders whose feelings of moral superiority are more important to them than 20 teenagers blown to bits at a pop concert, for example. Everyone has had a gutful of "condemnations". They cost nothing, and achieve nothing. Action needs to be taken. By the way, I think it is entirely possible that the Afghan journalist's report was representative of Muslims as a whole. Their contempt for us is well documented -- after all, a poll showed that 27% of British Muslims sympathised with the motives of the terrorists who slaughtered 17 journalists at Charlie Hebdo.