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  1. PAEW แป่ว! is Thai slang sometimes used as an exclamation for mild disappointment. It comes from the Thai word แป้ว to be deflated like eg a balloon.
  2. Thai Poly Chemicals seem to do quicklime, but the smallest quantity is 25 kg. http://www.pattayaall.com/mbdetail.php?id=01756&productname=%E1%A4%C5%E0%AB%D5%C2%C1%CD%CD%A1%E4%AB%B4%EC,%20%BB%D9%B9%C3%E9%CD%B9,%20%BB%D9%B9%A2%D2%C7,%20%BB%D9%B9%A2%D2%C7%C3%E9%CD%B9,%20Calcium%20Oxide,%20CaO,%20TPCC,%20CAS%20number%201305-78-8 You might be better off locating lime sulphur already made up. Although, lime sulphur solutions are strongly alkaline and caustic; gloves and goggles should be worn. Why not go to the vets and see what medications they have there eg selamectin, ivermectin etc, rather than trying to make it yourself?
  3. Sounds like travellers' diarrhoea due to different food, bacteria etc. Some people are more prone to it than others.
  4. In the story it's reported he spat it out in the guy's face.
  5. I'm not sure about the 'individual level' bit. It's done via Hijra, (emigration) in Islam. The purpose of the migration is to install Sharia law, under which other religions in their Dhimmi status are subjected to taxes and domination. After enough time, everyone will become a Muslim.
  6. Set up a second account and make yourself temporary Admin.
  7. There appears to be a mistranslation. The actual Saimchon article says it was his Thai girlfriend sitting next to him in his car who raised her middle finger at the revellers, not the Nigerian gentleman. The revellers then started banging his car and he got out where upon he was attacked by the youths who beat him with bottles and crash helmets before escaping on their motorbikes. Police are currently checking CCTV footage to help apprehend the troublemakers with a view to prosecute them since it's a serious incident adversely affecting the reputation of Pattaya.
  8. Latest reports in the news said the injured party had been treated at the Pattaya Memorial Hospital and the other guy had been taken to Pattaya police station and questioned.
  9. Thief with a conscience, of sorts.
  10. The story was reported in Khaosod today (Monday). Apparently the incident was sparked by a child in the black car squirting the small girl who was riding pillion on the back of her father's motorcycle. The girl was ill and being taken to the hospital. You can hear one of the Thai's say langsam (slowly, take it easy) to the old guy as he tries to get up, which suggests he's German.
  11. Despite its prevalence and it being illegal, there don't seem to have been many prosecutions for FGM in the UK and USA. Just one prosecution in the UK, which was unsuccessful and two in the USA, one successful and one currently pending. According to Equality Now and City University London, an estimated 103,000 women and girls aged 15–49 were thought to be living with female genital mutilation (FGM) in England and Wales as of 2011. FGM was outlawed in the UK by the Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act 1985, which made it an offence to perform FGM on children or adults. The Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 and the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Act 2005 made it an offence to arrange FGM outside the country for British citizens or permanent residents, whether or not it is lawful in the country to which the girl is taken. As of 2015 there have been no convictions in the UK for performing or arranging FGM. The first prosecutions in the UK took place in 2015 against a doctor for performing FGM and another man for aiding and abetting; both were found not guilty. In the USA The Centers for Disease Control estimated in 1997 that 168,000 girls living in the United States had undergone FGM or were at risk. In 1996, Khalid Adem, a Muslim who had moved from Ethiopia to Atlanta, Georgia, became the first person to be convicted in the US in an FGM case; he was sentenced to ten years for performing FGM on his 2 year-old daughter. [Source Wikipedia].
  12. Quite common. Same kind of thing went on in English boarding schools too eg Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire etc.
  13. Here's the Samutprakan clip with an additional one which occurred in Kamphaengphet province. Kamphaengphet: https://youtu.be/oDC5mOloeTQ
  14. David Wood turns to the Muslim sources to see if Muhammad promoted the death penalty for blasphemy:
  15. David Wood talking about vehicular jihad a week ago, predicting we will be seeing more of them.