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  1. Daniel Bostock's view of London crime and Sadiq Khan in his parody song:
  2. In Thairath they said the daughter was using the Airpay App which was linked to the account.
  3. katana

    Translation help

    I think it's something like: In a position where we miss each other, chat to each other but can't be together. The pronoun has been dropped, as is often the case in Thai, and with no other information as to the related parties, I've assumed it to be 'we'. The first hash tag is something like: Fat with a double chin. Do you want to take care of me?
  4. In the UK, the councils try and sneak them through as 'community centres' to get planning permission.
  5. More details were reported today (29/10/18) in the Thai language today.line.me website where they interviewed the mothers of both the 16 year-old girl, Sirasa, and her 29 year-old boyfriend, Worawut. Worawut's 48 year-old mother said he had been in prison 3-4 times already for drug offences. The last 2 1/2 year stretch involving possession of a gun and drugs. The 37 year-old mother of Sirasa said her daughter had only known Worawut for about 3 days when she arranged to meet him at a resort and planned to break up with him. Sirasa said on hearing of her plans Worawut flew into a rage and began threatening her with a gun. It accidentally went off in his hand, hitting one of his fingers, bouncing off the wall then hitting her in the neck. The good news is that Sirasa's mother said she had visited her daughter in hospital today and her condition had greatly improved where she was now eating and drinking normally and expected her to be discharged in a couple of days to recuperate at home. Sirasa's mother is urging the police to arrest and prosecute Worawut as a matter of some urgency.
  6. Photo of the 27 year old daughter in sackcloth and ashes at the police station: https://www.thairath.co.th/content/1404210
  7. katana

    US shoe brand prepares to open Thai store

    They look far too clunky, uncomfortable and thick for Thailand's humid climate.
  8. katana

    Build it myself?

    This site can help you pick parts and avoid any unforeseen incompatibility problems. https://pcpartpicker.com/
  9. katana

    Thai words for English 'for'

  10. Reuters has been rather more quite on the weekly Pegida rallies.
  11. Depending on which way you look at it, having a heart attack in flagrante delicto must be one of the worst times to have one, since the other person is usually so mortified (if you'll forgive the pun) they just do a runner rather than call an ambulance.
  12. katana


    Gillette Mach 3 with the cheaper Tesco compatible blades. These compatible blades seem to last much longer than the Gillette originals.
  13. On the Facebook page linked to in the article, the uploader says he had just stopped at the petrol station to fill up with petrol when the official came up and accused him of selling drugs. HE uploaded the video so the whole world knows about it.
  14. Are you using an adblocker?
  15. Not sure seeing rows of po-faced policeman standing there as you arrive in the airport is very welcoming for visitors.