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  1. Interesting read, 'Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam'. If you click on the 'Look Inside' feature on the left hand side of the page you can read the first few pages of the book which have relevance to the Barcelona attack and other terror attacks. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mohammeds-Koran-Muslims-Kill-Islam/dp/0995584907
  2. “Bikini party” host faces legal action 

    Here's the video, uncensored. Spot the ladyboy:
  3. Looking at the clip again I think it was not one pupil but as you say, a series of pupils, some of them girls, being beaten for various infractions.
  4. That is a serious beating. And not just 2, 3 or 5 light taps as the headmaster would have everyone believe. What a sadistic prik. The pupil is off camera but according to the title in red on the video, it was a female student who received the beating. This seems to contradict the OP's story it was a boy, however, if true it's even worse. On one of the screen captures it does look like a girl.
  5. Don't know why the man who confronted them didn't just explain the danger they were in and the rules of the park rather than ordering them to get out of there with no explanation in a semi hostile manner. There was a language barrier and they might not have seen the sign. No need to film them and then embarrass them by uploading the clip.
  6. Try searching ภูมิแพ้กรุงเทพ เปียโน in Youtube.
  7. Next time try giving your address as a a line of question marks. It may just arrive, same as the parcel in the OP.
  8. According the description under the Youtube video, the biker was in a coma after being stabbed by the ajan, so he was unable to refute the ajan's version of the story painting himself as the innocent party in the whole affair. However, when the biker's camera footage was made public, a different story emerged. In addition to the car trying to rear-end the bike, at 2.29 you can see the passer-by in the blue shirt wrestle the knife from the ajan and throw it away, out of reach. The guy in the orange jacket then kicks it out of sight under the car. At 2.41 you can also see the biker lift his shirt when he first realises he's been stabbed. He said he was stabbed on the right of his chest and the ajan already had the knife in his right hand when he got out the car.
  9. I've noticed the degrading quality of Mach 3 blades too. Wasn't sure if I was inadvertently buying fakes or they're doing it on purpose to push everyone onto their new 5 blade system. Do you know quality-wise how they compare to the Gillette Mach 3? I guess there's the handle to buy too. Thanks in advance.
  10. There were more details on the news.sanook website gleaned from a Facebook post by the boy's sister, who filmed the incident with her mobile phone. The punishment was for wearing non-regulation shoes. Initially the teacher told the boy to pick the shoes up in his mouth with his teeth but he refused. So she made him put them on his head and prostrate to him while bowing. She also kicked and shoved him with her foot. There is also another video of the incident filmed from in front but the sister didn't post it because her brother's face is visible. The boy hasn't dared return to school since the incident.
  11. It is actually quite hard to tell the difference lol
  12. That also happens on the Hong Kong Subway when Chinese mainlanders come in for the day. They sometimes let their kids relieve themselves on the carriage floor which usually causes a stir in the media and online.
  13. Rich man dies in birthday tryst

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