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  2. astral

    Evaluate My Photo

    I had to be careful not to spook it and lose the shot altogether.
  3. astral

    Evaluate My Photo

    What is the camera?? Those are excellent, particularly the first where I can see individual grains of pollen. Very good for a point and shoot. It shows just how far camera design has come.
  4. astral

    Evaluate My Photo

    Canon EOS600 Scan from negative.
  5. astral

    Evaluate My Photo

    Canon 10D 70mm 250th F9.5
  6. astral

    Evaluate My Photo

    Canon 10D. 28mm 200th at f6.7
  7. astral

    Evaluate My Photo

    I would feel the need to crop, to loose some of the peripheral shadow, but then the diagonal trees will become more distracting........... The silhouette of the buddha certainly adds to the atmosphere of the shot, but in my book it does not quite come off.