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  1. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Ah, so you're saying that women elected Trump. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  2. Removal of Basaliome ?

    I had Mohs surgery in the US with very good results. This is used to treat both BCC and SCC mentioned in the previous posts. Has anyone had this procedure performed here in Chiang Mai? My mom who is 88 in the US was recently diagnosed with BCC on her nose and was given a choice of surgery, chemo, and radiation. She opted for radiation which was 11 treatments over about a month. The results were excellent. She chose this as she was told with surgery her nose would have to be reconstructed and that chemo had bad side effects. I did not understand why they mentioned the chemo side effects as with BCC and SCC they usually perform topical chemotherapy as opposed to systemic chemotherapy except in advanced cases. https://www.cancer.org/content/dam/CRC/PDF/Public/8821.00.pdf
  3. Funny comments about Australian public servants. It's a small sample size but I've been to Melbourne Cup parties at the Australian Embassy in Beijing. Talk about mad hatters, literally, those people sure like to party. At one of these the ambassador who acted as the MC was drunk as a skunk and was telling off color jokes over his mic. Troll bait: Do Australians actually refer to themselves as Aussies or is it Ozzies? Do people from Kansas and Australia have any affinity?
  4. Wing 41pass

    The line was long when my wife applied.
  5. Requirements to open bank account?

    The OTP, one time password, from BBL is just a text message and I have had no problems receiving them in the US and the EU. This just requires that international roaming be set up on your mobile phone. Note that BBL sends OTPs for various reasons, like adding a new payee for 3rd party transfers. I had no problem setting up international roaming on my 12Call account. You can call AIS at 1175 to do this. I would assume that this can be easily done with other mobile carriers as well.
  6. My guess is that they know this is undesirable and that they are burning this late in order to avoid detection. I was trying to make sense of that myself and was thinking that, well, I don’t know who is doing it because I’m not willing to get up that late and roam the neighborhood to find out who the culprit is. So maybe their ploy is working. I can’t even tell if it is a single culprit. An even more bizarre idea would be that they think they are being altruistic by burning at night in order to not bother people in the daytime. Maybe they just have jobs and get home late from work. Not being too facetious I hope, maybe I could get a drone and fly it around to figure out who the culprit is or culprits are and then send my wife over to ask them to please burn in the afternoons or evenings like everyone else. After all we are more likely to have our windows closed then. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  7. It's not just crop stubble burning and pollution from outside blowing in. Here where we live in Padaet we get people burning garbage upwind almost every night after midnight. They manage to do this even in rainy season. The acrid smell of burning plastic is overpowering and if we don't shut our windows every night and keep the AC going all night then we all wake up with headaches. The smell seems to blow off pretty early in the morning. In cooler weather we just run the AC without any cooling just to filter the air. I bought a thermal leak detector and used it to find the air leaks. I fixed the obvious leaks but not much more can be done but replace all of the windows.
  8. iHerb Shipping Cost Increase

    Try removing the browser cookies for the iherb website. It may have some obsolete settings that the website is not using properly when calculating your shipping charges.
  9. Something You May Not Know

    Never had this problem at the Chinese Consulate in Chiang Mai before. The visa fee was always high as I'm a US citizen and I'm pretty sure the fee was reciprocal. It has been a while since I did this as now US citizens can obtain a 10 year business visa to China. Grin
  10. Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    I believe Office Depot became OfficeMate. There's one next to Baan and Beyond over by Central Airport.
  11. NFL now!

    A little late now but watched it on NBC Sports app on my iPad. Used VPN but did not try without it.
  12. Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    It may be half dead during the day but the few times I have shown up there before noon no parking spots were available in the garage downstairs.
  13. I used to come home sometimes for a weekend when working in China or nearby. Now I don't as I will not be able to update my TM30 and don't want to deal with the possible hassle on a subsequent return when I am home for longer than a weekend and try to update my TM30. Has anyone been in this position and if so what was the outcome?
  14. Router with built-in VPN client

    Several ASUS routers have VPN clients. Bought one about a year ago in Pantip Plaza, forget name of shop, but on second floor at the front of the building.
  15. What's the difference between a dead lawyer in the road and a dead snake in the road? There are skid marks in front of the snake.