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  1. Layovers for flights to and from SFO are not quite as good but the total trip time of 19 hours each way sure beats anything else out there. And Premium Economy for $1559 RT is not bad at all. Grin
  2. What's wrong with you guys? Plenty of forums, But not so many Chiang Mais.
  3. Pink ID card - Hang Dong

    Big C accepted my pink ID card and entered the ID number into their system. They require you to show your registered ID to get the accumulated discounts that they have now instead of the coupons at the end of the register receipts. Also you only have to give them your phone number at checkout. It seems like the membership card has been discontinued. Works much better than the coupons for us. The coupons would usually expire before we got around to gathering them together for a trip to Big C.
  4. Skim milk powder

    Yes, those are the two locations I know of for Yok. Never knew that Intertrade was part of the name. Learn something every day.
  5. Skim milk powder

    The Yok shops usually have fat free milk powder in large and small bags.
  6. Translation Service

    I would assume that filling out a form online will just result in an email being sent to them. Otherwise if someone has to login to check to see if forms were submitted I would guess that it would be even more unlikely that people would respond in a timely fashion if at all. While I rely mostly on email for communication with the rest of the world I find that it is of little use here in Thailand. Who knows if the website is even maintained and if filling out the form did anything at all? That seems to be the case for a lot of small company websites and not just in Thailand.
  7. Yep, better to be safe than sorry. I carry pictures of all of the relevant items in my phone but have never had to show them to anyone yet.
  8. Where to buy Ajax

    It's funny but a few years back I brought a few of those yellow plastic containers of Comet with the green top back from the US. As these containers are full of powder I didn't bother storing them in a cool dry place. Now the containers have split open at the bottom, even the one that was opened and half full. Easy enough to fix with plastic bags and rubber bands but even those will deteriorate over time as well. Comet does cake up here but a good shake or two frees enough powder on top for a quick cleaning.
  9. Translation Service

    Ditto on ThaiFirst, we have been using them for many years with quality results. They are on the road that runs between Chang Klan road and the river, just a few blocks north of the river crossing that goes over to the Ratchavej Hospital and Holiday Inn. They are on the west side of the road just a bit north of a building that kind of resembles a castle. They have a small shop front so it is easy to miss.
  10. Where to buy Ajax

    Big C also carries the Vim Powder Bathroom Cleaner.
  11. BLU Ray Rental

    Am I missing something here? How many people have broadband internet here that can match the highest bit rate of blu-ray Ultra HD triple layer disc players? They can play up to 128 Mbits/second.
  12. I may have misread the OP but it didn't seem like he was looking for such a woman. He seemed to me to just be curious about how this type of pairing comes about. I think it is also very subjective as to what women people consider beautiful. Although I am not particularly attracted to Asian women I see plenty of beautiful Thai women in all walks of Thai society. And I am not talking about women with a lot of makeup, surgery, or whatever. However, I rarely see what I would call a stunningly beautiful Thai woman. Basically a woman that would lead me to do more than a double take. A few weeks ago, for the first time in several years I saw such a woman in business class on a flight from TPE to BKK. She was absolutely beautiful and it was difficult not to stare. She was not wearing a lot of makeup and her expensive clothes were understated. She seemed to be accompanied by a handler so I assume she was an actress or celebrity of some type. But in any case I cannot recall seeing such beautiful Thai women hanging around with Westerners.
  13. Fire near Tapae gate

    According to my wife there was a huge fire about a week ago in Chiang Mai that consumed about 10 houses but I never saw anything online about it. Anyone aware of what happened or have a link?
  14. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Ah, so you're saying that women elected Trump. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  15. Removal of Basaliome ?

    I had Mohs surgery in the US with very good results. This is used to treat both BCC and SCC mentioned in the previous posts. Has anyone had this procedure performed here in Chiang Mai? My mom who is 88 in the US was recently diagnosed with BCC on her nose and was given a choice of surgery, chemo, and radiation. She opted for radiation which was 11 treatments over about a month. The results were excellent. She chose this as she was told with surgery her nose would have to be reconstructed and that chemo had bad side effects. I did not understand why they mentioned the chemo side effects as with BCC and SCC they usually perform topical chemotherapy as opposed to systemic chemotherapy except in advanced cases. https://www.cancer.org/content/dam/CRC/PDF/Public/8821.00.pdf