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  1. You can buy Thai brands of either Fipronil or Imidacloprid. These are systemic and get carried back to the nest. There are multiple brands of both and we just instruct the pest company on what termiticide we want and how much to use. We buy 2 liters of termiticide that they mix with 2 barrels of water to cover about 250 square meters of land under our house by pumping it into the termite reticulation system. We also had closable brass inlets installed on all of the dozen or so external square columns so they are filled as well. Plus they spray some around the house. I used to pay around 600 Baht per liter of termiticide plus 4000 Baht for a pest control contract which included four site visits per year but my daughter thought we were paying too much so she took over. That's all the details I have now that I have been made obsolete. Grin
  2. Yes, have done this route business class, decent but not quite as good as ANA or Singapore Airlines. A330 from CNX to ICN was not as good as 777 from ICN to LAS.
  3. Yep, when our nice state of the art washing machine was delivered I checked and they had literally ripped the ground prong out of the plug even though we have grounded outlets. They promised to replace the power cord but after several calls it was easier to do it myself.
  4. I agree, one of the reasons we like to visit Promenada is that it is not crowded. Dukes is never full and the food is always good. We always get a few things done like paying bills or banking when we go there to eat which is very convenient. Sometime we get something in Rimping that we can't find elsewhere but even though we wander through some of the other stores we never find anything of interest. Hopefully they will find some way to survive. It doesn't seem likely that they will ever attract any of the typical mall type stores again but you never know.
  5. Or keep the current airport as a domestic terminal and a new one further out as an international terminal.
  6. Wasn't Spankys just across the road and a shop or two over from there?
  7. We've been happy with the Oral-B electric toothbrushes we bought at Robinsons in AIrport Plaza. They have multiple models to choose from and the replacement brushes are cheaper than what they cost in the US. They can be found on the top floor near the escalator. Grin
  8. I bought a very nice office chair at Office Mate by Airport Plaza but it was not particularly cheap, around 40K Baht on sale. It has a mesh back and a fabric seat covering which I think are necessary here as the seats and backs of all of my previous office chairs here with faux leather only lasted a couple of years before deteriorating. This chair shows no signs of wear after two years. The selection at Office Mate varies and I visited several times before I found this particular chair.
  9. We just spent some time at Doi Ang Khang and we saw a number of campsites there and on the way up there. It might have taken us a bit longer than 3 hours to get there but we made a lot of stops along the way. The mountain views were great.
  10. Was that Khun Pipat by any chance? The only reason I was ever at Harbour was to see him after they moved him from the Chang Puak branch. I was always puzzled at the move even though it was theoretically a promotion. If he went to the KSK branch that is good to know.
  11. Yep, I just realized my mistake and came back to edit my post but you beat me to it.
  12. Interestingly enough I was at Promenada on Monday morning as well. My wife was paying her AIS bill a couple of doors over from the second floor immigration office. I stood in front of the office for a bit and observed the TM30 processing. There were quite a few people with 5 to 10 passports to process who I assume were from hotels. My guess is that you do not want to get your TM30 receipt stamped on a Monday morning as the load piles up over the weekend. They had 3 people working on the TM30s and it looks like people had to wait up to maybe an hour to get them processed. They were giving out queue numbers and instead of announcing the next number the woman walked past everyone in the queue asking if they had the next number. Once someone's number came up she checked their documents and put them on the bottom of the pile. A man and another woman were processing the pile from the top. The man signed all of the TM30 stamps so there was a bit of extra delay if the woman processed the TM30.
  13. I just received an email from Amazon with this info: As an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cardmember, you'll continue to earn big rewards on every purchase ... but now, with no foreign transaction fees. Also: And now, eligible Prime members earn 5% Back at Grin
  14. At Global House I gave the cashier in the back by the tools and lighting area 100 baht for a small purchase. I wasn't paying close attention as I walked away but something seemed wrong. I checked and she had given me 900 baht and change, obviously thinking I had given her 1000 baht. I stepped back to give her the extra 900 baht but she insisted that I had given her 1000 baht. Normally I don't carry cash or coin. I only carry credit cards as my wife always has cash. I had asked my wife for the 100 baht when I left for Gobal House as I didn't want to use a credit card for a small amount. When I got back I told her what happened and she confirmed that she had only given me 100 baht. So she then takes the 900 baht and drives all the way to Global House herself to give it back. This is par for the course as she will return to a market to return as little as 10 baht in extra change. She came back also unsucessful in returning the money. But she had a good theory on why the cashier assumed that I had given her 1000 baht. It is a well known fact that foreigners always pay for tiny purchases with 1000 baht bills. And of course being the keeper of the cash in our household she kept the 900 baht.
  15. You can use a newsfeed app like Feedly to do this. It can search all of the news sites via Google to find matches for Chiang Mai. You will get a lot of duplicates and junk articles but I find a lot of news this way that I would never see otherwise.