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  1. Lotus and Makro closing because a few expats can't stay here anymore. Thanks for the rib tickler. Funny.
  2. puchooay

    Shopping on Amazon

    I have been been awarded a $100 voucher to spend on Amazon. What are the tax implications for buying and having the goods sent to Thailand? Will there be import duty? Thanks
  3. Kasikorn online is excellent.
  4. There are a few posts on here that are wide of the mark. Maybe some people don't understand that there are many small schools out there, especially outside of the large towns. These were built many, many years ago to serve the village where they were situated. As an example, there are 2 schools within 2kms of our house, each sharing the name of the village that they serve. One has about 150 kids, from Kindergarden 1 to Primary 6. (8) grades. The other has about 70 kids in the same grades . The facilities at both are poor. Both of these schools have a Director and a Vice Director. These schools could easily be merged. The money that they would save could easily pay for upgrades at one school and a school bus and a driver, although it would not be difficult for the parents to get off their bums and take the kids to school. There are many examples of this. Many roads through the country have schools every few KMs or so
  5. puchooay

    Car Service / Repair in Buriram

    You have obviously never been to the place mentioned above.
  6. Not eating but drinking. A pint of Guinness. I can't get it here where I live wheres I can get most of the foods mentioned above.
  7. Yes. The original entry in her house book will be her maiden name. There will be an amendment to show her name has changed.
  8. puchooay

    Car Service / Repair in Buriram

    Do you know the lake in Prakhonchai? The post office? If you do........with the post office on your right and the lake on your lake on your left, go ahead about 500 metres. Just after the lake ends (about 100m) there is a place on the right.
  9. puchooay

    I've had enough of HDPrime

    I started using HDPrime when they were still known as ILikeHD. The service used to be great. Good connections, good streaming and no buffering. Over the last 3 months it became gradually worse. I gave up last month. Nothing to do with ISP as all of the other websites I now use are perfect.
  10. puchooay

    Getting ripped off in Thailand

    There is a 2am curfew. Why do you think you ended up in a private room? I don't pick my nose and don't eat after 6pm.
  11. puchooay

    Getting ripped off in Thailand

    So you are drinking after 2am, which is illegal. Your mates have ladies tagging along. Your bill is a bit high. You want call the tourist police??? Funny.
  12. puchooay

    I've had enough of HDPrime

    sakkarinsai8.com/tvonline/20 Great for all sports.
  13. puchooay

    i have lost weight already living in isaan

    The amount of calories in beer is dependent on the level of alcohol. The higher the alcohol the more calories.