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  1. Beer Lao

    Probably works out expensive that way, doesn't it? I paid 1535 baht for a case of 24 x 330ml of dark.
  2. Isaan for 2 month “working” holiday?

    I'm sorry. I thought you told some one to "shut their pie hole". Your post was also demeaning.
  3. Isaan for 2 month “working” holiday?

    The words "pots" and "kettles" spring to mind. T*$t also.
  4. Beer Lao

    No. Only dark. I believe single bottles of Gold are available in Tops, Robinsons.
  5. Beer Lao

    I've just bought a case of Lao Dark from Makro Buriram. There are 2 cases left.
  6. Isaan for 2 month “working” holiday?

    You've been a member on TV for less than a year and you know the relationship status of all of the posters. Amazing. I live in Buriram. Have done for a long time. I have also lived in Bangkok and Ratchaburi. As it happens I am in a relationship and have been for over 18 years. Both my wife and I decided that the place for us was Buriram. So I do have a choice but still chose to live in Issan. Life is what you make it. If I get bored I get off my arse and do something about it.
  7. Opportunities if not teaching

    Like I said. Please contact the lawyer. He has all of the information.
  8. Opportunities if not teaching

    Actually not true. The responsibilities will be listed in the contract. That contact will be used to obtain the work permit. If cleaning floors is listed in the contract then the work permit holder is permitted to do so.
  9. Opportunities if not teaching

    There is also a provision in family law that permits certain duties as part of marriage. Maybe you could contact said lawyer and ask him about it or tell him he is wrong. I have given enough information on here for you to be able to identify him.
  10. Isaan for 2 month “working” holiday?

    And who gives a [email protected] Just bo%$cks from the so called "Elite". They'd probably call some one from Pathum Thani "country boy".
  11. Isaan for 2 month “working” holiday?

    That's a funny post. Why do you think it not possible to learn Thai in Issan? The majority of Issan people speak Thai. They may communicate with their friends and family in Lao, Khmer, Gui, Thai Korat, etc but with strangers they will, initially at least, speak Thai. There is a plethora of situations where Thai is used. I learnt to speak Thai living in a Khmer speaking area of Issan, picked up a bit of Khmer on the way too. To be honest, the interest that the OP shows in language, I think Issan would be the perfect place to come for a couple of months. If were to be slightly biased I would narrow Issan down to Buriram.
  12. So sacking police and getting new ones stops corruption? You win the prize for funniest post of the year so far. You really think police are going to be around 24/7? I've lost count of how many times I have heard " don't need a helmet or a licence or road tax if I go out now because there are no police" Your post has also strengthened the post that you quoted which is quite funny too. The smart mouth father didn't believe until he saw the destruction. People need to understand that although the threat of police might not be present all of the time, the safety issue is always there. I say no more.
  13. You are forgetting one thing. Corruption. I believe education is the way. The public need to be told that the laws are safety measures and not legal measures. Many people flout the law in many ways and they will never stop. Maybe, just maybe, if they can be shown that by taking some small measures on the roads they don't need to mourn family members and friends at such an alarming rate they may listen. 2 more motorcyclists killed on same stretch of road last night.
  14. Opportunities if not teaching

    He was speaking from years of experience of company registration. Visa and work permit applications, etc. All in conjunction with Immigration and Labour Department. I think it would be advisable to take advice from a professional rather than a keyboard warrior.
  15. Opportunities if not teaching

    Not quite. Non native English speakers can and do teach here in Thailand. Loads of Filipino and African teachers here. Scandanavian too. Even met Croatian and Serbian.