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    My teacher said the length of time doesn't matter and that my example sentence is fine.
  2. kikenyoy


    Thanks for your help. Now that I understand it better I can ask him next time. :)
  3. kikenyoy


    Ah, ok. That makes sense. Since you used the word season, does this mean that it should be used with time periods of only a few months or does it not matter? For example, is this ok? ผมอยู่ภูเก็ตห้าปีแล้ว ก่อนหน้านี้ผมอยู่พัทยา
  4. My teacher used this phrase and when I said I didn't understand it he had a hard time explaining it. From what I could get from the context, I think it is similar to แต่ก่อน. Can someone explain what it means, how it differs from แต่ก่อน (if appropriate) and maybe some usage examples? Thanks.
  5. I live in Pattaya and I would estimate about 70% of the Thai people here are from Issan. It is usually a person from Isaan saying it, that I sound like one of them. They don't mean it as an insult. I have had several online tutors say the same and they are mostly from the Bangkok area. I have a new teacher who is from Khon Kaen and he said if he didn't see me he'd think I was a native speaker from Surin. He said my tones are off sometimes, which is why I don't sound like I'm from Bangkok.
  6. American English (California).
  7. I believe all of the people who have said it to me have been from Issan. No one has ever said you sound like you're from (insert province). Most of my Thai teachers from other regions, and people I've met while traveling in the other regions all say I speak well and none have made the Issan comment.
  8. Most people tell me I speak too fast so that isn't it. "What" is arai or alai. It's ee-yang in Isaan right? I don't use any Isaan vocabulary or mix up ร/ฮ I assumed it was from tone mistakes. Sometimes when I'm speaking fast I get sloppy, especially after a few sangsoms 555. I tried to speak in shorter sentences by omitting unneccesary words because I thought it would make me sound more native. I didn't know that was a trait of Isaan speakers. Thanks for the replies.
  9. When I (try to) speak Thai I've had several people say that I must have an Isaan wife. A few have even asked me if I was a ลูกครึ่ง with an Isaan mom. Nothing against people from Isaan but if I'm speaking central Thai then I would like to have a central Thai accent. I know very little about how Isaan compares to Thai. What pronunciation errors am I likely making that would cause people to say this?
  10. kikenyoy

    How do you say "on pace"?

    How to say the following? Please reply with Thai script. I am on pace to finish the project before the deadline.
  11. kikenyoy

    Meiji product - translation please

    Whey protein from America High calcium, low fat
  12. kikenyoy

    I'm looking for media recommendations

    Thanks, the longer videos are much more convenient.
  13. kikenyoy


    ไม่ได้เล่นกอล์ฟตั้งแต่ตอนเป็นเด็ก ผมชอบเล่นพูล
  14. kikenyoy

    I'm looking for media recommendations

    DLIT is great! They have higher level classes also. I'm watching an M.6 Thai class now. I love the short documentaries too but my vocabulary is weak in those areas so I don't understand a lot yet. I'll give the sitcoms a try tomorrow. Lakorns get on my nerves with the overacting, constant comedy sound effects, repetitive music etc. If you know one that doesn't have those elements then I'm interested. Having said that, my teacher recommended one and it was such an over the top parody of lakorns that it was actually enjoyable, The overacting was (intentionally) so bad that it was funny.
  15. kikenyoy

    I'm looking for media recommendations

    I finally watched an episode of ใครคือใคร I liked it...thanks. My teacher recommended a show called "I can see your voice" which you might like. In general, I don't think music shows are great for language learning but there is a lot of speaking along with the singing. I found the news show I was talking about. It's called เจาะข่าวตื้น. I wish it was less comedy and more news but I'll still start watching it again. It was way too tough for me when I found it years ago. I understand a lot more now but I still have a long way to go to to fully understand it.