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  1. For those of you who might know the hoek van holland in Jomtien and its owner (Pieter Hoovers), I just read in a Dutch newspaper that the Dutch owner and his Thai wife were murdered in Amsterdam.
  2. She was actually living with her German son and his partner. I know the lady in question as her son runs a popular restaurant in the area and she could often be seen there. I wish all the best to her son. I really wish these photos would not show up on thaivisa. Imagine she was your mom!
  3. Car rental nakhon Ratchasima

    I have rented cars from korat car rental many times and have always been pleased. Owner is a guy called jimmy. Lots of expats in korat use him. Alternatively you could also rent from budget in korat
  4. My parents send me to a well known British boarding school in Switzerland high up in a Swiss alpine village. I loved it especially during the winter term as we would go skiing nearly every day.
  5. Private tutoring

    Officially you would need a work permit as you would be working, right? I do know of many that do so without having one.
  6. Rip Johan. Easily the best European football player of the last century.
  7. says the guy who drinks Chang beer with ice cubes. Don't be such a c... Tom
  8. Singapore 'still world's most expensive city'

    Gold buggy...so much info is wrong in your post. Long waiting list for new cars? The only thing you need is money and buy the license to own the car. Cheap apartments in bad areas for 1 million? My friend just sold his nice hbd flat for just over 400k and its in a decent area.