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  1. For those of you who might know the hoek van holland in Jomtien and its owner (Pieter Hoovers), I just read in a Dutch newspaper that the Dutch owner and his Thai wife were murdered in Amsterdam.
  2. She was actually living with her German son and his partner. I know the lady in question as her son runs a popular restaurant in the area and she could often be seen there. I wish all the best to her son. I really wish these photos would not show up on thaivisa. Imagine she was your mom!
  3. Car rental nakhon Ratchasima

    I have rented cars from korat car rental many times and have always been pleased. Owner is a guy called jimmy. Lots of expats in korat use him. Alternatively you could also rent from budget in korat
  4. My parents send me to a well known British boarding school in Switzerland high up in a Swiss alpine village. I loved it especially during the winter term as we would go skiing nearly every day.
  5. Private tutoring

    Officially you would need a work permit as you would be working, right? I do know of many that do so without having one.