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  1. SantiSuk

    The official Arsenal thread 2019

    You got yer wish Ronnie. On reflection we did OK given the tiredness factor with only 3 days since our last battle. Nonetheless, so annoying that our defence gives away so easily, shortly after taking a lead. Hope that Ramsey's knock is not too serious.
  2. SantiSuk

    The official Arsenal thread 2019

    I guess it should therefore be an Arsenal fan who opens the second round discourse! I'll first doff my cap to Miggsy who started the thread rolling some moons ago. Dunno whether she is still linked to Thailand at all or whether she still actively supports the Gunners. Tonight - another humdinger. Away to Manchester United. Given our scoring rate of late I wonder if Mo will park the bus! Hoping for a win but, as always, a defence that can give away two goals in a matter of minutes makes this fan loathe to stick his neck out too far.
  3. SantiSuk


    Would miss the one in 5 gorgeous performances, but you can't carry someone like him if the pressing game is being played up front. He'll either react positively and increase his consistency or be gone in Summer. His attitude to date leads me to suspect the latter - seems he thinks it's always the other guys fault!
  4. SantiSuk


    Agreed with all the above, including that both the Son pen and Vertonghen sending off arguably should not have happened and acknowledging that we were lucky to face Spurs after a gruelling CL first team appearance vs a mickey mouse tie in Ukraine easily sorted by our B team+academy line-up. What now for Ozil? Respect to hard-ass Unai! The team that was playing at the end is the Arsenal best line-up IMO (Koscielney may eventually fight his way back in for Sokratis or Holding if he regains full fitness). That means re-contracting Ramsey and demoting Mustafi to B team or limited rotation. Iwobi, who was not quite as effective this time round, won the Bournemouth tie for us to my mind and would still be one of the main front men facing lower table line-ups. Arsenal are awesome up front if both Lacazette and Aubama are on form/fit. Still suspect at the back - after Spurs' second I thought our defence were looking decidedly like the panic-stricken suckers that one remembers suffering 4 to 6 against by top 4 teams 2-5 seasons ago. We might be talking about 'top 5 teams' in a couple of weeks time at this rate - with Everton, Man U and Bournemouth falling further behind. Long way to go yet though.
  5. +1. The Thais got this bit right. What's the point of setting up a nation state then allowing any foreigner from 10,000 miles away to start buying up prime pieces of it just to make a turn that will be spent outside that nation and drive up prices for real nationals? Thailand should of course allow foreigners to become Thai nationals much more easily than they do, but non-resident/non-national ownership of businesses and land is libertarian capitalism gone haywire.
  6. SantiSuk

    Swimming Pool Water - Pump Or Purchase?

    I was amused by the prospect of there being square litres, too City water is pretty expensive then. I replaced 10% of my pool water yesterday with Isaan village water (treated, but I wouldn't want to drink it). Approx 8,000 litres and 8 units on my meter = 32baht = 4 baht for 1,000 litres. I tested it and its even pool friendly - TA at 100, a trace of cyanauric and chlorine and a nice low pH of 6.8 to compenaste for my usually alkaline-tendency pool. Normally the pool auto tops-up from our well and its nice to know that this is not a higher cost option, so thanks for the info, Monty: I was musing about it myself over yesterday. Our village water man doesn't like having his domestic supplies being used regularly for 'non-domestic' uses I'm told but of course every man and his dog makes some semi-agricultural use of it.
  7. At the risk of feeding the TV anti-teacher lobby, I would add that Radio 4 reported that the lady in question was in Sri Thammarat looking for a job as a teacher! Better she spends her Friday and Saturday nights on Britains high streets (or maybe my Isaan village - shed be right at home there )