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  1. Spago is on the move

    By the way Michael, as i know you keep an eye on the hotels for visiting guests/colleagues and I know you know that I use a lot of different hotels in Ubon. ..... One of my current favourites in the budget plus boutique category is Come Pang (in the same street as Zara Doubletree and the same area as the likes of V-Hotel/The Rich/Bliss/Rapeepan Ville/Penta-Hug). Opened 6 months ago - the touches suggest a German or Austrian ownership involvement. Big rooms; decent enough furnishings fittings in muted boutique style; particularly comfortable European-style beds - you can get king size 6 footers although Agoda/Booking.com only seem to offer twins; genuine balconies you could sit out on and enjoy an evening beer. Best bit at the moment is the price - ThB 650 a night including breakfast (limited choice of Thai mains - the pan-fried egg is fine - together with help yourself fruit, juices,coffee, toast &jam). I reckon that's a bargain and puts it in my top 5 Ubon hotels class when considering a blended quality/value coefficient. For me it's also good value as they allow an under-11 to stay for only +50 baht for the breakfast if using existing/your own bedding - a feature which a lot of Ubon hotels seem to be abandoning and which loses them my business when travelling en famille (no way am I buying 2 rooms and sleeping on my own when our 7 year old is with us - btw, Ubon is notably badly equipped for family room bookings - aspiring trophy builders take note; swimming pool and family rooms are in short supply in this town). You only get that price by phone-in/walk-in (the bookers quote 200 baht more!) and a downside for some would be their negligible English. Natsiri Residence has also whacked down its price to around 700 baht for what are comfortable (if somewhat dark US boardroom style) rooms/corridors and including a buffet breakfast with reportedly more choice than Come Pang. Again phone or walk in rather than use the booking web-sites (in this case because they have usually sold out the rooms allocated to them well in advance of the hotel actually being booked out). As always the round of trophy-buliding that has gone on in Ubon hotels is keeping prices down to superb value for visitors, even by already good Thai standards. Dunno how they make any money!
  2. Farang Attitudes and Results

    Jeez - tedious thread of the year or what?
  3. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    My comment was based on an observation of 28 July, before the river came way up. 10m may be a bit of an exaggeration but if you check it out in dry season I think you'll find 10m is a closer estimate than 3!
  4. expat hangouts in ubon ratchatani

    I think that must be Bangkok hashing code! It's a new one on me and I don't think that Gispert* would have been a port drinker, as most hashing is founded on beer-drinking 'Flash Git' GM, Ubon H3 aka Santisuk * thought to be the leading founder of a number of military personnel who in the mid/late 1930s in Malaysia converted British schoolboy hare and hounds activities into the (now world-wide past-time of) Hash House Harriers
  5. expat hangouts in ubon ratchatani

    Yes Bergen. My bad. I usually give (/have always given?) you credit when I post your pics on our Ubon Hash House Harriers web page https://www.facebook.com/ubonhash Simply forgot this time - Hope you will not mind if I include some of your excellent pics in my usual reprise of the hash on our webpage (with credits of course - though it's getting increasingly difficult to detect who shot what given the amount of sharing that is going on on Faceegg). Can understand your annoyance when it gets to the stage of members passing off your good 'hash flash' work! Hope it doesn't stop you.
  6. Any farang bars in sisaket?

    Thought you just said Ubon in another post! Never mind - I cover both as I live in changwat Sisaket (Kantharalak) and get my licks on Meuang Ubon too! Have never seen a hockey game being enjoyed in any bar around Thailand. Not being perjorative - have nothing against hockey or its maniac fans, just stating a personal observation. There are a couple of bars who might be persuaded to switch the TV on (if off) or change the channel since there are generally amenable types in there who might even watch it with you if you provide some entertaining commentary/pointers/anecdotes. Those would be: N-Joy Bar (meuang Ubon). Maybe Ubon Irish Pub too Black Dog Bar, Kantharalak town [Sorry Ting - your mob are much more set into whatever they've come to watch!] Normally watched sports in Sisaket/Ubon are football (soccer not NFL), rugby union, Ozzie NRL rugby League, F1 and ladies basketball (yes, you guessed right why!). Black Dog customers are the most eclectic and will watch competitive hairdressing if its a slow day in rainy season
  7. expat hangouts in ubon ratchatani

    Over the course of this week I'm doing an entertainment guide/map for some visiting Chiang Mai hashers. PM me your e-mail address and I'll copy you in! You should bring your baby out on Ubon Hash. We had Outside Inn's bairn running with us this weekend; actually come to think, she was the only one of 18 who did much running!
  8. I have both fixed deposit accounts, a savings account that has restrictions on the number of withdrawals you can make in a month* and an "ordinary" account that operates like a current account with very little interest. All with Krungsri. The Ordinary Account has no tax deducted so I don't include that in my tax claim (but the gross probably figures n the calculation that determines whether I have hit any taxable threshold). Both the fixed and non-fixed accounts have tax deducted at 15% (idiosyncratically, not in the first few months of the year but then the backlog is caught up by increasing the rate in subsequent months) and I reclaim the tax on both types of account. I do not understand why you cannot reclaim tax you have suffered in Jomtien Kitten Kong. If I were you I would ask if there is someone at province level who speaks English that you can talk to. In Sisaket province my local amphur office completes a basic return for me when I take in my bank certificates and they ask a few other basic questions (I speak inremediate Thai, but I take my TW as they speak no English) before signing off on the return; it then gets sent to Sisaket provincial level. The first of 3 years that I completed a return an English speaker from province level phoned me, introduced herslef as someone who could help me on tax if I ever needed it and asked again for the certificates (by e-mail scan); second year that province lady asked me to come in and bring my original certificates, which is when I was directed to the office that said it was a Regional Tax Investigation office and she and a less friendly person "grilled me" in a reasonably friendly way - they gave up quickly when they knew I knew something about Thai tax (being a retired Chartered Accountant I can look out for myself!) and said I could demonstrate that none of my UK income came to Thailand in the year it was earned. This year I only filed the return 3 weeks ago (missed the deadline and they sent me a letter encouraging me to file a return! It only cost me 200 baht, which I presumed to be a late filing penalty but maybe they will deduct further penalties when they write me a cheque. I have not yet been asked to go again to the province office so time will tell whether sleeping dogs will now lie down. *Maybe a Mee Tai Dai account for all I know, but staff have never described it as such and it's just described as a savings account online ** Will answer your question InThailand - have to go out to dinner and wife is pestering me!
  9. Yes - it's easy enough to file a return and get the tax deductions refunded. If you are reclaiming a lot (by which I mean so much that you won't get all your deducted tax back, or something like that level) it may trigger further enquiries into your tax affairs. It did for me in the one year that my deducted tax levels were high. Was invited in to discuss my tax affairs (and those of my wife!) at the regional Tax Investigation office. No problem for me as I'm squeaky clean and know the rules reasonably well, but may be a consideration for others.
  10. "Completely agree. I recall a posting from a fellow TV member (who is a retired chartered accountant) some time ago in which he said that using the services of a commercial software supplier in order to include SA109 in an online return cost him £24 - which would appear to be considerably more than the postage for a paper return sent from LOS (except, possibly, by International EMS)!" Yep - that was probably me OJAS. I pay a reasonable amount of tax even though non-resident, so I have benefited from the extra few months of not paying. I would feel uncomfortable sending a paper tax return other than by EMS (about 1,000 baht). 100 quid late filing penalties for a non-delivered paper return (plus interest)? OK you probably have the online option as later backup to avoid that. I don't do paper where at all possible - better to have the files on my PC (properly backed up of course). 'Taxfiler' commercial software is much easier to use than the online HMRC stuff if you have long lists of share-related transactions to enter. Works for me - can do everything from my desk at home, but I agree it may be overkill for those with simpler tax affairs.
  11. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    "The No 3 bridge that crosses by the island is closed because the road on the Warin side goes under." If you are talking about the stretch of road between the south end of No 3 bridge and southwards to the long bridge overpassing that 'bayou' before you climb up towards Warin Police Station, they raised that road by a meter or so 2 years ago. Dunno whether that's enough to keep Warin connected to Ubon. I wondered at the time why they were doing it.
  12. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Land has been raised by excavating clay from other areas of the same flood plain I believe Michael. I think that particular aspect is probably a net nil situation, though that won't stop floodings like we had 4 years ago or maybe worse like you describe at turn of the century (wasn't here then). It'll be some flood if it pushes back up into Huai Wang Nong. Even after the rains of last week and with huge flow coming out of HWN the level of the reservoir was still way above (at least 10 meters) the outfall river that winds its way down to the Mun by the big Cement works in the East of the town. I know cos last Friday I checked part of a trail I had earlier earmarked to run Ubon Hash House Harrriers along next Saturday only to find my chosen route was freshly inundated (maybe dry again now). HWN might overflow from water coming down into it from the north - not getting away quickly enough - but if it overflows from water pushing back up from the south then look out Ubon! - that means the river is 10+meters higher and the whole of Chinatown and mid town will be under a meter or two minimum of water.
  13. swimming pool

    Hi Blueeyes. You should put general questions like that on the pool forum. There are a load of people with experience on that forum including some ex pool pros who seem to me to be pretty balanced ie unbiased & no longer with axes to grind (particularly Sappersrest). Me, I had an in-ground concrete and tiled pool built 6 years ago by a local commercial builder + Bangkok pool technical specialist; that was my first and only experience. 15m x 4.5m 90 cu.m. Has been great/reliable and I would do it again that way now I know I'm a long-termer! But it's an expensive option and not one on reflection I would encourage anyone to take in the earlier stages of a new even marital relationship! Don't know exact cost, as it was part of a bigger project that included a one-storey building with a pool/snooker room, guest bedroom and pool toilet, plus water tower and deep well - probably 800k to 1mil of the total 2mil project cost (including all the equipment in the pump room and accessories). If you review some recent threads on the pool forum you'll find lots of discussion of smaller and much cheaper alternatives including pools that could be taken down if you get fed up with them!
  14. And not all Brits are degenerates! PS I am one myself. Though I admit to some degenerate capacities they don't relate to the partly stereotypical - but with grains of truth - British antipathy toward wealth, business success and endeavour.
  15. swimming pool

    JD Pools is a franchise operation, so you are right to seek comments from anyone who has specifically used the Korat branch. Can't help on that - have only used branches of JD Pools (Bangkok, Ubon and Chiang Mai) and then only for chemicals and, because they are not the cheapest provider around, only their Shock Chlorine in recent years. If you are based in Korat probably worth considering salt-converted chlorination for your pool. TRS Salt is Thailand's pool salt miner/provider and you can buy it at the Korat factory (on the way to Pimai off Highway 2) at less than half the price that JD pools charges (in Ubon anyway).