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  1. Breath-taking arrogance on the part of Real Madrid. Hardly surprising - it runs through them like pink writing in a stick of (candy) rock.
  2. SantiSuk

    Beer Lao

    I'm sure that the beer overlords at Thai Bev and Boon Rawd are delighted to see the impact of the beer price rises driving a decent off-piste style of beer out of the Thai market. Typical oligopolists - who cares about the customer - just keep churning out the lorryloads of same style industrial alcohol. Is Thailand the only country in SE Asia that doesn't produce a stout, porter or dark ale? Laos (Beer Lao), Cambodia (ABC Stout and Black Panther) and Vietnam (Winking Seal) do, but dunno about the likes of Myanmar or Indonesia. Maybe one of the emerging Thai craft breweries has one on the stocks - haven't seen one myself but visits to the relevant ale houses in Bangkok have been infrequent of late and the local beer specialists like Tap Taste House in Ubon and Leos in Sisaket seem to focus more on foreign craft beers than local.
  3. SantiSuk

    Preah Vihear Temple open from Thai side?

    Don't be put off by one man's one-day experience. Not an all-year round event and I've not seen smoke problems in my 5+ visits. Whether it's worth the 400 baht NP fee is debatable IMO*. In the region of SE Isaan I think that Pha Taem NP in eastern Ubon Ratchathani province, overlooking the Mekong but with many different attractions inside, is the only NP that's clearly worth the fee. [Or is it back down to 200 baht these dats? And I ignore the possibility of you blagging your way in with Thai-speaking, charm and documentation! Has worked occasionally for me at some NPs and once at Pha Taem (though I don't claim too much charm!)] * Visits have often been to take guests - we live 65km away
  4. Previous topic talks about sourcing and price of TRS Salt. The number I have for TRS Salt in my phone is 0223689628. I think it's the number of the factory marketing department, who will give you contact details for your local regional TRS distributor. You'll need a Thai speaker to make the call. Then you can find out if one of your local distributors is as flexible on small quantities as is Crossy's! 100 baht a pop is a steal. Last delivery I got one year ago was a minimum order of 3 tonnes and the price was more like 110 baht a bag. I could have waited an indeterminate amount of time to get a split order when the distributor had orders form others in my part of my region.
  5. SantiSuk

    Chong Jom Vs Chong sa Ngam border crossing

    I'm with you on the sunbirds - lovely little creatures. I have a pair of purple sunbirds nesting less than a foot from our lounge window and right in the middle of a huge picture window. The male has a habit of hovering for several minutes looking in and tapping on the window - think he wants to watch the TV with me! The one you talk about is probably the olive backed sunbird - olive green across the back and a very broad yellow breast; both these sunbirds are common though you might not get a purple sunbird in Choam Sa Ngam - my Thai Bird book* shows that it's distribution makes it common in the 'Emerald Triangle' (junction of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia) and it stretches a little way westwards along the Cambodian border into South East Sisaket but not as far as Phusing/Choam Sa Ngam in South West Sisaket. I have several favourite birds in Sisaket - I particularly like the Hoopoe which you see quite frequently if you go offroad in the fields around Khun Han and Khu Khan. If tropical birds charm you and you are American I can highly recommend holidaying on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean/West Indies. Astonishing range of colourful birds all around you - my hotel balcony was like having an aviary at the back door! *"A guide to the Birds of Thailand" by Boonsong Lekagul and Philip D Round". Recognised as an excellent look-up book by birders in Thailand (I'm not one but I go through phases of going out to look with my binocs and camera), but I'm not sure how available it is now. Mine cost 900 baht in an Asia Books branch in Bangkok in 2010
  6. SantiSuk

    Chong Jom Vs Chong sa Ngam border crossing

    Description fits the Greater Coucal. However, it may have been something else, as I wouldn't myself describe it as gorgeous (compared to may of the tropical smaller birds, parrots etc for example). Also, it's a common resident across Isaan and Thailand, so I'd be surprised if you haven't seen it before, if you are yourself a resident or regular visitor. An impressive bird in flight nonetheless.
  7. Don't take it that I have a rigorous schedule, but in general terms I'm once every 3 months in 'Living in the Past', Sisaket; once-a-month in 'Pizza4U', Kantharalak; and twice-a-week in 'Black Dog Bar', Kantharalak kind-of-guy. Happy to meet up wherever. Tour of three in both locations (different days) would be my call: Kantharalak - Black Dog Bar (more English-speaking local customers than anywhere in the province), Pizza4U (outstanding Pizzas) and Jungle Bar (way under-used, but charming) Sisaket Town - Living-in-the-Past (iconic) plus 2 of Hong Kong Garden, Leos, Cuckoos Nest or Barco Would be good to catch up with you again Dave-Dilli, wherever - your call on the Sisaket town tour!
  8. SantiSuk

    Beer Lao

    Extracted from Ubon Hash House Harriers beer purchase records - the inexorable rise in case baht price at Makro (applies nationally I think): Oct 15 - 1,140 Feb 17 - 1,290 Sep 17 - 1,310 Feb 18 - 1,535 (current price) 31 baht for a small bottle of Leo now only marginally more than the 30 baht price in 2015. Meanwhile Lao Dark has gone up from 45 baht to 64 baht. Tough call on value now!
  9. SantiSuk

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Oh yes - Ban Tabo (we've hashed it a bit!). You can always head out north west and cut back over Hua Na Dam and into Ubon from the west*. I think I'd move, or buy a cheap second motor and park it on the south side of the Ring Road! *Hopefully joking, as that's got to be a 40 minute trip!
  10. SantiSuk

    How much chlorine?

    We can all argue til the cows come home about ideal dosing levels, so just to note that most (all?) public health authorities recommend levels at least double 0.5* for publicly available pools and the trouble with trying to maintain 0.5 is that it can so easily slip into insanitary territory. Salt chlorinated pools are different animals again - I've seen it said that 2.0 free chlorine is a minimum.
  11. SantiSuk

    Fulham up

    By my reckoning this is the first time in quite a few years that London will have more clubs in the premier division of 'English'* football than the North West (and with the rise of South Coast clubs the Sarf continues its advance in representation over the rest of the country). Haven't checked back to nail down how long - I'm sure BB is our lad for this type of historical analysis. Seems to me that the Midlands must be at its lowest ebb with only two. Trophy-wise London still way off the NW's pace though. Defining London as inside M25; NorthWest as Lancs/Merseyside/Gtr Manchester; Midlands as Black Country + East Midlands + Potteries/Derbyshire
  12. SantiSuk

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    2-3 years of purgatory for north Ubonites then! Worth it in the long run no doubt.
  13. SantiSuk

    Tottenham Thread

    Congrats. Always nice to see a decent manager avoid the seemingly inevitable bed-hopping (and no I'm not talking about jellydog's picture!).
  14. SantiSuk

    where to buy dry acid in Pattaya?

    Joyeaux Pools sells expensive French plastic pools and stocks suitably expensive pool chemie like that. Recall seeeing it in the Ubon Ratchathani branch a few years ago. My first and last visit, but I don't knock the dry stuff for anyone who doesn't like handling the corrosive stuff*, but you might find it cheaper to buy acid and hire a pool boy! Pretty sure there is a branch of Joyeaux somewhere in Pats or the 'Eastern Corridor'. [How is life down there living in the corridor? Makes y'all sound like neglected patients in a UK public hospital :-)] *my tip for avoiding breathing in HcL fumes when transferring acid from 20 litre container to bucket of water for dosing the pool - a strategically placed floor fan (and a calm day) - is pictured below for what its worth
  15. SantiSuk


    I like Wilshire's playing style. Whatever he says in response to Southgate's supposed snub, his performances did fade at the back end of the season but he put some commanding stints in in the first two-thirds, many of which were in the Europa but some in the Prem too. In my book he's worth another shout next season and would be expected to lead the Europa League team, so I'm pleased he looks likely to extend his contract (presumably subject to the new boss agreeing - or maybe it's Gazidis' decision, in which case it's done). Has shown a bit more maturity last season - god knows that wasn't difficult to achieve!