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  1. New Site Feedback

    Irritating that bookmarks have to be redone, but probably not something that ThaiV envisaged happening.
  2. Arsenal

    Pathetic Arsenal first half display. Significant lack of midfield creativity at present. Pathetic moaning by Wenger against a softish but understandable penalty decision. Looks more like an unravelling season than a dark horse season to me Ronnie!
  3. My mind was taken back to a recent incident on importing currency by catman's post. Do immigration officials have any way of detecting someone importing currency if they don't declare it and don't happen to stop you and search? My wife took 350,000 baht worth of Korean Won to South Korea recently. As we sat on the plane I asked her about the money and she said it was down below in the hold. I hit the roof and explained how crazy that was and the risk of theft from baggage handlers at either end. My anger turned to sympathy when I reflected on how stupid I was not to have given forethought and guidance on the matter and particularly after I saw how much brick she was excreting until it arrived safely on the carousel (one of the last bags of course just to increase the drama). But do baggage scans reveal paper money? Somehow I doubt it, unless it is metal striped in which case maybe. One for the air-transport geeks to answer maybe. No alterior motive behind my musings - I'm always squeaky clean! [We declared it on the customs card handed out on the plane as I thought it must have squeaked over their $10k threshold. Went thru the green channel just to see if it raised interest and the bored immi clerk did a double take and whistled us across to the real immi checkers. They simply asked to see it and why we were bringing that much; no drama (they also scanned the bag for good measure)].
  4. I'm pretty sure that 400,000 baht is no problem. My wife changed 350,000 baht into Kwon (South Korean won) at Super Rich 2 months ago. Like Kitten Kong says you could ask them - their phone no is on the web site and when I phoned them to find out the nearest location convenient to us they spoke reasonable English at their call centre. Just take a passport - they are uninterested in where the money comes from. If arriving from Pattaya by bus you ,might find it useful to know that there is a small Super Rich booth in the basement (like car parking floors) of Emporium shopping Mall (coupla stops up the BTS line to Phrom Pong station). Difficult to find* (we searched for at least 20 mins) as the floor reference that the call centre gives out is insufficient for most employees in that mall to work out and it confusingly has a reference that is mirrored with a location across the road at the sister mall Emquartier. Go in the main doors off the street (Sukhumvit south side) and you run into the high-end fashion shops on both sides of you. Find the stairs immediately near you and go down two floors and you should run into it. I think it's floor B2. If my recollection is flawed ask around!
  5. ... and at the other end of the scale Bumrungrad in Bangkok might charge in the order of 25,000 baht - or at least they did for a 'Chest (Spiral) (CT) scan with Visipaque contrast in June 2016. Basic scan 13,250, Radiologist 2,500, Doctor's fee (they insist on a brief session with a relevant doc even if you are just buying a scan for later examination by your existing specialist) 6,300 for the contrast and the balance is nursing etc charges. Just for info if anyone is shopping around. [My UK insurer was happy - substantively more expensive than that in the UK (where my lung specialists monitor my bronchiectasis)]
  6. Look out Ubon town too! And other lower reaches of the Mun between Korat and Khong Jiam in Ubon Province, where the river enters the Mekong The river is already at flood levels in the town with a few hundred people camping out now on higher ground since late July (a longer camp-out than I can remember in my 10 years in this neck of the woods). Water managers up-river would presumably have let out more water prior to the current inundations had it not been for the constant high levels the river has maintained downstream throughout the last 2½ months Dams opening plus the depression that is passing over the northern provinces in Isaan (eg Khon Kaen and Sakhon Nakhon, which are big sources of water to pass by us on their way to Cambodia and the Mekong delta) means a very uncomfortable time ahead for the lower reaches of the town I would imagine. Pictures below of north bank (Ubon town) and south bank (already overflowed into lower reaches of Warin) in late August. Taken from the main bridge on Ubon Hash House Harriers run 107. Picture by Ubon harriette 'BJ Surprise'. The river has remained at these high levels despite a relatively dry second half of September, due to the fact the Mun drains half of Isaan and its always raining somewhere!
  7. Arsenal

    A good thought that. If Kalasinac is the sort who can accept instructions to stay focussed on defence then maybe that would work. I don't have much regard for Monreal as a defender, though he's been a bit better at deadball situations this season. But Kalasinac looks like such a talent at all areas of the left side/left centre of the pitch that best thing would likely be to drop Monreal into the Europa League team when Koscielney is back fit and buy a Koscielney strong tall experienced left-sided cover guy at the January window. I just don't get a good feeling that anyone is coaching the Arsenal defense, but then I'm a bit old school - to me the very phrase wing-backs is an oxymoron! Makes for attractive viewing but IMO the truly world-class teams have always been and still are built on strong defenders who stay defence-minded.
  8. Liverpool F.c.

    "Klopp seems to have a different playbook than every other manager and his belief in his first 11 is starting to slap him in the face." Shades of Arsene then. Changes mostly around 70 minutes when its often clear who is having an off day. Dunno why these guys can't be honest with players - "look you were playing $hite on the day and it doesn't mean you can't have another go next game around"
  9. Best place to stay in Ubon

    Yes - I had the same view on Laithong, but about 3 years ago I stayed in one of their best rooms on the top floor for about 1,800 baht. That room had been clearly recently modernised to a high standard and was much more luxurious (with great deep European-soft beds) than the standard Sunnee rooms - which do look tired to me*. The reception had also been done out to modern standards with a modern boutique cafe experience - no more tired old sofas or knackered laptops in the corner with 'out of service' notes on them as of yore The breakfast buffet was ordinary on falang stuff, but outstanding in its Thai-Chinese choices. Have meant to try out the Laithong standard rooms to see if they have merit (typically at 1,250 baht) but haven't got round to it yet -there's such a huge range of good breakfast-inclusive hotels now in town within the 650 to 950 range that my interest would probably be purely academic! * My main beef with Sunnee is that when I stayed there about 2 years ago the TV reception was absolutely dreadful - basically unwatchable. I went and complained to reception. They reacted like 'well what do you expect for the 1,600 baht weekend special rate rooms'. I don't know whether they keep back some tired rooms for the cheap raters, but it felt like it. I made it clear to them that there were a host of 500 baht a night new mansion rooms knocking around Ubon now, with much better TV experiences than theirs. Made me feel better, but they were unmoved and we were also left unmoved (to a room with better reception, which is what I would have expected any normal service-minded hotel to arrange).
  10. Best place to stay in Ubon

    Hotels in Ubon are cheap and plentiful. Depending on what you want to do and what transport you would expect to use would determine an area of the city for you to narrow down the choice. Also depends on what type of entertainment you want. Girly type stuff is very spread out (no 'bar areas' or 'walking street'), so you will be using taxis if that's your bag. Taxis - plentiful, but the basic proposition is that you phone one of several despatch numbers and they send a guy round. They come quickly are metered and are similar in price to Bangkok taxis, so with Ubon being a lot smaller you are likely to pay in the range of 40 to 80 baht for a single trip within the town (ie within the Ring Road) plus a despatcher usage charge of 20 baht. They are now 'flagable' on the streets as well, so if you are in the very centre you can usually get away with flagging one down. The 20 baht premium is not applied. The service is excellent; they come quickly on despatch and I have heard no real complaints about service/driver reliability. Language is the only and real issue if you do not have a basic command of Thai - taxi drivers are not used to foreigners, so expect some issues with telling the driver where you want to go unless it is an obvious hotel, restaurant or falang bar and are prepared to repeat it's name with several different emphasis/tone variations until the guy get's it, or unless you have a Thai business card for the destination. Get the English-speaking staff of where you are at to arrange your taxi. Other public transport - there are fixed route baht buses throughout town. If you are into that mode then get a hotel that's near a baht bus route. Some samlors/bycicle 4 wheelers exist (mostly around the several fresh markets), which are a charming touristic experience if you speak some Thai - they are there for little old ladies with shopping needs, not tourists but I use them occasionally and it would be sad if they disappeared from the scene. Walking. Parts of Ubon are very walkable and October will see cooler temperatures particularly in the evenings - should be 25 at say 9pm, not 32! Bring/buy a good umbrella though if you are a walker. Give me answers (by PM if you want) and I'll narrow down the recommendations for you. Also, do you need a pool (that narrows choices down to only a handful and non of those very central) and do you eat breakfast in hotels or prefer room-only basis. Meanwhile: here's a few pointers: * expect to pay 350 to 450 baht per night for cheap room-only backpacker/traveller type places with aircon and bathroom; 500 to 650 room only (possibly some snack brekkie/coffee in reception area) in a better quality budget hotel with 20-25 sq.m; 600 to 950 for slightly more boutiquey, better design plus buffet breakfast; 900 to 1,400 for a hotel with full facilities, quality fittings and a quality buffet breakfast and 1,400 to 1,600 for upmarket 4 to 5 star (there are only 2 of these I would consider) * The following link has some comments in post no 15. My 5 top recommended hotels through the price ranges, as mentioned in that posting are: - Padaeng Mansion - T3 House - Come Pang - Bliss Hotel - Laithong (executive rooms), which I prefer to top of the range Sunnee Tower But location, pool, breakfast and room style/size would have a major bearing on the top 5 for you! * Attached is a hopelessly anal critique of about 25 popular Ubon hotels I can supply an 'entertainment' guide to Ubon which includes falang bars/ soapies / karaokes and some restaurants with maps if you PM me. [Other guys who have asked - now finished - about to distribute] You will enjoy Ubon, particularly if well briefed by a local! Ting (English-speaking Thai owner of Wrong Way falang bar can arrange some touristic day trips to interesting parts outside too). Jay-Jay rentals are reliable step-thru' bike and car rental agencies and push-bikes can be hired cheap or given free at some hotels in addition to rent shops Ubon hotels pdf version sep17.pdf
  11. Arsenal

    Had to laugh when TV co-commentator on Bein/True referred to Arsenal showing no signs of tiredness against Brighton after their long journey into Europe for Thursday's' Bate game. I'm sure his briefing notes would have told him that the overlap between the two teams was essentially 2 - Holding and Mustafi. Even Wenger perpetuated the myth by commenting that we slowed down in the 2nd half "after a difficult trip to Bate". As far as I know most of last nights starting line up didn't even fly there (our bench at Bate was all academy). Maybe he's referring to his late substitutes last night (Giroud, Walcott and Elneney) being too tired to add any late impetus - which looked true, now I think about it. Can't see anybody stopping Citeh, Man U still untested against senior opposition, but look well resourced. Chelsea and Tottenham look more talented man for man against our squad except for Czech, Kalashnikov and Sanchez. Its' gonna be another battle for the '4th place cup' but Arsene has made that his life's work in the last decade! As always injuries can completely change that landscape. I don't discount Arsenal winning the second tier Euro thing, but Dortmund or Bayern will probably eject us at the knockout stage, as per usual. As for us - better - no doubt. I worry about the strength in depth of our defense. Cannot believe that Arsene 'strengthened it', only to the tune of minus one in Summer. Kalashnikov in (a major plus I grant you); Gibbs and that open-mouthed Brazilian guy, whose name I forget already, out. Calumn Chambers and Mathieu Debuchy make the listing of defenders look long enough, but don't count as even B team, mostly die to recurring injury persuasion. Have not seen a decent genuine defender amongst the academy Milk Cup cameo performers either. Getting that incredible feeling of deja vu
  12. Frenchman shoots himself dead in his wheelchair

    About 2 metres away by my reckoning looking at those (albeit big) tiles. Camera perspective makes things look further away than actual if taking in a very close object. Could easily be explained by dropping it and it gaining slide momentum by hitting his knee, arm or arm of the chair for instance; or wife kicking it away when she (presumably ) found him.
  13. Pool leaking 12 cm per day?

    Unless I am missing something (possible, so I'll just raise it as a query) I think that is a helluva'n overstatement for a 2 x 3 x 1.2 m small pool farang62. That would be about 8% a day). My pool is 15 x 4.5 x 0.8to1.8 m ie 13 times as much surface area. It loses under 0.5% per day, which I understand to be about normal. Maybe you have a leak (or I have in-bound seepage ).
  14. Booze sales banned on beach starting in Oct.

    I'm sure that the ordinary working Thais in Pattaya and the hoards of ordinary Thais who head to Jomtien on Sundays are in full agreement with this policy, NOT. Passengers in pickups/bakkies policy comes to mind. The army are organising the (re?election) campaign for Prayut using Teresa May's campaign manual!
  15. Man, 66, found dead in his Nong Khai house

    Ah yes - the "slow news is not no news" theory!