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  1. SantiSuk

    Footy on the Telly

    Having not monitored the football threads sufficiently closely I got the shock 5 minutes ago that there is no CL football on True. Presumably no UEFA football either? I shall now actively look at removing my account from True Visions entirely - that's 2,500 baht worth over Isaan house and Bangkok condo. This is what happens when you get no competition for services. A monopoly that couldn't give a proverbial about its customers. True is already taking the michael by severely limiting replays of Prem League games and giving no information about which replay game will be shown.
  2. Sorry Wavehunter, but I'm not a particularly good source of comment on Kasikorn services, as i only operate an ATM current account and don't even bother with online banking as Krungsri handles all my online banking, deposit savings, international transfers and credit card transactions. I'm sure you'll get a good response if you open a new thread to find out.
  3. Long walk to the next branch of Bangkok Bank - about 40 clicks I think?! I did walk across the road and had no problems with Kasikorn for a local branch (my main banking is done with Krungsri in Bangkok, but its useful to have some local backup too)
  4. SantiSuk

    Tottenham Thread

    ... As opposed to Danny Wellbeck who by all accounts just stood there in the 6 yard box and didn't challenge De Gea for an incoming ball, but apparently DeG dropped the ball after landing on his head which lead to a goal (disallowed). Not a great player, DW that is.?
  5. I gave up on Bangkok Bank at an early stage of settling here. The local branch wanted me to get a letter from the local police to say that I was a person of good standing or some such. The concept of getting the ... ahem ... let's just say notoriously unreliables ... to certify my reliability seemed so offensive that I gave it a miss!
  6. SantiSuk

    Sakon Nakhon. Getting a 'Life Certificate' signed

    Yes I do have a different experience. Two years ago I phoned up the Pension Service enquiry line and asked and they said 'no problem if your chosen signing party doesn't have a stamp'. Think I posted that on ThaiV somewhere at the time. Costs next to nowt on Skype to phone up, so anyone who is unsure can always check it out.
  7. SantiSuk

    Ma Na Der Cafe

    For a coffee bar with a difference, if you like cats try Cat Nap Cafe in Warin off the Sisaket Rd in the region of Warin General Hospital. Google it (or PM me and I'll add details). Crawling with rescue cats and kittens. Free lint roller use thrown in! A bit of a pong in there so you have to be a catlover (or tolerant for the sake of younger family members who are, in my case!). I suspect that I now face a regular diversion of my normal route into Ubon every time my 8 year old daughter is in the car.
  8. SantiSuk

    Sakon Nakhon. Getting a 'Life Certificate' signed

    Doesn't everyone here know a local friendly farang teacher? Note that whoever signs doesn't need a 'stamp'. Apparent requirement but not enforced (or at least that was the case when I last got a teacher mate to sign mine a couple of years ago). Just had another request myself from UK Pension Service - I guess it's gonna be a biennial thing then
  9. SantiSuk

    Tottenham Thread

    Has the design style you might expect from a currency trading billionaire. I'll bet the City money broker boys were licking their lips, while everyone else thought "ugly as ****". Would say it spoils the look of what was my walk to work for many years pre-retirement/pre-flite-to-Thailand, but property developers of similar grotesque taste already did that!
  10. SantiSuk

    Manchester United

    Manchester might have been an attractive lifetime commitment to a guy from the tenements of Glasgow. Think a man from the lovely climes of Iberia is gonna stop around into his dotage? Not an ABU - I want to see a national institution restored to its place as an advert for British football (yes British - not a nationalist for England either!). Along with the Gunners of course
  11. SantiSuk

    Tottenham Thread

    Yeah that shirt looked like a wrapped parcel. Dunno what I was doing buying one of those. I don't bother these days, now that the authorities seem to have successfully stamped out cheap but accurate copies; I guess one day I'll have to wear it, after all the other copies have worn their letters off! For Mr Bo's administrator's avoidance of doubt, I don't now buy copies and don't want to know if there are sources!
  12. SantiSuk


    Turkish or German consulate? Autofill was sent to brighten our lives.
  13. SantiSuk


    Underwhelming Arsenal. Lots to do for Emery
  14. SantiSuk


    My prediction - Arsenal score 1 or 2 and Man City score 2 or 3 more than that! Arsenal still unsettled at the back.
  15. SantiSuk


    We'll still be an attractive team to watch .... as long as Aubamayang stays fit and injury free. Could be lots of high scoring games (both ways), particularly in the first few weeks, until Monreal or Kalashnikov regain fitness. A few of the talented youngsters might surprise too. You're right BB - a few good results could remove the pervading gloom.