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  1. Tottenham Thread

    Not a man for humility in victory then BB?
  2. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Possibly Nok are hoping they can capture some of Air Asia's traffic from Ubon to Chiang Mai in addition to the straight up Eastern to Central Isaan traffic (with onward possibilities by coach/train to Vientianne). That's if Nok are still offering 4 flights a day from Udon to Chiang Mai quite cheaply (as they were when we used it around April time earlier this year). The service wasn't that busy back then and not easily scalable back down as I think the modern prop plane - 80 ish seats and perfectly comfortable - they were using was dedicated to the route. An Ubon to UT (or KK) to CM stopping service always struck me as the most sensible cross-Thailand route (though I don't think there are any such stopper services elsewhere in the country. Perhaps Nok are looking to do that with their one prop plane coming onto Ubon on one of its journeys a day having stopped en route in UT? Conjecture on my part!
  3. Arsenal

    Yep - forgot Maitland-Niles in the list of those who did impress. The kid is v promising.
  4. Arsenal

    Dreary performance against drab opposition. Sanchez might as well be sold asap unless Wenger is convinced his poor form is just that. Xhaka deserves a huge kick up the proverbial; can't remember any Arsenal midfielder hitting such a high misdirected pass ratio as him in the last few matches. He started his Emirates journey impressively, but is now way off quality. Lacazette and Iwobi were anonymous for huge chunks of the game and only Ozil and Wilshere caught the eye. Wake up you Gunners or the season will be over by February .
  5. Liverpool F.c.

  6. Fresh markets/restaurants in Amphoe Muang Ubon?

    Have not noticed any restaurants making a play on healthy eating so i can only offer a couple of suggestions as as to food type: eating fresh fish. The Ring Road restaurant 100 metres south of the Mun river bridge on the northbound lanes between Sisaket and Yasothon junctions. It's pinned in Thai as being opposite Thum Tamwaree Tyre Shop (or something similar) on Google maps. Their Isaan Tom Plaa is good (but probably partly as a result of MSG!). The tilapi style fish here in Thailand does get a bit boring though. vietnamese food can have a high veggie content. The curiously named Golf House restaurant 200 metres short of the western end of Pitchitrangsan is good in that regard Both are pretty good value places
  7. Arsenal

    As I said a few posts prior, I think Lacazette is better than his team mates make him look. They did not change their style at all when a completely different form of striker arrived. Down to the manager and coaching staff. I see this morning that Arsenal Fan TV agrees with me on that one, though they were stuck in snow-bound traffic for this match along with thousands of other gooners. [Another shockingly awful 'blame everyone else' post-match interview from Wenger. This old horse shoulda' been put out to grass several seasons ago!]
  8. Arsenal

    Wenger needing to justify spending 60 mil on Lacazette? Deschamps was reported as having told Giroud he needs more playing time if he wants to be selected for France in the Word Cup next summer, so something will have to give.
  9. Arsenal

    One point welcome but not good enough Arsenal. Mid table obscurity, which is what many of us less faithful predicted, beckons! Can't see the point of playing Lacazette up front. He's clearly an effective fox in the box type but I haven't seen this team yet work out how to connect with such a player. At times it looks like the old guard deliberately avoid him. Very odd first change by Wenger. Per off yes of course, but Welbeck? <deleted>? He's looked the least convincing of the cupsquad and not yet fit post injury. Good that Jack got the chance to come on - none of the other first teamers looked half way direct enough today and Wishere has been the central engine of the cupsquad. Can't see the point of this cross field posession game that posesses Arsenal sometimes, if noone is prepared to have a run now and then
  10. Arsenal

    Jeez. No hope of anything out of this season if we have to rely too many times on Mertesacker being at the centre of defence. Real priority to do the bolstering in the January window that should have been done in the Summer. Koscielney is no longer the player he once was but Per is just not first team material. That said I'm hopeful we can pull this one around. I'll probably look an idiot but I reckon the likes of Redmond and Austin got a bit carried away with the excitement in the first quarter and will run out of steam in the second half. One more stupid lack of judgement in defence though and it's all over. Critical that we score the next goal. Not critical how soon that has to be. Bellerin disappointing this season - not sure why, but clearly lacking the confidence that has previously terrified left backs.
  11. Thank God that money attracts women. God knows I've got little else to offer! Not true but why spoil a good line.
  12. No longer a to$$er

    Got it. Thanks guys!
  13. No longer a to$$er

    Yep - was just about to post the below Lopburi If I click on the 'Edit Profile' button I do not get any option to change anything to do with my signature. Last stanza on thta page is about my activities
  14. No longer a to$$er

    I'm bored by the epithet I added to my sign off several years ago about being a to$$er How do I remove it? Edit Profile does not seem to get me there.
  15. Agreed. Using that long fast Sakaeow bypass is the fastest way from Chonburi province to the eastern provinces of Lower Isaan if you prefer to drive fast roads fast! Using the more obvious route and carrying on up 304 over the Kabinburi Hills to 24 you end up driving a long section of 24, which until you reach Nang Rong is guaranteed (ok - 50% risk) to give the uninitiated +100km/hr driver a 200 to 400 baht speeding fine. There's a lot of central reservation vegetation to prevent oncoming drivers alerting you to the speed traps! No reason not to head up to Buriram if you want to see the sports facilities, but it will add a lot in time using the northern roads through Buriram, Surin and Sisaket provinces. I don't think it's as much as a 200km diversion as one poster states, but it is probably an extra 1-2 hours to drive. Stick to 24 until at least the turn towards Surin. Personally I would stick to 24 until you turn left through Khu Khan. The quick route from Lahan Sai to Prakonchai is to head north from Lahan Sai on a secondary, but fast road close by Phanom Rung, joining 24 between Nang Rong and Prakhon Chai. To avoid too much boring 24 go through Ban Kruat. Aranyaphratet itself is a more interesting stop (about halfway in time) if you have a family like mine that likes cheap markets. The border market is huge (and from my personal viewpoint boring) and the town has some good value stopover opportunities - and the top of the range (for Aranya..) "Indochine" has a decent pool, good breakfast and comfortable rooms at less than 1,000 baht. Also "Thip Kitchen" (a cheap quirky and outstanding Thai food hole in the wall place in the centre of Aranyaprathet) is worth the stopover in its own right. The two temples everyone mentions are lovely and should not be missed. The drive through either of the two hill passes is very nice. Highway 24 is boring, but fast. The highly scenic route would be to drive through the main part of Khao Yai National Park itself (you do skirt through Khao Yai's edges going over the Kabinburi hills on 304) for the scenery. That would be a long detour and would make it a two full day journey, but one I have always meant to try. My route - Jomtien to Meuang Sisaket is attached (but assuming an Aranyaphratet diversion/stopover). Pattaya to Sisaket as recommended by Google is 17 mins quicker (using national speed limits and going via highway 9 up to Chachoengsao, rather than 331). [Southern Sisaket dweller and regular Highway 24 / 331 / 304 jockey!] Sisaket Railway Station to Thanon Jomtiensaineung, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150 - Google Maps.pdf