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  1. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    The women up north until somewhat recently went "topless", so I support him on this one.
  2. Religion is all about controlling others and limiting freedom. Textbook example here.
  3. The reason nitrogen has not been used previous is it is a painless "happy" death, the thought being that it would not be a deterrent to capital crime as the fear factor is reduced.
  4. no way, dogs only do it "doggy style"... don't they have sex education here?
  5. Handsome Hans needs a Happy Home

    He sounds like a real character, I've known a few of his cousins.
  6. I would say most of us are amused, not offended.
  7. They really love to be offended don't they? The rock most likely got a bit harder from the embrace, they should thank her.
  8. the phones are smart so they don't need to be
  9. The Mae Kha is so polluted I am amazed that any fish live in it. Always black and foul smelling. Historically the source for CM drinking water.
  10. Video shows Middle Eastern man attacking Thai massage girl

    Thug?... guess so
  11. Another snake id

    next time , don't kill it.