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  1. Soi Dogs Can Anything be done

    if they are truly dangerous the locals will not tolerate them... observe how the locals behave around them and learn. adapt.
  2. Used to like Colbert report, Trevor's earlier standup was funny.... now they just pander ... u Chelsea Handler, not funny at all, so sophomoric
  3. S.Bee, S. Colbert, T. Noah, J. Kimmel = fake comedy
  4. What's happening at KSK?

    He is now located near the outdoor parking entrance.
  5. Lease endings?

    big place where? do you mean Chang Moi (sleepy elephant) road ?
  6. What's happening at KSK?

    Elvis has left the building !!! I like KSK, you could get a beer at the Food Factory anytime, the resto next to the stage has (had?) good roast duck......and Elvis.
  7. The guy got serious talent, unique perspective and beautiful colors. I am a long time fan and his style is constantly evolving.
  8. Are you suggesting that the Harlem POCs lack self control and would turn violent towards him if he used a word they claim as theirs ? ...... you be racist bro?
  9. I think that cop wants to search the lady as she seems to be packing a couple of dangerous weapons
  10. ^^^ I am not a "Trump fan" he is what he is but have yet to see him as "racist" .. I am still waiting for specific evidence. The above post does not offer any evidence.
  11. I don't see him as racist, the charge is often made against him without evidence. I am willing to change my opinion, convince me.
  12. The words may be similar but the intent and the situation are vastly different. CNN is no longer "news" source, it is pure leftist propaganda and opinion. The new web based news media is now expanded to include all viewpoints, left, right, center, fringe and crazy. Trump can not control or persecute it as did Uncle Joe Stalin. Personally I find Trump to be a buffoon with some terrible policies but he is no Stalin or Hitler.
  13. I do think you can develop an immunity to lower levels of salmonella bacteria, have lived most of my life in the tropics and seen many "newbies" fall ill from the food, after a few months they can eat like the locals without issue.
  14. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    there are people in prison for reposting news articles as well as "liking" FB posts, need I say more... am I allowed to say more? no.
  15. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    you really can't have a democracy without freedom of speech and expression... free speech is not possible here.