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  1. Tell me about it, I am not white and I been stereotyped most of my life... I laugh it off, I deal with it... sad what America has become (will this post be removed too?)
  2. daoyai

    Long-tail boats at Koh Phi Phi damaged by storm

    wish they would all be destroyed, noisy as hell, dangerous to swimmers and snorkelers piloted by thugs.
  3. how about revocation of the blanket immunity from prosecution of coup leaders? I'm sure that is on the minds of many but no one dare mention it now...
  4. and then easily transferred to jihadis of choice
  5. I will assume the Cheezyman is competent in his profession but at his sideline as a "writer" he sucks.
  6. it aint over 'till the fat lady cries.... I hope
  7. 20 years in Thailand and you think a monsoon downpour is unnatural and is caused by "Haarp"? amazing
  8. they were out of glue?
  9. The big guys going after the little guys yet again, it is a trend.
  10. Next step, forcing all students to dress muslim... or else.
  11. I would have banged her before the reveal... just how I roll, ...mkay?
  12. The USA is becoming nearly as violent as Thailand, very sad and tragic again. Will we now be subjected to more media attention for D. Hogg?
  13. daoyai

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    I think I saw it at Kasem, but that was the vegan variety, not sure they have the "bloody" variety you seek.
  14. wow the idiots are out in force on this one, listen to what he said in context (if you can) he specifically spoke of MS 13 .... I would not have called them animals, I like animals, they are monstrous thugs.