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  1. daoyai

    Anywhere To Buy Masa

    Yea, if ya cant get fresh tortilla, go for the poon.
  2. daoyai

    Anywhere To Buy Masa

    I have not known lime for beetle nut to be ground seashells....in my Micronesian island days I remember they made a fire with wood mixed with coral, then after it brned down they piled it up and let the rain wash it for many days to wash away the wood ash, what was left was the lime.
  3. I lived on Koh Tao for a few months last year, I complained about the French, then moved to Koh Chang for awhile....... after being around the Russians there, I vowed to myself, "I will never again complain about the French!" .......
  4. daoyai

    Wine Suppliers At Trade Price

  5. Darets is at Tha Pae, and if you you are are a frugal farong the beer is colder and cheaper than most places.
  6. daoyai

    Chiang Mai - Pan Handling / Begging

    in thirty years, yes "wood" may just be a fond memory of the "oral tradition" of sapiceyyy.
  7. daoyai

    Chiang Mai - Pan Handling / Begging

    A few years ago my X-GF was looking for employment opportunities on the web. She stumbled on a site that was recruting disabled and disfigured people to work as beggers, they would be collected daily and dropped at various locations to beg. I have heard that here in CM the best spots are rented out by the police. That is why the begers are not concentrated in one area and there seems to be an order to the caos. I respect the hilltribe strolling vendors, even if they are persistent. I occasionally buy the jasmin flower "lei" 20 baht for a nice string of good smell. The same string would be $15. in Hawaii.
  8. daoyai

    Chiang Mai - Pan Handling / Begging

    In the old photo, the cat was photoshopped in later, the guy needing a ticket back to Burma must have finally gotten home after collecting for 5 years..... the wooden frogs annoyed me until I experienced my first CM rain and realized it sounds just like the real frogs ....clever.
  9. Because usery or interest on loans is haram, they found a loophole, religion is endlessly amusing.
  10. daoyai

    The Chinese A̶r̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ Are Here!

    Too bad they aborted millions of female fetuses, now the dudes outnumber the babes by millions. Expect them to tap some of the abundance here soon. And what is with the glasses? Seems like 80% wear glasses.
  11. nah, tai yai are shan, sheesh, kids
  12. I know the mail option has been closed for the 90 day report, so that leaves the question, what to do if you are still in country but very far (on an island) from CM imm. ?
  13. daoyai

    Report On Loi Kroh Rd.

    what do you mean hehehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ona-RhLfRfc