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  1. Where can I buy a Cheap Office Chair

    many shops on Chang Moi road have cheap office chairs
  2. Bars closed on Oct 26 and...when else?

    More than a few will raise a toast ....in private.
  3. Where to find in Chiang Mai...(food)?

    ^^^ South America, Peru, Bolivia tropical highlands, nothing Irish about potatoes... I think Sizzler does baked taters... microwave not so good, steamed and smashed with garlic and green onion or chives oh yeaaa. Suni's on Tha Pae Rd. soi 2 does good "home fries" styles well as great fries. Local food, Gang masaman baby... and Gang gulee.
  4. the last time? think it was John W. Booth .... Depp is an idiot.
  5. Sriracha Sauce finally in Thailand!

    Just bought a new to me brand of sriracha sauce at Tops.... it is called Jim Jam sriracha sauce, comes in Hot 30baht or extra hot 32baht..i opted for the extra hot and it is quite good, tastes like ...chillis oh yea. Also saw the U.S. version there for 89.... Jim Jam tastes similar to a Mexican ranchero salsa.
  6. Sriracha Sauce finally in Thailand!

    i find it strange that Thailand with it's love of hot and spicy food does not seem to produce very good bottled hot sauces, l like the sauces they sell for "suki" the green or red ones with seeds but really nothing to compare to Tapatillo or the American sriracha .... Wolf brand (made in Thailand) was pretty good but have not seen it for a few years.
  7. Sriracha Sauce finally in Thailand!

    I have tried at least 5 brands of thai made S.sauce, none are as good as the American version they also make a garlic infused sauce that comes in a jar.. very good stuff. so popular that u even see it ay mexican restos in Cali.
  8. what are sex pills?
  9. I made the mistake of signing a long term lease on an apt. near Maya, I knew they had loud music bars on the roof but was assured the law required them to close at midnight... they often stay open and very noisy until 1:30 am. Is this legal ? I have had enough and may have to lose my large deposit and relocate again. ... where can i learn about the specifics of this law and if if Maya is in violation?
  10. She should have been advised of the local foot fetish.... I'm sure the offended individual just couldn't avert his eyes.... sad.
  11. Arming a terrorist state,.... business as usual
  12. songkran has started !

    Maya mall has produced over 45 hours of earsplitting, window rattling noise pollution ("music"?) as their Songkran gift to the neighbors... they start at 11 am and finish at about 1:30am... this has been a songkran from hell for me, ...... now Sunday, I thought they were finished but now starting again. My wife was in tears last night as she needed to sleep. Sad that what could be a nice festival turns into such an ugly situation, the sound equipment was enough for a huge stadium, just for the little front area of the mall. How did a simple fun holiday evolve into such rubbish... yea yea T.I.T.
  13. Dress shoes

    Size will be a bigger issue than style, 45, mai mee ...and no wide shoes, for shorts, something like tosides deck shoes... or just go crocs....
  14. Huge Police Presence in Old City

    They need an occasional pep talk and then go out to raise their songkran funds... happens every year.