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    Commodore 1541 disk drive

    I can't help with the disk drive but if you are only trying to access old games / demos etc then images of most things can be found on the internet if you look around. You can then load the images using one of these: http://www.1541ultimate.net/ or https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/index.php/sd2iec-info
  2. delta7

    VPN that has an australian server?

    VyprVPN has servers in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/buy-vpn
  3. delta7

    Oppo Blu Ray player

    It's quite easy to find mod chips for the Oppo so that it can play all regions of Blu-ray.
  4. delta7

    Oppo Blu Ray player

    I don't know if they have stock but several department stores used to have them. Paragon, Central etc. They are normally in the section with the Soken 'hifi' because I think they either have the same parent company or distributor.
  5. delta7

    Raid 5 failure

    This may be of use: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8399/recovering-data-from-a-failed-synology-nas
  6. Hi, I don't visit the forum that often but I do subscribe to the emails and also check the twitter posts. Yesterday I went to the Nonthaburi Immigration for my 90 day report. I had completed the TM47 form already and when I handed it in I was told that next time I should use an amended form; which the official gave to me. After looking at the Immigration website, http://www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/en/base.php?page=download and also the forms here I couldn't see the new version that was handed to me. Also I don't recall seeing any news about a new version of the form. I have therefore attached a scan of this new version in case it is of use. The main difference is that the bottom section of the form now contains a part with the text 'This is not an extension of stay. Please notify your address again on ..... Keep in passport (The fine of Overdue Notification is not exceeding 5,000 Baht'. Good service as always by the staff at Nonthaburi Immigration. TM47.pdf