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  1. That'd be Palmers and you are right, the roasts and food in general there are really good and have been for about the last 20 years!. Was there last week and have to say a big thumbs down, absolutely awful
  2. Thanks again, will bring passport, I don't think they are mini branches in central festival, guess I'll find out when I get there, cheers for the help
  3. Thanks Pib, I'll go to central festival in pattaya as all the banks are positioned beside each other as ask them 1 by 1 if they do counter withdrawal for visa debit
  4. Curious if I can use my visa debit from back home (ireland) to make a cash withdrawal in Siam bank and then lodge the money into my Siam account, I know I can use an atm machine but don't really want to have to repeat the process 5 days running (5x20,000) doesn't have to be Siam bank, have accounts with most of the banks here (nothing in them mind you hehe) any answers much appreciated
  5. Cherry's is quite well known and popular, especially for their international buffet nights.http://cherrys-resta...x.php?l=default As far as you not liking La Taverna, well they aren't exactly hurting for business, so no worries. I know jingthing, I wish I could write food reviews like some of you guys, for me it's a simple like or not like a restaurant, but some of the information on TV is invaluable as I'm a fussy eater when I'm outside my home country of Ireland
  6. Tried This place last nite and it's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Don't know how you found it but two thumbs up Full report and photos to follow. Tried here Saturday night, quite disappointed, tried cherry's tonight and really impressed with quality of food and value for money
  7. my gf lives 30 mins away from ubon, she'd be very interested, give me details of hours and salary, thanks