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  1. this phenomena is not just your wife it is not a one off , due to many factors most Thai's will believe whatever they are told by any Thai person, it helps to run a country when all other information from all other sources is ignored, just be nice to the Aunty/Niece/sister/ daughter/son who has the most influence, or red card them if it gets to much. and you could add to the will a condition that a letter by you will be read stating that all the gossip that your wife has listened to over the years is now proven to be just that gossip. sort of like I told you so from the grave, well works for me,
  2. I still get dark looks when ever the "plumbers" are about our building and because I disagreed when we had a blockage in the shower and they went to cut open pipes below the sink which were about five feet above the blockage and trying to explain via my wife that water runs down not up was a tense ten minuets before I ushered them out of the condo.
  3. it comes in an orange colored little plastic bottle "iodine" I think its called.
  4. i am also going to the UK in September and my extension of stay based on retirement expires in October as I will likely outstay that date. I was going to get another none imm-o and convert it to another extension of stay based on retirement. but I am a bit confused as members are stating cases where retirement visa's are on offer in the UK. have I missed something or is it still first get a new none imm-o UK and then get an extension of stay due to retirement .Thailand. could somebody please confirm? QUOTES. " Could I get a new retirement none-o visa issued in England? " " If you are over 65 and in receipt of a State retirement(old age) pension you can apply for a ME "O" visa based on retirement at the Embassy" Thanks in advance.
  5. oldhippy I do not think the spoilt son syndrome ever ends you can only get over it, when I first met my wife's young son he wanted to be a footballer, so one day in the village me and him and a few of his mates had a bit of a kick about....I was quite new to Thailand and I did not get Thainess so although I was getting on I did show off a bit as I used to play a lot. The next week he did not want to be a footballer ? he talked about being a ladyboy? over the next few years he went increasingly off the rails by going on the whisky /wacky backy/stealing money/no school and when I went to the house in the village I spotted a sword in his room? and when I asked I was told he had "Ghosts" ? I told my wife if he ever had problems with his "Ghosts" that he would have to either pay or go to jail as I was not going to fund him. yes it did happen and lucky enough it was not the sword but a bottle I gave my wife five thousand bhat and told her if it was not enough he would go to jail before I paid any more.....lucky enough it was only stitches in the other boy. after spending a few months in the village I noticed he was not about and found him in a hammock at the S I L house while every one else worked so I gave my wife an ultimation that either he goes with his Dad in Bangkok (to work) or I go. this has continued along with various incidents involving buying motorbikes/ borrowing money/ and then doing his army stint his last venture was money to pay an agent to go and get work in Korea but he had defaulted on his last loan so house rules are no more money to any family member while there is any outstanding payments. no exceptions. he is in Bangkok with his dad, and is a nice lad but Thai boys are treated like gods and although this might seem ok to some I am always drawn to the way my Mother used to treat us for the most part and she would say "A FAT CAT IS NO GOOD TO ANYONE" we all learned to work in market gardens and deliver newspapers jobs that got us ready for the real world a Farang lad in the same village disables his car/motorbike after checking the miles he realised they were in constant use when he was at work in the UK it is just Thainess and the best way is stop giving them the opportunity to take your stuff whether it is for an hour or a week, if the batteries or other parts are absent there is no problems no arguments, you will not convince them but you can outmaneuver them.
  6. Funny the way things go with the ladies from isarn I have been with my wife about 14 years now and I have had a few highs and lows in that time and out of the twelve Farang/Thai couples who attended our wedding only us and one other are still together so the odds do not seem great, my wife is going through the menopause and life can get a bit tricky with her new found rage and my need for the truth, I have got over the spoilt son syndrome and the family must be involved in any thing that involves me spending money. I am still not sure if we will still be together until one or the other dies. but her three kids are not kids any more the youngest ends her schooling next year so that is one thing that should ease the pressure that their desire for money for nothing appears to pile on. they are not bad kids but Thai tv and other media present most Farangs as multi-millionaires and they foolishly try and claim their share. We hit a large bump in the road about a year ago, again over me not bending to a claim that it seemed the youngest had come out with. it boiled down to me sending extra money that they tried to say I had agreed to which I had not agreed to and the ranting went on , and the constant phone calls kept coming (from family members since I had foolishly sold property in the UK and told the wife). so similar to DL I bought a ticket on line and made sure my wife knew about it, the chatter calmed down the phone calls offering to sell me land eased off and after a week or so my wife just said ok, yes it was a mistake 90% of the rows have stopped. I have changed the date on the ticket we are practically back to where we where. it was like roulette as I was honestly going to go and I will go in two months, and I might stay for a long time in the UK, nothing is written in stone, and even though I love my wife she knows and I know that they will never bully me into giving in. I hope all the TV members who have been in the main very helpful can gain from all our stories how best to get through the problems thrown up by our Thai/Farang relationships. cheers.
  7. used this facility once when I returned from up country to Pattaya a few days late went in expecting to show my flight documents ect they did not want anything just looked at my passport and stapled the new chit in, but Jomtien immigration is very well run for most things from when ever I have had to use them lately.
  8. used to have a beer with one lad who married into the family and people were guessing what they would get off Paul MC ......most said a house or a deposit on a house....they got a set of sheets.. give him his due he never tried to impress, drank in the local run down pub.
  9. nothing special just out to meet a couple of lads and when I get off the baht bus I paid and walked towards the the rear of the bus to cross the road thinking that way I am not walking out into overtaking traffic. with the bus blocking my view. looking to my right it looks clear so I start to cross over and bang a am hit by something on my left shoulder, it felt like I was punched and I went backwards but managed to keep upright, I realised I had been hit by the bus reversing backward at speed. I was very lucky if my wife had been with me she would of been struck about head height by the metal caging that had struck me I shouted at the person behind the wheel but he would not even look in my direction, the baht bus drivers parked opposite were laughing as the driver sped off. this is my third close call of baht bus drivers reversing without looking....the standard of driving by baht bus drivers is very poor and and because we see it every day we get used to it but it needs something done before a child or tourist gets badly hurt or worse
  10. she has thrown three under the bus ? two over the mess that resulted from the snap election, and then the fire and the fact not a single recommendation had been implemented after the inquiry into the deaths from another high rise fire trap (using the same cladding four years ago) so that was another underling/advisor thrown... I hear there are vacancies .....
  11. double wow....if he cannot see that it is pointless playing with him....enough for me.
  12. no not anarchy but I understand the anger, when I first went up north in Thailand the pot holes used to do my head in, after a few years I headed back to the UK and I could not believe the state of our roads we had near as many as up northern Thailand. there used to be a burnt out condo as you headed to Jomtien we nicknamed it the match and we used to listen to stories about the lack of fire regulations in Thailand and locked fire doors, but this was in this third world country where life is cheap. and corruption was rife. I watched the terrible fire in London and read about the previous fire 2009 with six dead the government called for a public enquiry. and what happened nothing, Mrs May sacked an underling for sitting on the review for four years. now I read people berating other poster's because they call for action....they have all seen what happened last time....a public enquiry is run by the government who have already proven their appetite for getting to the bottom of these incidents, Thailand gets a bad press but the UK is looking very poor and I feel no pride in being British when I look at some of our leaders. and then we have the people on here who tell everyone every thing is fine, and that people should not demand justice and that the Guilty will to go to jail, as that is the only way it can be done...just like the last time not one attempt to explain why nothing was done last time just blame an advisor ....one big smoke screen a lot of people have lost any faith in this government and it will take a long time before they will trust them again.
  13. The solicitor who represents the victims of the 2009 high rise fire and many others have said that a Public Enquiry is not what is required. we have had one of them? and what was the result of listening to our government and having a Public Enquiry? Mrs May sacked another "advisor" yes another one under the bus because it was all his fault as he sat on the report for four years. so knee jerk is 100% better than hiring a load of "Advisors" and eight years later when an even worse fire happens we just do the same. she is always saying we have lessons to learn well it appears that a lot of people in the UK have learn't not to trust these people, this is the reaction after years of ducking and diving by the powers that be . enough is enough, people will not put up with all the bull s**t anymore and reading the nonsense that the May apologists come out with on here is sickening.
  14. it is all over Msn news with his picture (which I thought was not a good move?) as I spoke with an x fireman mate a few days ago and predicted the anger and maybe a riot in the case of Lily Allen I have never seen her before and it was stated that she was a local celeb and she seemed as genuine as any one else making statements. but what about the fact that in the report she got a bit upset and accused the powers that be of manipulating the death toll numbers and said police and firemen had told her the real figures were more than one hundred.(all off the record)the very next day the police issued a statement that the figure could be around a hundred.....now was this local celeb just making her story up and she just happened to come up with this same number. and she got thrown off news night that day....what had she done apart from say something that was later confirmed by the police as true. people see this and all it does is make them believe nothing the authorities have to say. May comes out with" lessons to be learned "like 2009 when six people died in a similar high rise fire in London guess what they had a public enquiry and learnt nothing but the people did and now they have another "advisor" going under the bus for sitting on the report for four years that's three advisors in about ten days. people are not buying the bull any more.
  15. . The chairman of the Kensington and Chelsea Conservative party is blaming the Tenants for the lack of sprinklers , saying the collective view was not for these to be fitted. yes go the Tory way and blame the Dead and survivors. not sick?