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  1. yes despite what we read here -their lives are better than yours.
  2. Must remind you of how little you know and how you've been dragging yourself through lack of life and spirit.
  3. This is the correct answer. It is also part of life's lessons of patience.
  4. what a load of BULLS BALLS. You are too kind. My first thought was release the dogs. Its meal time.
  5. nithisa78

    Land prices do thais know something we don't

    Couldn't one poster have just said, I don't know.
  6. Man up. Life isn't about how you think its supposed to be. The woman, your wife is at a Temple. I wouldn't give it another thought. Three months would seem minimum. Then why don't you try talking to a man of God, not TV? Or as I've heard them called a Lady Buddha. Or a mental health therapist.
  7. nithisa78

    Land prices do thais know something we don't

    not one good answer.
  8. could and will, very different.
  9. Amp up your act. You didn't impress. She's alright. Check yourself out.
  10. nithisa78

    PM's ID card idea draws public outcry

    Its not a good idea. Plus you don't lose the ID card.
  11. nithisa78

    Claiming custody before birth?

    you're projecting Jack and in bad company.
  12. I doubt that any government or anyone, gives complete details about all things. The US is not unique, which includes it being the target of envy, imagination or boredom. As for Thailand being a student of the US, I've not seen the school yearbook that lists who is the teacher and who are the students. If it were indeed a student, it would be receiving failing grades. which would mean you are failing.
  13. the TV genius has spoken.