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  1. well wild willie which pet hospital did you use for blood tests to find out all these stray animals had rabies???? Or maybe you are just talking out of your rear end harking back to days when wild willie was shooti g protected species in idaho or wyoming? In earlier texts on this thread i quite happily told of what i do but why have you infultrated this thread with your ignorant views? do you think its okay that many thai drunk thai men destroy the fabric of villages with their incest and violent ways or just myopic and think about starving animals dont deserve to live? anyway i will keep helping when you havnt got the balls to help
  2. its ignorant not to help and if you think about diseases these were created by humans. Really you clearly have no balls to protect species on this planet just create scare tactics and forget about the drunk villages causing 99% of the mayhem in your area but lets just be ignorant and blame the starving species. Theres always a way to help anyone or any species there is no excuse just ignorance
  3. being humane means that we respect all living creatures on this planet. Wild life is completely different to being protected to that of pets being abandoned and becoming ferile in their environment. You should know this as life has changed into euthanizing everything to trying to respect everything. If a living species on this planet is starving or need of help the more civilized way is to help this doesnt need a discussion it just needs action and balls by all those who walk past a species in trouble. Just this last week monkeys being electrocuted were seen by passers by and those thai people contacted wfft who came and rescued those monkeys. If species are too dificult to help there are plenty of organisations who can help in a humane way even in Thailand and especially the west.
  4. Thanks for telling people how to think it wont stop me helping living species but thanks for keeping everyone up to date on the level of ignorance and civilizationin some villages where incest is ripe, cutting up bodies is fun and giving away living species for plastic buckets , must be a blast living there. So dont forget that 99% of those people helping species in Thailand ate Thais not foreigners, looks like some people in Thailand want to improve life for every species on this planet.
  5. Any human walking past a starving species or in need of help hoping it dies or someone else deals with it is just an ignorant fool without any balls in life to improve this planet or civilisation.
  6. i feed and give fresh water to any stray animal i can when out and about. I wont stop and good for many more thais doing the same its the humane way to be a better world and civilisation. We all live on the same planet and to respect all species is the best way.
  7. that has to be a racist statement in any language.I suppose next you be saying that chinese-thai's are more superior and the people living outside of Bangkok dont deserve to vote.
  8. Its not sanitizing Chinatown when the whole left side of the main street has a rope using up one lane of the road to protect pedestrians trying to walk around the street stalls and not being run over during the evenings. It really got out of hand in many areas and seeing the improvement in the flower market street where the shop houses are still selling flowers and those street stalls are now selling their flowers in a large spacial market 30 meters from the street shows that it can be done in a successful way.
  9. amazing Cola and such happiness , such an amazing place soidog's
  10. to euthanase a dog because it barks is just plain weird and shows a total lack of respect to all things living on this planet. i wish condos and housing villages had more dogs ot would drown out the tv's on full volume or revved up motorbikes racing around and music being played from the local street stall. why dont you guys just love the dog and treat it like family then maybe it might be a different personality. Like someone else in this thread stated i never heard so many dogs bark in the west maybe they were just more happier dogs
  11. poor dog the ignorance of humans is to blame for animals on the streets without any homes. why dont we start culling ignorant humans who want to murder life on the same planet?
  12. well done to all those helping to save lives of animals when they have just as much right to live on this planet as humans
  13. agree rabbit without noise will be no issue renting any nice appartment under 12k. Even using a bag to take the rabbit to pet hospitals will be no problem as some pet carry bags look like real carry bags and cono office or security wont notice or care to notice. under 12k should have big place to rent for your rabbit to rome around as prakhanong can be be a very good value area
  14. campassion for animals is much better than reading harbingers of doom about no thais visiting you. Many vets and organisations like Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand can always help There still is a large amount of caring thais not all are animal abusers