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  1. Anger at new junta law banning populist policy

    Europe/uk has been through workers revolutions to decrease the feudal system where by hundreds of thousands of people died. whereby now Uk/europe has gained far tighter rule of law and rights for people. Thailand would be closer to iran/india in its civilization and way of life. Iran has had 2 revolutions in the last 100 years breaking away from feudal/claste system to be under a new religious form of dictatorship. India is still very much in the claste system and has yet to break down the feudal/claste system through revolutions i would put Thailand in between Iran and India in its development for a next stage of gaining more freedoms to people. Thailand has tried over the last hundred years to do this so maybe it can happen again with greater success.
  2. Alibaba deal no monopoly threat, Prayut assures

    cp group who own true and are the 3rd largest land/farm owners in Thailand will be behind this. The cpgroup has become a back door investment vehicle for the chinese. Prayuts/Somkids economic team is made up mostly from cp group executives and former executives. alibaba/china mobile and the chinese government have already been working with cpgroup/ true since the coup this is just a ramp up with the benefit of the military. the influence of China since the coup has been remarkable.
  3. Anger at new junta law banning populist policy

    neo facist chinese to say policies to help the general public should have a profit to be unpopulist. just another way to control all elections. 20 years ago the military and big business indebted this country to the world bank with their handling of state funds. It was the elected government of Taksin that corrected those wrongs and released the country from those debts with forward thinking policies.
  4. he is one of Suthep's men. Quite a few of Suthep's men have found top positions over the last 3 years. This one is in place along with another Suthep man(Bangkok governor) to water down any protests,against this mob after any elections,when people realise the mob is still in power no matter how the population votes
  5. its a trash story who ever told you and the other poster.
  6. this is nonsense and should be left on the bar stool where it belongs
  7. they trying to rig it with small parties and the anti-democ-democracy party plus all the 'chosen senators' which in numbers will affect any new government. Then if any new government tried to break the chains of lunacy its 'demo' street time from this lot
  8. castration should only be done on all the foreign/thai's spreading sexual diseases with 10 dollar hookers in Pattaya/Jomtien. Dont you live there enjoying those women? The arrested guy would be just one of thousands of thais/foreigners living near the bar scene pandering after underage companions
  9. education of all forms in Thailand is mainly about greed. What the eyes dont see as long as the cash register is clicking until someone videos the reality.
  10. more than 400,000 people in Thailand are HIV+. 70,000 new people have been added to this list. They must be talking about reducing the next 70,000 new ones to 7,000 new ones by 2020. Its just nonsense but just like the rabies scare was nonsense this reduction of HIV+ is nonsense. This tells you that someone important is ordering this to their subordinates. No way that anyone would volunteer to say these kind of things with a straight face without a threatening order
  11. 21 people just died from one road accident. 7 people die in 4 months from rabies one thing this lie of a rabies scare shows is how the farming and pesticide community see all other animals as pests,so as to keep their profits rolling in. Killing animals so as to keep more animals safe which are then killed for greed is just a twisted outdated form of living life.
  12. you have more chance of dying from a toffee sweet than rabies 12 people die out of 70 million of rabies people die all the time its life 27,000 people die from road accidents out of 70 million lets just put life in Thailand into perspective anyone who abuses animals or kills animals should have the same done to them
  13. animals abusers should be castrated and animal killers should be euthanized an eye for an eye you have more chance of dying of swallowing chewing gum than rabies if anyone cant stand sharing a planet with animals then those humans dont deserve to be in this planet its as simple as that
  14. it was also a sham this rabies scare. a few hundred dogs detectected of rabies out of 8 million dogs. you have 1 in 800,000 chance of dying of rabies in Thailand. you got more chance of dying from a boiled sweet
  15. children are more at risk from hiv+, incest,abuse, road accidents, food poisoning, murder, rape, fighting Thailand 2016, 27,000 people died of road acidents and 12 people diedof rabies out of 70 million people. Nice try from some our lonely heart club members to post on the voiceless threads with their bravery confined to a keyboard