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  1. if you going for 90 day reporting then i cant see the point going so early as its just luck and sometimes you can be in and out in 30 mins through the day or 1 hour + waiting if its N-Section then forget it, unless you can beat the agents collecting all the number tickets. I dont mean before immigration opens but when you get tickets for sections inside. I have seen agents sitting at the back at N-Section with 40-50 tickets. Its a total mess and i have met guys who waited at 7.00am and didnt finish until 2pm all because of the agents messing around. I havent a clue about the other sections but if its anything like N-Section then it be faster flying out and in for an extension
  2. humbug

    20-year National Strategy endorsed by the NLA

    the junta fan boys are like bait, trying to hook line and sinker posters by switching attention of the thread into a totally different direction; Do they realise that no one is taken in by it Nice of the junta to creepily push the 20 year plan through whilst everyones attention is on the cave and sea rescue.
  3. humbug

    The haunting of dubious politicians

    the junta fan boys at it again armed with yellow shirt youtube links blah blah blah junta has been using thailand as its cash cow since the 1950's owning banks(anyone remember TMB now CIMB), media companies, tv stations, great swaths of land ownership along with directorships, minister roles, spending trillions of baht of the countries money on every project known to man. All that while controlling one of the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRIES on the planet. Freedom for people through elections is the biggest FEAR of the junta. Thats why over the decades they have massacered thousands of people to keep their power 20 year plan is laying all the cards on the table in the poker game with a loaded gun under the table. The only thing holding back people to win the game is 'FEAR' the same as the Junta. Something has to give over the coming years
  4. good job lion theres a few 'lets exterminate' animal postes on this forum that the lions can have a nibble at; if they have meat or teeth left after years of desolute living.
  5. humbug

    The haunting of dubious politicians

    we have some real junta fan boys on here 'junta needs to come to power for the country to be safe' blah blah From the 1950's to now the junta had been the main 'power' on this land oppressing, torturing, killing anyone remember tak bai? anyone remember 1976,1992,2010? anyone remember hundreds of people bring kicked out of helicopters in oil drums being set alight? Now we have the junta version of China's 20 year strategy being sneakily put through behind the media coverage of the cave boys People handing 50 million to join a pro junta party, can you imagine what would happen if someone at pheu thai did that? they would laugh. How about the trillions of baht in contracts being handed this year, last year etc, unprecedented government spending. Apart from the yellow shirted media, civil servants getting a free ride and the ultra rich most people just dont want to be taken and eliminated. The junta knows this thats why if they ever allow a real elected government with real powers voted by the people then the organised crime/business/power of the junta would be DISMANTLED fear works both sides
  6. mr aswipe and his deputy are mr suthep's men. No wonder the bangkok governors are pushing to take over a prime retail/space on Siam along with pushing for a overhead train up Thong lor. Greed, nobody has a say either as nobody has been elected to head the BMA
  7. you see it everwhere people trying to fit in and look cute with that coffee plastic cup, with a plastic straw and a plastic bag wrapped around it; then carrying it while drinking and in less than 5 minutes theres more plastic waste not being recycled.
  8. humbug

    The haunting of dubious politicians

    how about renaming the article; 'The haunting of dubious military persons' Total garbage been written as usual per 'orders' to spread mis-information ever since pheu thai said 'no more military conscription' there has been unending media coverage on pheu thai exploding and a thousand more court cases for 'one' man, along with usual heres 50 million now support the p's party
  9. exactly,no mention of any thing to do with recycle or reducing plastic waste. Just another destroyer of the environment thanks Nescafe for only caring about greed
  10. great thread abuser of the voiceless is caught; loving this thread.
  11. in the Thai states mind overstay is a criminal action so if anyone forgets when their extensions dates are due then you risking being caught and regarded as a criminal. i suspect the OP forgot the extension date. The story about 2 or 1 90 day report without a valid extension date from the OP is nonsense. Elite and immigration when handed the passport for 90 day saw that it cant be processed and he is on overstay. Thats exactly what they 'Communicated' to op in the email. The 'other' picture of reporting date is just trying to save face etc from someone elses report cards lesson learned for the guy and all of us on every visa. Check always and be ahead of the game. If you happen to be on overstay for what ever reason move heaven and earth to solve the problem as best you can before any chance of arrest
  12. oh my we have the core bunch of control freaks out on this thread wanting animals to be exterminated . 7 billion humans is way too many for this planet; just reading a few posts on here confirms that always the same lame excuse for animal abusers ( tried to bite thats why!!) If i saw any abuse towards an animal like this you need a gun to hold me back from destroying the control freak animsl abuser
  13. are you really offering anything to the discusion now on this thread? Elite is a visa programme not a football club you support or cheer. You choose your own path on believing the OP. I have my own experience and thats why i dont believe too much what the OP is saying,
  14. there we go one of the elite moaners. No mention of any excuse against the 90 day reporting etc just the same olde tactic potrayed by some on here for many years.
  15. He is on overstay so why would an email warning him be fake? No it has nothing to do with poor reflection on anyone except the OP. Elite dont do the 90 day reporting, immigration do and without a valid extension of stay you wont get a 90 day report. This much i thought we covered already in this thread. Funny how the OP knew his 90 day reporting days were due but nothing else in his passport eh!!