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  1. this proposed law is just nuts, i'm split between their control freak tendencies as chinese generals or a vote winner for some nuts on their audience.
  2. no its called chinatown now because of all the illegal indians, yeah right oh
  3. no, you dont say, all these chinese origin people owning businesses and land, but i am pretty god damn sure there are indians who have thai passports as well who own land and businesses. But yeah like every chinese origin person will be legal, i think not especially in a densed population of chinatown. And still not 1 chinese origin person arrested not even for 'petty crimes'
  4. yeah its hideous to follow arsenal, anyone know petty crimes, kinda becomes a huge umbrella to arrest you for anything, "hey look that foreigner crossing the road," Yeah, arrest him for petty crimes!"
  5. yeah but the 'i am alrite jack crowd' werent that savvy in the first place if they were jumping with joy a few years ago and apologies for the repeat post
  6. yeah right, chinese origin plump mr P sending his homeboys to chinatown where 1000's of chinese origin people: work, live and bingo ! they net 30 indians; before people say but theres a large indian community there too, yes but its called chinatown for an <deleted> reason folks; and not 1 chinese origin person arrested
  7. humbug

    97 foreigners held in visa crackdown

    no chinese being put on show theres a surprise, over the next 10-20 years the next wave of chinese immigrants;will be collecting their thai citizenship just like the last 150 years; then the language of this land will be chinese not sanskrit; then its game with 50 million underclass to use and abuse
  8. humbug

    Pakistani Christians held in visa crackdown

    you just enjoy your chinese temple at home, 7-11 was started by Japanese, the world can cope very well without naff chinese copies and naff copies of shops and services.
  9. humbug

    Pakistani Christians held in visa crackdown

    these are people who will die when back in Pakistan. Spineless and cowardly by plump p and his home boy
  10. revolution to end the junta-cpgroup-chinese state power grab, now thats whats really needed; chinese have been doing this here for 150 years and still playing the same game, democracy in Malaysia has exposed their modern game play, good on the Malaysians for breaking up the corrupt practices of their last leader and the chinese state. Thailand not a chance to be able to follow Malaysia, needs a revolution
  11. humbug

    Pakistani Christians held in visa crackdown

    just lookng at those photos of chinese origin people telling pakistan origin people to leave thailand. Someone should tell junta state Cp group to emigrate back to china and live happily ever after. After all folks the language of this land is sanskrit not chinese
  12. humbug

    Two Pakistanis held for trafficking

    cowards and repulsive to pick on these people as BigBadGeordie states can very well be a death nail once sent back
  13. exactly marqus just from reading the few snippets on this raid and the temple raid, they are stopping any one leaving the complexed until they get the all clear. Normally you read about a criminal gang being raided.... but 100's of people mostly family types, it must be torture for everyone one of them
  14. sick twisted cowards....... soi 19 sathu pradit is not what you would say a paupers paradise either, i popped into the coffee shop their last week, and its a large expat community on both sides of the road, with oyster wine bars etc, many family type expats
  15. i understand that point of view dont really agree but, this is not about rules; this is about intimidation of 'all' foreigners in this building and beyond, its putting we aliens into a small act of the big play for 'their' audience. But in most countries, embassies would kick up a stink by seeing immigration do this to every room dwelled by foreigners. Actually i am also pretty sure that for any search legally they need a warrant, but what you going to do, if you are alone in the room and the bell rings and theres a camera crew with 20 immigration officials; Tell them to eff off and get a warrant; Not a chance you going go along with it and hope it goes away smoothly