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  1. I agree with post #3 regarding the Daytona Cosmograph. However, you must ensure that you have the original box and papers (not just the watch), otherwise resale for a profit at a later date would be difficult. I have previously re-sold a tridor day/date president, datejust and explorer 2, however, took a bath on the day/date president as it lacked the original ownership papers going back 25 years.
  2. mark5335

    Register with Embassy?

    There aren't any social benefits for registering with the Australian Embassy. For that, I would recommend registering your email address for regular updates on events organized by the Australia-Thailand Chamber of Commerce, they have social events every month (at a subsidised cost). https://www.austchamthailand.com/subscribe
  3. mark5335

    Where to buy house hold items

    Index Living Mall also stock such items Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  4. AFAIK the directors continue to incur fines (not substantial) for non-lodgement of annual filings etc. Notice of the fines are mailed to the company's last known registered address and the directors' addresses. Unlike some other countries, Thailand no longer strikes off dormant companies are many years of no filings, so the fines will snow-ball.
  5. mark5335

    Marriage visa - work

    I'm on an Annual Extension of Non-Immi O Visa based on marriage, and have no problem obtaining a Work Permit to legally work (with the proper supporting business documents & based on marriage to a Thai citizen). A Non-Immi B Visa was not required, the Non-Immi O was good enough.
  6. Working fine for me, did an online transaction early this morning without any problems, and just checked the site again and no problem with login.
  7. mark5335


    I buy my cigars from Famous-Smoke. I see that they also stock Backwoods Honey cigars. Their website currently shows Backwood Honey box of 27 for $34. The negative about purchasing from Famous Smoke is the high shipping cost, which generally doubles the cost of the cigars. So the all-in cost would be about $65 plus 1,000 baht duty payable at Thai Post. They send the tracking number so you can trace the status of the shipment which usually takes about 4 days and then you should receive a notice in the mail from Thai Post asking you to come to their designated branch to collect. Bring your passport to the Post Office and be prepared to pay about 1,000 baht duty to collect your cigars. (The post office is usually not the most convenient, eg, the closest Thai Post to me is Sukhumvit Soi 23 however, I have to visit Phrakanong Post Office to collect the cigars and pay duty).
  8. mark5335

    Cheapest Atorvastatin brand

    Thanks for your concern, however, as mentioned I buy from the pharmacy, and don't bother with the Thai doctor/hospital. Lesson was learned already.
  9. mark5335

    Cheapest Atorvastatin brand

    I hadn't tried substituting Atorvastatin with Simvastatin, since at the time (9 years ago) I was looking for a generic that was more or less identical to Lipitor, Atorvastatin seemed the best match then at about half the cost. However, I didn't bother checking this with a doctor as a Thai doctor would no doubt just recommend/dispense the pill with the higher profit margin for him/the hospital.
  10. mark5335

    Cheapest Atorvastatin brand

    I buy Sandoz brand Atorvastatin, and a box of 30 x 10mg pills costs 900 baht at pharmacies in Bangkok. It's made in Slovenia and imported into Thailand by Novartis.
  11. mark5335

    Business idea

    Daily renting of condo rooms requires a hotel license in order to be legal. Otherwise, the minimum rental period per tenant per condo should be 30 days (and comply with your condo's own by by-laws approved by the co-owners).
  12. mark5335

    Does Honey hotel still exist?

    I thought it may have closed because the owner received a great offer for the land as a redevelopment site. In fact KPN Co already have marketing signs on display at the site for a condo development. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Bought previously from YLG Bullion, they are one of the biggest and most reputable bullion dealers in Thailand.
  14. mark5335

    Does Honey hotel still exist?

    I drove past it in Soi 19 ten days ago and it was closed looking like demolition was imminent.
  15. I have done several 12 months multiple visitor visa applications online and have always "self-certified" the accompanying scanned docs, similarly as I do for my own annual extensions here in Thailand.