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  1. Unsure about Bupa's requirements, however Bangkok Life only require a medical check up as a precondition for their BLA policy if you're over 55 years old.
  2. ...and probably also equates to more than a kilometer of c@ck in total.
  3. In the case of a juristic person such as a Co., Ltd incorporated entity, normal double entry book keeping is required with the primary accounting records maintained in Thai language. Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Notes to the Financial Statements and Auditors Report are required to be filed with the Dept, of Business Development on an annual basis.
  4. Definitely change to AUD in Bangkok before you fly out. Aussie banks offer absolutely atrocious exchange rates.
  5. Without having a current work permit it's unlikely you will granted a credit limit. I have several credit cards that were approved whilst working with a work permit for a large company.
  6. Yeah I've got 45 channels back but still lacking the Sky Movies Channels. No dross on screen but the scheduling when I toggle back a few days to view a program isn't working properly yet.
  7. Yeah I wouldn't bother with cancellation nor worry about it. I had a couple of work permits in the past that expired and no mentioned was made of it by the MOL when I subsequently got a new work permit from another company.
  8. Take a look at their website for such info You buy the box, connect it to the HDMI slot on your TV and to your wifi. Then you receive the selection of channels via internet streaming in your TV, and can view programs back 7 days.
  9. Yeah same here. It's only showing 13 channels instead of the usual 40 or so channels. Their phone is switched off. Hopefully they haven't done a runner. Their office is in Sukhumvit Suites in Soi 13 but unsure whether it's just a brass plate registered office or a properly manned office. I might go have a look later if they haven't fixed things or made any announcements clarifying this debacle.
  10. An update in the Australian news today regarding changes to the Aged Pension requirements under the May 2017 Federal Budget: "Under changes to residency requirements for the age pension and disability support, people will now need to be in continuously Australia for 15 years – up from 10 years. The 10-year threshold will still be eligible for those who have spent more than five years in Australia below the pension age or have avoided welfare for five years as part of their application period." (Source: SBS News). I'm unsure what to make of this, but I guess it's targeted mainly at migrants rather than Aussie expats.
  11. Usually, within 24 hours of submitting the online application you will receive an email acknowledgment requesting you to get the biometrics done at VFS in the Trendy Office Building in Sukhumvit 13.
  12. Yeah, I pay the 300 baht fee only (out of my BBL account). I find the exchange rates are generally reasonable. For example this morning I did a transfer from BBL BKK to BBL SG in SGD and received a rate of 24.8 which is better than any Singapore bank would give me. Similarly, if I send AUD from BBL BKK to NAB in Australia, the rates that BBL BKK give me are far better than what NAB would give me in Australia.
  13. I've been using it every month for the past 9 years, never had a problem with it.
  14. There's some negative comments about HCI in this current thread:
  15. Sept/Oct are usually wetter than Aug, so I wouldn't say Aug is 'particularly' wet.