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  1. Surprised that CM DLT have been issuing paper licenses at all during recent years. BKK DLT ceased issuing paper licenses at least 9 years ago, in favour of the plastic magnetic strip licence.
  2. As ChaengWattana Immigration HQ is only 10 min by taxi from DMK, you could consider getting your Re-Entry permit there. However, it's always busy so will probably take about an hour to process.
  3. Great, thanks for the prompt response UBJ!
  4. Slight off topic, but I have a case whereby the guy is on a retirement annual extension, but will soon be undertaking PhD studies at a Thai university as a student. The university said they would arrange an Education Visa for him, but unsure whether he could undertake studies on a Retirement extension instead. Conventional wisdom would be that when you retire, you would generally be involved in leisure and relaxation and not study...therefore he should cancel his Retirement extension and obtain a Education Visa?
  5. Guilty / Fine of THB1.7Bn / Suspended jail sentence of 3 years / no
  6. I did an online application in Sept16 (for Thai wife) and the approval took 3 weeks after submission of the biometrics. The year before that, which was before the requirement of biometrics, the online application only took a couple of days. Since you require the visa for travel during a busy time of the year, you should allow up to 4 weeks for the approval. If you're living in BKK you could consider lodging a hard copy application at VFS (instead of online) as I was told that during busy periods it should be a quicker process and is easier to track the progress of the application via VFS (personally I prefer the convenience of the online application).
  7. Tried tuning in to it on my car radio today but could only hear a Thai luk-tung station with a lot of background static on FM105.75.
  8. Cha Am appartment rent

    For apartments, there's a couple of fairly new condominiums near the south end of Cha-am Beach that you could take a look at such as Lumpini Beach (opposite the beach) and Baan Thew Lom (one block back from the beach). Alternatively you could stay another 10 minutes south at quieter beachfront locations such as Baan Thew Talay and Springfield Beach Condominium. I'm not very familiar with what's available north of Cha-am beach but there is the Cha-am Long Beach Condominium (beachfront) up there and it seems closer to the Chok De Gym than the other possibilities. I think that for 18,000 baht per month, for the condo's mentioned, you could probably only get a studio/1BR, but best that you contact an agent that's active in the Cha-am area such as Baan Thai Property for more accurate information.
  9. Medical insurance for Farang in Thailand

    If you're only 30 years old then the health insurance premiums are much lower compared to a 50 year old, for example. For an indication regarding pricing see this link for a basic health insurance policy, Health 1st available through Bangkok Bank, only 13,100 baht per person. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/BuildYourWealth/Bancassurance/LifeInsurance/Pages/Health1st.aspx However, for specific information regarding policies available in Thailand, you should contact one of the ThaiVisa Forum insurance sponsors such as AA Insurance Brokers.
  10. Typical thai incomes

    Re: No 4, I worked in a Thai bank in Bangkok 8 years ago. Back then, a local EVP at head office in charge of department had a base salary of around 300K baht per month (depending on the dept function), plus a BMW 5 series with driver, health insurance, and annual bonus. That bank, whilst local, had a major foreign shareholder so the salaries compared well to international banks. Having said that, the bank employed hundreds of plodders of questionable productivity that would have been earning less than 30K per month.
  11. FYI - starting end of July 2017, take note of the new location of the Australian Embassy in Wireless Road, behind the Japanese Embassy.
  12. What do ya'll think of the new CX-5?

    I have the 2015 2.2L diesel, which comes in AWD (without any navi). I don't think the diesel is available in 2WD. In Thailand the current model was updated early 2016 (not much change other than horizontal grille, different day running lights and better dashboard electronics). From my observation the updated models are released in Thailand about a year after their release in Australia and the US. I'm looking forward to the latest model being launched in Thailand within the next 9 months or so.
  13. 90 Day reporting

    I usually do my 90 day report at CW, but decided to give Big C Rat Burana Road a try for the first time this morning. Although it seemed like a bit of a mad house when I got there due to all the migrant workers and lack of seating, I was processed quickly as one of the staff was dedicated to processing 90 day reports and there was no one else in the queue for 90 day reporting ( at 11:30am). I would have been out within 5 min except for their request to fill out a Foreigner Additional Information Form which came as a bit of a surprise.
  14. Foreigners can own cars, pick up trucks, motorcycles, and condo's. Assets acquired after marriage are subject to 50/50 split in the event of divorce.
  15. What do ya'll think of the new CX-5?

    Yeah the Mazda 6 is a nice ride. My father has one in Australia (imported from Japan I think).