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  1. Yeah, I pay the 300 baht fee only (out of my BBL account). I find the exchange rates are generally reasonable. For example this morning I did a transfer from BBL BKK to BBL SG in SGD and received a rate of 24.8 which is better than any Singapore bank would give me. Similarly, if I send AUD from BBL BKK to NAB in Australia, the rates that BBL BKK give me are far better than what NAB would give me in Australia.
  2. I've been using it every month for the past 9 years, never had a problem with it.
  3. There's some negative comments about HCI in this current thread:
  4. Sept/Oct are usually wetter than Aug, so I wouldn't say Aug is 'particularly' wet.
  5. In past years there's been a couple of exhibitors selling camper-vans but not a lot. Entry ticket is 100 baht. I get there by driving on the Chaengwattana tollway in Bangkok, Impact is the next exit after the Chaengwattana Rd exit, and is adjacent to the tollway. So if coming from Pattaya it's probably best to take the motorway past Suvarnabumi Airport and once you near Rama 9 take the tollway towards Chaengwattana. More info:
  6. I did the same with a bank of in Cyprus a few months ago. I used an agent in Cyprus to liaise on my Thai company's behalf. It took over a month to open as the company documents and director/shareholder document needed to be translated, apostilled & certified which required a bit of stuffing around. After the bank has approved the account opening they then have a compulsory Skype video call to confirm purpose of the account etc. with the directors.
  7. That may have been the Federal Hotel on Sukh 11, which was demolished a couple of years ago. The Retro Oasis Hotel on Sukh 29 still has an old pool in the courtyard.
  8. If for credit blacklisting status, you can check at branches of the National Credit Bureau. There's a branch near Asoke on the corner of Sukhumvit 25. Take your passport and pay a fee of a few hundred baht and they will print your file report for you on the spot.
  9. Since Bangkok Immigration Division 1 at Chaengwattana don't insist on having neighbours/witnesses etc., to support an application for annual extension of stay, it is unlikely that you would need to resort to dragging the girl who works at Boots and at the Massage shop into Bangkok Immigration to support your application. No need to worry about this if in Bangkok.
  10. This condition has applied for a while. When I opened a new FD at BBL a year ago, the staff mentioned the interest rate was for Thai's only. However, I showed my yellow tabien baan and pink card and been a longstanding customer, they agreed to open the account for me at the advertised interest rate for Thai's.
  11. Not necessarily, many foreigners have unsecured credit cards based upon their work permit, and monthly salary confirmed by their employer in Thailand.
  12. Quote I used to live in a high rice building in Singapore and almost every evening, there was a sound like a marble ball was dropped to a hard floor. Ping.....,ping,ping. Took me a while to figure out that it was the building cooling after a hot day. Or perhaps my upstairs neighbour was just trolling others :) Unquote I lived in a low rise maisonette in Singapore for many years and occasionally had the same noise in my ceiling. But I had no upstairs neighbour to attribute it thanks for your explanation re: cooling of the building.
  13. My CPA advised that the 2 Singapore banks that he deals with require a minimum balance of USD10K.
  14. Robinson's Dept Store, in the same building as the Westin Hotel (corner Sukhumvit Soi 19).
  15. Once he receives the email from Immigration requesting him to provide biometric identifiers he will have 2 weeks to get it done. The VFS staff are Thai so no lingo issues for him, and he can just attend the VFS office without scheduling an appointment.