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  1. Question regarding ACS-AMI

    I previously used ACS for health insurance and paid by quarterly debit to my credit card.
  2. Best shops in BKK for genuine second hand rolex?

    Papaya Watch are still around. They have a shop in MBK (2/F), and Central World (4/F).
  3. Between 30,000 to 40,000 baht for company set up; and 15,000 baht p.a. for annual financial filings etc.
  4. You should receive an auto-response email (today) stating that she now needs to go to VFS for the biometrics.
  5. She screwed up the Q/A section in the final 5 unfortunately, and didn't answer the question as well as the other 4 contestants.
  6. Wood Cigar Boxes Wanted

    You could also ask some of the other cigar retailers in Bangkok such as My Cigar Corner and Cohiba Atmosphere both in Soi Ruamrudee, and some of the Pacific Cigar Company outlets such as the P&L CLub in the Conrad Hotel and the one in the basement of the Grand Hyatt Erawan. There's a few others such as Dude Cigar in Sukhumvit 31 (RSU Tower), and Whisgars in Soi 23.
  7. Australian Aged Pension

    Since you have a Mulitple Entry Visa ("M") you don't need a Re-Entry permit during the validity of the visa. It's good for an unlimited number of visits of up to 90 days each during its validity (with entry by various modes of transport.) The visa can be extended for 12months during the final 30 days of your last 90 day visit, if you depart and return just prior to the expiry date you still get another 90 days stay . Once extended for 12 months you will then need a multi Re-Entry permit. Fees for extending and for the multi re-entry permit are not substantial (something like 1,900 baht + 3,800 baht). (By the way, this question should be in the Thai Visas, Residency and Work permit Sub-Forum and not the Home Country Sub-Forum).
  8. How to obtain a Thai driving licence

    If you're not confident with the process to obtain a Thai DL, there are numerous agents that can assist you with the process and reduce the language hassles etc for a small service fee. For Pattaya you could look up Tik Tok Services, they have plenty of positive testimonials for assisting with DL etc although I've never used them.
  9. IDL and 5 years ELITE VISA

    In that case I guess that once Thai Elite have assisted in getting the initial 2 year DL, the client is then on his own for the subsequent (5 yr) renewals.
  10. IDL and 5 years ELITE VISA

    You're supposed to get a Thai DL if you plan on driving here for longer than 3 months. Thai Elite have a service to assist you in obtaining your Thai DL. From my experience in buying cars in Thailand, the dealer doesn't ask for a copy of your DL. If the Police stop you at a checkpoint it depends upon the particular policeman and his mood at the time, most likely he would wave you through, but be prepared for paying an on the spot cash fine also.
  11. Subsidiary company, Thailand

    If you require your Thai company to be 100% owned by the European parent company, there are 2 legal ways to achieve this; (i) you obtain approval for wholly foreign ownership in an application for Thai Board of Investment incentives (if your business qualifies for a BOI approval); (ii) your Thai company is engaged in 100% export business, i.e., all sales must be export sales with no domestic sales whatsoever.
  12. Surprised that CM DLT have been issuing paper licenses at all during recent years. BKK DLT ceased issuing paper licenses at least 9 years ago, in favour of the plastic magnetic strip licence.
  13. As ChaengWattana Immigration HQ is only 10 min by taxi from DMK, you could consider getting your Re-Entry permit there. However, it's always busy so will probably take about an hour to process.
  14. Great, thanks for the prompt response UBJ!
  15. Slight off topic, but I have a case whereby the guy is on a retirement annual extension, but will soon be undertaking PhD studies at a Thai university as a student. The university said they would arrange an Education Visa for him, but unsure whether he could undertake studies on a Retirement extension instead. Conventional wisdom would be that when you retire, you would generally be involved in leisure and relaxation and not study...therefore he should cancel his Retirement extension and obtain a Education Visa?