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  1. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Hi. It isn't a "tipping debate". It's about accepting a scam or not. I ask you again to refer to the "service charge" applied to hotel bills in Manila(decent hotels) and to "resort charge" to many of those in Las Vegas. Once in that frame of mind, you ask yourself if you are "tipping" when you see a service charge or in fact being ripped off with the mindset that some if not all of the money is being garnished by management/ownership. At that point you don't know whether to tip for actual service or not? Bottom line mate, attempts to confuse the customer aren't appreciated. It isn't about the money amount. It's about the experience, food, and your personal satisfaction. You I assume want to tip accordingly and this nonsense takes away from that, in essence taking away from your as I say, experience. God Bless You and OO.
  2. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Not anger filled...just ask any waitress or massage parlor lady. Cheers and God Bless You. OO.
  3. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Surprising people tolerate it. Hotels in Manila also add ten percent "service charge". God Bless You and OO.
  4. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yes, and now it's clear. They and Hooters can take their service charge back to Bangkok and Clearwater. To allow this to grow in Pattaya and Thailand in general will result in very bad things. It's not my fault Aussies and Brits and Japanese and Thai HiSo's don't tip. I do if the service warrants it...This here and "resort charges" in Las Vegas make me sick. It leads to bad service as "management" steals a share anyhow. Disgusting and sick. I went back by the Chinese place on 3rd road, near the Klang intersection. There were drawings of a frog, a deer, a buffalo, a wild boar, some other animal or two, but no cows or pigs. Scary. God Bless You and OO.
  5. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Please explain so as to avoid confusion. Thanks and God Bless You. OO.
  6. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    View Talay 2 isn't a "homeless encampment". There are I think one thousand units in each building, plus View Talay 5 across the street. That makes for a lot of urine in the swimming pools and a lot of farangs with Thai girlfriends. God Bless You and OO.
  7. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Please tell us about the new Chinese restaurant on 3rd road, coming out of the alley which leads to Big C Extra, take a left, there it is on the left. Red sign in English and Chinese. Legit or another scam with up priced menus for farangs etc.. I might also mention there is a new Vietnamese restaurant up on Soi 29 in Nakula. It appears to cater to bus groups as has only big round tables. Have you tried it? God Bless You and OO.
  8. Million-baht-a-month lottery ring busted, three arrested

    Not just villages. Cities like Pattaya also run a numbers game underground using the lottery results. It's big business. You best not think you can infringe on it as well protected as well. We are still in the 60's. God Bless You and OO.
  9. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Be careful. Impression and impulse are at work with that outfit. You have to admire anyone who puts investment prospective s on bathroom walls above urinals. We are all protective, alert, and somewhat excited when are hands are full and our body is feeling relief. Is that when you want to make investment decisions? Up to you. Paying a farang more for Indian food wouldn't mean much really. Convert a plastic chair into a toilet and you've got India. God Bless You and OO.
  10. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Hello. A friend just returned from South India. The Indian food prices here are indeed absurd. This has been confirmed in other discussions as well here on the forum. The idea you cast out that the spices are expensive for the restaurant is crazy as well but have it your way and justify it however you like mate. For those of us able to figure things out and snake through childlike marketing efforts, to see a menu for what it often is, "tourist", where in fact native Indians or Chinese pay half or less, well you get it mate. There is a Chinese restaurant near Soi 6 on 2nd road. Shark's Fin soup? and all the rest on the menu, you could easily spend 2000. Baht for lunch but at the end of the meal it's just local fish and those cheap Thai crabs available AUCE for 199 Baht. I digress. Calling discerning diners "cheap" etc. is a joke to those of us as I say, able to look deep beyond the BS. God Bless You and OO.
  11. Cambodia border accommodation at walking distance from checkpoint ?

    Where to go and how much to pay... Koh Kong...it's been about two years but some things never change. It's just a little town. There used to be a chicken ranch but that's long gone so I'm told. Now a few this and that but overall, nothing to do but enjoy the concept of a small town in the middle of nowhere. Which reminds me...I was at the chicken ranch sitting with another bloke and a couple ladies and it dawned on me that that was in fact "the middle of nowhere"...you would not be found if you died. There aren't any "doctors" or hospitals or air lifts out etc.. Some allure to that for some like Adam and Eve. God Bless You and OO.
  12. Tony's gym on 3rd Road

    You can open your own gym the way you like it and wait for the money to come pouring in. It will sense you know better than him diba? God Bless You and OO.
  13. Cambodia border accommodation at walking distance from checkpoint ?

    Yes, on a motorcycle taxi. A car will be more, fair is 200.Baht. In Cambodia be aware there is a very common scam of taking people to hotels which pay the most commission. Maybe that's not really a "scam" in one sense, but the hotel will then charge you more to pay the "commission" which is where the scam comes in to play. A perfectly fine even river front room is only $10-15.Usd. You will be taken into town unless you are a real traveler. You want to stay in one of those on the river. Not many if any "bars" but some local brothels if that your thing. God Bless You and OO.
  14. Cambodia border accommodation at walking distance from checkpoint ?

    At Had Lek only one Casino Hotel at the border. A short ride into Khon Kenh(spelling) you will find several reasonable places.10-15usd. Too far to walk. Car/taxi perhaps 100 Baht moto, car double. Scam alert. Once in KK you will find it a nice small town to visit for one night. God Bless You and OO.
  15. Just to answer your inquiry, no they didn't. In fact, there is a push towards hiring more from the Philippines to fill slots in Government schools as there is a shortage of qualified Thai teachers at this very moment. God Bless You and OO.