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  1. Same here in the Chonburi province. This denial was further reinforced today by another expert in the field of getting things done for foreigners. The claim was made it's a new policy or law. Good luck, I'll keep this discussion going as things progress. God Bless You as well, stay healthy. OO.
  2. These immature replies are really for the peanut gallery. This is Thailand, not London or New York. Of course the local wage scale matters. Of course the marketplace matters as well. I don't care if you pay half a days wage for one drink with a lady while you fondle here and gawk at her and get aroused by her. I really don't. You are what you are but suffice to say the value of the money does matter since we are in fact in Thailand. God Bless all of you "fools in stools". OO.
  3. Forgot to ask...Were your experiences in 2017 or prior? Thanks and kind regards. OO.
  4. A higher limit applies if you go inside a bank with your passport. It's submitted via the phone line with a different code than an ATM. The bank has to be willing to call it in for the higher amount. If possible, use a bank which you also have an account. Good Luck and God Bless You. OO.
  5. The generally accepted number of months to convert is six. This also coincides with how long you remain insured after termination of employment. Where the three months period came from I have no clue. In the situation I'm involved in, no application was retained or noted. The refusal was after a quick(as in seconds) thumb through of the paperwork(copies required i.e. Work Permit, Passport, existing SS card, proof of contribution, ...). The form requesting payment of the lump sum benefit was accepted and processed. God Bless You and OO.
  6. Well, $5.usd is about half a days wage in Thailand. So while you see it as a "complaint", others perceive it as a willingness to get ripped off, which FYI, many just don't have. We often ask said "places" colluding in said practice how much they pay their cleaners? How much did she earn harvesting rice up in her village? We get nothing but again referrals to how much a prostitute cost in the USA or England. God Bless You and OO.
  7. Reminds me of another guy who borrowed $5000.USD on his VISA card and "bought" a beer bar on Soi 7 in Pattaya. Started with ten bargirls and a cashier. By the end of the month, it was just him and the cashier. He figured he was owed about(exactly actually) 20 barfines per girl as they had all left with farangs(he assumed). That was the rule and as a few on here condone, she must pay to work there if she doesn't actually work there. It's not human trafficking because they agreed to it diba? There he sat at the end of the pay period, his money in hand to pay the wage at 3000. Baht per girl, expecting them to give him 20 X 200 Baht(the bar share of the barfine of 300 Baht) = 4000. Baht times 20 days = 80,000. Baht. Yes, he'd pay the wage as agreed and net 50,000. Baht less the cashier wage. Well needless to say, no one brought this money in to him? Such a sad sight. He went back to his computer and looked at his excel spreadsheet and sure enough, his math was correct? Where were they? In fact, as highlighted above, a few were across the Soi? What the heck? God Bless You and your "business plans". OO.
  8. Codeine is available over the counter in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Both combined with Para and on it's own. Made in France last time I got some there.(2016) It's not that far if a person is always in pain and, well, you get the point. God Bless You and OO.
  9. As relayed elsewhere, Chonburi province with Social Security offices in Lam Chambang is currently denying change over to private pay for properly insured foreigners. They "require" a "yellow book" or? a "pink ID card". The yellow book requires some proof of permanent residence such as owning the house/condo or? the owner vouching? for you. The pink ID card it seems is rarely issued to foreigners outside of SEA orgin. Allow yourself time to be denied and don't give up. I know someone in the process now and she's only getting oral relief from the "hotline" which indicates it's ridiculous that said SS office has this policy and to just "go to another office". This advice isn't exactly professional but my friend may try. (she's distraught as you can imagine and relate) As we all know, the "other office" will want to send you back to where you came from(the office where you live). The matter may require "administrative court" action which naturally will be expensive and with a foreigner vs. the Thai Government one can imagine the horror. God Bless You and her.
  10. It didn't use to be that simple. Credit memos using credit cards took 90 days, sometimes longer. However, I've not tried that using a Debit VISA Card so your indication is welcome news. God Bless You and OO.
  11. 120 Baht a day. Electricity and tent provided but you have to bring your own tables etc.. Both new and used items. A lot of impulse buyers. God Bless You and OO.
  12. Thanks for all the replies... Regarding this deposit from you VISA Debit is it paid back on return? Credit memo on your card? Any delays? Thanks and God Bless. OO.
  13. The name calling and personal attacks do you no good. I have the lord and savior in my heart and am immune from that. Ask the person whom said debt is being played out on for your context. Don't preach from your high horse above it all. We are talking about a world of drugs and prostitution. God Bless You and OO.
  14. The immediate defense you/they are "different" has long ago been dispelled. We are talking about financial coercion and you well know that. Several members have mentioned the fact "she will not be paid" but leave out the little tidbit that not be paid for work already done, completed, days in the past. That's just the beginning. Regarding debts created out of thin air, it's a fact. If a girl lays out for call it five days, then returns, the "bar" thinks as a member noted, thinks they are owed money for the days missed(the profits they lost). She returns with a mythical "debt" and is of course then working for nothing. It's a vicious cycle and to differentiate from straight forward indentured servitude in a brothel, while cute and clever, won't get you out of jail. Good luck at trial. God Bless You and love you. OO. There are some markets where no key money is asked for. These cater to Thai customers and are a bit out but not far if you have transportation. No song tow service. I''m doing the research now, have a meeting at noon in fact to get more details. Tents and all the rest provided. I'll post for the benefit of the OP. OO.
  15. Hi. Let's dispel some of this for the benefit of the unknowing and naive.. She didn't have a "job" today in reality, so tomorrow was always in doubt..If there are "many times more" girls looking for work in bars, how do you explain the appearance of many in same? I mean and ask, who is looking at them and doing the background checks, the drug test, the medical checks?..If she should "reimburse the bar" for lost profits, well we ask that old question, why do you need the bar in the first place? Can't she just "reimburse" you without the "bar"?...Making the "employees" responsible for the profits is "sound business" in what world? God Bless you Mate. Nice, but ti's all been said and said and said before. Not grounds for dismissal of the charges. Thank you again to the forum for allowing this concept to be brought to the surface and put in clear clean air for all to make their own decisions. Back to the OP and concept of taking real risks with your trusted partner.