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  1. ravip

    Artist Spends Three Days Buried Under Busy Road, with No Food

    What exactly did anyone achieve out of this strange procedure? What was the total cost involved? Well...
  2. Absolutely correct! It is incredible that it took so long for someone like Nikki Haley to realize this FACT. None of these 'do gooders' are really good! (There is nothing called a free lunch)
  3. At this time and age, each has his/her own liberty to wallow in one's own opinion.
  4. Well I guess he should have done what they did to Gaddafi, Saddam etc to make you and your likes happy? Weren't they 'staged' according to your book? But, I think Trump is more intelligent.
  5. Trump confident of 'terrific relationship' with Kim Jong-un after one-on-one https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBJJ4Sv?m=en-gb&referrerID=InAppShare
  6. You did the right thing by giving up for the moment. After a week or so read again and see if possible to comprehend.
  7. That was taken from the post #237 I was referring to the charging of the escalated 'fee'
  8. inflicting 10 times entry fee on white's only is a disgrace on its own Just for your information, the inflated fees are NOT ONLY for 'whites' it is also for the 'other colours' too - it applies to all 'foreigners', irrespective of their colour or creed.
  9. To be honest, ALL politicians should be ashamed of themselves for the games they play!
  10. ...legitimizing a madman! ...orange idiot look good...and it will fail badly! Meanwhile, resident buffoon... I actually don't think, he has the capacity to even fully understand, what he is doing! Such comments! Obviously the anti-Trump brigade are desperate for the meeting to be a failure and totally incapable of excepting something positive from a person they dont support or like. Sitting back, passing rude and sarcastic comments will not achieve anything, except to build up a herd of think alike followers. It is a shame that humans still behave like this, albeit boasting the are 'developed' !
  11. Even with all the criticisms aimed at Trump, he has achieved something others could not.
  12. WOW! Such 'compliments' to a PM from foreigners! Impressive, to say the least!
  13. Not surprising! All politicians are surrounded by "yes men", always, everywhere.