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  1. I need to print 100 pages!

    Is sarcasm a prerequisite to answer a question?
  2. When you’re trying to protect your information online, it seems a lot smarter to create a fake name than giving away any real details about yourself. But while you might be safe from hackers, you might not be safe from the law. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/smart-living/7-everyday-things-you-didn’t-know-were-illegal/ss-AAuqR7G?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout Outrageously Funny 911 Calls People are rarely thinking clearly when they dial 911. Fear, anxiety, and outrage have a way of clouding one’s thought processes. We’re assuming that’s the excuse these people are using. https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/outrageously-funny-911-calls/
  3. I saw a quote from H.L. Mencken. Is it an urban myth?
  4. The much talked about 'quality' people in an equally 'quality' country!
  5. Shirtless Farangs

    "...but by & large Thailand does not attract quality" Reading frequent news reports about shootings and carnages involving trucks & cars in the West, make me wonder now if those are done by 'quality' people attracted there.
  6. Washing machine outside

    Just a small example from two user manuals >>> ● Never splash water on the control panel. http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/200411/20041123161138796_SWT70B1_GB-00685A.pdf ● Do not put the machine at damp place like the bathroom . Never wash it with water. Do not place wet laundries on the control panel. https://www.appliancefactoryparts.com/content/pdfs/215096-1.pdf But I guess you know best!
  7. 100B an hour is a pittance IMHO
  8. Washing machine outside

    ...and easy to repair (and cheap). Buttons are not waterproof.
  9. An unidentified 28-year-old man and 48-year-old woman were strangers before their Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Detroit on Sunday. But that's where this romantic travel story ends. http://www.travelandleisure.com/airlines-airports/strangers-commit-sexual-acts-flight-los-angeles-to-detroit
  10. How many of them doing in the middle of an express way?
  11. Trump is the best President the USA deserves. He will complete his term successfully.
  12. Shirtless Farangs

    I guess you've called it quits. Enjoy your peace...
  13. Shirtless Farangs

    They should do that in their own countries
  14. Shirtless Farangs

    To be very frank... No one needs 30 or even 3 years experience. Farangs stink as much as the blacks the browns the yellow or what ever the rainbow colors - it is just their superior attitude... they are the fruits of the same tree.