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  1. Maybe your account balance was >2K THB?
  2. Pretty obvious of someone's ignorance OR the refusal to except the truth! Edit Check out the salaries & perks of the Big & Powerful NGO's.
  3. "If I were working in a disaster area where I might be killed by bad people or fall sick I'd absolutely expect to be paid, or get some fine compensation." I have nothing against it - my point is that almost 80% or over is spent as "Admin costs" by these charitable organisations - and at times, they fiercely compete against each other to "win" a disaster area for themselves! So eager are they to help the poor and the needy.
  4. If I may be blunt; your post is offensive. The truth CAN be offensive. You need to get out to the field... I HAVE been to the field. Read the post #22 - exactly what I mean. I have seen with my own eyes, YES!
  5. 100% correct and applies to most charity organizations.
  6. Is there a 'validity' period for a bank account that has not been used for some time? For example, if a savings account does not have any transactions for a period of 2 years, can it be operated normally from the 3rd year onwards?
  7. There maybe aid agencies who do genuine work for the needy. But as you say " did so for a salary that is far, far below what the complainers have gotten" is 100% inaccurate. The do gooders are paid fabulously with huge extras, such as luxury furnished residences, fully paid R & R etc etc. People who helps the needy for nothing are hard to find. I know, I've seen with my own eyes.
  8. Very true indeed! It is impossible to comprehend the mind set of some posters herein. Edit Maybe this site might help some people to understand that aircrafts other than belonging to Thai also has problems, quite often >>> http://www.avherald.com/h?list=&opt=0
  9. New dual sim phone

    Samsung A series are quite good.
  10. Watch Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen's emotional take on Florida school shooting http://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/02/watch-dallas-sportscaster-dale-hansens-emotional-take-on-florida-school-shooting
  11. Mr Watcharin, who is the chief of maritime rescue unit, then organized a team of divers and volunteers to get on board of a speed boat to make a search in the sea off Pathiu district. Cool... but the FACT remains that valuable time AND resources (public) were wasted.
  12. WOW! What a dangerous country - no safe drinking water to be found!