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  1. Before hurling wild accusations, insults and sarcastic comments etc. at China, one should think just because Canada legalised the use of recreational ma‌rij‌ua‌na should the whole world do so? Has China no right to advise its citizens as they wish?
  2. Good for you. You are exceptional! Enjoy Thailand to the Maximum.
  3. ravip

    What's this critter?

    If it is a relative of this, might give you a hard time if you touch it.
  4. Sure, still a ~60 + ~20 relationship would need some sort of artificial intelligence effort/assistance or not?
  5. This is how children are brought up all over the world. But, some opt to accuse the undeveloped countries specifically, ignoring whats happening at home. It sure is a sad state of affairs we humans are currently living in.
  6. But... what about your 'sell-by' date? Will money be a good and equal substitute?
  7. When these IO's have to deal with 1000's of passengers, not surprising such humour not been appreciated.
  8. "a follower of Christ" A follower of anything would be the same - a moron
  9. BS like that happens and happened 100 times each night, in any shithole all over the country for years! So what? Yep, that's fine and normal. But when they start flying, crawling or 6 feet under... please pray.
  10. Absolutely. To make it an event, it should be done by a Thai
  11. Eh...? Sorry Sir. I did not know I needed your permission to reply.
  12. Search for "Pattaya Thai Girls Beat Down Foreigner" on youtube and see how much he missed! Life ain't always fair, you could get a load you never expected - but on a forum like this, the toughest are out showing their skills on the keyboard.
  13. Such aggressiveness to be ignored? Couple of days in the Hilton would do him good and even save his limbs or life, me thinks.
  14. In your home country can anyone just go around behaving like that without any problem? Is it just normal day to day behaviour?