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  1. Putin recently claimed Russia has exceptionally lethal anti-ship weaponry. Perhaps the US Navy hopes that in an engagement with Russia that Russia will run out of anti-ship weaponry before the US Navy runs out of ships.
  2. If you can't find anything to your liking in Thailand you might try Taunggyi in Myanmar. Approx 4700' above sea level. Capital of Shan State so similar language, culture and cuisine. Many speakers of English. Another alternative would be Baguio City in Republic of Philippines. 5000' above sea level. Very pleasant weather. English widely spoken. Excellent cuisine. All road signs in Roman characters. A 50km drive down spectacular mountain roads to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  3. HannahD

    Univeristy ED Visa Cancellation

    Assuming you have both the desire and the funds to continue study why not assure the U. that next semester you will enroll in enough courses to become a full time student. You and your faculty advisor could visit the dean of your faculty and explain that you took a light course load to be certain you could successfully do university level work at a Thai university. Universities want students to remain and be successful.
  4. Easily telephone anyone anywhere in Thailand or the world.
  5. HannahD

    Savannakhet Survival Guide

    If you have the time you might return to Thailand by way of Pakse and Champasak and while there visit Wat Phou which is probably the easternmost Khmer temple in the string of temples which are mainly in lower Isaan. There is an international bus from Pakse to Ubon.
  6. Has John Calvin been reincarnated?
  7. If his name were C****** and he lived in the USA he would walk for sure.
  8. HannahD

    ALERT - dog poisoning

    What some clever soul needs to invent is an attractive (to dogs) food that contains a very mild tranquilizer and a fertility control agent. Calm down some of the more exuberant canine behaviour and limit the currently rampant reproduction rates of soi dogs.
  9. A fake passport (or visa etc.) only has to be good enough to fool the purchaser.
  10. Poor little Thailand. Soon to be at the terminus of a high speed railway from the most populous country in the world and even sooner at the terminus of a highway from the second most populous country in the world. How could anything possibly go wrong with this scheme?
  11. I recall a few decades ago reading about Teddy Boys who also made gang attacks on the elderly and the infirm. Doesn't appear to be a cultural thing.
  12. HannahD

    farang luxury foods[going up up up]

    For tinned beans the local brand Ayam is excellent. Easily matches the quality of Campbells. In fact all Ayam items are high quality.
  13. The impression of subservient Asian women doubtless was a result of mistaking style for substance.
  14. For those calling for vigilante "justice" suppose it were you that was pursued by a mob which incorrectly believed you were responsible for some violent and vicious crime. Wouldn't it be better that you were taken into police custody (and protection) than left to the tender mercies of an enraged mob?