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  1. steveyinasia

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    Some airports in the world now have Priority Pass automatic for Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers, funny this is not available at Thai Airways home port.
  2. You cant fix stupid.
  3. I have seen the feed seller and how they operate in CM. They give the bag of food to a child as soon as possible and then ask the adult for the money. Time the CM authorities got off their butts and did their job.
  4. Maybe soon he will develop and fever and need to go see a specialist doctor in Singapore before doing the same cowardly act as Red Bull brat.
  5. steveyinasia

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    Similar act to the idiot who killed the lady early last week by using the inside lane. These numnuts will never learn.
  6. Another childish man boy who cannot accept he did the wrong thing.
  7. Stop issuing fines to drunk drivers, lock the car up on the side of the road and haul their ass off to the lockup for the night. The practice of being about the pay and "on your way" has to stop however we all know who is control on that little game.
  8. RTP name change to Ridiculous Thai Police given the statements over the last couple of days, just what Thai police needs, men only police farce who can make moronic statements like this on a regular basis.
  9. Hunt down a tree killing monk yet do nothing to bring Red Bull brat to justice
  10. The way Thailand is heading with lame decisions such as this, Thai Tourism will soon be able to promote Thailand as the destination to come see what it was like to live before civilisation
  11. Of course it has improved, it has become so much better for all those corrupt individuals to steal more.
  12. Always a big fan fare over these findings, how about doing a better job at taking out corruption....oh that would mean cleaning up the most corrupt first and there would br no one left to arrest the others.
  13. A top cop is one who will take on all illegal activity, this guy just grand stands on the small stuff. Show you are different and bring down the big players and then you might be a worth while candidate.
  14. Darn, should have thought of it earlier, plug the water source with the fat useless one and walk the boys out.