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  1. Which pub for the Super (cold) Bowl?

    The 19th hole, Soi Mu Ban San Sai Country Ville50210 Sansai, Chiang Mai, Thailand They always open early to show the superbowl
  2. I wonder if he also follows the rules such as turning on the meter and accepting every passenger that flags him down?
  3. Also happy to see these parasites gone, although I expect they will return just as the pigeons will following their "relocation". I have also seen them target the kids by handing them the packets of seeds, all this whilst there are clear signs in multiple languages telling people not to feed the birds.
  4. Just more regulations for many taxi parasites to ignore. Have you notice all the regulations those mafia boys waiting outside the hotels ignore?
  5. Another moron on a big bike just waiting to become another number in the road toll race. Only hope the woman has enough sense to distance herself from this brainless fool
  6. Having worked on the Victoria Police Breathalyser replacement project your information relating to how breathalysers work is completely incorrect, they have nothing to do with testing the alcohol in the blood, they test breath alcohol levels using dual wavelength sensors. This reading has an formula attached to it to determine the relative % blood alcohol level. If you were to blow in the machine right after a drink then would be a recording of "alcohol in mouth" and the reading would get rejected. yes they do sit people down to wait and there are a couple of reasons for this, one is that it allows time for the alcohol in mouth to disperse and the other is to get a higher reading if the person has admitted to only just finishing their drinks as alcohol levels can rise after finishing your session.
  7. Looks more like "lights on yet no one home"
  8. No More Police 'Extortion' Checkpoints, New Chief Vows

    So senior police finally admit to extorting the public, thats a step in the right direction. I was pulled over once in the motorcycle fee collection facility(checkpoint) whilst riding a brand new one week old scooter. Everything in order, helmet, license and no real infringement except "you not in left lane" Being new at the game I opted to pay at Thong Lo police station and my wife noted that the ticket was for "something missing on bike".
  9. I tried looking around the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand website to find out, no such listing.
  10. Woman severely injured in hit-and-run by taxi

    Expecting the good taxi driver returning money headline very shortly
  11. Military branches clueless over Yingluck exit

    The headline should have stopped after the first three words.
  12. Malaysian woman killed in taxi crash on tollway

    Unfortunately another road crash statistic that the RTP has zero interest in reducing.
  13. Would it now be possible for the two guys to sue the UK Government?
  14. I see no change in the 32 years since the ratification, just last week there was a senior manager in the health sector filmed groping a female staff member and threatening with putting her out of work if she resisted. These parasites need to be dealt with severe punishment in the hope it will deter others. Unfortunately Thailand does not take crime too seriously.
  15. Police are always inviting people in for a chat, how about getting off your %$#@ and arresting people. This guy is a danger to all other road users and clearly doesn't give a second thought. If the accelerator is stuck, stop the vehicle.