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  1. Soon the shark will be caught and brought in for questioning over his actions that has damaged tourism. After the mandatory attitude adjustment and small fine, he will be returned to his home and cautioned not to do anything that may damage tourism further.
  2. Emirates has a code share with Bangkok Airways so you may be able to do a transit through BKK without having to pass through immigration. Ask Emirates
  3. Thanks for showing more respect than some others in here. As I mentioned earlier, I knew Gio and although he had some tough times, he was a kind gentle man.
  4. Ready my comment and you may understand more before you pass judgement.
  5. I know Gio personally, he spoke excellent English so that why the note was in English. Gio was a lovely kind man, mostly happy however was dealing with some depression over the last few years. Rest In Peace friend. His good friend Silv(he was in the North East Thailand for Songkran) flew in last night to help out and his family from Italy will arrive today.
  6. That all good then, problem solved. So we can all go about our own business knowing that these guys promised, "because the spirit water will kill them in 3 days if they do", not to drink again. I feel so much safer.
  7. I dont care much if a drunk idiot kills himself, I care more about the innocent people in their way. Totally selfish attitude.
  8. Should have stopped the headline at PM has no idea......
  9. And the gold medal for Back Flipping on Stupid Ideas once again goes to Thai authorities. Well done chaps.
  10. Just more grandstanding by useless officials, only when and a big IF, they get serious on enforcing the law, things will remain the same. Yes we all enjoy some of the freedoms of living in a less enforced environment however this inaction is costly the lives of many innocent people.
  11. steveyinasia

    More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    If ever I had a reason to avoid this $hithole, now there is a good one.
  12. steveyinasia

    Which pub for the Super (cold) Bowl?

    The 19th hole, Soi Mu Ban San Sai Country Ville50210 Sansai, Chiang Mai, Thailand They always open early to show the superbowl
  13. I wonder if he also follows the rules such as turning on the meter and accepting every passenger that flags him down?
  14. Also happy to see these parasites gone, although I expect they will return just as the pigeons will following their "relocation". I have also seen them target the kids by handing them the packets of seeds, all this whilst there are clear signs in multiple languages telling people not to feed the birds.
  15. Just more regulations for many taxi parasites to ignore. Have you notice all the regulations those mafia boys waiting outside the hotels ignore?