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  1. Of course it has improved, it has become so much better for all those corrupt individuals to steal more.
  2. Always a big fan fare over these findings, how about doing a better job at taking out corruption....oh that would mean cleaning up the most corrupt first and there would br no one left to arrest the others.
  3. A top cop is one who will take on all illegal activity, this guy just grand stands on the small stuff. Show you are different and bring down the big players and then you might be a worth while candidate.
  4. Darn, should have thought of it earlier, plug the water source with the fat useless one and walk the boys out.
  5. steveyinasia

    15% of Phuket’s advanced bookings cancelled

    You are assuming he has a brain, I think he is a medical experiment to show a human can live without a brain however not function well
  6. steveyinasia

    Vatana gets jail sentence in Klong Dan case

    A 6,000 baht fine certainly taught this guy a lesson. Thailand is not interested in stopping corruption because too many benefit from it. Yet another self enriched escapee laughing at the injustice system.
  7. steveyinasia

    15% of Phuket’s advanced bookings cancelled

    More concerned about losing money that fixing the problem of lax laws and regulations. here's a thought, make Thailand a safer place to travel and maybe, just maybe, people will not cancel bookings.
  8. Unfortunately he wont get the opportunity, being stateless he does not have a passport.
  9. if only you had of checked your brain was engaged before making such an unfounded statement
  10. steveyinasia

    New airline about to take off

    Great, send more Chinese tourists to Cambodia, less here in normally peaceful Chiang Mai
  11. Not sure they have the complete records all the time, I know of guy who was 6 years overstay, paid an immigration guy to have it cleared on his way out back to the UK and he wasn't in the system as having arrived.
  12. steveyinasia

    Charging 2 baht for a cup - not all Thais agree!

    Same here in my local coffee shop in Chiang mai, cheaper if you bring your own cup for takeaway
  13. Hi Car720, Apologies for the delay in responding, I have been travelling. Not to reveal much of his life Gio was once a wealthy man and several bad deals changed his life, it happens. Facing the prospect of having to go back to Italy, this caused severe depression which even his closest of friends could not help him out of. They were arranging his travel back to Italy when he decided suicide was his only choice, none of use really knew how deep the depression was. Sadly we couldn't help
  14. Soon the shark will be caught and brought in for questioning over his actions that has damaged tourism. After the mandatory attitude adjustment and small fine, he will be returned to his home and cautioned not to do anything that may damage tourism further.
  15. Emirates has a code share with Bangkok Airways so you may be able to do a transit through BKK without having to pass through immigration. Ask Emirates