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    I had a high PSA level, and also a low free PSA level (not normally a good combination), I had an MRI which was inconclusive but suggested a reasonable possibility of cancer (3/4 out of 5) . Another doctor (different hospital) wanted to go straight to biopsy. Viroj looked at my history and age , stuck his finger in and had a really good feel, about 3 minutes, (never had a finger in there for that long before!) His conclusion was , don’t rush, wait 2 months and test again, and he strongly advised against rushing to a biopsy. (Which in my initial panic I wanted to do). In the end, to my relief, he was proved right, after 2 months my PSA level was considerably lowered and after another 3 months it was normal. The PSA is without doubt a lifesaving test for many men but it needs careful interpretation by an experienced doctor, he is one , and I would say to anyone with a similar issue go see him.
  2. wordchild


    As others have said , very experienced, pragmatic doctor. I have seen him, in the past, and I have complete confidence in his judgement.
  3. wordchild


    Dr Viroj at Bumrungrad
  4. In the condo where we live (Bangkok) the rules were just updated at the last AGM with the , pretty much, unanimous support of the owners who voted. From now, any owner found to be renting their unit for a period of less than 1 month will be fined on a daily (escalating) basis. From what I have seen , if properly enforced, it should make short term rentals completely uneconomic. I believe we had just a couple of units (out of 100 plus) let out in this way, but the Juristic office now say that they are determined to stamp it out completely, and the vast majority of owners here agree with that. In those condo developments where owners actually live there, at least some of the time, it’s a no brainier. This practice seriously diminishes quality of life. I was informed by our Juristic office that a number of other Bangkok condos will also adopt similar rules, good for them, in my opinion!
  5. You do not need to leave the country every year with a TE visa. but what you do need to do is follow the correct procedure ie apply for an extension of stay in country.
  6. If what the OP says is true, then his best bet would seem to be to escalate this issue within the TE structure. That is certainly what I would do in the same situation.
  7. I have been a TE member from the very early days , (one of the very first members, so I am told) and I know them pretty well now. I also have a good friend who is a member and had some issues with immigration a couple of years ago. In his particular case the Elite staff worked smoothly and efficiently to resolve his issues and ,as others have pointed out, they seem to have excellent relationships with Thai Immigration : what could have been a big problem , for him, was resolved very quickly, without further issues. From what I have seen it is not their practice to abandon their members in the way the OP is suggesting happened to him . Also the language and tone of their alleged emails does not ring true, and is certainly not like anything I have seen from them, in the past. In my opinion his story does not pass my basic smell test of being a true , full , and accurate account , and I have serious doubts about it’s veracity. Sorry, but that is my opinion.
  8. yes i agree with this. The OP has not told the FULL story here.
  9. Exactly the case; the foreign quota is an ownership restriction that applies too the totality of the condo ie foreign owners cannot own more than 49% of the freehold of the entire condo; if a condo owned by a foreigner is purchased by a Thai then it simply no longer forms part of the foreign quota.
  10. Many companies offer to do this on behalf of their investors, as a shareholder in eg HSBC you can elect to receive your dividends in extra shares rather than cash. It is usually termed as receiving a “scrip dividend “ . Not all companies offer this so need to check.
  11. So your relative knows now that he received the incorrect amount. So he understands ( I assume) that the right thing to do would be to go back to the shop , and return the excess amount. It’s simple isn’t it. That is what he should do. if he can’t do it then he can easily get you or someone else to do on his behalf. Why the problem?
  12. In English, which says a lot: home of a local farang nutter I would guess. There are one or two of these in most towns of any size in Thailand. Someone to stay away from!
  13. 1) do not remit (significant) funds to Thailand in baht, this can cause a red flag , and, at the least, subject you to questions. Exactly as Blackcab says above, remitting foreign currency will cause no issues. 2)to (legally) avoid tax do NOT remit money as you earn it every month. hold your earnings offshore outside Thailand until Jan 1 of the year following the year in which you earned the money. Frankly, for the amounts you are talking about , you would be well below the radar anyway and almost certainly no one would ask questions. But if you want to be completely safe and also completely legal bringing money into Thailand in the year after you earned it would ensure that you would have no (Thai ) tax liability even if the Tax people found out about it and questioned you.
  14. Tax rates would scale in a similar way to other countries, probably less than Germany more than USA ( depending on state). but you have NO legal obligation to pay tax in Thailand if your earnings are offshore as you suggested in your first post. what you should do, to be safe, is simply hold your earnings in a bank offshore until sometime after the end of the calendar year, then you can legally and safely bring them into country completely tax free.
  15. Why on earth would you want to pay tax?