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  1. Pace properties, the developer of the, Ritz Carlton and MahaNakhon, just had a red flag raised within its latest auditors report. The shares were briefly suspended because of this. It maybe fine and all work out, ( they promise a new equity investor) but, this essentially is a pretty small company which has highish debt and significant future obligations, and there are some legitimate questions to be asked about the future assumptions the company has made. This is pretty much what the audit report has suggested. A word to the wise, exercise caution!
  2. Irish nationality has a significant advantage, when compared to many, which is that it can be passed on through the generations without limit, no matter where the birth takes place. E.g. A full UK national living in Thailand can pass on their nationality to children born in Thailand. However , this can only happen once, and subsequent generations, if not born in the UK , will lose the UK citizenship. For Irish citizenship there is no such restriction, and, in theory , this can go on for generation after generation .
  3. Probably because he has a QROP, I think he mentioned before. but most onshore UK pension funds cannot pay gross to Thailand as there is no tax treaty that covers most kinds of UK pensions. If you have moved your pension offshore then, in effect, it can be paid gross to you in Thailand; subject to the requirement not to bring in current years income in order to avoid a Thai tax liability. so hold the funds offshore until January 1 every year, then you can bring in tax free.
  4. no CGT as an expat, as long as you stay an expat and not return to the UK for the required period.
  5. Not true! E.g. No additional tax on U.K. Dividend income if not U.K. Resident. Property income ,broadly speaking, is still taxed; dividends and bank interest not. I will leave you to google the rest, yourself.
  6. What is the point of an ISA if you are an expat?
  7. I am sorry but this is just nonsense. Banks can "legally" have customers anywhere, however they are subject to the same rules and regulations all financial institutions are these days ie they have to be able to demonstrate procedures and checks which are designed to stop criminals and terrorists from moving money around. I have 2 accounts with Lloyds one onshore (city of London branch) and one isle of man account which i opened when i first became an expat (20 plus years ago). i have always used my main home address in Thailand (since i have lived here) and never had any problem with either account. As was mentioned above Lloyds will send cards to Thailand only via DHL these days and will charge you (around 8 pounds) every time they do that.
  8. traffic around sukhumvit

    does anyone know what is going on tonight? The traffic has been horrendous this evening. Just taken 2 hours to get from Thong lor to Asoke junction.
  9. Villa Markets

    just bought yesterday, at Villa soi 11, 2 bottles of my current favourite sauvignon blanc, time was around 15.00pm. I am a fairly frequent buyer of wine from that particular Villa, and i have never ever had an issue buying during the curfew.
  10. Villa Markets

    The only reason i still use Villa these days is for the wine. The selection is pretty good, by Bangkok standards. The other advantage they have, from a customer perspective, is that they seem to ignore the 2pm - 5pm no alcohol sale rule. All the Villa outlets seem to ignore this rule and i have never really understood why they seem able to do this with impunity. By contrast Foodland (or at least the one i use) are rigorous in the imposition of the ban. Do Villa have some sort exemption?
  11. Villa Markets

    I heard from one of the staff today that the villa mkt on soi 11 will close soon, next couple of months apparently. They will reopen further down the soi, former Q bar location, in a year or so. It's not a particularly great store but I have a certain affection for it as I used to live on the soi early days of living in Bangkok. Seems a bit of a strange move but maybe the Ambassador have big plans for the space. for me , these days, the food hall at central chidlom stands head and shoulders above Villa Market. And some of the quality has spread to other Topps locations, e.g. Robinsons soi 19 is pretty good these days also.
  12. QROPS Substantial Changes

    You had a QROP in Guernsey and moved to Gib? What on earth for? You would have been better staying as you were, surely. Former Guernsey based QROP,s have no particular disadvantage vs other QROP,s and even, in certain circumstances, have some advantages.
  13. re Grottino; I think they just closed down/sold up. The hotel changed hands and they continued to run the restaurant/bakery for a time but then that just closed. I have not heard they opened any where else but maybe somebody else can post if they know different. Its a great shame the food was consistently good, but it never really got that busy, tended to be the same faces in there (Swiss expats) every time I went. I used to go there often when I lived in the area a , hadn't been for a while and went to try it again couple of months ago , one evening, and found it had just closed.
  14. To add insult to injury it looks like this very average tex mex place is opening on the site of another sadly missed restaurant i.e Grottino, Which used to be the best, in my opinion, Swiss/German restaurant in Bangkok. Sad days indeed!
  15. I must admit to not having been to this place for a couple of years, but in the past always found it to be pretty poor and certainly not up to the standard of the better Mex places in Bangkok e.g. La Monita. Having said that I shall miss this soi. I have been a regular customer of the excellent Spanish tapas restaurant for a number of years and also the newish French place next door chez Pepe , both will be sadly missed by me. I rather wish it was these two that had found new, larger, premises on soi 19 rather than this, very very average tex mex restaurant. A sad waste of restaurant space, in my opinion!