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  1. I would send an email to Julie Duncan with a scanned copy of the letter saying your pension has been stopped. Shouldn't take her long to sort it out!! I always send letters Registered post takes 10-14 days but costs less than 100 THB.
  2. I was 54 when my son was born and I it has given me a new lease of life. It has been a wonderful roller coaster of a ride and I have no regrets whatsoever. However I am 66 now and would not want to embark on that ride now!!
  3. You can extend your 30 day entry stamp for another 30 days at any Immigration office. The cost is 1900 Baht.
  4. An American friend had the same happen to him and his bride to be at Laksi yesterday.
  5. RIP Muhammad Ali, a man of principle and one of the greatest boxers ever. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.
  6. I went straight to the border there last April with both passports in hand and was promptly sent to the Kap Choeng office for them to do the transfer, So take ubonjoe's advice and stop at Kap Choeng on your way to the border.
  7. I recently upgraded my 3BB package to 50mb/10mb VDSL for 700 Baht pm.
  8. You cannot compare Korat and Bangkok it is like comparing chalk and cheese. Bangkok is a major metropolis and Korat is just a overgrown country town.
  9. There are at least 3 in Korat...
  10. Is this a beta of their android app or of their web service?
  11. It was 22.39 Baht pl at PTT near Korat yesterday.
  12. Looks like my wife's pruning
  13. Is that a new regulation? I ask because my son now aged 11 has a British birth certificate and passport and I was told by the Enbassy that his citizenship rights are the same as if he had been born in England.
  14. I had a similar situation at Korat Immigration. My paperwork didn't come back from BKK until 4 days after my "extension of stay" had expired. Immigration said not to come for another extension until the paperwork came and they stressed I would not be on overstay. When the paperwork came and I went to get the extension stamped in my passport there were several others who had been waiting past their "under consideration" date.