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  1. Richard W

    Another word for ma / very

    I believe the experiments were carried out by native English speakers on native English speakers using English words. However, there is no reason to believe the results do not apply to other languages. No, by final stops I mean the final stops of words that end in a stop for which the closure is in the mouth; I do not include final glottal stops, for they cannot be voiced and remain glottal stops.
  2. Richard W

    Another word for ma / very

    A lot of the perception of different stops depends on the glides in the transition to the neighbouring vowel. I remember reading about 40 years ago of experiments where initial consonants were sliced off and swapped around. People couldn't recognise the consonants before the wrong vowel segment. There's enough consonantal quality that linguists have argued over whether final stops in Thai are voiced or not. The sanest conclusion seemed to be that it was up to the speaker.
  3. It was. The translation hasn't been published, but having looked at other Malaysian marriage certificates, it's hard to imagine what could have been misinterpreted. Maybe it does, but it *was* the khor ror 3 that we showed and had translated. The problem was that "chot thabian somrot" was translated as "registered their marriage".
  4. That doesn't mean the significance will be understood. However, it may be that there will be a man in Bangkok to explain matters, though how he learns I'm not so sure.
  5. Apart from a probable increase in handling time, I think there will be an important loss in local information. Will there be ECOs dedicated to Thai applications, or will ECOs routinely deal with all covered countries? I've just heard on another forum of a family permit being rejected because the Malaysian marriage certificate was misinterpreted as an application to marry. That wouldn't have happened if the ECO had routinely dealt with Malaysian applications. I can remember a nasty moment when an IO at Gatwick asked where we had married, because our marriage certificate said we had registered our marriage.
  6. Yes, it would be a good idea to add 'THAILAND' at the end of the address! I was surprised when I saw in an official guide state that foreign addresses on letters from the UK should be in the Roman script rather than in the local national script. That makes me a bad boy, as I normally write the address down to the province in Thai and then duplicate the province in the Roman script just in case, say, letters to Chiangmai will fly in a different bag to letters to Bangkok.
  7. Richard W

    How to say "ground wire" in Thai?

    Is writing กราวด์ as in the example instead of กราวนด์ considered correct? FWIW, Google Translate translates the line with either spelling to 'Black wires connect to the ground'.
  8. Richard W

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    No, Attlee did that in March 1951, though the court didn't start up until Macmillan was in power. What Blair did was to make the European Convention on Human rights part of British Law, so British courts got to rule on cases before the European Court of Human Rights got to make a pronouncement. I must admit that the family's associated pecuniary gains whiff.
  9. Be fair. Many of them probably just thought that Hilary Clinton would make a worse one.
  10. Richard W

    Valid pronunciations of 'กวน'

    In fact, there is an example, ขวนขวาย [R]khwon[R]khwaai 'to make an effort'. Archaically, one can use just the first syllable.
  11. Richard W

    Origin and transcript กวิน

    กวิน is transcribed [M]ka[M]win.
  12. Richard W

    Valid pronunciations of 'กวน'

    I don't think it can be excluded in theory, but vowels other than /a/, /aa/ or /ae/ (to use the extended RTGS system) are extremely rare after a medial /w/.
  13. Richard W

    "Bangkok" means what?

    Krungthep is only a relatively recent name. The capital was previously at Thonburi. Don't forget that two parts of Bangkok on the Thonburi side of the river are Bangkok Yai and Bangkok Noi. Mai tri and mai chattawa are signs of a borrowed word, or of irregular development or recent coinage. Additionally, dead syllables of native origin don't have tone marks unless their development has been irregular or the word is a fresh coinage.
  14. Matters like the need for a visa prior to arrival for settlement, exclusion of stepchildren, and the financial requirement are in the Immigration Rules. The Immigration Acts deal with matters like confiscating the family car if one forgets to extend leave in time (OK, only if the immigrant family member drives it), the legal framework, appeals (as opposed to judicial reviews), and enforcement procedures (including preventing someone with a legal right to enter from flying to the UK). The point is that parliament rarely actually votes for the requirements, though it is within its power to do so, or, more precisely, to reject a new set of Immigration Rules.
  15. No, they're in the Immigration Rules, most significantly Appendices FM and FM-SE.