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  1. Matters like the need for a visa prior to arrival for settlement, exclusion of stepchildren, and the financial requirement are in the Immigration Rules. The Immigration Acts deal with matters like confiscating the family car if one forgets to extend leave in time (OK, only if the immigrant family member drives it), the legal framework, appeals (as opposed to judicial reviews), and enforcement procedures (including preventing someone with a legal right to enter from flying to the UK). The point is that parliament rarely actually votes for the requirements, though it is within its power to do so, or, more precisely, to reject a new set of Immigration Rules.
  2. No, they're in the Immigration Rules, most significantly Appendices FM and FM-SE.
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    If you look at the French Wikipedia article on Julius Caesar, you'll see that he invaded 'Bretagne', referring to his landings in Britain. And of course, the French do have another word for Great Britain - '(Perfide) Albion', often hypergallicised as 'Albion Perfide' in English.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The name 'Great Britain', of course. Brittany and Britain are historically the same name, and are the same in French. You can compare the contrast between the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles, or pairs of villages like Great Longstone and Little Longstone, Great Hucklow and Little Hucklow, and Great Snoring and Little Snoring.
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    And I always thought it was to distinguish the Stuart domain from the French province.
  6. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    Won't her master's degree from Kentucky State University excuse her from the English test? Is someone suggesting she wasn't taught?
  7. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    When was he allowed back to the UK? I remember a decision being made not to allow him back in.
  8. Looks as though it was cut up to get the victims out, so not as dramatic as it sounds.
  9. Another thought has occurred to me. Could the removal be part of a policy of discouraging difficult and therefore time-consuming decisions? If word gets out that a refused application will lead to attempted removal, those with complicated situations might just choose to wait until the offered simple residence-based system comes into force. This is also consistent with a tendency to expel resident EEA nationals who attempt to marry overstayers they are cohabiting with. I don't know how much the expulsions are succeeding; I know of one German student (link prohibited) who was prevented from re-entering the UK while awaiting her appeal hearing after her Albanian boyfriend was removed as a result of their attempting to marry in the UK.
  10. Divisions bubble up as Brexit talks resume

    The major concession apparently made - lawful residence not required - was not asked for. This actually looks like administrative convenience - the Home Office cannot handle the process of checking applications for documents certifying permanent residence (DCPR), and is currently doing what it can to stem demand. Unfortunately, I can't in good conscience advise people that having the document before exit will not be necessary. 'Perfidious Albion' will remain in people's minds. One thing that the UK has declared is that non-dangerous EU criminals will be expelled even if they have had the right of permanent residence.
  11. Has the Home Office admitted that the initial refusal of a residence certificate was wrong given the actual situation?
  12. She has a basis of stay. However, if Dr Holmberg were not a worker, the HO action would be entirely proper. There are lot of unlawfully resident EEA nationals swanning around the UK as though they had a right to live with their working British spouse.
  13. The iceberg wasn't trying to avoid collisions and was hiding (90% under water), and got rammed. It seems that American warships go about with their transponders off, and get rammed. However, the last incident, at least, was in busy waters, and so 'open waters' might be very wrong as a description of the location. Perhaps the English Channel might be a better comparison - where collision is a very real risk.
  14. If said person is an Iranian man who has not done his Iranian national service, he doesn't have to renounce his Iranian citizenship. I read up on the Sue v. Hill judgement. Renunciation is not required if it is impossible or the process is unreasonable. So I was wrong about those born Thai being excluded from the Australian Parliament.
  15. Pronunciation of บัณฑิต

    Now that pronunciation (confirmed by the RID) definitely looks Khmer. It shows the conditional merger of final /k/ and glottal stop after P/S /a/.