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  1. Richard W

    Another word for ma / very

    I believe the experiments were carried out by native English speakers on native English speakers using English words. However, there is no reason to believe the results do not apply to other languages. No, by final stops I mean the final stops of words that end in a stop for which the closure is in the mouth; I do not include final glottal stops, for they cannot be voiced and remain glottal stops.
  2. Richard W

    Another word for ma / very

    A lot of the perception of different stops depends on the glides in the transition to the neighbouring vowel. I remember reading about 40 years ago of experiments where initial consonants were sliced off and swapped around. People couldn't recognise the consonants before the wrong vowel segment. There's enough consonantal quality that linguists have argued over whether final stops in Thai are voiced or not. The sanest conclusion seemed to be that it was up to the speaker.