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  1. Thank fellows I will follow up on all suggestions and report back. Randell
  2. Thanks Rotweiler I will check next time I head into town and Big C
  3. I know where the Dunlop tire shop is but I would like to find a Michelin Shop thats has Pilot Street motorcycle tires When I change my original tire on my 150cc CBR I want a bit more grip in the rain. I hear from the guy on the motorcycle forum that's either of these would do but I am look for the lesser priced Michlin. I don't often get into town but on my trips in I have never come across a michelin motorcycle tire shop any ideas? "Michelin pilot street are a decent alternative probably about 4k for the pair. You can get the more expensive Pirelli Rosso II or III, probably around 8k for the pair. Don't get IRC!"
  4. Small Electrical Gadget repairs

    Just a brief note of conclusion on my fan saga. as it turned out all the original advice I was give was more true than I had originally thought. But if the fan was 1000 baht or more worth fixing if not then the cost isn't warranted. My original fix only lasted a month but then he completely rewrapped or changed out the motor and I have a new fan again but my original cost was high at 390.baht and the repair of the repair was 200. Which brought me to the original cost of the fan in the first place. And if the fan lasts as long as it first did I will be happy. But it seems the cost to fix and rewire or wrap don't depend on size or cost of the original fan. I saw a big 20in pedestal fan and the repair bill was the same as smaller version. So I have learned a lot with this thread about the bigger shops that do repairs . So my thanks for all the advise. Randell
  5. As a Canadian myself I have had this problem with CIBC debit card on the odd occasion but more so with HSBC. I would concur with Thaidream's 123 list especially the part that you tell the bank your are temporarily out of the country and in Thailand. And if you have to go in to one of the malls bank atms and call cibc telebanking support and tell them that you are about to make a withdrawal and see if they can sort it in real time. Good luck I personally know how frustrating it can be. Randell
  6. Alternative to Dunlop for 150 CBR

    Thank guys Just the information I wanted had read it somewhere before but could bring it to mind. The main thing for me would to have a bit more grip in the wet. Again thanks for your quick responses. Randell
  7. I come back to the font of wisdom that I have always found here on this forum. I have tried the archives but couldn't find anything in my searches about alternative tires for CBR150. I only have 20k Kms on the originals but have had to have two plugs put in the back tire the first one leaked after 4 months so now have a bigger hole than the original puncture and assume that it will leak again. Plus this original Dunlops really don't have much tread and I find them quite slippery. As I don't ride fast or aggressively I don't really use the slick quality of them for the twisties and such. So would like something with a bit more grip and rain shedding abilities. What would you suggest? thanks ahead of time Randell
  8. Small Electrical Gadget repairs

    Glad you got that fixed Scea. I was going to chime in with the name of a shop where I got my fan fixed but it only lasted a month and it ready to be picked up again. The big story will be if they want to be paid again or if the repair of the repair was gratis. Care to make a bet? but that said I have taken other things there and happy with the service so will just have to see in the next day or so when I go to pick it up. He either replaced the motor or rewound it. Will report when I know. Randell
  9. Lonewolf99 that happened to me just the other day flipped up the lid and there was half a gecko the other half was all but disintegrated in the bottom of the electric kettle. And I thought it was just my cheap brand of instant coffee 555. what's the old saying what ever doesn't kill you make you stronger
  10. Did anywhere the beer price go up?

    Care to explain what you mean by that John Lick?
  11. Did anywhere the beer price go up?

    Around Wiang Chai Big bottle of Chang is up 2 baht that the only one I buy so don't know about the rest and don't smoke any more either. When I first came to Thailand in 1994 a big bottle of Carlsberg was 20 baht Amarit and Kloster a bit less as Carlsberg was the premium. Sin tax in my home country of Canada has raised prices far more than that in that same time period. So not such a big deal as far as I am concerned.
  12. Honda Phantom 200cc 38,000 baht.

    Gee that certainly took longer than I would have thought. Good luck to the both of you. I hope the the new owner will get as much pleasure out of it as you did. I know I have always enjoyed the Phantom the times I had one.
  13. Dengue Fever

    Oh my Orchis and here I was feeling safe as I have had it 30 years ago in Mexico.
  14. Will a UK Kodi box work in Thailand

    Janclaes what box or app I guess I should say would you suggest for Thailand
  15. What's a used Wave worth?

    I agree with Allen B that is really your best bet with out being here to sell it good luck with your dilemma. Randell