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  1. It's been two months since I last did that route Manassas but there was only a few kms in the mountains between Chiang Saen and Chiang khong. I would assume far less by now. . A very nice drive and would be no issues with all types of vehicles.
  2. You have hit the point right on the head Lungstib. Some sort of coop would be of great benefit to the farmers up here in CR. In all types of farming. The farmers have the very same problems with rice buying middle ment which small villages can't do with out but pay the cost dearly. Keeping it all subsistence farming . I know the topic is pineapples but the lack of infrastructure to the poorest of the poor farmers would go a long way. A graining buying coop. and juice or dehydrating facility for pineapples and mangoes. but they will never be able to do it on there own Very sad to see and frustrating to see such hard work pay off so little and and time not even break even. I know as well they are not totally innocent of making there own problems with piling one but it's the uneducated that usually are the last in on these "Good ideas"
  3. Randell

    Thai driver license

    hello again Madam M I recently did this myself. and because my Canadian licence was still valid I was able to convert it over to a Thai DL. I did have to take and color test and peripheral vision test as well as watch a 30 to 40 minute video. as Cornish Carlos has suggested check on TV forum for all your particulars. ie medical certificate, copy of DL copy of passport, copy of house paper. And I think that where you will be staying (Condotel) will help you with copies of necessary parer to prove your residency. But there has been a fair bit of info on this topic lately and shoulds all be well documenter in the forum. all the best Oh and by the way if you need a motorcycle license as well it will end up being tow sets of everything or at least it was in my case. although in my case I had to drive it and write the exam because my cycle licence was out of date by more than a year. I wish you luck . I hope this was helpful. Randell
  4. Wow Papa just read all 14 pages of your trials thread what a great read and sounds like a fantastic experience well do thanks for sharing sorry to be so late to the party.
  5. Randell

    Hello! Chiang Rai

    Of course it has changed Madame M more people more trafic, business, pollution etc that comes with supposed progress. But all the things that you fell in love with 10 years ago are still here, and the heart of the people has not changed. They are still wonderfully warm and friendly. So don't judge it too quickly everything changes but it core is the same as you will find. And like others have suggested don't rush into locking yourself into a location. I know if you give it a bit of time you will find the PERFECT spot to live and enjoy your retirement up here in the beautiful north as so many others have and more are seeking it out all the time. All the very best and an early welcome.
  6. Randell

    Breakdown of Funeral Costs in Thailand

    I was told very pleasantly that I could wish what I wanted but when I was gone it would be up to them to do with in the village and family traditions so don't worry you have a long life ahead of you yet. Don't even think about it. the family will get all that I have and it for them to do with as they wish. I wish they wouldn't spend it all sending me off. But I have gone out of my way to adapt myself into village life so I am fine with the families ultimate call on this.
  7. Randell

    Car Rental

    I think you might find buy a used pickup your best bet in the long run. It seem all over Thailand people are absconding with vehicle's rented with dogey paperwork and these vehicles are ending up outside the country.
  8. Randell

    papa makes merit

    Well done Papa. It behooves as all that live here full time to try and check out local charities. And as in this case it usually seems like the smaller the more local impact they have.
  9. Thanks for the information update and very glad it has been working for you. Its nice to have natural alternatives.
  10. Randell

    Cleaning chemical

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. It might inspire more specific responses.
  11. Randell

    Eye Glasses

    Isn't that the way it works here. Clusters of alike stores. In my 25 odd years here it's still among one of the things that constantly amaze and amuse me.
  12. What are some other options for a free VPN now that Opera's VPN is going off line soon
  13. Randell

    Eye Glasses

    Thanks for the follow up Manassas. I am getting very close to doing the same thing so very nice to hear a current review.
  14. Randell

    BIG Tesco Lotus in Chiang Rai

    Hi Up-country_sinclair it is a full sized shop not one of the mini mart type.
  15. Randell

    Alternative to Dunlop for 150 CBR

    Thanks MartinL I appreciate your information . As I said I am very happy with the MPS and thanks again to all the earlier suggestions from forum members