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  1. Reliable tailor

    Hello aldorabancroft Its not a t shirt I want designed it's regular clothing albeit quite large size. I want to have copies made because they fit. So I just need to find a compentant tailor. But thanks for your sugestion Randell
  2. Reliable tailor

    Hello Chiang Rai Anyone know of a reliable tailor. I need to have some of my clothes copied. Being 191cm and 115kgs. What's on offer here just doesn't cut it. And on the odd occasion where I have found size 42 waist pants or shorts they haven't lasted more than a couple of washing. So I thought to take a favorite shirt , shorts and pair of pants and have them copied. For me personally not for trade. I would find appropriate material and wash it first and then take it to a tailor. I suppose while I am at it it would be good to know where the best concentration of cloth shops are. I see a lot of colorful stuff in the windows but looking for a bit less bright colors if you know what I mean and tougher material or high tech fabric for pants and shorts cotton will do for shirts. Any of you out there had any experience with someone you would recommend? I would certainly appreciate it. I would save me a lot of trial and error. Thanks in advance as you all usually come through as you have in the past. Randell
  3. Honda Phantom 200cc 38,000 baht.

    I have never seen those type of crash bars they look good far better than most also a combination highway peg. Good looking rig good luck.
  4. Orthotics

    Does anyone know of a podiatrist or anyone making custom orthotics. Mine are in need of adjustment or replacement. I have quite severe plantar fasciitis and really need some help other than store bought insoles. I am writing your CM forum because you have more hospitals and expats than in my town of CR. Any information or suggestions would be welcome . Thanks in advance
  5. Lam Yai

    Good for the tasters but bad for the poor growers. They certainly are smaller and if the ones are my area are of any indication much less fruit on the trees than usual as well. But that could be just local conditions. But they are delicious. Randell
  6. Orthotics

    Thankyou both for your replies Will look into both. Randell
  7. Orthotics

    Thanks Scea I think I can find that. I will have a look when next in town. Randell
  8. Orthotics

    Does anyone know of a podiatrist or anyone making orthotics. Mine are in need of adjustment or replacement. And in that same vein does anyone know where one can buy 1/16 or 1/8 inch dense foam denser than common insoles but not as dense as sole material. If I can find something like that I may be able to fix them myself or take it to my shoe maker. I have asked him and and he doesn't know where to find or didn't really understand me although he said he did. But you know what that may have meant. 555 I have quite severe plantar fasciitis and really need some help other than store bought insoles. You all out there have been around and more knowledgeable than myself when it comes to produces and places in town. Any information or suggestions would be welcome . Thanks in advance Randell the tenderfoot
  9. I have seen more than a dozen just in the last week. mainly older people have yet to see any youngsters with one. I agree about the wind and stabilization problems. all of the ones I have seen don't have sides and the front windscreen can be unzipped for flow through when not raining.
  10. working on my own home

    Hello UbonJoe I was asked by the Head of our local Amphur office where I just received my yellow Tambien Ban and pink ID card to come back on the 31 for and hour and just talk in english to her and her staff and try to improve their English. She was very gracious and helpful during the process of disposing all my 50% of land and house to my wife's sister (just about all completed maybe another month it really takes some time). So I didn't really feel I was in a position to say no ,also It seemed like the right thing to do. But as I see now that is not really legal. But who I am doing it for should make a difference. I guess I should bring it up to her just to clarify that all is ok in this situation. And as I mentioned she has been very accommodating during all our visits to do with the wife's death and getting me reregistered etc. So am I best just to play it by ear ? I don't want to make any mistakes here What do you think Joe?
  11. AIS Fibre - More details please.

    Yes ravip that would be the way to go . I personally changed from TOT but not fiber an ADSL but was never delivered what was paid for. AIS Fiber came through my small village and many including myself switched. Very happy with service and consistency of signal. I have the lowest pakage at 20 /10. But it is always there. I am doing the same thing as other have suggested go small and find out your needs and upgrade when necessary. all the best Randell
  12. Fan rebuilder

    My apologies for not updating the situation I totally forgot to and have had the fan back in use for more than a week. The bottom line , it cost more than I'd hoped but still less than half the fan original cost. The bill was 390 baht for a re-wound motor and am not sure if anything else was changed I presume not. The type of fan was originally 850 baht so I am happy with the result. Not so much if it craps out but you take your chances. That seemed to be his price for the motors all motors so anything smaller and cheaper would not be worth it. But I am happy, I wanted to fix it just because that's the way I am. I tend not to throw things away and wait to repurpose their use. Also to do with my age I guess I was brought up in a fix it world not a throwaway world of today. I think my Scots, and Irish heritage reinforces this as well. So there you have guys thank you all for your input without which I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did you guys are invaluable. Cheers Randell
  13. Fan rebuilder

    Only in my wildest dreams boomerangutang. You gave me a good laugh thanks for that. Rand Ps the fan is still in the shop I will post and critique and update when I get it back.
  14. Rhubarb

    Has anyone come accross any rhubarb especially the type called strawberry rhubarb? to buy to eat or to plant . I would love to have a small bunch in my garden. I am sure the children would love it just like I did as a kid in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Randell
  15. Yes it doesn't take much of a wind to get those corrugated cement roofing panels rattling. And when the weakest one goes look out it can be a domino or zipper effect. Last year about this time we had a storm here around Wiang Chai with over 100kmh winds and I lost my roof or 70 % of it and my house was only 9 years old at the time. Have since replaced it with metal cladding with insulated backing. Which reduces the noise of pounding rain and keeps the house remarkably cooler even though the insulation is very thin. The most common roofing tiles get very brittle in the sun and are constantly being replaced. The much smaller cpac tiles seem to last and are very durable as well. Good luck to all during this stormy season. Randell