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  1. Beer Lao

    Hi watcharacters It just goes to prove what a sad state Thai Beer monopoly is these days. When Beer lao is good enough to be able to have its price go up more than 1000 Baht in 6 years. Basically to conglomerates controlling the whole thing. ps sorry about the heavy type I copy pasted your name and the font stuck 555
  2. Beer Lao

    I miss Kloster " Happiness you can drink". There were the occasional skunky one but on the whole I found them very drinkable , but a distant memory now. And it's an absolute shame that you can buy small cans of Real Guinness across in Burma for a lot less than Beer Lao. I hope we can get some resolution on Craft Beer. I tried to make some Ginger Beer and I am ashamed to say an absolute disaster. Will try again but not very confident 555.
  3. Beer Lao

    Prem-r I wasn't trying to argue I totally agree that ultimately its Thai taxes that are doing it but the price still seem out of sync with other imports that's all I ment but thanks for the current price in Lao
  4. Beer Lao

    Not so many years ago you could buy a case of Beer Lao for 400 Baht only slightly higher than local beer at that time the 1500 Baht can't all be all due to taxes
  5. Beer Lao

    Yes somehow Beer lao has priced it self right out of the market. Yes it's great beer but the price is ridiculous.
  6. Tremor

    Yes I felt it here around Wiang Chai but so short I wasn't sure till I read this post nice to have conformation wasn't really sure If I was dreaming cause was all read in bed.
  7. Bags for CBR 150

    Yes this is the one . She surprised me with it she managed to save 80K from our rices fields back when the prices was over 10 baht. She has since passed on I am sorry to say. It wouldn't have been my choice of bike but am happy with it .I don't really need to go any faster. Although with my weight it has a hard time staying above a 100 kph in high gear(5) but will quite easily do 125 kph in 4 gear. Between the seat height raise and the handlebar riser position I can sit straight up
  8. Bags for CBR 150

    I will take your advice about the shock as I usually do . I will check out and see If I can find a industrial strength one for my weight. Thanks again for your help. As I solve these small problems I will post results.
  9. Bags for CBR 150

    Sorry PapaAl first time and once I finally got the damn images I couldn't write anything. I also added at least 3 inches to the seat making it just about even with the pillion seat but thats still a work in progress as I am not totally happy with it. But far better than the original which I just could handle without a real sore back and arms.
  10. Bags for CBR 150

    Papa Al that's a good looking honda and practical and a preferable riding position for the like of me being on the hefty side. That's why I put Phantom risers and a motocross handlebar on my 150. I have another cbr 150 question for you as you seem to be right on top of it. Can one fit a new gas shock with the extra reserve bottle. Excuse me if I am mangling the actual terminology. But if I can avoid a good size pot hold or bump. The shock seems to be bottoming out with a good thump. I have less the 20K on the bike but like I have mentioned I weigh 120 kgs. I wouldn't think that the original was shot at this point. it's just I am actually to heavy for the bike but it what I have and newer options are not doable. With the way the red spring surrounds the shock it might not work. And then I guess I could just try and find a more heavy duty shock more in line with fat ass. What do you think?
  11. Bags for CBR 150

    Papa Al I was aware of CR saddlebags and have been incontact with Woraphat Bullard. They don't have any specific bags for CBR 150 but she said to come in to view what they had and she would mention what other bags they had . When I originally posted this I was hoping to hear from Some CBR 150 owners that had figured out a system and what they did to solve the problem. I am sure there is going to have some structural support from the back seat grip to the rear footrest support , just to keep any style of bag off the tire. As a retired carpenter my skill set is woefully inadequate in dealing with metal and mechanics. I guess very fair to say mechanically challenged is an understatement. 555. So if there are any out there that have come to a solution I would love to hear about it.
  12. Bags for CBR 150

    Hi papa al I had checked their website but unsure if any would fit my cbr150. So have sent them a query thanks for your quick reply. I know they would have tank bags but it's the saddlebags that I 'm not sure of.
  13. Bags for CBR 150

    I have checked the forum and can't find any listing for suggested bags both saddle and tank bags for CBR 150. Any suggestions on where to look?
  14. Phrae to Lampang

    Wolfmuc that is what I call a great answer. Well done thanks for taking the time.