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  1. I have a zipperred pocket sewn on the inside of my pant's waistband. I keep any valuables there, except for coins and perhaps a couple hundred baht for quick use, and I never wear jewelry. I've never had a problem..
  2. I actually feel sorry for the two. The woman is pretty banged up, but seems to be much more concerned about her partner. These bag thieves could care less who they hurt.
  3. At least the Truck's owner carried full insurance, and no one was hurt.
  4. otI'm 62 yo, and I enjoy the Harry Potter movies. I guess I am just not old and cranky.
  5. A good portion of Chinese technical and military ability was built upon the fruits of espionage in Western countries. I guess they realize that if they can be so successful spying on the West, it is probable that Western countries are spying on them.
  6. My wife loves the Walking Dead series. She watches it in English with Thai subtitles. Doesn't miss an episode. She says it helps her with her english pronunciation, as well. She also loves the Harry Potter movies and the Twilight movies.
  7. At least she had purchased travel insurance.
  8. Very true. My wife took a driving course and never left the parking lot. She received her initial one year license, and then renewed it to a full license a year later. She has still never driven on a public road. I have tried to talk her into driving on some of the local low traffic roads to practice, but she can't bring herself to do it. To her credit, she does know that she is not qualified to drive. She prefers me driving. My fault for talking her into getting her license.
  9. And then again, from the NY Times:
  10. Wasn't it Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, who approved the sale of 20% of the US uranium production to the Russians?
  11. Nobody has mentioned that this authority has been exercised by presidents since Reagan at various times, including the messiah, Barack Obama. Trump did not pull this authority out of his hat.
  12. Actually, that is not true. On his first day in office, Bill Clinton fired 95 of 96 US Attorneys, and started replacing them with his own appointments. A number of the positions took months to be filled.
  13. I had to laugh. The advertisement preceding the video in the article was for cremation services. The suicide bomber had no need for cremation.
  14. The doctor should be practicing preventative medicine on himself. He knew this could happen, but arrogantly flaunted his jewelry anyway.
  15. Everything you said is accurate with possibly one exception. If you wait until full retirement age, it will increase your wife's survivor's benefits at the time she files. However, the increase is capped at full retirement age (in my case 66 years old). Delaying past full retirement until 70 years of age will increase your check, but if your wife files as a survivor at full retirement, her benefits will be capped at the amount you received at 66, plus any COLA increases.