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  1. I wonder if Thai Immigration is accepting Iranian currency as proof of B$20,000 at entry.
  2. Trump stooped to the fat boy's level with the "Fire and Fury" comment. A much simpler and to the point response would be that if the DPRK should attempt a nuclear missile launch against the USA or its allies, Kim Jong Un and the DPRK will cease to exist.
  3. Actually, these facts were widely publicized in numerous sites in the USA following his first movie. Gore never responded. Just Google "Al Gore energy usage" for all the info you would want. His home electrical usage has dropped from 2007 to now, from 34 times average household, to between 10 to 24 times, depending on the time of the year. Add in his exclusive use of private jets, and energy use and carbon emissions for Gore are substantial.
  4. LOL! Most of the last season, complete with orange skin and helmet hair. His VP choice was Caitlin Jenner. He finally realized he was unqualified, and tried to convince voters to vote for Hillary, but she would not break script and kept calling Garrison a liar, even when he said vote for Hillary as the most qualified. Southpark managed to lampoon both candidates ate the same time. Great show.
  5. Whenever I hear Al Gore speak, I can't help thinking about the "Southpark" episodes lampooning Gore's search for the "manbearpig". Half man, half bear, and half pig.
  6. No offense, but Angus Young could not hold a candle to Campbell's guitar playing. For sheer virtuosity, and ability to play any song, Campbell was at the top of the class, and I am a big ACDC fan.
  7. The CEO of the company that supplied the voting machines announced in London today that the vote totals had been altered. He said the company had the correct numbers, but would wait for a completion of the audit to announce them. When asked by journalist if he had told the government of Venezuela his findings, he said he had not, as they would not be "sympathetic" to his findings.
  8. I am sorry I was not clear. When I said there were no women or children in sight, I was speaking of the individuals attacking truck drivers, attempting to break into the cargo holds, and blocking the roads with debris. If you sample the videos on Youtube and random news sites, I am sure you will find I am correct. I don't consider myself far right, but do attempt to comment on what I see sometimes, regardless of those on the radical left who see only one perspective. .
  9. Anybody who has seen the news reports or videos of the actions of these so called migrants in Calais should take their complaints with a grain of salt. The internet is rife with videos of these so called peaceful refugees attacking truck drivers, attempting to break into the cargo holds, and blocking the roads with debris in attempts to sneak into Britain. Laws mean nothing to them. And their is not a woman or child in sight.
  10. Rayong noodle vendor found dead inside stall

    Sad. And too young.
  11. I haven't used travelers Checks in decades, but did notice the rate of exchange is slightly lower at the currency exchange booths I use to exchange cash.
  12. If they did not apply for residency through normal diplomatic channels, then yes, really. Would you let someone enter your home uninvited just because they did not like their own home?
  13. The key point you make is "they were legitimate migrants, who after applying to Australia to migrate, were granted residency, after security screening." They were not entering the country illegally.
  14. Let's remember that during the Obama Administration, it was Hillary that spoke of the "Reset Button" for the US relationship with Russia. She even presented Putin with a plastic reset button as a symbol. Also, don't forget it was Obama who was caught on a hot microphone telling Medvedev to "tell Vlad that I will have more flexibility once the election is over and I don't have to run for re-election again". If that is not letting your opponent know what your cards are, I don't know what is. Trump will schmooze Putin, but I do not believe he will sell the country down the river. He has already thrown down a gauntlet with the missile strike on the Russian's allie Syria following their nerve gas attack on their own people.
  15. The only problem with your analysis is that in this case, the shooter was an African immigrant. He was born in Nigeria, and immigrated to the United States. His attitudes were formed in Nigeria, not the USA. While I am no fan of Trump's behavior, and wish he would can the tweets, he was elected because many Americans were tired of politicians and politics as usual and could not stomach the idea of Hillary Clinton as president. It is plainly obvious that Trump is not a politician. But he may yet accomplish positive things. It is too early to tell.