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  1. What the heck difference does it make that she did not know the exact name of the card? She had it and knew what its purpose was. This government functionary just wanted to feel important.
  2. Trump did not get the US into war in Syria. That is all on Obama's narrow shoulders. The US is focused on eradicating ISIS, but will protect it's and it's allies troops in battle.
  3. I find it amazing how the criminals admit their crimes (and others) so quickly.
  4. It is time for Hillary to fade into the sunset. She lost the election to Donald Trump. DONALD TRUMP!!! She should hide her head in shame.
  5. The husband is an honorable man. He did not disown the boy because of the actions of his wife. Think how difficult it would be on their son to find out the truth, and then face an angry father, even if the anger was not focused on him.
  6. Pricing seems quite high for the properties offered currently, at least compared to sites I have used in the past.
  7. I worked in the petroleum industry for 40 years, and this happens more often than you would think. Whether it is some idiot lighting a cigarette while fueling, static electricity from a metal fuel container and a pickup bedliner, or someone using a cellphone while fueling (I have seen surveillance video of this occurring), vapors can be ignited given a sufficient spark. Deisel fuel vapors will ignite in a flashover like the video when an open flame is applied. Think of heating oil, which is essentially deisel fuel, in a furnace.
  8. If that is their reality, it is time to find another career.
  9. What happened to his Mom?
  10. I have a zipperred pocket sewn on the inside of my pant's waistband. I keep any valuables there, except for coins and perhaps a couple hundred baht for quick use, and I never wear jewelry. I've never had a problem..
  11. I actually feel sorry for the two. The woman is pretty banged up, but seems to be much more concerned about her partner. These bag thieves could care less who they hurt.
  12. At least the Truck's owner carried full insurance, and no one was hurt.
  13. otI'm 62 yo, and I enjoy the Harry Potter movies. I guess I am just not old and cranky.
  14. A good portion of Chinese technical and military ability was built upon the fruits of espionage in Western countries. I guess they realize that if they can be so successful spying on the West, it is probable that Western countries are spying on them.
  15. My wife loves the Walking Dead series. She watches it in English with Thai subtitles. Doesn't miss an episode. She says it helps her with her english pronunciation, as well. She also loves the Harry Potter movies and the Twilight movies.