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  1. alant

    Honda Forza opinions

    Mine 2013 model, does well, rides well. Prefer Pirelli tyres can ride all day. Been from n Thailand to Cambodia and longer rides around Isan. No problems.
  2. alant

    Police out in force ticketing anything and everything..

    I was told 3 days, clarification anyone?
  3. What don't they do 90 day reports???
  4. alant

    EU to assess Thai fishing sector this month

    Must be paid holiday time for the EU personnel again.
  5. alant

    Junta never tires of tough-guy games

    The generals are fine, I have yet to hear of any country or block to take action against them. The USA does not, The UK does not, the EU does not, China does not, Japan does not, Rusia does not and so on. Where as many another nation need only to pass wind in a crowded room to have sanctions threatened I have yet to see that here. My conclusion, the generals have the blessing of the international community, we better get used to it.
  6. alant

    Bringing food into thailand

    If its battered it is most unlikely to be raw so it is an interesting question.
  7. alant

    Bringing food into thailand

    Not from the north of England then?
  8. alant

    Immigration Moving Back To Airport

    I was told all services will move by immigration officer. Parking will be problem but she did point out the blue bus service stops at the new facility. Not going to condemn the new place as it is a total rebuild, maybe, just maybe it will be hi tec paperless and the like??? Or am I living an unlikely hope?
  9. not via Chiang Mai though
  10. I was simply seeking information theoldgit, I probably didn't help understanding by some poor punctuation. I did not know Amex did a credit card in Thai Baht.
  11. Thanks for that, how interesting is it classed as a Thai credit card? I have a UK card but that is £ sterling based.
  12. interested you have a credit card, when I had one the only way I got it was to have double the sum of credit limit in the bank. Initially this was for security but later they basically locked it away (so it could not be used as say for my visa extension) Also my card and maybe your card also required full payment every month so it wasn't really a credit card it was an Amex style charge card. Meanwhile my step daughter has more credit cards operating as credit cards than I can believe given her income. She seems to have no problem getting one where as I, who can service the debt cannot have one. Both factors are a part of the problem.