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  1. alant

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    Dear electorate. Please vote for the opposition you would like to have.
  2. Is that with peanut sauce?
  3. Some may cry and wail about this but the underlying criticism of the UNHRC is largely right. I should point out that I don't really believe the UN does anything useful anyway apart from giving its staff the best perks anywhere.
  4. Positive response in Chiang Mai??? The place is a shadow of its former self. Thank goodness for the Chinese who come for reasons they have not because of a response to a TAT drive. They don't mind traditional stalls being moved leaving barren areas where the bright lights of vendors used to be and bars being shut down at 12 midnight, drinking up time, what's that? This town is going like a ghost town...
  5. She is a covert (?) remoaner, secretly wishing Brexit will fail while pretending she is for the people's vote.
  6. With ridgid laws preventing bars remaining open for games Thailand is/was not the venue to incorporate the World cup into your holiday plans this year.
  7. it's not can as much as wont in my mind.
  8. alant

    Sodium cyanide stocks impounded

    simply stunned such a dangerous poison can be in circulation
  9. alant

    Sodium cyanide stocks impounded

    Welcome an explanation
  10. How on earth do they get hold of this stuff?
  11. alant

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    done CM to Siem Reap and this year plan CM to Sepang for Motogp on Forza
  12. It's everywhere
  13. What does the Irish government have to say? After all it is them that have the biggest problem. Northern ireland with lower VAT, Lower currency leading to lower prices surely will lead to the Irish buying form over the border. I see shopping centres opening along the border routes.