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  1. looks pretty clear cut to me, no printable words to express how I feel about these people.
  2. U-tapao Airport to see a big jump in visitors

    Just when do they expect this to happen, in 5 years?
  3. As does anyone, what does the UN do?
  4. My brother he have certificate...
  5. But... They have ensured permanent power by defining their majority. The whole of the electorate could vote against them but they would still have the control of the parliament. Is that not so?
  6. just what is the definition of transparency? and why is it only worth urging on his agencies?
  7. Your argument on if a referendum is binding is one thing especially when it is often said another referendum may be held, how valid therefore is that. The last PM for better or worse said the british people would decide and made a referendum the procedure for the electorate to express their wishes. It has been argues that Heaths decision to take the UK into the EU without a general election or referendum was against UK law but we went in. There was a referendum in 1975 I believe that was probably to make good the illegal membership (if that was the case) but according to you that was also non binding. I was shocked that Brexit voters won the referendum, I expected a Remain win and should that have happened I would have been thankful for the opportunity to express my view. I would not have thrown a tantrum and claimed it' not fair.
  8. Confused with this, it was an unofficial meeting??? So does any declaration count for anything even one that says as little as we must be united and friends. Than there is the discussions with China, at an ASEAN meeting?
  9. Maybe the think tank (and that is what it is despite the list of high placed members) was criticising the remaoners for continuing to interfere with the exit process with there efforts to overturn the democratic decision.
  10. But a majority and that's how the system is. With just about every bit of media trying to have a go at Brexit the UK keep confounding the scaremongers by refusing to collapse. Meanwhile media remoaners will still not answer or comment on such questions or items as the fact the EU will see a bigger loss to its trade without an agreement or explain why it is not good to leave an protectionist block that has led to a negative balance of payment whilst in membership.
  11. click the quote link and that is what you get, thanks for letting me know it is on new years day, I know when that is I just wondered if it may have been on the saturday instead but you have cleared that up.
  12. on which day please?
  13. Is this post breaking the law? Look like promoting beer to me
  14. Poor piss poor, no pride, the post war era leaders have thrown away the Great.