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  1. And even more new builds standing empty
  2. The minister for groveling and arse licking is to visit, oops sorry the Minister of State for Asia and Pacific is to visit. I am sure the talks on the support the UK is to give will be a big success. He may also get some good ideas from Thailand on protecting its internal market and the maintenance of power following elections, Mrs May may like that.
  3. Agree Briggsy on all points. Interesting though how the law doesn't apply to the police on where a bike can be ridden. Shame the chap died mind you.
  4. The cop must have been approaching pretty fast, I thought motorcycles were not allowed on that class of road. Not sure though.
  5. I have doubts over the claim that this is a representative survey having seen with my own eyes rural areas where the sale of alcohol ruling was (as are many) ignored. Of course I understand that alcohol can have the detrimental effects contibuting to road accidents, family violence, crimes, quarrels and sexual assaults in those that have such a tendency. It seems that the authorities here just pile measure upon measure when the current law is not working. If the law on the sale of alcohol to those under age was enforced, maybe there would be no need for the 2-5 ban and the vague possible prohibition on the sale of alcohol near (as in not defined) educational establishments. The finding that officials should not get any benefit from beer and liquor companies I would say great go ahead with that and include the BiB benefiting from bars and the like. BUT of all the suggestions in the op I cant help feeling such actions are the least likely. My personal feeling is that this is not to do with Buddhism, it is rather to do with Thai Buddhism where it seems rather than striving for self bettering others dictate how you should live. Nor do I support the "if you can't go without a drink for a day" arguement. Much to unfortunate if it conflicts with one's birthday / wedding / and other notable events.
  6. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    trying to understand this. if I leave the country, return and my mrs files the tm30 within 24 hours do I need to go as well? What if the tm30 filing is on line? one thing I do know is this insistence on passport and tm6 info means the pink foreigner id card is not accepted now when you check into a hotel.
  7. I didn't understand your response, am I living a dream? Need I Get Real?
  8. Once again this is presented as the EU issuing threats to wreck UK trade if it does not come to heal. Do we take it the EU is not worried about losing the UK as a market? Over £300 billion pa to the UK and they are not worried? Bluster to cover up the facts maybe?
  9. How many start dates and in use dates have we heard so far when it comes to rail projects. Just about the only thing that was put into action promptly was the ban on alcohol enforced on innocent passengers when an evil subcontractor of the state railways raped and murdered a poor lass.
  10. Making a will to cover UK assets

    I have one here and one in the UK where I am told the England and Wales bit is our correct nationality. (I asked about why this was not therefore used on passports but got no clear response.) Not really expecting problems as neither party talks to the other it seems.
  11. Britain agrees to set EU 'Exit Day' in law

    Since you think it is stupid, tell me if you spend more money than your income every year could you continue that for all time. Would your bank cut you off? Just look at Greece that is posible if you do not adress the simple fact that if your outgoings exceed your income there will be trouble ahead. Unfortunately many an economist believe you can get round this by issuing bonds thus what is now termed "Quantitative easing" ie printing money which I am sure you know is a major source of currency devaluation. Is there the chance we will lose some of our exports because the EU tariffs will make them more expensive? Yes of course. The UK government may introduce tariffs on goods from the EU or it may not but the UK is a big market Angela et al will have to deal with the German car makers and their powerful lobby. Does it mean a lower £? it shouldn't but the speculators may well use the opportunity to devalue the currency. That of course will cancel out the effect of the higher export prices due to tariffs so industry could gain back all of its lost market (if it actually loses it which I doubt) so your trade argument would be null and void. The loss of a safety net is a scare tactic, it is the EU that has prevented the UK from saving industry threatened with economic problems as per the steel production problems of a couple of years ago. A recent document revealed it was the EU that are blocking negotiations as they are very worried the UK will have a significant trade advantage in a less regulated non protectionist market which is what the EU is now.
  12. never take paper now except to the philippines where I have never been asked for it