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  1. So no work no citizenship = not available
  2. Is that all, I thought you had to have a work permit, get residency first, please point in right direction for this method thanks
  3. I have (different park) been refused Thai price with Thai pink ID and licence got a firm no.
  4. Could the OP just go and do that because I cannot think of a way that I could, retired so no work permit, pay Thai tax on my interest, maried put kids through education (not mine the Mrs) but not even a hope of residency. Magic solution welcome.
  5. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    Can foreigners own / pilot a boat in Thailand inshore and offshore waters?
  6. Good point, I for one want to see the Thai tyre change crew at work...
  7. Huge Savings on Dentistry in Thailand

    nothing at all like the prices I have experienced both for the uk and here
  8. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    I think I asked the same or if she has been abducted soon after the news broke of her absence but my question was dismissed as nonsense. I think you have a valid question. BUT I would imagine Mr T would have made it known, keeping it from him may be difficult.
  9. Christmas Dinner

    You say you don't want a boozy pub but I am going to suggest a pub anyway. The Red Lion Book in advance Christmas eve and day about was 750฿ last year (including crackers and hats to wear). Also offer items off normal menu
  10. Not according to Thai info on line, not that much.
  11. I doubt the income will rise if the estimated end user prices are elevated to the levels being speculated upon. We are talking a significant hike that will be a deterrent to the purchase in restaurants and bars with the possibility of can't pay wont pay! Expect more full tables outside of 7-11's