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  1. Is this a new term for straight males, papa cowboys? Haha. What about that movie, brokearse mountain. The first poll question should be "had sex with ladyboys, but wont admit to being gay"
  2. Incorrect. Ladyboys are males who want to have sex with males who want to have sex with males. Easy to work out isn't it. Straight guys do not have sex with men. Easy to work out, isn't it. Enjoy your sausage.
  3. Dunno bud. Thats your field of expertise. I am straight.
  4. So, you are gay, and insist that every other male is too. Bad luck bud. It is just you and your friend invading ladyboy arse.
  5. No it isnt. Thats all your game. Straight do not have sex with men. Ever.
  6. No more than 365. If over that, you risk aging prematurely.
  7. Wat Nong Bua. Google maps will help you out.
  8. Goanna

    Tractor registration.

    It's over now apparently. We submitted a collective of wife and brothers deeds, and they were happy with that. Mind you, this is just the agent, and possibly just his interpretation. Papers and new plates back next week. Thanks guys.
  9. Goanna

    Result of a snake bite,don't look if squeamish !

    My goodness. I do hope the snake was not traumatised by this horrendous ordeal. Please. Try to find it, and feed it some rats to try to ease the shock. Take it to sleep in mils bed, as she wont be needing it. Then, after it has completely rested, and has a full belly, release it into a snake paradise of some sort. But first, flog the <deleted> over the head with a long handled shovel.
  10. Goanna

    Tractor registration.

    I find out now, it doesn't need to be ours, just that we work it. With the wifes two brothers land titles, we have enough. They haven't turned up for the inspection yet, so I will confirm after if this is ok. Thanks Thoongfoned. Oh. Anything other than land will be in my name. Just because you never know. 11 years on, we are solid, but things can change. Two of my friends have been cleaned out, so.......
  11. I can't help but imagine dogs pissing in the buildings hallways and lifts. It must really stink. How can you stop your dog marking over another? Does everyone carry their dog?
  12. I have bought a small tractor, 34hp, and am trying to transfer the transport registration book into my name. I went to one of these small inspection stations to handle the business. They said they would come to our house to do the inspection, and then lodge the paperwork, all up 4800 baht. I have the book and signed forms from the seller. So, today the inspection station ring ans tell me I cannot have the tractor registration in my name unless I have 50 rai of land. We only have 28 rai, which is in my wifes name. This sounds like a crock of shit to me. Has anyone else had similar problems. I was planning on slashing our grass, and getting some hire for it on the side. Thank you.
  13. I bought two 9000 btu split system aircons from homepro 150 km away. I suggested I would get local to install, and got 1500 baht rebate. For each if I remember correctly. Bought an 18000 btu from tesco 40 km away. The installer couldn't get it to run. 555. Said our power was no good. We had to pay someone else to fix it. Now we have a 24, an 18, and two 9's, and all can run at the same time on a trial. Rarely we use more than 2 at one time. An hour a day. Power bill normally 1000 baht a month. The installer for 24, and 2 × 9's charge 2500 each the crook. 4 men, travelled 40km. Good money.
  14. Mobile top up is very easy as well from the mobile app. Yours, or for any number inyour contacts, with all Thai carriers. Money transfers easy too.