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  1. Beer Lao

    Oh, so there are 2 Makro in Ubon? Aha. I don't visit often, but will have to look closer. Hashers sounds like the Irish pub. Visited 2 weeks ago. Very nice place. Nice staff.
  2. Just changed over to LED lighting

    Keep in mind the physical size of your cover lens mount if replacing a flouro with led. My friend just had to do a big mod to make it suit. I have the large open centre ones, so too easy.
  3. Beer Lao

    Beer Lao is exceptional in Thailand. Or anywhere. On a par with Angkor from Cambodia. This discussion started about this. Not some cat or civet piss from the black forest. Hahahaaa. Just kidding. But beer lao is a very good drop.
  4. Beer Lao

    Sorry. Makro Yaso. The girl at the alco counter called a guy over, and there was a discussion, so maybe a mistake. The box was near the Coronas.
  5. Beer Lao

    I got this badboy in Makro Ubon a few days ago for 840 baht. This is only 35 baht a bottle, and they only had the one box. A couple days later, checked Ubon Yasothon, but they only had dark at 1500. I like dark, but too exy.
  6. Isis r&r destination. It's been a hard slog for the poor buggers. Lucky they have new passports.
  7. Beer Lao

    Tops at central world Ubon, would only sell a box at single price. 3 years ago in Siem Reap Cambodia, beer Lao 1 usd, same as Angkor, but a friend in Cambo says only 50 cents in the village.
  8. No. He has confessed.case closed. Have you actually read anything about this? Please have a look. Save yourself further embarrassment. Case still closed.
  9. Ok then, try this. Finally, Amaury’s mother said that if her son is guilty of the charges against him then he must pay for what he has done but called for the crimes to thoroughly and properly investigated by the authorities in Thailand. he has confessed. Done the re enactment, but "if" he is guilty. Pa...lease. Spare me the hair splitting. Case closed.
  10. A tip for downloading the forms and printing them. My printer was set for A4 size, and missed the last couple of lines, so you may needt to reset to letter size. Arrive at the consulate early though, and in front of the shop across the road, there is a guy set up with computer and forms. He will fill them in and print for you, and check you have everything in order for I think it was 80 baht. Easy.
  11. Mums idea that he is innocent because he was led is a bit hard to swallow.
  12. The message is, the islam is a religion of peace.
  13. Snakes

    Dead snakes don't bite. Live ones do. Not rocket science is it.
  14. BWS - beers wines and spirits

    I unfotunartely drink 12 or so large leo each day. While working back home, I sunk a dozen cans every evening, so almost double what I was drinking. The cost I measure in kilos. 15 kg up since May. Not an ideal situation, although I do enjoy it.
  15. Get a shaman and a few monks over to do some chanting. Should be okay once the spirits are driven out.