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  1. Irrelevant. They are a pack of murdering muslims.
  2. Royal Enfields

    RE pillion seats are abailable for the 500 classics. 4300 baht. Easy bolt on, and the bike already comes with rear pegs.
  3. Myanmar have the right idea. There cannot be peace while there is islam.
  4. Massive first post.
  5. If you live close to an immigration office, then no problem. If you don't, like me, then it is a 2 hour drive for every petty little item of government request. License, rego, mods to car, every bloody thing. A pain in the clacker.
  6. Suggestions for new phone please

    Samsung j2 champ. Sd memory card in it, and away you go. Card is good for memory, because photos save to the card. If the phone gets broken, you still have your memories. Dual sim as well.
  7. Take away this poor girls life for a few minutes of sick enjoyment. Such a sad business.
  8. Soo...let the extremists kill people, and say nothing lest you be called an extremist? Oh please...the logic escapes me. Have you not had any sort of an education?
  9. The rest of the world need to take note. Pandering to islam only leads to more attacks. Myanmar and Israel are taking the lead on how to deal with terrorists. Violence should not be tolerated, because it just goes on and on. Stamp it out is the only road to peace, and maybe another peace prize.
  10. The army are busy politicking. The south will have to wait for a return to democracy...........
  11. Another snake I'd

    This one appears to be the Rooted Checkered Keelback. Similar to the standard, but rooted.
  12. I am in the dark a bit..how many generals were judging this case? And how many generals are assigned to deal with the backlash? And exactly how many generals are there in tbe thai army, and how many are still doing thai army business. Just a general observation....
  13. I have never counted, but at the end, for a month or so, average about AUD 1000 per week. Accommodation 1000 baht/ night. Drink and party lots. Day to day, I don't worry about the cost, but this is how it pans out. Great times.
  14. It was also 23.5 after that. When it was high, Aud was almost parity with Usd. That's long gone.
  15. Living 2 hrs from an immigration office, it's a real pain in the butt getting a residence cert for every little thing. In particular, dealing with the land transport office. My one attempt at getting a yellow book derailed on a certification issue with marriage cert. If you live close to an immigration office, not so much of an issue.