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  1. Sorry, but I'm not gay. Obviously the title to attract gay men. Enjoy your shitty arse gents.
  2. I am flabbergasted. Islam is such a peaceful religion. How can this be. More incorrect reporting from the west. Surely muslims take care of their children, peacefully of course.
  3. There can be no political activities in Thailand. Military...very okay.
  4. Not too long now for the submarine auction.
  5. Submarines do not use that route.
  6. No. The inverter is in a gpo, and the other is joined directly to the power up on the pole. My side of the meter. I see now, that is just the same as being earth on the same job. The earth clamped directly onto the terminal had me tricked. Cheers.
  7. These guys building our car port, have cobbled my inverter welder to their own machine, and running two hand pieces. Bugger me. Never seen this before, and I am a boilermaker by trade. Any derogoratory comments, just don't please.
  8. Same as local when not your bank. Cheers.
  9. And I wonder what charges are on Thai cards in other countries ATM.
  10. It appears that the naughty buggers have thrown ink all over his nice white shirt.
  11. I played the ping pong today, to get a residence certificate to transfer the rego of a car I bought to my name. Twice before, I have gotten residence cert from Sisaket immigration office. Once for license, and once for yellow book, which failed because the first time the person had done it. Both times no probs, and passport photo attached. This time, was different. No passport pics required, but I had to go to Sisaket transport office to get a letter requesting the residence cert. Immi pointed out that they close for lunch at 12. So off to transport, lodge it all, and get you come back at 2 pm. Ok then. Back to town, back to transport pay 5 baht, and back to immigration, and still back to transport to do the transfer. There's one day that I wont get back. The annoying thing, is that we live 2 hours away, and it's not so easy to play these games. Back on friday for the last episode.
  12. I used the pay carpark first time, but now use the free car park 100 metres on, just before immigration. No shade though.
  13. Another one that needs to be spanked. My hand is up to be the spanker.
  14. Yes. It was behind the trunk.
  15. Yes. My stepson was a golfcourse greenkeeper or whatever they call it for his 2 years in the air force base at Ubon. The course is at the base.