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  1. Yes, I can see where you are coming from. Possibly a combination of lack of education and poor parenting have contributed to your narrow view and hatred of the real world. Have a beer and get over your petty self.
  2. Fantastic teetotaler post. Put the racist hate on everyone except your self. What a sorry world you must live in. Learn some tolerance. I'm sure the drinkers would be more than happy to explain it to you, as I would. We are a happy bunch, and would shout you a drink, just for you to release some of that anger. Chok dee.
  3. There must be some small minded tiny thought process, from a person living in a sheltered little left wing world, that no one else should be interested in what goes on in the rest of the world. Wakey wakey. The world is bigger than your quarter rai. Or are there some examples of what you allude to? None have shown up yet. Back into your shell, and let the rest of us take care of what you are afraid to face.
  4. Not for me either. If I wanted a modded bike, I would buy standard and mod it myself. But I don't. Happy just to plod about. I'll put a different silencer on mine, and a k&n filter . Breathing is always a problem with rego compliance. But I need to research the controller/ chip or whatever to keep the tune ok. The Indians are all over it. Edit...actually, I have similar tyres, but they are on my car. Haha. I don't get the thai scooter mod thing. Sure, limited finances, small stature etc. Our daughter has the thin seat on her honda wave. And the skinny tyres. The ride is rough. Why? Pffft. Got me tricked.
  5. Found the thing. 10 or so photos on their facebook page. 290 000 baht.
  6. Sorry to waffle, but just zoomed in on this pic, and notice that it is 535cc.
  7. Standard GT. Also instore.
  8. This fellow here. Wider tyres, and many other trims etc from the standard GT. This pic was instore. 240 000 I think.
  9. I picked up a Classic Chrome from Ubon A few weeks ago. There are two dealers that I know of. The bikes are readily available, with the Yakmoto store having at least one of each colour/ style. Plus a GT special job. This store are also the Bennelli dealers, across from the big Tesco Lotus. Pillion seat is an extra 4000 odd baht. After 2 weeks, it had not arrived, and I asked, did you order it? They say yes, what colour would you like, brown or black? Haha. The missus just has to watch me disappear each day. The ride is plush. With sprung seat and shocks. Front is slightly firmer.
  10. Have you ever tried get an oyster off a rock? .......And there we have it.
  11. I bought a used Ford Ranger a couple of weeks ago. No problem getting the reciept in my name, because it was a private sale, and cash. For the rego transfer, I went to Sisaket immigration office to get a residence certificate. Not had a problem previously, just take a passport photo. But for rego transfer, I had to go to the Land Transport Office, to ask for a letter requesting the residence certificate. Took it back to immigration, got the cert, then back to transport for the transfer. Bloody hell. Then, had to wait a week and a half, because I had it changed from Bangkok plates to Sisaket. All a bit painfull. As well, had to put it over the pit for inspection at transport office.
  12. Oh here we are. A perfect summation from a gay man, who can't believe that others are not. Retardation at it's best.
  13. Thailands third gender is what they are, and what they feel they need to be, or on their way to complete gender change. But...banging a man up the clacker is gay. And before you say if I don't like gays then I must be gay, just think about how retarded that statement is. Oh, and enjoy your nice clean <deleted>. Cheers.
  14. The article is not about the kkk. It is about muslim murders during the last 10 days of ramadan. A popular murder month for islam.
  15. Sorry, but I'm not gay. Obviously the title to attract gay men. Enjoy your shitty arse gents.