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  1. Teenager dies after rolling onto broken iPhone cable in her sleep

    So easy to kill someone these days. Put a phone charger underneath them while they are asleep/ already dead. Job done.
  2. Venus and jupiter conjunction

    20 baht. But just stop here, you go look gem.
  3. I wonder what the algerian said to deserve that? Brit probably just relaxing, trying to stay out of trouble. Two sides to everything. Sometimes more. Racist stereotyping here is pathetic.
  4. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Yes. Dirty, and disrespectful. There we have it. No shoes in my house. The floors are clean.
  5. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Adults at well. The more noise they make, shows how much they are enjoying it. I trained our kids out of it, but it's not my place to tell others kids what to do. A bugger when you see a pretty lady, and her mouth is like a cement mixer, and you can see all of the engredients being churned.
  6. Woman, 65, puts up sign to recruit boyfriend

    Skimmed a house from the last guy. Next......
  7. So...she just missed out on the new laws which exempt any member of the junta from prosecution. How is this fair to some, but not all?
  8. Prominent neo-Nazi comes out as gay and reveals Jewish heritage

    Now this is the silliest rubbish ever... If you are not gay, then you must be gay. Do you even think something through before you type it, or ever wake up to what you have said... Oh my goodness
  9. Prominent neo-Nazi comes out as gay and reveals Jewish heritage

    All of this is ok. Just lucky he's not muslim. He would have to toss himself off................a building.
  10. Lack of clitoris probably curtails these activities. Their fathers must really care about them. I notice last week, there is a hospital in bangkok offering clitorectomies with graphic images in their advert. I am happy I don't love my daughter enough to do that to her.
  11. I have tried to find the existing thread to update, but can't. So, my experience today. I am currently on a multi entry non o, so need to leave the country every 90 days to gain another 90. I was previously working, so this is the first time to just do in out. Parked with the missus and grandkids at the right hand side car park. Left them there, and strolled to the lefthand side of the road for exit from Thailand. Cruised through, even though didn't have the departure card in the passport. Just filled out a new one. Across to the other side of the road, and the hut at the rear issues the Cambodian visas. He asked how long I stay, and I said I just come for visa out/ in. No problem. 1200 thai baht. Full page Cambo visa sticker, and out to the front office for stamp. The guy at the back filled out arrival/ departure forms without asking. Stamp done, stroll along to Thai immigration. Got a new departure/ arrival card, stamp another 90 days, and all over. Back to the car, total 25 minutes, only because a group of Thai cambos in front having fingerprints done. Trouble free for anyone in Surin/ Sisaket region.
  12. Man’s unsent text message with smiley face counted as a will

    Can't wait for next state of origin.
  13. Royal Enfields

    Royal enfield yakmoto's facebook page have info on what's going on. These photos look like they are from the Thonglor showroom, Bangkok
  14. Royal Enfields

    No. I have not heard any news of the Himalayan.
  15. Royal Enfields

    Just dropped mine in for 3000k service today, and see they have a new arrival. Very well fitted out. Dic brake, steering damper. Running boards both sides.