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  1. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    We don't have auctions around here, south Sisaket. We have to cop 18 baht a kilo. If another offers 1 baht more, its not worth rusting my car out to get 300 baht. All the buyers have new cars though.
  2. You must be one of those millionaires. Our village shop does a roaring trade at 25 baht noodles with the other stuff in it.
  3. Goanna

    Video of building my modern style house in Sisaket

    From Mount Isa. Our place is in Phu Sing. 30 km south of Khukhan. We travel through to Sisaket every few weeks. I go back to work for 2- maybe 3 mths sept/ october. Back around xmas for all next year. Give me a cooee when you are here mate. Cheers.
  4. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    No, very little rain. Most days an afternoon shower for half an hour. Last year they used nothing, and averaged 350 kg, from 800 trees. We fertilized at season start with Supertop 15-15-15. 1 kg per 3 trees.
  5. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    I found this stuff the cutters were using on the trees on the net. It is a stimulant, and I have told them to stop it. A farm product guy in the nearest town, says after you have used it, they latex will stop coming after you stop use. So it will take a month before we see what happens. Also, I have noticed over the last month that some panels have stopped producing, and they have had to start new. One tree has had three goes, and is dry. I dont know if related. So 6 of 1200 have a problem. We dont have auctions here, just the usual buyers. Most places give 18 baht/ kg. This one 14 rai farm of 1200 trees giving 430 kg now for 9 day odd cycle. We are only cutting 900 trees so far.
  6. Goanna

    What products do you bring from home?

  7. This is what they sound like. My quest for the right muffler.
  8. 11 000 km on mine, and I love it. Had one small bracket break under the seat. Aftermarket exhaust gives it a ripper note. The smooth throbbing grunt is excellent. 2018 models have rear disc.
  9. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    Thw cutters say that this is the product they put on the panel. It appears to be a tree wound compound, but l'll find out shortly. Love the bike. I have the classic chrome. 11 000 km.
  10. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    We have family cutting the other farms. Nothing but trouble. This one is 15km away, and that is why we use others. I go to check almost every day, because I love the cool ride on the bike. Just lucky to catch them out today. I have a RE 500. A plonker, which suits me fine. The yield has only gone up this year, so we will just clamp down on it straight away. Cheers mate.
  11. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    Thanks for the quick response. I will take the wife to deal with it after the sale. Otherwise, they take very good care of the farm. They clear out all of the fallen branches, and in general keep the place very tidy. Husband and wife team. Not related luckily. Hopefully a warning will suffice. They should have asked permission to do this in the first place. Thanks again.
  12. Goanna

    Rubber Trees

    We have a 9 rai farm with 600 x RRIM 600 trees. The tappers say the bark is hard to cut, and the production appears to be low. Also, there is quite a bit of bark cracking. The trees have been cut now four years, so are probably 10 years old or so. People are telling us that the condition of the trees is due to previous cutters using the growth regulator ETHEPHON. This is concerning, as I just discovered today that the cutters on our other farm of 14 rai, are using it on those trees. Last season was the first cut, and the trees are very clean and healthy. Some friends have suspected this, as they say production is too high. It returns 420kg/ 9 day cycle for the 800 opened trees. I have not confronted the cutters yet, as I just saw it today, but tomorrow they will cut and sell, and I will talk to them then. Last year, averaged 350 odd kg. I have researched this till the cows come home, and buggered if I can find anything on the net about the effect on trees. All sites suggest no problem. Have any of you guys any experience with this?
  13. Goanna

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    Just flipped from page 1 to 5. Smack the bitch. Only thing they understand. Show the <deleted> who is boss. Otherwise, she will never respect you. You know this.
  14. So...accuse him? Check if you have one iota of intelligence please. Then try again. No one should live in fear bud. No one.