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  1. I had a good friend (unfortunately, he has since passed on) who used to get with ladyboys occasionally. One night at a bar, after he had his tongue in a lady boys mouth for awhile, I asked him what the attraction was. He said, some of them are more beautiful than women, their bodies are amazing, and their skills are unparalleled. He then uttered an infamous statement, which lives to this day! He said, "it is just like being with a woman, often better, except there is another dick in the room". At that point, I did not push for more details. Frankly not interested. But never forgot that line. Though some would accuse me of being homophobic, which I am definitely not, or closed minded, which I am definitely not, in my opinion it is what I call a free pass. It gives a guy an excuse, or a way to have a bisexual experience, without the stigma often associated with a gay experience. I have seen a few in many, many years here which I could not tell were ladyboys. A few. But, 999 out of 1,000 are obvious. At least to me. The voice, the hands, the feet, the throat, their forward behavior, or the face. Most of the time, I find alot to have sort of horsey faces. Like the one pictured in this post. Thee is kind of a equine quality to the face.
  2. spidermike007

    Your Opinion of Mitsubitshi "Inverter" A/Cs

    Avoid samsung, as the company has a policy of not making parts after 36 months, for their entire product line. They make some excellent products. I have had an 18,000 btu Samsung inverter AC for 10 years now, and it keeps on humming. But, I have had to trash two very nice LED TV's. which broke, and parts for them could not be sourced. Samsung told me straight up, there are no parts available anywhere. I recently purchased a Panasonic inverter AC for the bedroom. It was expensive. But, it was worth it. It is a super fine unit, and is whisper quiet on the low speeds. Very happy with it. I do agree about Daikin. They make units that are far superior to the Mitsubishi units. Lastly, I have made a habit of calling the AC guy out every 6 months, to break down each one of my units, and give it a major cleaning. It only costs about 500 per unit, and is well worth it. Keeps them very efficient. Lastly, I clean my filters every week to 10 days. That also seems to help to keep the units operating smoothly and quietly and it probably reduces dust in the air.
  3. When the tiny man was installed, he was specifically directed to protect the elite, those who are in power, well connected, or super wealthy. That is what the entire junta was about. And that is exactly what they have done. Of course, they have made an effort to at least appear to be doing something for the people, while enriching themselves to no end. There is no fight against corruption. There is very little work being done to benefit the people. So, if anyone was truly serious about lowering the crime rate in Thailand, who would they go after first? 1. Those in power, at the highest levels. They are the most corrupt. 2. The top brass of the national police. 3. The provincial governors and mayors, and the senators. 4. The local Thai mafias. 5. The wealthiest families, some of whom commit crime with impunity (think the headman of Sairee Beach on Dark Tao, and his serial murdering son. Think the Red Bull heir, who mowed down the cop, and is living very, very comfortably overseas. Are any of these groups being pursued? Of course not. Who is being pursued? Both legal, and Illegal immigrant workers, who make an enormous contribution to Thai society and the economy, and totally innocent foreigners, who also make an enormous economic contribution, and arguably a valuable cultural contribution to this country. Why? Because to pursue the others would be both a failure to protect the elite, on the part of the fabulously incompetent leadership, and a betrayal of their agenda. It would also be an admission that a large part of the crime committed in this country is home grown, and perpetrated by Thais both at the local level, and at the highest levels of the police, and the government.
  4. spidermike007

    Trump lawyer Giuliani defends legality of porn star payment

    Rudy has completely shown himself to be a whore. He has completely sold out, by taking on triple D (draft dodging don). He knew exactly what Trump was, decades ago. As NY Attorney general, then the mayor of NY, he knows the extent of Trump's crimes, and he knows the lack of ethics, morality, and fair play, that is who and what this charlatan huckster is. In general, alot of republicans have lowered their standards, in order to stand by this crime lord, get their political agendas passed, and end up suffering his reign. Many of my friends who continue to support him, despise him, yet they stand by him, as there is barely an alternative. It is what it is. But, you cannot call yourself a particularly moral being, and continue to support this creep. Sorry. Facts are facts. How low can he go? Much lower than he has. Ignore his behavior and lack of decency at your peril.
  5. Many drivers here are so incredibly self absorbed, they just do not give a damn about anyone else on the road. Even people who are dying! The only way to resolve this, is to get the police to start practicing traffic safety, something they adamantly refuse to do. Vehicles must be impounded, with massive fines of 50,000 baht. Then, word will quickly get around, and people will start paying attention. Also, massive social media campaigns directed at shaming the person responsible might help.
  6. spidermike007

    Cambodia makes first arrest using new royal insult law

    This is absolute nonsense. The government has been insulting the monarchy in Cambodia for decades. Forced them into exile for quite some time. There is no love, nor any respect for the monarchy, by this serial killing, thieving, despot dictator. None. This is all about the government grabbing more power. As if they do not have enough already. Hun Sen is completely out of control. The man is a pig, and a monster.
  7. What alot of politicians both here, and currently in the US, do not seem to understand, is that the planet is a living organism. It sustains us, and requires support, care, consciousness, and assistance. Without that, what are we left with? Air like they have in China. Beaches and Gulf water, like we have in Thailand. Rivers that are foul. So little time and effort and resources are devoted to the environment here. And when you combine that with a staggering degree of ignorance and indifference on the part of nearly the entire population of the country, it is a recipe for disaster. They only react after they have been utterly and completely humiliated, and have lost "face". The lack of waste treatment here is essentially a massive theft, on the part of the local politicians. It is often due to monies being allocated for this purpose, then getting stolen by greedy men, with zero vision, nor zero concern for their communities. Lock them up for life! As ex-pats the very least we can do, is to refuse plastic bags everywhere we go, by bringing our own, and refuse to purchase water in plastic bottles. It is so easy to have the 20 liter bottles delivered to our homes, and fill BPA free bottles at home, and bring them with us everywhere we go, including restaurants. I do that daily. Saves perhaps 300-700 bottles a year. One can say what difference does that make? Well, it has to start somewhere.
  8. The trick is to get it done quickly. Within 48 hours of the sentence being passed. If guilty beyond any doubt, and proven with DNA, etc, let him die quickly. In California it takes 20 years or more, and the average person on death row costs the state $60 million. That is just stupid. Once a man crosses certain lines, he has self revoked his right to consume oxygen. Waste them quickly.
  9. He is messing things up for all other foreigners, when it comes to the crazy practice of sin sod. Not a good thing at all. Word gets around. And when earnest men want to marry a woman (which is far more typical!) all bets are off. Women who are in their 30's, who are divorced, and who have a kid (traditionally a woman of the lowest value, according to sin sod valuation charts) is proposed to, she all of a sudden feels her value is far, far more that reality dictates. This kind of precedent is not only unnecessary, many of us would call it foolish and lacking in vision, to put it mildly.
  10. Though I have never been all that impressed with the art exhibits that this center puts on, the building is amazing, and it does seem that they do work for the community, and have programs for the kids, which is a good thing. The governor is lost. He knows nothing about anything. Not a good thing for him to have anything to do with this place. He has amply demonstrated that art and culture is something he does not care one iota about. Keep him away. He is a clown, and a fool. If you are in Bangkok, and want to experience really high quality fine art, go to MOCA. It is up near Don Muang. It is an astonishing museum, an incredible space, and the collection is superb. The best art I have seen in Thailand, and prior to seeing this place, I had no idea that Thai artists were creating work on this level. A must for any lover of art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok (MOCA) houses the most comprehensive collection of modern painting and sculpture in Thailand inside a striking, purpose built gallery. The five storeys of MOCA contain over 800 pieces of art collected by communications magnate Boonchai Bencharongkul and showcase the development of Thai fine art since the introduction of modern western concepts. The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00, Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday), and costs 180 baht for the general public. It costs 80 baht for students and for visitors over the age of 60 or under 15, admission is free.Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/magazine/moca.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001 http://www.bangkok.com/magazine/moca.htm
  11. spidermike007

    Buying glasses online in thailand.

    I always buy from EyeBuyDirect.com - They are amazing. Very inexpensive. However they are in the US, so not sure about shipping. I get good prescription lenses and decent frames for $25 or so. Same thing retail here is $200 or more, for same quality.
  12. That is exactly the topic that needs to be discussed. I cannot think of a viable alternative, within the restraints of my budget. I have considered spending at least a portion of the year in Spain. No other place in SE Asia is anything I find appealing. Vietnam holds no allure for me, having been there three times. I find most of the people there to be like cold, wet fish. Cambodia is ok, but not someplace I would want to live, considering the serial killing multi billionaire despot leader, not Burma for a nanosecond, Laos does not seem to offer much, other than cheap beer, and Malaysians though nice, do not seem to be as lighthearted, or fun loving as the Thais. Indonesia has alot of wonderful elements. But where? Certainly not Bali, which had it's day, but has become way too overdeveloped and way too overpopulated. The PI? The way I figure that place, is that the only reason a man would want to live there, is the lovely women, who blow away Thai women on so many levels. But, the country is a wasteland. A pit of desolation. A ghetto. And the food absolutely sucks, the air quality is horrible, and the health care system is marginal, at best. And another serial killing, despot leader. So, where? I would not move back to the states, unless it was something I had no choice about. The quality of life in the US diminishes daily. The place is such a pale shadow of it's former self. I like it here. It is not perfect. If I could play God for a moment, there are many things I would change about Thailand, the educational system, the government, traffic safety, etc. But, I do like it here, and find alot of aspects of life here to be fulfilling, appealing and fascinating. And I like most Thai people. When in Bangkok, I am often astonished at how good an attitude most locals have, for big city people. And most Thais elsewhere are quite delightful, as long as you are away from Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya, for the most part, where many are quite jaded, and do not seem to enjoy relating to foreigners. I think at least part of this is about attitude. Some find it easy and natural to be unfulfilled, no matter where they are. They can leave, but unfortunately for them, they have to take their minds with them! I am fortunate to have found a really outstanding woman, who has my back all the time, is kind, pretty, large hearted, positive, has a great sense of humor, and is smart, cooks like a gourmet chef, and is alot of fun to be around, daily. I acknowledge that makes a huge difference in one's attitude toward the place!
  13. Lock them both up for the remainder of their lives. Let the inmates make they "feel at home". They will be treated very kindly by their new friends in prison. Let us hope they can find a judge with the courage to give them the sentence they earned, with their ridiculous, callous, mindless behavior toward their own family. Animals.
  14. spidermike007

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    No. It means outsider. Other Asians are not considered farangs. It is because we look so different. We will never be considered Thai, no matter how long we live here, and how well we speak the language. Thailand is not an inclusive nation, nor is it an inclusive culture. If you live in Mexico for more than 20 years, and speak the language well, you are more or less considered an honorary Mexican. Not so here. When the incredible fool Phibun started promoting nationalism back in the 1930's, he forever changed the nation. Many of the more open minded people do not buy into the nonsense, and genuinely like foreigners. But, some are not as open minded. Now, the tiny man at the top is attempting to restart this nonsensical nationalist agenda. It is mindlessness at it's zenith. But, that pretty much describes the little man. The average Thai means no harm when using the term. Take no offense. Water off a duck's back. Thick skin is a real attribute. Do not be like Trump. Thin skin is a tremendous weakness, and is usually a sign of major self esteem issues. Real men have thick skin, and care little what others think of them.
  15. All sadly true. He has re-populated the swamp, with his own crocodiles and snakes. Anyone who equates the rise in the stock market with Trump's policies, and considers that a sign of a booming economy is missing all of the signs. It is about the companies saving taxes, and cutting back on services, that is making them more profitable, and causing them to have record profits. Meanwhile, consumer confidence remains very, very low, and retailers are hurting. The average person is not benefitting from the corporate tax cuts, and inflation is rampant. I know many will argue with my inflation and consumer confidence claims, as the fake narrative coming from the deflector in chief is quite the opposite. But lies do not change reality. U.S. retail sales fell for a third straight month in February as households cut back on purchases of motor vehicles and other big-ticket items, pointing to a slowdown in economic growth in the first quarter. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/14/retail-sales-decline-for-third-straight-month-in-february.html