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  1. Flights from Hua Hin to Kuala Lumpur get a little closer

    Your point is well taken. In fact, I like Hua Hin quite alot. I visit regularly. I was referring to Phetkasem, and the surrounding areas. But, HH is a very pleasant town, and the hills are quite nice.
  2. I truly believe that reality TV, is the lowest common denominator in contemporary culture. I think it has reduced the US to a country, at least partly devoid of human understanding, and has diminished what culture it had. I avoid reality TV like the bubonic plague. Just do not get what entertainment value there is, in demeaning other people. Thankfully, I do not get it. So, you put a reality TV host in the very white house, and what can one expect? Reality TV, bar none.
  3. The talk about family values here is largely rhetoric. Most parents here have no idea whatsoever, how to raise a child. The same could be said about the entire planet these days. Parenting is a lost art. Some still put the time and effort into it, but most do not. I have heard parents actually say I do not want to be hard on my kids. If I do that they might not love me anymore. Seems so many parents are trying to be friends with their kids, rather than being parents and disciplinarians. I am fearful for the current generation of youth. Without screens they are completely lost. Without parenting what do they have, except food, and a roof over their heads? Recently I was at a movie. Two kids were running around the theatre like wild monkeys, shouting and playing, as if nobody else was there. I approached the parents, and asked them if they could do something about their kids. I politely explained to them, that the theatre was full of people who had paid to see the film. The father said, "what do you expect me to do, they are children". I responded by asking him if he was sure about what he had just said. I told him I thought, based on his response, that they were the parents, and he was the child, completely incapable of being a parent, and imposing discipline on his kids. He responded by saying he would meet me outside after the movie, so he could kick my ass. Funny man. Silly man. Such a lack of emotional development. Some Thais remind me of Trump, the US deflector in chief, with their adolescent behavior.
  4. Not even close. Do you like the leader of your country? I have never in my lifetime lived in a country where I liked the leader. Maybe Jimmy Carter was the exception and he had little skill as a president, partly due to his kind heart. Forgive me. Perhaps I should be more of a sheeplike creature. But, I do not like politicians, and consider all of them, at the national level to be sewer creatures, and crocodiles. So, where does that leave me? Musk has not invented the interplanetary space colony yet, so I have no choice but to live in a country where I do not like the leader.
  5. No. Absolutely wrong. I am not happy to live under his patronage, or command, or lack of leadership. But, I am happy to live in Thailand. Beats the hell out of living under Trump. I have a good life here. Little P. has a very small effect on that quality of life. My heart goes out to the Thai people. He is sabotaging their lives on countless levels. But, it does not affect my life too much. Yes, I do deny that. Sure, I support the local economy. But most of that money goes to the local people. Fortunately, I do not have to pay taxes here nor do I pay alot of VAT. Some of what I spend goes to the government, but not much. And I sure do not offer him any moral support. Same goes for most ex-pats. We know who he is. Sort of sounds like you have some sort of ax to grind, against ex-pats who have decided to live in Thailand. What is your agenda?
  6. Of course they can cope. But, it means several officials are going to have to live with several million less baht per year, so they can build the desperately needed additional treatment plant. Pattaya is a huge city. It generates billions of baht per year in income. They can afford it. They just refuse to do the right thing, by the people. It is not a question of ability. It is a question of motivation. There is very little of that.
  7. He does not deserve to have any friends, as the man knows nothing of loyalty. He is burning the relationships with his allies, daily. And the amusing, and fun part of this, is that he cannot help himself. I am sure he is being advised to build bridges, not burn them. But, he just will not listen to voices of reason, due to the pathological degree of hatred, vengeance, smite, callousness, and crudeness he has in his black heart. The man is tone deaf. Not only is he incapable of reading the writing on the wall, he runs in the opposite direction every time something is required of him. Just wait. It is going to get better. I guarantee it. The man cannot help himself. Nobody needs to destroy him. He is doing all of the heavy lifting, and doing it all by himself. He is too shallow and too egotistical to see it. He is the polar opposite of a team player, and the best leaders have always been team players. When his enormous ego is wounded, he just cannot let it rest. He has to lash out. And that creates enemies, antagonism, and will result in an absolute refusal to cooperate with this creep. Just wait and watch. Trump is digging himself a deeper hole by the day. And when the time comes for his party to rescue him, they will throw him under the bus as fast as they can. And he will deserve that. He has worked hard and has earned that treatment. He is a clown, charlatan, a neophyte, and obviously he is not a quick learner. Donald Trump. The art of not being able to make a deal, to save his life.
  8. Being so abusive? By calling Trump mentally unstable? How could anyone, at this point, not think he is mentally unstable? I always knew he was. But, I was curious to find out how long it would take the world to figure this out. The man is unhinged. He cannot control himself one iota. He allows vengeance and hatred to dictate his agenda. Is that the kind stability you are implying?
  9. No. Absolutely wrong. I am not happy to live under his patronage, or command, or lack of leadership. But, I am happy to live in Thailand. Beats the hell out of living under Trump. I have a good life here. Little P. has a very small effect on that quality of life. My heart goes out to the Thai people. He is sabotaging their lives on countless levels. But, it does not affect my life too much.
  10. One of the problems with this man, and his frail, egotistical, vengeful, hateful, adolescent heart, is that he cannot see clearly. He is completely blinded by his ideology, and his hatred. He possesses no objectivity, which is dangerous considering the position he is in. So, at this point in time, rather than listening to voices of reason like Kelly, he continues to lash out at his perceived enemies, despite any common sense to to the contrary, and continues to make inane statements like the ones defending the confederate memorials. It is fun to watch. I knew he would be out of control, but I did not know it would be this bad. I knew he had no self control or discipline, but I did not realize he was this weak minded. He shoots himself in the foot daily. I thought by bringing in Kelly, things might calm down. But, apparently he will not listen to moderate voices, and once he goes off script, he really hurts himself badly. I am enjoying the show. There is a chance he will end up being impeached. I believe that he is losing support daily, within the house and senate leadership. Ryan will not say anything, as he is a sycophantic coward. But, others are speaking out, and dozens have lost faith in him, but are not speaking out quite yet. If he is not impeached, he will probably resign, after he realizes his own party is against him. It is entirely of his own making. The only one he can blame is himself, for so many of his problems. But, he is the last person in the world, that would take responsibility for his actions. It is not within him. He is not a big enough man. Get used to saying President Pence. He would be far better, though I am not fond of his positions. At this point, I would take Taylor Swift over Trump.
  11. My guess is that alot of the unknown deaths have to do with the utter and complete lack of effective law enforcement here, combined with the complete lack of traffic safety being practiced by the incompetent men in brown. Remember, the statistics that are compiled by the government do not include people seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents, who later die, but do not die at the scene of the accident. In addition to that you add in the complete lack of concern for public safety, on the part of the administration, and the fabulously low quality of the forensic work here, and you have a volatile mix.
  12. Violence prompts U.S. Congress to discuss militant threats

    Congress should be holding a hearing on the threat that sits in the Oval office. By siding with the extremists, and making utterly inane remarks such as "many good people were marching with the right in Charlottesville, and the demonstrators on the left were just as bad", he is showing support for hate groups, and creating even more divisiveness. He is a fool, and a charlatan. His ability to lead, is limited to a boy scout chapter, or a development company that fleeces it's clients. He is a public hazard. A threat to national security. A super goon. A neophyte, who wakes up every morning in such a state of misery, and with such a black heart, that he feels the need to inflict it upon others.
  13. Thais are very prejudiced. White skin to them is akin to divinity. With all of the obsession with the whitening creams, they show their obsession with whiteness daily. Some are more open minded than others. But in general most look down on dark skin. And unfortunately many with dark skin somehow feel inferior to those with white skin. I often tell my wife that alot of the really white skinned Bangkok types, and Europeans look like ghosts to me, and do not look like the picture of health, and how gorgeous alot of the women with dark skin look. It gets a puzzled and amused look from her. I have a black friend that I hang out with. And when we go out together, most women pay more attention to me, not because of my looks, but because of my white skin. My guess is that perhaps a century or more, from now, Thais will be open minded people, with more of an awareness of the world, and a greater understanding of values such as these. Perhaps. One can hope. And one can also hope nationalism will be outed for the fake narrative it truly is.
  14. Not gonna happen. He is a Charlottesville supporter type. Total kissing cousins with Trump. They have an awful lot in common.
  15. Hotel with unusual design isn’t falling down: experts

    Just another nincompoop with too much power, speaking out against something so minor, so silly, so inane, that he completely discredits himself, and the entire administration in the process. Jailing someone for posting something about a leaning building? What is this, North Korea? Stalinist Russia? Maoist China? Come on guys. You can do alot better than this. Who is terrorizing who here? The poster, that probably got a minor number of views, or the official Sanit Mahathavorn, who is scaring the hell out of the public with his ghoulish remarks? Little P. Moving Thailand backwards at an alarming, and astonishing pace. Not amazing Thailand. More like incomprehensible Thailand.