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  1. Sen is a weak minded despot, who is desperately clinging to power. He enjoys the tremendous wealth he acquires, from suppressing his people, stealing a lot of land, stifling political opposition, and continuing to pose as a democratic leader, with the full sanction of the entire Western world, who absolutely refuse to condemn his actions. He is a monster. A freak. A man without a nanogram of kindness, love, or compassion in his tiny, shriveled up, black heart. A multi billionaire, who robs, maims, imprisons, and kills at will. Has Thailand ever uttered one word of condemnation toward this super freak? No. Of course not. No moral authority within the entire nation, at this moment in time.
  2. Hun Sen Moving Toward One-Party Rule, UN Envoy warns

    Sen is a weak minded despot, who is desperately clinging to power. He enjoys the tremendous wealth he acquires, from suppressing his people, stealing a lot of land, stifling political opposition, and continuing to pose as a democratic leader, with the full sanction of the entire Western world, who absolutely refuse to condemn his actions. He is a monster. A freak. A man without a nanogram of kindness, love, or compassion in his tiny, shriveled up, black heart. A multi billionaire, who robs, maims, imprisons, and kills at will. Has Thailand ever uttered one word of condemnation toward this super freak? No. Of course not. No moral authority within the entire nation, at this moment in time.
  3. I really do not think any of this means anything. In many places within Thailand the no smoking ban already in place, is never enforced. Samui is the most blatant of all places in Thailand. There is absolutely no enforcement of any kind, but then again there is very little law enforcement on that outpost. But, there are many other areas where this applies. Will this law be upheld? I really doubt it. I like the idea, as I despise second hand smoke. But, these authorities are quite weak, and the lack of follow up, on any law or policy is really ridiculous and comical.
  4. Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting Trump on 'SNL'

    It might have been edgy in concept, but could not get past the first episode, and I like Jude Law. Seemed silly, contrived, deliberately nasty, and kind of pointless. Not liking the zombie genre, is not really a reasonable reason to disqualify a show for it's dramatic content. And as far as Game of Thrones goes, whether or not you are into the fantasy genre, in no way speaks to the extraordinary production values of this show.
  5. Bangkok named Best Asia-Pacific Leisure Destination

    Personally, I find Bangkok to be an amazing city. I have been visiting Bangkok for 40 years now. First came in 1976. It was quite a different world. A lot of swamps, few high rises, very funky. But, I think it has evolved quite nicely. Sure, it would use more parks. Sure, it would be better if there was less traffic. It has one of the best mass transit systems anywhere. It has great food. It has fantastic four star hotels, at $60-$70 a night! Very reasonable taxis. It has a lot of entertainment, some culture, and a world class museum called MOCA, near Don Muang. It is a structure that was built by the brilliant and visionary Boonchai Bencharongkul. The five storeys of MOCA contain over 800 pieces of art collected by communications magnate Boonchai, and showcase the development of Thai fine art since the introduction of modern western concepts. Since he could not find funding from the non visionaries in the government, he self funded the museum. $30,000,000 for the land and the building, and then he added his personal collection, which is outstanding. Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/magazine/moca.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001 Also, I love the people of Bangkok, as I consider them to be the most well adjusted big metro people I have ever encountered. Most big cities of the world these days are populated by disenchanted, listless, occasionally hostile, unfriendly, relatively unhappy, heavy hearted, hurried, harried, and generally joyless souls. Not Bangkok. They are lighthearted, reasonably friendly, helpful, fun, animated, and it feels as if they are leading lives that are somewhat fulfilling. Very unique for such a huge city anywhere. Lastly, it has what I consider to be the highest concentration of beautiful women on the planet, by far. One only has to stand in one spot for a minute or two, to see an absolute stunner. Try that in KL. Or Jakarta. Or Tehran. Or Shanghai. Or Chicago. Or London. I do not live in Bangkok, but visit a lot. And I love every day I can spend in that great city.
  6. More fake news. Does anyone believe these polls or articles? These increases, especially on the wine, are inane beyond comprehension. I do not really care about tobacco. Personally, I hate the stuff. But wine? More unbelievably inane policy, from a government who's sheer incompetence boggles the imagination. Raise the taxes on wine, even more. They already have the highest wine taxes on the planet. What do incompetent politicians do, when they have a massive shortfall in revenue, and they have utterly drained the coffers, on really, really bad policy decisions? They raise taxes. It is the least creative thing any politician can do. It is also usually the least intelligent decision. Who expects any more from the little guy, and his band of nincompoops? There are countless things the government could be doing, if they wanted to attract the high quality tourists. The very first thing would be to repeal the anti fareng wine bill, that was passed by a few very corrupt senators way back when, to protect an anemic, fabulously low quality local wine industry. They are losing billions of dollars a year in revenue, that would be had from a 100% wine duty, instead of 460%. The five star hotels would have major wine events, and the entire industry would flourish here. But again, the lack of vision, combined with a naive, surly, silly, churlish, and ignorant sense of nationalism, bites the country in the butt. And again, who is the loser? The Thai people. Wine taxes should be lowered significantly. Import duties should be lowered to 70-100%. It would boost revenue. There are many Thais that are doing well, and love good wine. But, they are discouraged from drinking it, as the quality to price ration does not make any sense, for those of us who love good wine. If creative policy was implemented, not as many would cheat on the invoicing, and the wine industry would be encouraged to expand and thrive. As a result, the government would collect additional billions. But, that would require some vision, and progressive thinking. Something this administration does not possess. It is a real shame, as I find most Thai people to be quite lovely, friendly, warm, helpful and fun to be around. I am sure many feel the same way. But, unfortunately they are cursed with a government that is incompetent, myopic, non-visionary, indifferent, and reckless beyond imagination. Little P. and the TAT. Leading Thailand backwards at an astonishing and alarming pace.
  7. Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting Trump on 'SNL'

    All of them are great. Only watched the first episode of Ozark so far, but it was astonishing TV! Fargo is over the top great. First season was one of the best TV shows I have ever seen! Martin Freeman, and Billy Bob Thornton were remarkably good. Second season was good. Third season looks great so far, with Ewan McGregor in a stand out performance, playing two brothers. Have you been True Detective? Season one was astounding. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey working together was a sight to behold. Rome, the Tudors, Hell on Wheels, Deadwood, Spartacus, Generation Kill, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Power, Empire, the Shooter, I could literally go on for hours.
  8. Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting Trump on 'SNL'

    Baldwin nailed Trump like few others could. He totally got his bizarre gestures, his spastic moves, which sometimes border on a minor epileptic fit, his utterly crazy and BS laden streams of consciousness, his foibles, his hatred, his racism, his greed, his intolerance of women, and minorities, his incompetent leadership, his blowhard expressions, his hubris, arrogance, and his ignorance. And he made all that look funny! Kudos to him for his talent as a comedian. Most presidents would find it all very funny. Not Trump. His extreme level of insecurity, combined with his enormous ego, and need for self gratification, make him extremely intolerant of criticism, and extremely needy, when it comes to approval. One great thing about Trump, is that he has given the comedians so much good material to work with.
  9. Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting Trump on 'SNL'

    No. Completely wrong. There are at least a dozen amazing shows right now. Or more. It might have been the narrow minds of the voters. But, not the lack of talent on American TV. At least not the cable channels. Perhaps the bias on the past of the Emmy people is starting to loosen up. Hard to ignore the incredible talent, on shows like Game of Thrones, Ozark, Goliath, Fargo, House of Cards, Stranger Things, the Walking Dead, and so many other great shows.
  10. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    My guess is that most economists would find your view rather simplistic. There are so many factors at stake here. To put it rather simply, the high value the baht is primarily due to cash inflows, and monies being invested in the markets here, rather than the general health of the economy. Near-record foreign exchange reserves and a current-account surplus have burnished the baht’s appeal as a regional haven and attracted foreign capital to Thai bonds. The currency is the strongest performer in Southeast Asia in the past year. The super baht, however, is a complication for policy makers trying to nurture a recovery in an economy where exports account for about 70 percent of gross domestic product. Yet private-sector investment has been subdued since the generals seized power in a coup in 2014, while a run-up in household debt is weighing on consumers. Economic growth is accelerating on a nascent export recovery, tourism income and government outlays. But it remains the weakest in emerging Southeast Asia at just over 3 percent. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-29/thailand-copes-with-super-baht-20-years-after-currency-crashed
  11. Former attorney-general Atthapol Yaisawang has appealed to critics to not blame public prosecutors for allegedly dragging their feet in taking legal action against Red Bull heir, resulting to three cases being dropped due to expiration of their statute of limitations. He defended that the Red Bull Heir, Vorayudh Yoovidhya, had appealed for justice and, therefore, the public prosecutors had to consider his appeals to ensure justice. He cited Boss’s appeal to the National Legislative Assembly’s panel for legal, judicial process and police affairs complaining of incomplete investigation by the public prosecutors, making it impossible for the prosecutors to ignore. Basically what the Former attorney-general Atthapol Yaisawang is saying is that he is as corrupt, and as fallible, and as compromised, as the rest of the bunch. He is essentially admitting guilt, with his completely ridiculous statement. It is tantamount to saying that Timothy McVeigh, or Charles Manson, or the son of the headman of Sairee Beach on Dark Tao, has appealed for justice, therefore we should let him roam free. What he is saying is that he freely admits, that anyone with the wealth of "Boss" should be left alone. Wow. What can one say? How do you even respond to a system that is so completely compromised?
  12. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    One can only hope. I smell desperation. It smells quite foul. Nothing about this junta is benefitting the Thai people, at this stage. They are sabotaging the economy, decimating quality tourism (sorry, but I am not counting the 9 million Chinese tourists, as they contribute little to the local economy), and adding nothing to the mix. No talent, no creative juice, no honesty or integrity, no vision for the future, nothing.
  13. Thai beer does not sell that well, outside of Thailand. Why would it? It is an inferior product. Beer Laos is spectacular in comparison. That is why the industry has paid such a fortune to the politicians to keep them from allowing implementation of the ASEAN charter that allows free flow of alcoholic beverages across all ASEAN borders, tax free. The country has adamantly refused to abide by the charter they signed into law.
  14. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    As was recently stated in a very well written editorial by the BBC, the military understands this will probably be the last coup in Thai history. The moral authority that existed, and allowed so many coups for the past 70 years, no longer is with us. The Thai people will not back the next coup attempt. It would have to be a bloody coup, a la Egypt, in order for people to get behind the military next time around. So, as a result, they are clinging to power, with an utter sense of desperation. Let us not forget. The reason they said they would stay, is long past. No more excuses. Just a lot of nonsense from the incompetent neophytes.
  15. Not long ago, while visiting a restaurant on Samui, called Dr. Frogs, I noticed a little sign on the table. We are proud to offer our new house wine. Yellow Tail cabernet. Only 1,499 baht, per bottle. I had just returned from the US, and the markets were absolutely flooded with this swill, at $3.99 a bottle. That is about 135 baht! So, yes I agree with you. Why drink absolute junk, for inflated prices? Yellow Tail is the best selling imported wine in the United States. Yellow Tail accounted for 11 percent of all U.S. imports in 2005. This one wine brand represents about 8 percent of all Australian wine production and 15 percent of that country’s total wine exports. Yellow Tail sells more wine in the U.S. than all French producers combined. And that say alot about the average American wine palate. Again, the government misses the mark, and does not have the vision, nor the courage to undo an injustice, perpetrated by very corrupt senators, who sabotaged the Thai economy, in a feeble effort to protect a few unbelievably inferior local wine producers. Instead, goes what their solution is? Raise taxes even more, to compound the import taxes already in place. Who came up with this policy? How was it approved? Who are these people? Why are they allowed to continue their reign of economic destruction? Also, this is in direct contravention to the ASEAN charter that Thailand signed, and is a party to, that allows the distribution, importation, and export of all alcoholic beverages between all ASEAN members, duty free. When is the last time you saw a bottle of Saigon beer, 33 beer (both Vietnamese beers), Hitachino Nest white ale, India pale ale (both from Cambodia), or Bintang beer (Indonesian) on the supermarket shelves? Beer Laos, if you are lucky enough. I can understand why the giant Thai beer companies would do everything in their power to squash the implementation of this law. Their product is way, way inferior, to that of their neighbors. But, the government has a responsibility to follow through with laws they are a party to. Even if that means saying no to massive hand outs.