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  1. It is well known, that hundreds if not thousands of police officers, and officials, are involved in the sex industry here. They own massage shops, countless bars (with bargirls), some of the soapies, and some of the go-go's. Which ones are they? You are welcome to name them, if you dare. That is not important. What is important is that many of the same creeps who are crying foul over a stunt, are the ones making millions on the sex trade.
  2. There are an awful lot of people out there these days with paper thin skin. There is nothing wrong with small breasts and it is not necessarily an insult. Some small breasts are gorgeous. Some large breasts are nasty. The authorities here are trying to make Thailand into some kind of puritan nation. They are lost. The authorities here are completely misguided, totally without a plan, no moral bearing, no vision, and no wisdom to guide them. They are making it up as they go along, and are botching it, at every turn. This lawyer is just trying to get some attention. Kind of a ridiculous discussion. All I can say to the current batch of so called leaders, is get out. Get out now. You are not wanted. You are not liked. You are not doing a good job. Get out. Leave. Hold elections already. Enough. Get out now! Get rid of these loser leaders!
  3. I would tend to agree with you. There is no established formula. Living with someone who is kind, loving, supportive and fun to be around is great for some of us, who are fortunate enough to have found that quality of relationship. But for others, living alone can be just as fulfilling. It is all about lifestyle, passion, and creativity. Relationships are not for everyone, and I would never impose that belief on anyone. And I think that anyone who tries, is rather small minded. The majority of people I know who are in relationships, do not appear to be fulfilled, and I would go so far as to say that most do not seem to make each other better versions of themselves, which is one of my criteria for a great, healthy, vibrant, and dynamic relationship. Then there is the economic side of things. For many single men, living alone means a far higher quality of life. I always say having a relationship here costs more than double, as you end up doing things for your woman, that you might not do on your own. Not to mention her family. So, it just depends on the individual. The single guys are able to travel as they please, do as they please, and not have to style their lives around another. Saying otherwise, is a bit like saying "truth is not truth", or religion is absolutely necessary for fulfillment, or my diet is healthier than your diet. All subjective nonsense. Some guys, who are emotionally healthy, are fine on their own. Some need a women in their lives, or they are unfulfilled. But every case is different. Look at Anthony Bourdain. He had a lovely wife, an 11 year old daughter, a successful TV show earning him big bucks, was at the peak of his career, was well respected, and very well liked, had $16 million on the bank, and still took his own life. Fortunately most of us will never know the depths of depression or desperation one has to sink to, to take ones own life. I doubt if this guy would have done any differently if he were in a relationship. If he were on the correct meds, maybe. But a relationship alone? Doubt it.
  4. spidermike007

    So here is the dilemma, if not Thailand then where?

    Dont bother. I watched it for you. It is 25 minute rant about gold diggers, and the futility of internet dating sites to meet a good woman. Nothing new here. Same old, same old.
  5. spidermike007

    So here is the dilemma, if not Thailand then where?

    I have not been in some time. Perhaps some others on this forum who have been more recently can comment on how expensive Spain is right now. I have heard second hand how expensive it has become. I still think you can get decent deals on property, if an hour away from the tourist areas, and I think rentals are affordable if outside the tourist areas. But, it is still going to be alot higher than in Thailand. And, the rest is expensive, from what I have been told. Perhaps this handy chart might help: https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/country/spain and according to this post, it is quite reasonable, but only in comparison to other spots in Europe. https://www.expatica.com/new/es/about/basics/cost-of-living-1159118/
  6. Just another very good example of how completely out of control this government is. They have no idea what they are doing. Such utter incompetence. Five years in jail for filming a fake hump. Wow. What can one say? A computer crimes act? If that is a computer crime act, what is the making of a pornographic film? Are they going after the policemen, and officials who own porn film companies, or brothels, go-go bars, or full service massage shops? How about the officials involved in trafficking? Drugs? This is just a great example of how misguided current policy is. Nothing is being accomplished by these hysterical, completely misguided, phony, insincere, dimwitted numskulls. The goons in charge are focusing their efforts in all the wrong areas. They are trying to make Thailand a Quaker State. A land of purity. Total BS. Nonsense. Misplaced priorities, and wasted efforts. They should be focusing their efforts on traffic and public safety, easing import tariffs, making visa policy simpler, and more friendly, boosting Western tourism, real crackdowns on slavery, and illegal fishing instead of nonsensical hyperbole, cleaning up the water, the air, the rivers, and the beaches, and other things that actually improve lives. Little P. Not making Thailand great again. And moving the nation backwards at an astonishing and alarming pace, though deeply ignorant policy, a complete and stunning lack of vision, and utter incompetence.
  7. This is just another example of a small Thai man, who felt overly entitled, losing his mind, and hitting a woman. There is NEVER an excuse to hit a woman, under any circumstances, short of her possessing a weapon and trying to kill you. He was busted, it was caught on tape, he is embarrassed, his family has lost face in a major way, and now he is sorrowful. Though I respect him for taking responsibility for his actions, he never should have made this mistake to begin with. Self control is an admirable quality. How many posters on this forum have hit a complete stranger in a store before, who was helping them with a product? Believe me, I have been frustrated, being in that position, with someone who had no idea what they were talking about. But did I hit them? What would cause that level of rage? Where is the self discipline or self awareness? The bottom line is this. Women run this country. Without it's women, this nation would be a pale shadow of what it is today. Parents should start by telling their young sons: You are nothing special, you need to earn the respect of society, you need to work for a living, and you cannot expect anything to be handed to you in life. You will be held accountable for your acts in this life. Your sisters are far more special than you are. They are smarter, they study harder, work harder, and carry the weight. You need to demonstrate that you are even their equals. Then, and only then, will you be taken seriously.
  8. spidermike007

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    The real question is, if you are really married, why would you do something like this on facebook? Why be so open and notorious, and why such utter and complete indiscretion? Do you not care one iota about your wife? One would think if you felt the need to have an affair, which I do not judge, you would be more discreet, and do it in such a way as to avoid humiliating your wife in the process. This is called pulling a Tiger Woods, who was one of the most ignorant and indiscreet men, to have ever fooled around on his wife. And look at what happened to him.
  9. By the time he was accused of his Neverland escapades, he did not have much success remaining. Remember, this was after his 49th surgical procedure, when he looked like the walking dead, badly disformed from all of the procedures. He was still selling some albums, but from what I heard, he was hard up for cash, going through extraordinary amounts of his remaining funds, and was in bad shape. The jurors recently spoke out about his trial, and said they found the testimony of the plaintiff to lack credibility. Who knows? He may have just enjoyed being around these kids. Spacey was enjoying a very good career at the time these accusations surfaced. Nobody will touch him now. He is finished. Spacey has been accused by 15 different men, and is currently being investigated by the police in the UK. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2017/11/07/kevin-spacey-scandal-complete-list-13-accusers/835739001/
  10. No doubt, Guiliani has used up any of the tiny remaining bit of goodwill that people may have had for him, with this short episode working for the huckster in chief. He will be remembered as a whore, a sellout, a man who uttered the already infamous phrase "the truth is not the truth", and once Tiny Don fires him, he will spend the rest of his life in shame and denial. He deserves that fate. He is a small man, with no principals whatsoever, and like his employer, does not have a nanogram of integrity, in his entire body, nor his feeble mind.
  11. The Russian mobster has a little something for her. The addresses of every member of her immediate family, their schedules, the schools they attend, and where they work. No problem sir. I will keep quiet.
  12. Just out of jail after three years, for killing another person. Any chance the judge can be located, who pronounced the three year sentence, and locked up for a 50 years stretch? Three years for murder? What is the cost of a human life here, 1,000 baht? Obviously, reform did not take place! Some guys just do not get it. A woman decides she is no longer interested in you. What does a real man do? He moves on. He gets on with his life, and finds another gal, who is interested. Men with minds of delinquent children, who have zero self esteem go out a murder a woman. What a two bit punk. What an incredible loser. Who were his parents? How did they fail so miserably?
  13. It will be virtually impossible for them to find a prison where he will not be made to feel at home, by the other inmates. He will always be given "special treatment" wherever he goes. Child molesters are not held in high regard in the big pen, and he has alot of "good times" and plenty of his own molestations ahead of him, to look forward to. He got what he deserved. And more! Good, good. None of our hearts bleed for this predator worm.
  14. Virtually everyone I speak to in the tourism industry says the same thing. Business is way, way down. Has been for years. They are attempting to make up for this precipitous drop with the Chinese market. But, it means far less money for the people in the industry. Most Chinese just do not spend the kind of money the previous groups of tourists spent. Whether it be Samui, Hua Hin, Bangkok, or elsewhere. Someone is waking up with a very long nose. Someone is not telling the truth!
  15. This incredibly low class trailer park trash woman needs to be convicted of attempted manslaughter, and sent to prison for 10-20 years. She is of no use to society. She is either insane, incredibly delusional, or just a complete piece of crap. The country will be better off without her. She no longer deserves the oxygen she breathes. She is not a woman. She is an insect. A worm. A form of pestilence. A disease.