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  1. I totally agree with my friend. Will you dare to tell me the same? ? Or you can only insult people who cannot answer you?
  2. Once I asked my Thai friend, what he think about beggars with sign "need money for travel". He replied: "If you want to travel, get job, save money and then travel. Why I should work and pay for someone's travel/entertainment?" p.s. He is not stingy. He regularly helps those who really in need (orphanage etc).
  3. 1. 1.6% is for separate "no fix" deposit, not for "all free" saving account. And you must meet some condition to get 1.6% (use "all free" minimum 5 times per month). Otherwise you will get only 1.3% (not bad too, comparing with 0.3%-0.5% at other banks) 2. No need to subscribe 'SMS reporting transaction'. Just have "TMB OnTouch" mobile application running, and it will inform you about everything.
  4. Standard medical form for work permit in Chula hospital includes: (1) Leprosy (2) Dangerous step of Tuberculosis (T.B.) (3) Filariasis (4) Drug addiction (5) Alcoholism (6) Third step of Syphilis According Ministerial Regulation Number 14 (B.E. 2535) As you can see, no HIV testing
  5. Attendant did wrong, but why those lazy cardholders didn't switch off or restrict online usage for cards? At least, debit cards from Kasikorn, KrungSri and TMB cannot be used online by default. And Kasikorn offers KWeb Shopping (virtual) card with no fee, if you really need pay something online.
  6. If this smart-ass Musk so confident about his shitty "submarine", why he didn't prove it's safety by putting his own child inside for 4-5 hours and immerse into the water (8-10 feet depth)? Or he thinks that Thai children is something like laboratory rabbits for testing his toys? This so called "genius engineer" doesn't even understand basic diving physiology and safety measures. The most obvious example: if something wrong happens with regulator (for non-divers: regulator is a 2 stage and quite complicate device allowing people breathe underwater from the tank with compressed air), it is possible to switch to spare one. But if air-supply equipment of this student-made "submarine" fails, what they will do? Listen freaking on-board mp3-player? Disgusting guy... Hope Vern Unsworth didn't take him seriously.
  7. Cybervlad

    Best value mobile data package for long term

    I still use "Go Plern" SIM without any problems. Only one little annoying thing: they periodically send SMS "your internet speed is only 64k, but you can buy bla-bla-bla". However not so often, so I don't care. AFAIR, you can change your mobile number at Kasikorn ATM. At least, I done this in 2012 when change mobile number. And, as another people already suggested, you can port your number to another provider. Just come to the new provider's office and claim. They will give you new SIM card and after 3-5 days you number will be moved. Sounds good... Wonder is it possible to switch to this package with my existing True number...
  8. Look at the map: Chernonyl is located in Ukraine, not in Russia. p.s. Very strange. Most of Russian people living in Pattaya can barely speak even basic English. But this guy can speak Thai...