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  1. He also has is foot raised and braced against the dash board as if he was expecting a crash....
  2. Looking at the welding, I would venture to say that a pressure vessel has let go somewhere in the neighbourhood
  3. looking for tube shaped pillow

    Most of the bedding and cloth shops in Wararot market have them at better prices that the larger stores.
  4. SETV from Australia ?

    I was in the consulate in August when applying for a non immigrant "B" visa. I had already spoken to them on the phone as to new requirements, and was told I had to have a confirmed flight ticket and a departure date along with all the usual company documents. She said that this was a requirement now for all visas.
  5. SETV from Australia ?

    The Melbourne consulate has tightened right up on requirements this year. For all classes of visa an outward bound ticket and date of departure are required. Don't even get me started on the new requirements for a multiple entry Non Immigrant "B" visa
  6. “I just so can't wait to be back in the UK and get this horrific ordeal put behind us.” More wonderful publicity for Thailand.
  7. These could have well been launched 10's of kilometers away, and not launched near the airport!!
  8. Major shopping complexes and high end business is in the way of most of the proposed plans I have seen. It's going to be another "tunnel through the mountains" to Pai and not likely to happen any time soon.
  9. Have A Low-Key Loy Krathong Friday Or Face Arrest

    The corrections department is likely to be bursting at the seams!
  10. Wonderful!! Where exactly are they going to find the room to run the tracks?
  11. How on earth do they learn to drive (or not as the case may be) in registered driving schools of which there many in Chiangmai without some form of license ?
  12. The Nissan Almera is a relatively new vehicle and the likelyhood of two seatbelts breaking simultaneously has to be billions to one odds. My guess would be that neither had taken the precaution of actually using the belts!
  13. They should close the lot of them. An utter blight on a beautiful part of the Mae Rim valley.
  14. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    So can R/C model aircraft, but I have not heard of one being used to "take down" a commercial aircraft, and they have been around for the last 50 years!!