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  1. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    Police getting it together for a change. Well done!
  2. But the operators had been given time off as they were unable to work due to stress and they had not been able to contact them. They should be given permanent leave!
  3. Not quite sure about that. I bought a car in Khon Kaen that had Bangkok registration. When the registration was due, I change it to a Chiangmai registration.
  4. You could start with this and ask for khun Duangsuda Talasorn Ban Dong Noi school Address: Moo.4, Tambon Waeng Nang, Amphoe Mueang Maha Sarakham, Maha Sarakham, 44000, Thailand Phone: +66 43 700 221
  5. AMEX at Service Stations?

    You pay no more using amex. I use mine for all my shopping at Rimping every week. I use it for hotels when travelling in Thailand. I also use it at both Shell and Esso when buying petrol. I have had a Thai ROP Amex card for maybe 15 years now and because of points I have enjoyed many international flights for free on my points. Makes sense for me to use it
  6. Replacement Driving Licence

    That's all I needed to replace mine. No copies of anything else required as all was on record.
  7. I have noticed more of these shops opening around town. I went into one on Moonmuang and the staff there were speaking in Chinese, but were Thai. Seems they are just geared to Chinese tourists.
  8. Beer garden Soi 7 demolished ??

    Not to forget another icon that was Washington Square
  9. As a self professed " Ausie" if you are going to use Australian rhyming slang, please spell Khyber Pass correctly
  10. Oh yes, I forgot all about the tunnel under the mountains to Pai
  11. Police are waiting for a detailed autopsy report from Hat Yai Hospital before drawing final conclusions. I have always wondered how an autopsy can determine between suicide and an accidental fall. Providing there are no traces of drugs in their system
  12. Along with the chair lift to Mae Hong Son and the railway to Mae Sai
  13. Looks wonderful, but where exactly will they find the room?
  14. They stopped the issue of lifetime licences 20 odd years ago, and if you look at your new plastic one you will find it has to be renewed every 5 years on or before your birth date
  15. "a monthly salary of THB9,000 " Yeah right