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  1. You could well be right as they seem to happen every few days lately
  2. Thailand seems hell bent on trying to decimate the population of China with the aid of tour buses with inadequate braking systems.
  3. Also to be considered is Yangtaladt A very pleasant as yet untouched part of Thailand. I have yet to see another foreign face there.
  4. All I can deduce from that dashcam is that the bloke needs to buy a better quality dashcam!
  5. Many moons ago I clipped one of these idiots in brown with my wing mirror. He leaped out from behind a parked car in one of these "ad hoc" road blocks signalling me to stop. I did indeed stop and told him what an utter idiot he was and he was lucky to still be alive. He just grunted and waved me on, nursing his arm. These road blocks need warning signs, but sadly the criminals will see them and do a U turn.
  6. When I go on one of my road trips I could be gone for several weeks. Surely it's the job of the hotel to notify immigration when you check in? When I return home it's my landlady's job to tell immigration I have returned. Never had a problem traveling the length and breadth of Thailand in the last 30 odd years, but times are changing!!
  7. Not at all. My rear end let go in some heavy rain a couple of weeks ago at about 30/40 kph on a bend. Normally I can correct the odd twitch, but this time it went completely, and hit the kerb. A sack of sand will be going in very shortly.
  8. Thai Drivers License

    Nothing other that the mandatory reaction and colour blindness tests. Of course the rather boring video on road rules
  9. Prayut defends Prawit over expensive watches

    Of course they do, but do you think for one moment that Prawit would divulge the serial numbers to prove his innocence?
  10. Leaving Thailand quickly

    Slightly off topic, but there is no need for a work permit to sell a car. Done it many times and never had a work permit. On topic. A power of attorney issued to a decent lawyer will solve your problems regarding what is left behind.
  11. Opening Today....

    So I missed a word in haste! Any other gripes?
  12. Opening Today....

    There are some really thick folks on this forum. If you had been in Chiangmai any length of you you would know of this group from past postings. They are a group of people that share the love of photography, and this is the 10th anniversary of their founding. Clear enough for you?
  13. they range from single studios to small apartments with separate bedrooms, From memory at least two of them has a pool.
  14. professional pedicure

    A good friend of mine used his services for many years, and said that nobody else in Chiangmai came close to his level of professionalism.
  15. There are about four brand new blocks (low rise) Just along the Superhighway from Maya shopping mall on the first road on the left past the mall. Very nicely appointed condo/ apartments averaging around 10k/month and fully serviced. Well worth a look and only a short walk across Huey Gaew to Nieman.