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  1. Whatever the nationality of this low life is, there is no excuse for the thugish behaviour that was exhibited.
  2. A rather misleading headline to this post... It should have in the process of revoking the passport of.......
  3. Has to be post of the day :) Thank you Kenny Rogers
  4. Many thanks for the replies
  5. My garage has closed and my car is due for registration next month. Any suggestions as to cost and garage would be most helpful. Many thanks
  6. More likely a capital offense in the capitol
  7. She "found" the phone on the counter, and the natural thing for any honest person to do was to hand it back to the staff of the 7-11, but there again it is Pattaya and the baht rules supreme!
  8. "Swedish tourist dead at Phuket hotel after injury" Says the headline! Exactly what "injuries" were present?
  9. Try looking a little closer
  10. " The ministry needs to get the word out to foreigners interested in sports and they will come flocking, she said. " Of course they will!
  11. The fragile ego of the Thai male rears it's ugly head once again, A sad end to a young life.
  12. All the dead excluding the truck driver were in a mini bus, which is not shown here, just the Jazz with minimal damage.
  13. ........and this went viral?