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  1. Driven that road literally hundreds of times, and that stretch is particularly tricky in the wet. Heaps of heavy vehicles putting down oil laden exhaust onto the road surface, makes it lethal in the wet. Seen many a truck come to grief there. Further down the road there is one of those "never ending curves", and that catches the unwary trucks half way round. You can see the central barriers that are smashed through on a regular basis. In the dry it's a great drive.
  2. On a shopping trip to Tatchilek about 3 years ago, the person in front of me when re entering Thailand was asked to show 20 K and he could not, so was whisked off to the back of immigration. There is nothing new in this law, it's just being rather strongly applied of late.
  3. The whole story is rather strange complete with the usual sketchy reporting. Emergency lanes are just what they imply, you have a problem and you stop and put on hazard lights. Modern "luxury cars" are equipped with more than adequate headlights....Why did the driver not see the car stopped or the girl? She was obviously standing on the off side of the car when hit and this impact flung her over the barrier to the ramp, where we see the paramedics treating her. Sad all round and completly unecessary
  4. What we all seem to miss is the fact that this so called idiot is making some serious money off you tube. He has found a niche market and is cashing in on it. If, as reported he is an American, I am sure "Uncle Sam" will be looking for his cut too
  5. A short answer would be NO
  6. Yes it's completely free. I have had dozens of them over the last 30 plus years However,..............If you want one the next day they will ask you for 500 baht. Two to three weeks wait for a free one, so plan ahead
  7. Just jail and crippling will do.
  8. Thanks for the replies chaps
  9. Thanks :) They are at?
  10. I need to get a couple of panels resprayed on my Honda Accord, no major damage apart from stone chips. Needs preparation and respraying. Been to Honda but they have a long waiting list for their spray booth. I would be grateful for any leads. Many thanks...MM
  11. That is the usual procedure to change them there and then and hand the old plates back in. Done this a few times. Do not keep them.
  12. .......and this constitutes news? Give me twerking any day