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  1. After dating 5,000 guys...... That's a awful lot of horizontal miles
  2. Even the the "new" airport in Bangkok was not immune from poor construction. The main runway started to break up after the first year, and surprise, surprise they found that insufficient concrete had been used. I wonder who pocketed the millions from that little job!
  3. The only problem with air embolism, is you run the risk of becoming a complete vegetable, due to a massive stroke. There are far less painless ways of ending it, without leaving a nasty mess for others to clean up.
  4. Just read the reports, of which there are many.
  5. For the simple reason that it would shatter every window in Sheerness, and cause a tidal wave that would flood the town.
  6. I remember this being news nearly 70 years ago, why should it suddenly be news again today? Must be another slow news day.
  7. You will probably find that that that price includes the commercial "ply for hire" licence The last tuk tuk I bought cost me 150,000 baht
  8. I do not have a lease, and have never used a house owner's ID card. All I have ever taken there in the past 25 plus years, is originals of utilities bills and my phone bill in my name. Never had a problem.
  9. The British embassy outsourced everything including sympathy!!
  10. Whatever the nationality of this low life is, there is no excuse for the thugish behaviour that was exhibited.
  11. A rather misleading headline to this post... It should have in the process of revoking the passport of.......
  12. Has to be post of the day :) Thank you Kenny Rogers