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  1. Too true. The only problem is the default result afterwards 'cannot', so its you that ends up with the problem usually! I had an amusing one recently when opening a new bank account. I asked which was easier for the lady, my passport with work permit or my PR documents. Of course, she then wanted signed copies of all of them!
  2. Re 4 above. The government spokesman also says 'If the Thai system is used it was all quite safe'.
  3. Uncontested divorce

    When I went to an amphur office to get my (uncontested) divorce with my lawyer and wife present, they told us we had to have a certified copy of my passport OR go to the amphur office where we were married. My lawyer is very reliable, and speaks very good English, so no translation or tea money issues. Off we went to the amphur where we got married, and it was all done and dusted in an hour, with nothing other than original marriage certificates and tabian baan. But, lets face it, its nothing unusual for Thai government offices to make up their own rules and/or expect some extra 'service charges' to be paid, is it?
  4. Smog Airpocalypse Worsens Over Bangkok

    Have attached the WHO limits from a quick search. Anybody who is interested in reading the whole thing can easily find it in google.
  5. Smog Airpocalypse Worsens Over Bangkok

    And according to the papers a week or two ago, the WHO 'safe level' is 25, not 50 like the Thai one.
  6. Having lived and driven in Thailand for getting on for 20 years, I have no doubt that Thai driving is some of the worst in the world. However, to me that does not completely explain the carnage. For the last 6 months or so I have been working in Mumbai, and I'd say the driving skills and lack of respect for traffic laws are not much different to Thailand. I've seen numerous cars/motorcycles/bicycles weaving in and out of traffic, going the wrong way on roads, jumping red lights etc. etc., not so different from where I live in Bangkok, all told. BUT: I have not seen one single accident so far, not even a small fender bender! The two key differences I have noticed: 1. When there are cops around (not so often, but more often than in Bangkok) The drivers obey the traffic rules - all of them! 2. Indian drivers have consideration for safety, both their own and other peoples. When one of the (very frequent) idiot driving episodes occurs, there is a huge amount of horn-blowing and arm waving, but they ALWAYS make sure they do their best to avoid an accident (or injury). Giving way happens all of the time - ABSOLUTELY NONE of the mindless 'I MUST GO FIRST' or 'GET OUT OF MY WAY' attitude that is (in my opinion) as much/more of a cause of the carnage as the complete lack of driving skills of your average Thai.
  7. Baitcasting vs Spinning

    The shop is open at new BSR, with a reasonable selection of stuff. I didn't notice if they did any servicing or not though. It was just a couple of sales girls when I was there.
  8. Baitcasting vs Spinning

    Hi Impulse, Interesting technical knowledge, and good to know. From what you said you seem to have been/are in the tackle business, and obviously know what you re talking about. I must say I've never broken a rod ever (not too hard to achieve living in England for most of my life - not many big fish there!), and during my Bungsamran sessions the FC monsters rod has been fine so far, touch wood. I was a little dubious about paying that amount of money for one, but the tackle show demo 'hooked' me. Like you say though, I'll be a bit more thoughtful in future though.
  9. Baitcasting vs Spinning

    Good discussion guys. I simply can't make my mind up. I use a baitcaster and definitely prefer it to a spinning reel when playing a big (BSR size) fish. But even after using one for 30 years still get a birds nest a couple of times each outing, and cannot get anywhere near my kids casts with their bait runners. Sometimes we switch gear, and I'm still amazed how much easier it is to cast with one of those. Impulse, if you keep breaking rods why don't you try a FC Monsters? I bough one after seeing a demo at the fishing tackle show at Bitec a few years back, and its fantastic. At the demo they had a ring attached to the floor of the stand and invited people to try and break one of their rods which had the line attached to the ring. Not a chance. I watched about 5 guys bend the rod nearly double, and they all gave out before the rod did. About 4500 Baht back then, so not cheap though.
  10. Only saw the dollar sign! Sorry, need to read more closely in future.
  11. I guess from your Username you are talking Aussie dollars. In that case 3500 Aussie a month is over 80,000 Baht a month on published rates. That's more than I pay for my kids to go to a mid-range international school in Bangkok. Not including food, but the difference will buy a LOT of somtam! Strongly suggest you do what the previous posters say, go to the schools yourself and get prices directly from them. It may be there are 'commissions' being included in the price you were quoted....
  12. Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help with this, although I know its not really DIY, more get somebody else to DIFM! I have a 4 storey townhouse and I need to get the outside wall repaired (cracks etc.) and repainted. Does anybody have any recommendation of a good contractor in Bangkok who could do this, please? Thanks, Steve
  13. Football and how are you watching it?

    My home town team offer the same (they are currently the 'strongest' team in league 1, holding all of the others up), for the same price, so I think its an EFL thing. Mind you, they are so bad its all I can do to watch the 2 mins. of official highlights on youtube each game!
  14. Football and how are you watching it?

    Hi all, Excuse my ignorance, but how does the Bein system work? If I want to watch on my laptop do I need a separate box, or does it stream directly through a normal internet connection? Thanks!
  15. Hi Bangel, 2 forms, TM13 and TM22, + passport, PR book and police book. Attached are the versions of the form I use. Also more expensive than for non-PR, 5700 Baht. And of course, you will get fingerprinted (again). If you take the forms pre-filled in, it makes it easier to explain to the guy handing out the queue numbers to understand you are not one of the 'regular' re-entries. You should be sent to PR re-entry counter, either D or E (cannot remember which one, sorry!). Quick edit - 5700 is the total for a multiple re-entry. The single version is cheaper. tm13.pdf tm22.pdf