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  1. There is an electronic system now which works in the same way. Press the button on the machine and you get a lane number, and that is your taxi. Its got the taxi number etc. printed on it, and you keep that ticket in case of problems. Fare is the same, meter + 50 Baht, or (I guess in the case of Pattaya etc.) agreed fare.
  2. Not my experience, but maybe I've just been lucky. I travel in and out of swampy a couple of times a month for business, and in the last 2 years have never had a taxi not put the meter on. Includes arriving at 6am on Saturday morning this week (14th). I certainly wouldn't leave the airport without the meter being on, though.
  3. Interesting. From the news article reporting the decision: 'were not guilty as they presented news which were facts with honesty'. Maybe the good old 'defamation' defence, which seemed to be the fallback defence for anything you don't want in the public eye, might have a crack or two in it? Lets see.
  4. stbkk

    Seperated from Wife: exclude from Will?

    Very sensible suggestions above, especially the ones about doing it all properly in your own country, where at least you will have the benefit of speaking the same language as the lawyer. I changed my UK will to specifically exclude my ex-wife saying the family property I had paid for in Thailand was my 'provision' for her. The UK lawyer said that was fine, and would stand up in UK courts in the (unlikely) event she challenged it. I have very few assets in Thailand other than a little cash in the bank, so I was mainly interested in ring-fencing the assets (pension/investments) for the kids college etc. It is also held in trust until they are 25, with my brother and lawyer as trustees. Of course it mainly depends on where your main assets are. If in Thailand you might want to consider some movement if possible?
  5. stbkk

    pacu baits

    Yes I had a couple of broken hooks while I was still using my old trout flies for the Pacu at Pilot111. Now I tie my own to much stronger hooks, and not a problem. Luckily the Pacu are nothing like as picky as wild trout in England, so my less than perfect flies still seem to work! I also use PE2 braid as a leader, and as long as I check it regularly don't seem to have any problems with bite offs.
  6. stbkk

    pacu baits

    I bet that livened up your day! I've had them to a couple of kilo's I guess on a 4 weight fly rod, and they pretty nearly strip the line to the backing on the first run.
  7. stbkk

    Bangkok PM2.5 levels worse than in North

    Pretty much the only message they will understand. Well done. I live in Bangkok and am currently in Mumbai on business, and the last few days Bangkok has had higher readings than Mumbai....
  8. It does seem to go in phases. I don't recall being asked to show/give copies of the last entry stamp for ages, and now in the last couple of months twice. Just lucky I guess!
  9. Maybe I'm just unlucky then. In the last 3 months alone I've been asked twice. Once when opening a new bank account, and the second by my accountants when renewing my WP. The accountants know all about my PR, and I asked them what would happen if I did not have the valid 'visa' (what I call the re-entry permit). They laughed and said lucky I always have one, as its better not to find out!
  10. Just as a matter of interest, do you ever have issues when having to show your last entry stamp (at for example banks, government offices), as I guess yours would have been from a while ago if you use the electronic gates? Thats one of the main reasons I have not bothered to register for this yet. Thanks
  11. Wow, that's gotta be a first?
  12. Too true. The only problem is the default result afterwards 'cannot', so its you that ends up with the problem usually! I had an amusing one recently when opening a new bank account. I asked which was easier for the lady, my passport with work permit or my PR documents. Of course, she then wanted signed copies of all of them!
  13. Re 4 above. The government spokesman also says 'If the Thai system is used it was all quite safe'.
  14. stbkk

    Uncontested divorce

    When I went to an amphur office to get my (uncontested) divorce with my lawyer and wife present, they told us we had to have a certified copy of my passport OR go to the amphur office where we were married. My lawyer is very reliable, and speaks very good English, so no translation or tea money issues. Off we went to the amphur where we got married, and it was all done and dusted in an hour, with nothing other than original marriage certificates and tabian baan. But, lets face it, its nothing unusual for Thai government offices to make up their own rules and/or expect some extra 'service charges' to be paid, is it?
  15. stbkk

    Smog Airpocalypse Worsens Over Bangkok

    Have attached the WHO limits from a quick search. Anybody who is interested in reading the whole thing can easily find it in google.