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  1. stbkk

    Thai PR requirement

    That's interesting. How long ago did you apply, if I might ask, please? I applied in 2006, and it was definitely only 3 years asked for then.
  2. stbkk

    Thai PR requirement

    I've skimmed this thread out of interest, and it seems you need to refer to the excellent Camerata thread on PR for up to date accurate information. Its a long thread, but full of what you need to know. For what its worth, based on my own experience (applied in 2006 granted in 2012) and several personal friends who have had it granted since, a couple of things: 1. Work permit and completed Thai tax returns for 3 years (only 3 years - no idea where the 7 years came from?) as essential. They will not even accept your application without them. 2. Almost 100% of the applicants apply under the 'expert' category, I believe. 3. Not sure about the language requirements. Certainly when I got mine they were very limited. I've not heard of anybody being asked to read or write, that's for sure. Although the verbal 'check' is a bit more taxing now, I understand.
  3. Every hospital can do it also if you are struggling finding a clinic. I go to the Sukhumvit hospital very close to Ekamai BTS each year, and it costs about 600 Baht if I remember. More than a clinic but they do speak some English if your Thai is not so good. Just ask for a medical certificate for a work permit, and if they don't know what you mean go somewhere else, as its a standard requirement. The actual test is not much use to anybody I'd guess. They take your blood and then you have a very brief interview with a doctor, and that's it. But its quite a good introduction into the ways of Thailand, in that as long as you follow the exact procedure and don't cause a fuss, usually (but not always, TIT) things will work out fine.
  4. Many years ago something similar happened to me, but on a much smaller scale. I used to pay all of the utility bills direct apart from the water, which I paid in cash to the juristic office of the condo. When I went in to pay it one month it was a different person in the office and they said I owed over a years back payments (just a few hundred Baht a month) according to their records. Nope, says yours truly, and when I proved it by showing them the receipts back to the beginning of my tenancy, they agreed. The key point was after I had provided them the proof we got talking and they were very openly telling me that the previous juristic office staff had not paid any of the tenants water bills to the water company for ages, but just pocketed the cash. They were then using the 'give me proof' method to try and minimise the juristic offices loss through the theft of their staff, and didn't see anything at all wrong with this approach!
  5. No photo asked for. I had some with me just in case though. This was my first 'update' since I got my PR 6 years ago.
  6. I have just renewed my red police book at Klong Tan police station for another 5 years. In and out in less than 15 minutes. 800 Baht. No other documents looked at (I had the full portfolio, but never even took them out of my bag), no photos needed. Great job.
  7. stbkk

    Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

    I seem to remember also that in Vietnam a foreign investor can own their Company 100%, as opposed to Thailand. If I remember correctly when this law came into force a few years back several Thai companies re-located at least some of their operation to VN.
  8. All you need to keep your PR over this period is to return to Thailand for a day or two to renew your non-immigrant quota re-entry visa just before it expires (valid for 1 year). Takes a couple of hours usually (at Chaeng Wattana anyway). If you cannot manage that, then as posted above, your PR is lost and its back to square one with a new application.
  9. You mean Dirty Harry wasn't telling the truth? I'm devastated...!
  10. OK, an update. I went there last week, its on Nawamin soi 163, quite a fair way down the (narrow) soi, on the left hand side. A bit tricky to park also. Its a small shop, and there's a sign outside with some English which says fly fishing, but it would be easy to miss it. Sorry, being an old guy I didn't think to take a photo using my phone. A reasonable selection of fly fishing tackle, some rods, reels and lines, and also some fly tying materials and tools, much to my surprise. Worth a visit, especially if you happen to live out that way. Lots of other tackle as well. The good news is that if you search on google maps for Nwamin soi 163, the tackle shop shows up when you zoom in. Its also not too bad a drive if you go via the Chalong Rat expressway. I hope that's a help. Steve
  11. Thanks for the help. The second one is the one my own tackle shop was on about. When I went back he told me it wasn't ladprao but Nawamin road!
  12. I've had my prints taken at CW every time I've got a new re-entry permit, ever since 2012. TIT.
  13. Hi all, My local Thai tackle shop in On-Nut says there is a tackle shop in Ladphrao that sells fly fishing tackle. He gave me the name (in Thai) but neither of my kids can find anything out about it (they are both bi-lingual). Anybody been there or have an address? If not I'll go back and see if he has a phone number. Thanks, Steve