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  1. This is a great story and there is no fault on either side. How many Western guys could ever say that they've even come close to a girl that beautiful? Way to go, Harold!!! Keepin' the dream alive!!!
  2. Me too. I've been back in the States for 8 years now but miss Asia every day. For sure, it's not healthy to try to relive the glorious past, but I still try to and I have very fond memories.
  3. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    Thanks a lot, Rhys... A Mexican restaurant in Trang is a nice surprise.
  4. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    Thanks a lot for the report, Rhys! It made my day.
  5. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    Wow, Joosesis, thanks a lot for the report and comments. ( BTW, I did find some favorable reviews from a tourist about 4 years ago here: http://www.lashworldtour.com/2013/06/trang-thailand.html http://www.lashworldtour.com/2013/07/guide-tropical-islands-trang-province-thailand.html ) I think I've found my destination in Trang town. The only thing left is to dream, scheme, and plot to get back :-) The first step would be to go over with wife and kids for a week or 2 of vacation next summer...
  6. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    I am in Kansas outside of Topeka, where I was born and raised. I moved away in my late teens, experiencing the world, so being back here is pretty cool - for awhile.
  7. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    Petermilk, I did the same. Built a house for my wife in her village that we could stay at when we visited - from Singapore or Phuket - and also put rubber trees on 10 rai of land that are ready to tap this year or next. The house has turned into a bit of a community center and my aim with the rubber trees is to provide her immediate family and cousins with a bit of income. I don't expect anything from any of it, just to help. Rhys, let me know what's up when you visit. Phuket Town was great 10 years ago when I lived there, but from what I understand from a good friend, all that home-town feeling is gone and it's overrun by Chinese tourists, traffic, pollution, etc. Since Trang is so close to Huay Yot, it looks attractive to me and it's off the tourist radar so far. Thanks both of you for the comments. I miss so much waking up in the morning, going out on the balcony with a cup of coffee, and looking out over the jungle hillside. And have that feeling with a huge smile on my face that I am in Thailand.
  8. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    Thanks a lot for the response, Petermilk. My wife's family enclave is about 10 km west of "downtown" Huay Yot.
  9. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Is there any Trang town news?

    Hi All, I have been back to the States from LOS for 8 years, and am planning my return in 3 years or so. My wife's village is 30 minutes from Trang town, and for sure I am not going to settle down and live in her village year round. It seems like the best strategy would be to live in Trang town. I've hung out there cumulatively for a total of 3 weeks or so, one or 2 days at a time. There's not much Trang news on this Southern Thailand forum, but please let me ask: "Is there any news about Trang from somebody who lives there, has lived there, or anybody that has recently visited it or passed through?" I am thirsty for any Trang town news. I envision enjoying the nice weather, a short drive to the beach occasionally, do some - but not a lot of - work via the Internet, and hopefully be able to have pizza or Mexican food once every week or 2. Opinions? Thanks in advance, Steve
  10. ItsPhuketTownNotCity

    Thoughts - Kids growing up in Thailand - advice to parents

    Pardon me for being late to this thread, but the OP's question is right up my alley. I will soon have this dilemma: the US or Thailand for my kids to grow up? My wife is Thai; we have 2 kids 8 and 11; born in Singapore but lived in Thailand their early elementary school years. 5 years ago when my job in Thailand crapped out, we moved back here to midwest U.S. In one or 2 years, we will be in the situation to have the option of staying here or moving back to Thailand. There are some very excellent comments on this thread. Here's some of mine: 1. My wife is not deep down happy here. Yes, she hangs out with Thais who work at the local Thai restaurant. Yes, she wants the best for our children. But, deep down, she is not happy here. She's gets more depressed every year. The weather is colder, the culture is different, and she is away from her family Thailand. I worry about her. 2. As some posters here have commented about Europe, the US is converging with Thailand in living standards. It's becoming a 3rd world country. I lived outside of the U.S. for the most of 30 years before moving back here 5 years ago, and the difference is startling and mind-boggling. What kind of university degree and future will be there for my kids here in the US in 7 or 10 years? Will it be that different than Thailand? 3. What is education? My children go to the best public school here in my city. Big whup. They wouldn't miss much in education not going to school... I would say that my children would be just as happy and well off - or more - growing up in Thailand if either: (a) I was working full time and I could afford private or semi-private school with at least a minor education in English, or - more preferable: ( be part-time or retired, and "home school" my children in English and in the sciences in English while living in Thailand. For me now, it's up in the air. It's great to have options and choices, which I am building.