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  1. No it doesnt attract lightening, but protect from both direct and indirect lightning. Here you have a informative link containing everything from a-z inclusive an installation (unfortunately not in Thailand but in the US) I am sure that you will find suppliers in Thailand considering all the tall buildings - the equipment may differ but the technical princip is the same.
  3. a small "ignore" button would make a huge difference...;)
  4. LIGHTNING FACTS There are, on average, about 1,800 thunderstorms in progress at any one time around the world with 100 lightning strikes every second. A lightning bolt travels at about 14,000mph and heats up the air around it to 30,000°C - five times hotter than the surface of the sun. "The chance of being hit by lightning is about one in three million" * With other words its far more easy to win full pot in lotto than to be hit by lightning, i.e multippel lotto-winners "watch out"...;)...
  5. take a swim is even worse as YOU will be the highest point...
  6. This new scheme may open for a new type of scam - a motorbike "moving scam". Let us say you park correctly near a sidewalk and leave then someone move your motorbike just a few meter up on the sidewalk take a pic and you need to pay a fine and that person who moved your bike will get his/her commision... Another well-considered scheme as usual, i.e only park on spots covered by CCTV cameras (which works) and preferably connect a 500kg weight to the bike before you leave it ...;)
  7. Corded Phones It is extremely dangerous to talk on a corded landline phone during a storm. If lightning strikes your home, or power lines around your home, the current can travel through the wiring to your phone. If you are holding the phone at this time, you'll be hit with the full strength of the electrical current. According to the National Weather Service, about five percent of people struck by lightning are struck while talking on a corded Telephone. Cell Phones Cell phones, and landlines with cordless phones, do not carry the same risk as phones with cords. With corded phones, there is a conductive path a lightning bolt could follow from the location it originally strikes to your body. Cell phones and cordless phones, however, do not provide this kind of conductive path. This makes them safe to use during lightning storms. However, a cell phone plugged into its charger carries the same danger during lightning storms as a corded phone.
  8. There was a similar time also in Thailand, but way back....You can still experience it in Thailand, but very seldom in touristic spots...
  9. "High 5" for complited the first step by finding the "real" goat. Hopefully the case will proceed succesfully through the final steps including "real" consequences for "all" involved parties beyond fingerpointing and a 500thb fine...;)
  10. So have I, but this time it was not thais. Neither was the valubles on a unsupervised table so I do not quite see the connection...??...
  11. Bloody he.., It's really surprising that a "senior backpacker" who should know better in exchange of a few minutes of excitement destroys the "young backpacker's" world wide outstanding reputation built-up stone by stone throughout centuries ...;)
  12. The smartest of the stupids con the dumbest of the studips - hasnt it always been like this in all levels of the society, the only difference is that the tricks get less sofisticated and more transparent the lower the divisions are and vica versa...;)
  13. Right, now the question is - "who will be presented as the ScapeGoat"...??...;)
  14. RE "Extension on NON IMMIGRANT O visa waste off time" A Non Immigrant O is a waste anyway if you are on a fixed offshore rotation and the off periods coresponds with the 30 days visa on arrival - at least this functioned for years in my case even I qualified for a 1 year visa (Non O Retirement) - less cost & less hassle...;)
  15. RE buying a car with a handshake: Are they going to shake hands every 2 years and thats it...??...;)