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  1. With other words, the key for making success in Thailand seems to be the know-how of using the "back-door"...;)
  2. Nope, as the "commodore 64" do not have the capacity needed - not even near....:)
  3. RE - Some foreigners to be allowed to apply for Thai visa and work permit online Wonder if the online fees include a kind of "digital" tea money...??... for asking...;)
  4. ok, so now it is the bikers fault...??... A horizontal pipe partly ponting on you during speed is not easy to see at all. Maybe the driver should consider from time to time to take a look in the back and side mirror especially when you are carrying something that extends beyond the truckload - basic sense ignored by stupidness...
  5. The income rule has been for decades and he had 19 whole months to prepare him self to meet the requirement by doing double shifts - lazy horse...;)
  6. Yes, and if you take a closer look at her parents - it doesn't look like a poor old couple (72/69yo) who have worked really hard all life.... And if you look at the ring finger to their daughter - it looks like she also is married, maybe just before joining this celebration - for a celebration it looks like with fruit, coffee, cookies, water and toothpicks on the table - only the brown envelope is missing or just out of sight....;)
  7. RE - So many cyclists are killed here it is quite remarkable. She is incredibly naive and stupid if she is not worried. At some point they all get worried, but then its usually too late...
  8. What about to skip and/or build-in the balconies above the 1st floor on new buildings and to install a alcometer to the balcony door lock on the existing buildings with open balconies as carefulness is not compatible with alcohol...;) RIP!
  9. This reminds me of thoughts of a real pussy, this is not the vikings that believed they will go to valhalla when they dies - this is a gang of losers which are depending of the gang mentality which make them to nothing else than a scare looser when they are left alone without the gang-fake-family support...
  10. You compare the methods which is irrelevant, I talk about the fact that both of them have escaped the country prior to get their sentence settled and that is all that matters...;)
  11. RE - it’s 30-rai landfill now holding more than 200,000 tons of accumulated garbage Just to take a shower with water from a drilled well on this island would require a radiation protection suit - saved by the bell last year when the freshwater pipeline from shore was connected... The island may be a ticking bomb when it comes to epidemic eruptions...
  12. RE - UK police broke law in case of British backpackers murdered in Thailand The good thing is that mistake will trigger the beginning of the end of the death row for those 2 Burmese lads. Will be interesting to see what kind of compensation they will get beside freedom (if any)...
  13. My answer where to the article where they stated that they watched her house (not here) meaning there were outside...;) Another thing is that her brother did exactly the same thing some years ago so they should have learned and taken some precautions to prevent this to happen again...
  14. RE - and And there are police in front of her house all the time,” he said. * Which of her houses, do they believe the Thaksin family have one house only...??...