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  1. The classic Thai police man laughing at death.
  2. An old dog followed me around when I stayed there, was a lovely old dog, one day I was concerned as the dog had come up to our bungalow but couldn't get down the stairs, I asked a resort worker to help him down, well the guy just beat the animal with a broom and pushed it down the stairs, such cruelty. Place wasn't that great anyway, the high speed ferry on the way back to Chumporn almost broke in half too, was terrifying.
  3. Doesn't sound like good news for the TEFL industry.
  4. What startup will have the money to bring all their staff to Thailand? and that's if all staff even want to live there.
  5. I feel the same about the sneaky Thai who stole my phone, didn't make the news though (funny that)
  6. Big C is the same, only makes profits from renting out its space to other vendors.
  7. I worked in a government school about 12 years ago, the Thai teachers were always smacking the kids. This guy lost his cool because he thinks being a teacher in a thai government school is something to be taken seriously. You pay peanuts you get monkeys, I'd also be surprised if any foreign teachers in these thai schools have degrees in English or education (no one did when I was doing it), why would anyone spend 4 years studying and work for 35,000 thb per month? I think we can all agree that sort of money just isn't worth it, not to mention the fact that the thai teachers don't like you because the reason you're there is because their English is worse than tarts.
  8. The frustrations of living in a turd world country, do your kids a favour and give them a decent life back in the west.
  9. To qoute the thai woman on the bbc the other night, Phuket is like the titanic heading for the iceberg.
  10. Why were people lining the pockets of these tealeafs when they could have just used kodi? Those dudes will be ok though once they pony up a few mill.
  11. You do have to question what's in these liquids though, I'm pretty sure ecigarette companies in Europe follow some kind of standard. A thai eciggie could burn a hole in your lungs.
  12. Seen lots of nasty things in Bangkok the last few years, even had someone try smashing down my door in the middle of the night, after he'd beaten my neighbour up and destroyed her room, security didn't come up, police turned up 4 hours later.
  13. Friends had their phones stolen by Singaporean guy down koasan rd, police picked him up at airport and he did a year inside, friend went to see him in nick, said he was a broken man.
  14. Who would name their son John Christie? 555
  15. Foreign teachers have it better, can teach English with any degree. Although if you have a BA in English you don't need a TEFL or CELTA (that used to be the case anyway).