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  1. Good luck to this guy and his foreign wife.
  2. People will be walking around like the dude covered in toxic waste in robocop, I'll stick to sandwiches thanks
  3. Not much money in writing and movie stardom then
  4. Suttisan

    Smog Airpocalypse Worsens Over Bangkok

    Just imagine Bangkok in ten years time, wearing a mask to work whilst wading through knee deep sewage
  5. Proper crap video that, couldn't the guy have gone a bit more in depth about the arab soi than just saying it sells kebabs? One black ex boxer turns up and all of a sudden Bangkok is diverse Lmao
  6. Suttisan

    Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    A phone directory smashed over the head repeatedly is a tried and tested approach in this country.
  7. Suttisan

    Waste water flowing freely onto Krabi’s beaches

    Ended up in hospital with an inner ear infection after a dip in the drink in bang saen, shame as i love swimming in the sea, but water in most resort areas is full of crap, at least the jellyfish end up being plastic bags though.
  8. Coz burning a body doesn't cause much attention, proper tards
  9. Still making gags about ladyboys, proper boring
  10. More proof that antidepressants don't work. They made me suicidal too. If anyone reading this is having a shit time at the moment then look into niacin, it has pretty much cured my depression and ocd alongside b12 and folate. There is always better days ahead, your brain can heal with nutrient therapy.
  11. What does it mean, run over by a passenger's car?
  12. Suttisan

    Hurry to Bang Saen for "crystal clear waters".

    Ended up with labyrinthitus after a dip in there, took 2 weeks to recover
  13. I'm a Joe Soap, it took me ten months to find a minimum wage job here in the UK after returning from Thailand, my CV includes operations management in many fields. I have nothing against foreigners but a reduction in the work force could give a guy like me more opportunities, Thai style labour and land ownership laws would be great for the UK in my opinion.