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  1. Foreign teachers have it better, can teach English with any degree. Although if you have a BA in English you don't need a TEFL or CELTA (that used to be the case anyway).
  2. Worst hangovers with thai beers, leo doesn't even taste like beer. BeerLao isn't very good either. Vietnam has better beers, ABC stout from Cambodia is really nice.
  3. Should have called him son instead or boy, he certainly acts like one ' MELT!'
  4. Kaosan rd having turnstiles and an entry fee for unwanted outsiders can't be far off.
  5. Accidentally falls from helicopter
  6. The dead man's family should make a tidy sum from this group of buffoons.
  7. Good John Pilger documentary about the coming war with China, could get messy in SE Asia.
  8. Targeted to tourists already in the kingdom lolz
  9. Thailand must be losing its appeal for tourists, having to pay to get to beaches, danger of getting attacked, being ripped off and blamed for things like this. Not that it was ever my cup of tea but the quality of the girls in those gogo bars now has gone right downhill too, most of the good looking ones appear to be on tinder.
  10. Well at least the tourists and expats (also considered tourists) will have free front row seats as these greedy wotsits show themselves up on the international stage (again).
  11. Once the honeymoon period wears off Bangkok can become a very stressful place to live. RIP
  12. Was always annoying the dual pricing living in Thailand. As a holiday maker now I'll give Krabi a miss along with Koh Tao for obvious reasons. Had an argument with her when I had to pay 200 thb for Samet, she didn't understand it's the principle and not the cost.
  13. Maybe they think they're ice-cream vans.