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  1. What does it mean, run over by a passenger's car?
  2. Hurry to Bang Saen for "crystal clear waters".

    Ended up with labyrinthitus after a dip in there, took 2 weeks to recover
  3. I'm a Joe Soap, it took me ten months to find a minimum wage job here in the UK after returning from Thailand, my CV includes operations management in many fields. I have nothing against foreigners but a reduction in the work force could give a guy like me more opportunities, Thai style labour and land ownership laws would be great for the UK in my opinion.
  4. Wow did you ever think to move from that's low class area? Every city has its violent low class crappy area. The rent money saved is just not worth it. Ratchada isn't really a low class area, there are 5 star hotels there and expensive condos, it's hardly klong toey or ramkhangheang is it? Melt
  5. He's probably the only foreigner who Thais think isn't a tourist.
  6. I noticed a change my last few years living there, a neighbour smashed his room up in the middle of the night, beat up his girlfriend then tried kicking my door down, saw many fights downstairs at the bar at my apartment building {ratchada soi 7}, one was 2 thai guys involving bricks and leo bottles, another one was a lesbian bust up, I was also followed twice by a set of college students who shouted <deleted> u at me, they clearly wanted me to react, last week living there went to kaosan where a group of bouncers beat the crap out of an English guy. The Japanese guy in the apartment next to mine was murdered, also a thai lady had her head cut off by another hooker when i was staying on ratchada 17. Lots of things happen but don't make the news, it's nice you feel safer in Bangkok or whatever but the truth is you're not. Also now I live in the UK the amount of people who tell me about bad things that happened to them in Thailand is off the scale.
  7. The thais never commit to anything, that said CP group will make sure this never happens anyway.
  8. Bangkok expected to be hit by heavy rains again

    Where's the water going to go when you keep building more condos, shopping centres and houses?
  9. China says jump, Thailand says how high.
  10. Went to Spain last month, tapas was very cheap, good sized portions for less than 3 pounds, I don't drink but did buy non alcoholic beers in the supermarket, so cheap, about 30p per can. Thailand is too expensive at the moment, hopefully a stronger pound in the next year or so, a weaker baht will help too.
  11. Thaksin, Yingluck, Sondhi, their greed caught up with them in the end. He should have been jailed for the airport takeover anyway.
  12. Unwavering support for their absent heroine

    Ten hour drive, picnic on the floor then drive home, a thai classic
  13. So easy to get angry in Thailand as you're dealing with dickheads 24/7, if this story is true then the guy made a mistake in getting into it with the Thais, it's their land and they like to remind you of that any chance they get.
  14. Wasn't there a ban within 1km of educational institutions a few years back? They seemed quite strict about it, for a couple of months.