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  1. Yes, she will be a normal tourist, but planning on staying 35 days. In the past, I thought Immigration had a 7 day extension, but maybe it is 30 days now! Can she cross the border in Laos and come back after a few days of sightseeing? Or would she be required to go to Thai Consulate for extension? Thanks!
  2. My sister is flying in on 15 March and leaving 18 April. This is 35 days. Can she get a 45 day visa on arrival or can she extend her visa at Immigration for another 7 days or so? What do you recommend? Thanks to all!
  3. I thought guns were illegal but everyone has one except me?
  4. I'll be 101 years old when it is finished in 2052. Remember the PM wants to be a developed country by 2037.
  5. tomwct

    Electric oven recommendations?

    Go with Electrolux Oven 30,000 THB. I've had mine for 15 years no problem. Do not buy an Electrolux Microwave. I've had three and no more!
  6. Not your problem. Give them 2 weeks to pick it up or keep it! Lazada's Customer Service is terrible, so don't contact them.
  7. 50% settlement is normal for Thai's. Even if she didn't sign, she would be responsible for 50% only because they were married. Any debtor would love to get 50%. Many Thai girls will sign for their boyfriends to buy a motorcycle and this piece of garbage takes off and never pays a penny. She's responsible, but they would gladly take a 50% settlement.
  8. She will have to pay 50%, but if she has an influential friend she maybe able to negotiate a smaller percentage!l The hospital can ruin her credit until paid unless she negotiates a settlement. I had a friend barter with the hospital and teach English classes until the debt was finished. I've learned in Thailand never sign for anyone.
  9. tomwct

    Car key with chip....need a copy.

    I think the guy needs the transmitter in the key assembly! I had a Toyota Wish and I bought my replacement key on Ali Express for $1.28 US each and then had it cut for 30 baht. The key places in Korat wanted 1500-2000 THB. The transmitter in the key, Toyota wanted 8000 THB for one which was ridiculous. I don't think a key man can duplicate a transmitter.
  10. What a Joke! Go President Trump! He's No Bill Clinton! Making America Great Again!
  11. tomwct

    California burns: Where’s the president?

    This is an annual event in California. People are told not build but they build. There is no need for president to visit. Also California is a Sanctuary State and they don't want Federal Help, which is fine, but also a deep Blue State where they Hate President Trump. I don't believe I would visit either! Making America Great Again one Day at a Time!
  12. tomwct

    Alcohol price hike

    Bought my 8 liter box of wine at Makro. The box was 1169 THB now new price 1299 THB.
  13. tomwct

    Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    Global House use to be very good but they have reduced their inventory of hardware. What Thailand needs is a good hardware store like Home Depot in the US coming in to compete with the Thai Market, which they can't compete with inventory and pricing and Customer Service, which Thailand has very little of.
  14. Not during my 15 years in Thailand! No infrastructure but plenty of construction equals flooding!