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  1. Where's the best place to buy wine before we leave Vientiane?
  2. Keep Dreaming! President Trump will be in office for the next 7 1/2 years. Anybody know if anybody is taking bets on impeachment? I'll bet No Impeachment and Win!
  3. Normal Thailand. Build, Build, Build, then worry about the infrastructure later! They like to do everything backwards.
  4. It amazes me how the left and the media continue to hammer President Trump. As far as Trump is concerned, it goes in one ear and the out the other. When he wins re-election, you'll see a bunch on crying on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the print media. It only makes Trump stronger and the left weaker!
  5. Chinese Fool & the Parasailing company should have their licensed pulled, if they are required too have a license.
  6. Another Professional Bus driver taking a snooze! Ooops I didn't see it!
  7. The lesson that needs to be learned is that President Trump is President and the media is not and will never be! They tried hard to get Hillary elected but she lost because the American People want change. They have what they wanted. Less regulation, energy independence, more jobs, better economy, and lets not forget the outstanding stock market. Thank you Mr President! Lets Drain the Swamp & continue Making America Great Again. Thank God 7 1/2 more years!
  8. They read the story where an Army general was extorting money down in Pattaya! They just put 2 and 2 together. Off duty RTP following the Generals' lead. Extortion! Amazing Thailand!
  9. I hope we can settle this kebab War before we Bomb North Korea!
  10. Apparently the big bosses were using 200 Immigration Officers as their personal translators! Some went to the RTP also! When is Thailand going to wake up and smell the coffee and see the world speaks English and not Thai. They are 30 years behind the world in education and 14th in Asia in English speakers. Pretty sad!
  11. So the RTP knew this piece of garbage and didn't arrest him for DUI. Apparently, the RTP also knew is Daddy and went for a visit with Daddy to tell him the great deed that they did on behalf of his piece of garbage son. Brown Envelope please Daddy!
  12. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    Khon Kaen, Roi Et, Buri Ram, Ubon, Korat, & Kao Yai!
  13. Overnight stay on way to Udon

    Why do you want to go to Udon? There are so many other choices to hang out. I do like the idea of Roi Et.
  14. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Normally when a cable service picks up Fox, they get a complimentary connection for 1-3 years. After that you have to pay a fee. Most cable companies will ignore the billings until FOX cancels the programming. So, I think it's a cost issue that Thai's don't want to pay and they will accept free CNN and BBC.