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  1. Just a short film on Hua Hin by me. Hopefully OK to post here -Thanks Jim
  2. Hi All - My Latest film of the Hua Hin Roadies in action. If you ever need inspiration - Get cycling with these boys! Many Thanks
  3. HI All Nice Little Film about Hua Hin Railway Station. Lots of tourists filming here! Please Give me the 'Thumbs Up' and 'Subscribe' to my channel if you like? Just filming in Hua Hin and locality till Mid January - Thanks Jim
  4. Hi All - Hopefully Ok to post here if not will remove. Dont worry I promise not to bombard you all with these videos - But I thought this was a Must see! A morning at Hin Lek Fai view point with amazing views and those monkeys were adorable BUT don't be fooled as they can bite and scratch. I will be filming in the locality for the next 3 months so please Give me the 'Thumbs Up' - 'Share' - And Subscribe to my U Tube channel as I need encouragement - Thanks All
  5. Running Around Hua Hin Film

    Thanks Mate Will do. Hopefully 1 - 2 per week. Filming today at Hua Hin Hin lek Fai with the monkeys - amazing! Channel is growing Good at the moment - more subscribers daily. Cheers!
  6. Just made this film - Running in Thailand. Filmed at Khao Tao and Khao Kalok with some great scenery. I will be filming here for the next 3 months covering local attractions. If you like please Subscribe to my channel - its free. Hopefully Ok to post here if not apologies and will remove - Thanks!
  7. Since you will apply for the income letter by post from the UK embassy you can wait to get it a few weeks before plan on applying for the extension. See here for info: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-obtain-a-pensionincome-letter-for-thai-immigration Thanks for the Link Ubonjoe - All saved - Cheers!
  8. Hi Guys As always Thanks for the Feedback always helpful. Just tried ringing Hua Hin Immigration on 032 - 653617 and 032 522 656 No response but hey no problem! Unless I hear otherwise will work on the 30 days deadline. Cheers
  9. Hi SunnyJim Multiple O from Cardiff based on 65k pension monthly income but no longer available hence the reason for the extension. As always constant change! Cheers
  10. Hi SunnyJim Not married to a Thai - Single guy 55. Pension letter showing income more than 65, 000B to get the proof of income letter. Seem to be a lot of conflicting reports concerning the validity of these letters from 30 days to 6 months - Must be a few months! Thanks for the response!
  11. Hi All Hopefully someone assist please? 1. How Long is the 'Proof of Income Letter' from the British Embassy valid for please as I need to make the One year extension in Hua Hin showing income per month? Obviously I do not want to get it too early! 2. My current Non Immigration O Multiple entry expires on the 21st April 2016. I arrive in BKK on the 19th April and will get another 90 days entry. Do I have to make the one year extension before the 21st April or can it be in July when the 90 days is up - Confused Very! As always Thanking in advance!