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  1. You do know that most empty properties and especially condo's are bought by rich people for speculation purposes. It gives a better return then money in the bank and no risk of losing it all when the bank goes belly up. 1997 made a lot of people scared and owning a lot of properties is one of of protecting your wealth. Asking silly prices is just because they do not care and if they can get the silly price they will be laughing. I am not rich but steadily bought small condo's to rent out to Thai people. Very close to 100% occupancy is for me normal. A condo is sometimes empty for a few days to a week as normally there is a small list of people waiting to rent one of ours. We have with and without furniture and ask fair prices with one month rent in advance and one month deposit for without furniture and depending on the quality and value of the furniture there is an additional deposit for that. Never had any complaints because the contracts are simple and clear with no fixed duration.
  2. So you do not understand the concept of a deposit? It is used for a reason. Often after not asking for a deposit and then be left with damages. This is just cause and effect.
  3. Please send your real name in a PM so that when you happen to inquire to rent one of my condo's i can tell you to get lost.
  4. I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    It looks like the father is having 'puberty' problems again? To much alcohol destroying what is left of the brain tissue?
  5. I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    You could sell the car and use the money to get drunk. You can then still tell her to take the bus.
  6. The problem is inflation and low interest rates (among many others of course). Both encourage people to spend the money as soon as they have it in their hands. Fixing it is difficult as it will lead to immense number of problems. A quick "controlled" crash and then rebuild seems to be the fastest way out of it. (War was always the solution for unsolvable economic problems before. Currency war -> Trade War -> Real War.) Restart with at least 6% interest rates on savings and no more then 2-3% inflation. And keep savings banks and investments banks completely separate. This was after all the cause of the problems.
  7. Indeed. At least one of them steps of the plane in Thailand about every 15 minutes. :)
  8. Let me guess ....... Samui? Just pay the bill, shoddy work is considered good to outstanding in Thailand so a dispute will never end in your favor.
  9. Trump threatens to tax European auto imports

    I am confused. Trump promised his voters that he will do this. And when he does, it is suddenly wrong? Sure be unhappy with it, but it seems to me that keeping a promise is what was lacking for the last 100 years. What happened to democracy (i mean republic).
  10. For online payments i use Paypal. It is linked to my Krung Thai (visa debit card), so whenever i make a paypal payment the amount is deducted from my account.
  11. The problem is that the reputable lawyer will tell that a 3+3 year lease is no problem at all. My only personal experience with a 3+3+3 year contract was that after 3 years the owner did not want to honor the contract because her son wanted to go live in the building. Business was just taking off and moving it was such a huge problem that it ended up being closed down. We 'trusted' it , meaning we took a gamble as before ti was rented out for 20 years. But as we found out, things can change rapidly. Lesson learned! If your business can be taken anywhere (maybe something like manufacturing) and is not really depended on location then a 3+3 can be a good option. Spend the absolute minimum on improvements to make it functional as that investment you will never see back.
  12. My father in law was recently in the hospital. He is registered in Ubon but lives in Bangkok almost 30 years now. No problem for him to be treated in the hospital at all. Also for voting there is a system in place that allows people to vote while living in Bangkok but are registered elsewhere.
  13. One concern for when you rent out property is that who will be liable when there is something like a fire. If the one living in the property is properly registered this would be easier to prove. And yes, i know, it is never done.
  14. Visa run to Malaysia

    One of the remarks was that i already had too many stamps in my passport. These were all stamps from 1 year extensions for my non-0 marriage (2013-2017) and a transfer of visa from my old to new passport in 2012. Apparently for this IO it does not make any difference. They are stamps, so.... The official reason as written down on a TM.35 "Legal notice to aliens","Notification of the expulsion" document is "having no lawfull passport, document or visa". And yes lawfull was written with a double 'l'. You could not even make this idiocy up.
  15. Visa run to Malaysia

    I meant there is no LAW that requires a one day stay in the bordering country. That is just a made up rule by this particular immigration point.What it tries to accomplish is a mystery. It does make me reconsider living in Thailand full time as this is just another inconsistency that is screwing up my stay in Thailand. (19 years, last 6 years on yearly extension of non-0 marriage. I just made a tiny mistake (made new bankaccount as i moved and wanted a local branche, my old and new books were not accepted and i needed to have the new book with at least two months 400k on it, all the while my previous bankbook/ same bank having more then 400k for at least 10 years was not good enough) and was adviced by immigration to just hop over the border twice and then get back on the non-o again. So that was what i did. As i was in Bangkok for the first one i used Kanchanaburi border and that was no problem, now i was much closer to sadao and thought to do the same but now with above mentioned result. The max 2 visa on arrival exemption over land border is clear. The one day stay took me by surprise, and as alwasy with these things it could not happen at a worse time. It does remind me though that live in Thailand can be abruptly ended if an immigration officer gets out of the wrong side of his bed. Doing everything by the book with correct visas still does not help at all. What would be the next made up 'rule' that disrupts peoples lives.......