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  1. Khun Jean

    Keto and Back

    I think the problem nowadays is that especially sugar is in everything. Orange juice 23%, peanut butter 20%, ice tea 35%, sodas 23%. If you look at the labels you will be shocked. Especially the amount of corn syrup. The you get your oils of which palm oil is the most used in products you would not expect. The whole 'light' craze that started a few decades ago started it. Everyone did not want to have any fat in anything. So the manufacturers listened and replaced it with sugar and oils. This daily overdose of sugars has lots of effects on how your body responds to insulin. I know a 15 year boy (friend of my son), seemingly healthy and maybe a bit skinny was recently diagnosed with diabetes type II. What do the doctors tell him, 30-40 carbs per meal. And insuline shots every two weeks. After every meal a blood sugar test. So should i tell his parents about keto and how it helps with that? Basically saying their doctor is a complete idiot. He did stop to drink two or three lipton ice teas a day, because he was warned about drinking sodas because they are so unhealthy and they really thought that was more healthy. I will slowly nudge them to read about it, so they can make their own decisions. Information, perception and knowledge is very difficult to get as so much conflicting data is published. So for me, few years ago, i just thought, i'll just test this 'keto thing' as it worked pretty good for a friend of mine. It worked better then expected. Now i am on an 'almost keto' based eating style and it suits me well, easy to maintain. Mostly food that is in the keto diet with a few carbs now and then.
  2. A loanshark? Would that not be illegal? Maybe stay in the realm of legal consequences otherwise she might poison him, or push him from the balcony, or get her 'brother'/husband to teach him a lesson. Shall i go on? If she goes to a bank and tried to get a mortgage, the husband have to sign. If not then the bank is at fault and can be sued. The first question is 'Are you married?' (Kasikorn, Krung Thai, KrungSri, Bangkok bank) I know because we did get a mortgage (Krungsri) on one of our condo's.
  3. You mean the little ones used to make pickles?
  4. What if...... What if...... What if..... What if..... That is exactly what computer models try to answer. And the better the model the better it simulates reality. Currently computer models are immensely simplified and because of that the outcome can be anything by changing a few variables.
  5. "We came, we saw, he died! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha" screamed the monster in joy.
  6. Khun Jean

    Keto and Back

    So now i have a white carb diet......... Bye....
  7. Khun Jean

    Keto and Back

    Well i am not alone in my family. I am not pushing my way to them so i adjust. I take one spoon maybe two spoons rice, and the rest is vegetable and meats. My wife piles up her rice then adds lots of vegetables and no meats. The kids like a bit of rice combined with a bit of vegetables and meats. So i can be keto or very close to it, while my wife still loves her rice with vegetables (and fish or meat sometimes) and my kids enjoy their food to. carrot, pineapple, onions aren't particular good on keto either. But yes i get it, you just eat a teaspoon of those. You might even be on a surplus of nutrients, which just end up in the toilet.
  8. People who don't know don't know that they don't know. A problem that can not be fixed, even with proof. Personally i started blocking them, keeps all the topics free of the 'don't knows'.
  9. Wive can not borrow against property without husbands consent. If a marriage is not recognized then the ones concerned are extremely dumb. The 'entire bureaucratic gambit' consists of a visit to the Amphur and get the papers signed with a witness. btw if you don't trust your wife, she should have stayed a girlfriend.
  10. Khun Jean

    Keto and Back

    100 grams of rice = 28 carbs. (Your numbers!) How many table spoons of rice do you think that is? Go measure it! (It is more the a teaspoon). You do not have to get paranoid about a few carbs. It is not poison and no it will not throw you out of ketosis for weeks. Maybe a few hours if you ate too much. If you go for a walk or swim then the little amount of carbs is gone very quickly.
  11. Khun Jean

    Keto and Back

    You just proofed my point with numbers. And it is not bread AND rice AND potatoes. it is a slice of bread OR one potato OR a few spoons of rice. And the amount of carbs that can be eaten and still stay in ketosis is different for everybody. As said before when loosing weight be very strict. After that get more flexible. You can go in/out of ketosis many times without a problem. I would argue that is actually a better way to maintain this lifestyle. With intermittent fasting you go into ketosis easy. Keto combined with OMAD is a super efficient diet to loose weight. And then it does not matter if you eat some tomato (1), or some potato (1) or some rice (2-3 spoons). Did it for a long time, so i know how my body reacts. Yours can be different.
  12. Khun Jean

    Keto and Back

    The only difficult ingredient is 'MCT Oil', but if you are in Bangkok that should be available. I make mine (cacao) with coconut oil (instead of MCT oil), coconut milk, unsalted butter (i make my own from whipping cream), dutch cacao and some sweetener (stevia or other). For coffee just replace the cacao with coffee or use both.
  13. Make it yourself easy and block the ones that have TDS. I enjoy my time on TVF much more since i started doing that. Sometimes i see 5-6 lines of 'You've chosen to ignore content by' per page. It is a great feature.
  14. 120 sqm four bedroom unfurnished condo, 700m from Phrakanong station for 12.000 a month. Fitness, and indoor swimming pool great for kids. I lived there for about 5 years.
  15. 'pretty overwhelming scientific theories' based on computer models.