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  1. Air pollution alert in 14 Thai provinces

    edit: someone already posted the link before. :) I escaped the bad air in Bangkok. I am now living in Prachuap city and the difference is remarkable.
  2. It is not possible. 'The exception that proves the rule' is just to say that a very specific case is prove that there is a general rule. The general rule being that owning land for foreigners is not possible. There is a rule that when you invest 40 million baht then you can have ownership of 1 rai for a residence. This is also very unlikely and has to be approved by several departments. I don't know of anyone getting that, but to be honest i am not familiar with the rich and famous. So for the rest of us, the law remains very simple and that is you can not own land. Which is actually not such a bad thing as it is also as good as impossible to get Thai citizenship or permanent residency. It just keeps you reminded that you should not buy anything permanent with most of your money as you permission to stay is not permanent. Always have a fallback.
  3. The exception that proves the rule.
  4. So we can expect the advice (from your soon to be a lawyer wife) to the OP's question to appear in this topic? And i am not talking about a scam. I am just talking that you use this platform to find customers and by doing that keep information from being public and freely available which is the goal of this forum. So by using this platform to find potential customers you circumvent the advertising system which keeps this forum alive. Maybe they are not potential customers for your wife as she is not a lawyer yet, but surely potential customers for "the lawyer she works with".
  5. You seem to do that a lot. Why not advertise?
  6. Recruiting again? (Is that not against forum rules?) It would be nice if that information was put here so that others can use this forum and find the information.
  7. Retirement visa procedure. Go to immigration, get a number, show your bank book with at least 800.000 baht in it, wait for the stamp, go back home. Depending on where you are this can take between 30 minutes and a whole day. I live in Prachuap KhiriKhan (which is a delightful place much to my surprise, and yes there is sauerkraut and gulash here :) ) and for immigration i go to Hua Hin, which is about one hour drive. Typically i just make it a day out as the time i need to spend at immigration is at most 2 hours depending on the queue. For the 90 day reporting i drive about 15 minutes to Dan Singkon immigration, step inside, show my passport, get my new paper, say thank you and go to the local market and back home. This is my experience for the last 2 years, before that i lived in Bangkok and the one year extension of stay would take from 09:00 - 16:00 because it is very busy (Cheang Wattana). 90 day reporting i did in Lat Prao, often takes about 15-30 minutes. You can also do your reporting online or by mail, it is really a smooth process. So if you are worried about hassles with getting your extensions and 90 day reporting i would suggest keeping that 1 MB in your pocket as it can not get any easier then a retirement visa. The 'Elite' is more for people who can not have a retirement visa as they have to go through many hoops and scrutiny to get their extension. In your case there is no hassle at all.
  8. Do you get bored with your condo?

    Selecting a location is crucial. In my case with wife and two kids it was: find a good school, aikido dojo not to far away, 7-11/tesco lotus, BTS all within walking distance. Also a short drive to highways for easy drive to parents in law (north bangkok), jomtien (east) and cha-am/hua hin (south). I found a 4 bedroom 120sqm place close to Phrakanong BTS for 11.000 per month and we lived there for more then five years. Boredom in my experience comes from not being able to comfortably do what you want or go where you want. A good location fixes that, the quality of the condo is less important and can be improved upon while living in it. No such thing as improving the location of a condo which is of course impossible, as such the most important decision to make.
  9. No it doesn't. It depends solely how much you know about the rules and are willing to stand up for your rights. I have been through it and the worst part was dealing with agents!!!!! Shipping agent said it would cost about 60.000 baht to import a container full of household goods. I let them know my thoughts on that for sure! In the end i paid a few thousand baht because i had two TV's, two fridges and two washing machines. The transport to my condo was 5000 baht and unloading it (4 people) was another 3000. Best option is to ship the container to the closest port and handle the rest by yourself. Transport should not cost more then 10.000 for whole Thailand. The closer you are the cheaper it will be. The preparation was lots of work though. I had each box numbered and in a document describing the content of each box. The more detail the better. It will make them bored to go through 25 pages of listed items. Items like socks, spoons, towels, underpants, gloves, nail cutter etc.. Ridiculous but very effective and no room for discussions about content. They opened the container, had a quick look, and that was it.
  10. Thats true. I answered from my perspective. My rental income is mostly from Thais and some from foreigners who make their money in Thailand.
  11. With a maximum of 100.000 baht per day pulling cash from the ATM is really convenient. I don't have rental properties that give that much return per day so the 100.000 baht limit was no problem. You do need to do 2 or 3 withdrawals to get to that maximum as often the specific banks ATM machine only allow for a maximum number of notes. In Europe that is often 20 notes of 50 euro. Per withdrawal the costs were approximately 7-10 euro including transfer and exchange costs. To minimize that it is best to pull the maximum the machine allows.
  12. That is rather difficult and costly for them. Don't make paying you more difficult then necessary, any little problem gets exponentially bigger when international transfer from Thailand are needed.
  13. Behaving like a 30 year old will get you 100 views, behaving like a 10 year old 100 million as most viewers will be between 10-20.
  14. Maybe trying to ban him from youtube will have more effect. (Then also all old stuff is gone). With 3.2 million subscribers that would be a hard thing to do, but well worth it.
  15. When did that happen? And this 'new' document is used since when?? Would this not be on all Thai related websites on the front page in huge letters! As of July 1st 2017 i still had to sign a document stating the land is the Sin Suan Tua (personal non-marital property) of my wife and that i have no claim on it in any form. A new document should not have to exist when it declares something is Sin Somros, as anything that is aquired during marriage is Sin Soros. A document is only to declare otherwise. It is an extraordinary claim that needs extraordinary proof!