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  1. From today's Pattaya Today confirming the rule changes (not online yet): The latest changes are not in force in every immigration office, but are specific requirements at the Pattaya office. A spokesman sais, "Pattaya has an unusually large number of foreigners on its books and these amendments are designed to provide evidence of good intention on their part. Retirement applicants will show a current ATM or credit card as evidence they are in good standing with a bank [...]. Separately, those applying for extensions on shorter visas will need to show they have a clear plan to leave the country once the extension is used up. I don't think it can get clearer than that! However I reckon they will drop this once they realise that no farang would be willing to have his/her credit card photocopied, just like the requirement to go to the MFA. The second part of the quote refers to the fact that people applying for shorter extensions will have to show a confirmed ticket (by air or overland) out of the country before the extension is granted. But don't forget this applies only to Pattaya.
  2. Nearest airport to Hull is Humberside Airport, but you'd need to hire a car to get to the Embassy from there or take a (very expensive) taxi. And the only international flights are from Amsterdam. A better option would be Manchester Airport, as there is a train route from the airport to Hull (change train at Manchester Piccadilly). You'll need to get a taxi from Hull station, though, as the embassy is in Hessle (about 5 miles away). I'm sure there are direct flights from all Scandi countries to Manchester. There are also heaps of cheap hotels in Hull. Hope this helps.