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  1. BOI WP titles

    No, not in BKK further up north in Phitsanulok.
  2. BOI WP titles

    I'm a bit confused with the information you are being given regarding only three types of job description. I work for a company under BOI and my job description of QA/QC Coordinator is the same, both on the WP and in the company documents. This obviously could depend on the local labour office. That said, I do remember that during an extension, my boss, when he moved from GM to MD, was fined for having his job description changed in the company documents without informing the labour office of the change to have his WP amended. This was a few years ago but still adds more confusion as the WP should follow the company's job description for the individual.
  3. OP, what were the reasons for this thread? I mean was it personal experiences or just what you have read? I work everyday with Thais, have lived here 20+ years and the only really scary encounters I've had is with the missus. Mind you, that fades most unpleasant experiences into insignificance............
  4. BOI WP titles

    As far as I'm aware, unless the new job being seeked is within the same company, you will need a new work permit as the details in the old WP would be obsolete (even if doing the same job with the new company). So the details in the old WP don't mean anything as it would be cancelled. That has been my experience.
  5. Songkran Death Toll Surges To 418

    59.7 is the average from 418 deaths over the 7 day period of Songkran. What is the daily national average for Thailand?
  6. I got no problem liking your posts, think you might have startled the old ones with those. All arguments invalid....................
  7. Just to expand slightly on what scorecard was saying above, your valuables don't stop at physical items. Be very cautious of what you have on your laptops and tablets and where, and how you leave them in your hotel rooms. Whether it be company related or sensitive personal data; this can be a nightmare if exploited for many. Analog ransomware if available to exploit. If you are a regular traveller, think about more security than just a Windows password, this can be bypassed within 2 minutes (depending on your boot time) by anyone who knows what they are doing. Fingerprint scanners IMO lead people into a false sense of security because of the built in bypass options in place. Think encryption. Be careful out there..................
  8. TOT DSL -- how often do I.P. addresses change?

    Yes, you are correct. I am currently network connected to an AIS fiber router which I haven't got access to. If I remember correctly the last ISP lease we used was 96 hours, but am not sure if that is standard for the rest of the ISPs. Sorry for the misdirection JT and thanks for the correction oilinki........................
  9. TOT DSL -- how often do I.P. addresses change?

    JT, to determine your 'lease' of the IP, assuming you are using Windows follow this underneath. Although this is not TOT, you will see something similar. 1. Open Network & Sharing and click on the Ethernet reference as shown 2. Click on Details This will show you the lease time given for your connection. Normally if you shut your confuser down, it will give you a new IP address. 3. Lease time
  10. How do they know these figures when the Songkran festivities don't end until the 20th? How is that even possible to put the figure of 20 billion to that?
  11. So much truth in that post Father Fin.................... There should be a cautionary note on all their posters as to the hidden pitfalls in being a temporary ambassador against human trafficking and reporting your observations.
  12. This could possibly turn into a valid reason for going for the submarines. IMO extremely important to have a constant vigil against these sort of things. Tourists can't reasonably spend their money if they end up in hospital beds. On another point in this story, not believing what the victim is saying as to how he got these injuries is understandable in these circumstances.................... Wouldn't want the truth to come out too soon until all avenues have been investigated.