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  1. He's just being safe. If the evolution of cats is following the apparent evolution of "Man" in Thailand, you just never know..................
  2. Come on, she's a medium, she knew this was going to happen...........................
  3. There are a lot of percentages in that report but no numbers about claims. And when they say it is data from 2017 they used, was this against all insurance companies or just their own? I agree with Berkshire that this is just another BS survey, but if you are willing to accept without question a British tabloid article as a benchmark, based on only percentages, rock on......................
  4. But then we get into the difference between relationships and just asking for money for sex. Certainly not saying it doesn't happen but IMO not as generalized as a lot of people make out. There are grey areas for sure.
  5. I ran a bar here for 12 years. Granted, not in any tourist area, but never once did the bar take bar fines. None of the girls were available for 'take aways', they were not necessarily those type of girls. But that is not to say that relationships didn't happen, hence my previous post about what sort of bar we are talking about. And just to clarify, not having bar fines was a choice, could easily have gone that way but decided on the family atmosphere instead.
  6. You made a valid point in your earlier post as to what sort of bar it is, not all bars in Thailand work the 'bar fine' model. To me, if a girl working in a bar is bar-fined, or if the purpose of leaving with a customer is strictly financial, then yes, without question they are prostituting themselves. If however they are just fun loving girls who have hit an attraction for a customer and leaves when the bar closes, who knows? I certainly wouldn't judge them for wanting fun, even if it did involve sex later on. Have too many fond memories still, after all this time of my earlier days in Thailand during the 80's & 90's. That was as a customer by the way, even then it would have been hard to get a WP and besides, I could never keep those stocking seams straight.................
  7. They need to give it a drink, it calms them right down........................
  8. Not sure where God comes into it in Thailand? Still, regardless, I'm sure he would be bias anyway as patent modifications are frowned upon everywhere............................
  9. I used to walk that area, under the Naresuan Bridge, nearly every night between 21:00 & 22:00 and it used to be occupied by dodgy people at that time of night. The dogs were always on leash while transiting through there. Unfortunately his story may have a ring of truth about it, paying for sex, but not sure about the 150 baht. As said I was there almost every night. Got to know some of them, mostly teenagers probably doing drugs & drinking and never had any trouble with them. They got to know the dogs as well, which was a good thing. Also not sure what they mean about the network of drainage pipes, there were some drainage pipes to be sure but I wouldn't have described them as a network. Possible though.
  10. In a way I feel sorry for this woman as in her mind, she thinks she is helping these animals. In reality, she is indeed torturing them. At the age of 69 I doubt any of these animals get the exercise they need and see their entire lives behind the bars of cages. I couldn't even imagine having 30 dogs in a shop house and can imagine the smell after a time.