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  1. Wow. I watched the video and it didn't appear he caught the lady that much. That's quite nasty to say the least.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, I truthfully scanned right past that thinking it was an image from the CCTV. My bad.
  3. All above true................ Your point about filling in the deposit slip, I also have to do this every time and always receive a stamped signed receipt. Unless the bank and the person making the deposit have become complacent due to everyday business, there does appear to be something wrong with the whole story IMO.
  4. If I was the manager of that branch, I would investigate all the tellers for piece of mind. It allegedly isn't the first time it has happened to the same customer (even though the previous incident was sorted out).
  5. You speak quite a lot for a 'spook'. That's just an observation, if you have that much to say on a public forum, I'd guess you would likely stand out in a crowd as well.
  6. Well I hope the charges are sent in the right direction and they include the various government departments responsible for inspection and signing off on renovation.
  7. Where were these people relocated to from their own homes? Edit: Just read the other thread on this. Pure and absolute cover your a s s/knee jerk reactions and uncalled for suffering for 4,000 residents IMO. Too much too late.....................
  8. It always seems to be the same that it takes a tragic event before the rules are applied correctly. How can that be in this day and age, especially in a so called 1st world country? We are put through a wringer for the smallest error we make in this paper/form orientated world and yet the ones that make the rules don't apply them in any practical sense. Shame on you.
  9. The above is a prime example of what is classed as terrorism for a lot of people. Actually its not, that is associating a religion, or rather their beliefs, to encompass the spectrum of terrorism. Not all terrorists want martyrdom. Nor would all terrorists object to working on a pig farm.
  10. Yes, anyone convicted of terrorism should be eligible to receive the death penalty. Yes, they should be eligible for the death penalty, but only if the terrorist act resulted in deaths. No, countries should not make an exception to existing laws for the death penalty. In this world that we are living in now, before any discussion on the death penalty for terrorism is even thought about, a clear definition of "Terrorism" needs to be established as far as the law is concerned. There are far too many things now being cited as acts of terrorism which are in fact criminal acts, but because they involve, no matter how loosely, connections to racism or connections to people involved with illegal organizations they inevitability come under the broad spectrum that has been established. Thequietman in post ID:7 makes an extremely valid point with reference to two examples. the Birmingham 6 and Nelson Mandela. The first reference to the B6 was a case that proved these people were in fact innocent of what they were imprisoned for (even though some were connected to an illegal organization)and the second concerning Nelson Mandela is a perfect example of one man's terrorist and one man's freedom fighter............... Again, on establishing boundaries, it should also be agreed on when someone's human rights are removed. For me this is quite simple; Any person who is involved in making, deploying or detonation of an explosive device for the reason of injuring or killing innocent people. Anyone giving orders for the making, deployment or detonation of an explosive device for the reason of injuring or killing innocent people. Any person who improvises the use of any vehicle to cause injury or death to innocent bystanders. Any person who picks up a loaded weapon with the intention of wounding or killing innocent people. Of course there are many, many more scenarios but the above 3 spring straight to mind. But this is only my viewpoint and aimed towards the pro-active, to remove the need for court cases for many of these animals and untie the hands of those who can do something about it under the law.
  11. Well done to K. Trakul for adopting “Tha Ruea” in the first place. But it wouldn't be fair not to be a bit critical and ask why the dog was on the road in the first place to be run over by the car? It is for me a very sad tale.
  12. It may not be the ones you are on about Colin, but there are a few high rankers going to present themselves to the bench soon for the pedo scandal that is ongoing. So perhaps this has been instructed for other reasons than criminals giving their opinions to the media. Wouldn't help the Thai image in international media displaying government officials and police officers accused of underage sex would it? Speculation of course, but lets look outside the box.
  13. So very true reference priorities. Many years ago when I moved to Phitsanulok and asked the question as to how the children got away with riding motorbikes I was told something along the lines of; "Never mind, if it is their only means of transport to school then the police won't do anything. Education is important". We are in a city that has 30+ schools, xx colleges and 3 universities. The amount of motorbikes on the roads has increased by at least 5 fold since then and still it happens with the kids on their bikes. Of course this isn't taking into account the increase in car numbers as well. Between 16:00 and 18:00 every night all the hospital emergency rooms are bursting at the seams. It is eye-opening at the least. "Education is important". You would think that schools would be the perfect place to start the education that is needed for life, and not just for the classroom.
  14. Who is to say what sort of leverage has been made when they accept the 5,000 baht? These type of gangs generally don't mess about. Without leverage what would stop the women from grassing up the gang? Believe me, there will be pressure somewhere. Nothing in this world is for free, not even 5,000 baht.