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  1. When you unexpectedly find concealed balls on the beautiful Khun 'A' that you have just met, don't blame her/him for you taking shortcuts in the Thai courting process. Always make sure that the 'A' doesn't stand for Angus or Albert......................... Just sayin'
  2. 5 hours from Bangkok to Tak? that is moving, on that leg anyway. I could only imagine a few scenarios for that sort of route. Either: a. Girlfriend leaving Bkk to pickup boyfriend in Tak and then on to Pattaya. b. Boyfriend leaving Bkk to pickup girlfriend in Tak and then on to Pattaya. c. Both leave Bkk together and the taxi driver is on the meter.
  3. IMO to still call this a 'tradition' is undermining in itself. It is organized crime and perversion.
  4. Personally I'm right behind K. Kesiyaporn if that is what actually happened. It is nice to see for a change someone with the courage to stand up for her people and her own reputation. Hope she had the entire incident recorded on CCTV. And has had the sense to keep the original recording off-site.......................
  5. "Chief of the Defence Forces Gen Surapong Suwana-adth has affirmed that submarines are vital to national security." Where are these submarines to be based? What will be their operating area(s). I would love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting that discovers the deepest depth in the GOT is only 85 metres with an average depth of about 58 metres. Not much room for evasive actions there is there? Kindergarden paddling pool.
  6. And, as per the OP title about ways to take down online content, that is the only way that Thai police will be able to do it. Facebook will not give them access to do it in any legal way. A poster summed FB up for me in another thread yesterday by comparing FB to a fruit. It starts off really good but over time the rot sets in and has the capability of spreading disease as it further decays. That said, I do have a certain sympathy for FB and what sort of monitoring they can employ to stop the likes of this happening again. I don't know actual numbers, but would expect millions of clips being shared everyday albeit not all on live feeds, but how do you monitor, essentially data files, to a degree that it would give the viewer the live view experience? Yes, it is obviously a money spinner for FB, but it was a demand from the social media to have the service there in the first place. Can't have your cake and eat it at the same time.................. Edit: For clarity, I do not use FB.
  7. I'm having trouble with the 51 degrees C inside a car in St. Ives in April....................
  8. The thing I don't get from this, after all the hype about making WS safe (a Happy Zone) was how those two middle-eastern F W's got away with their slapping for so long. Where did the police go at the beginning of the clip? Unless they were taking the wannabe to hospital after his dramatic fall?? All for making places safer, but they need to backup their words with action that can be seen and not just heard. IMO of course....................
  9. You should never under-estimate the girls from Walking Street...........................
  10. Agree, failing to get a live linux to boot, that would be the way I would go as well. Quick note to those that are suggesting recovery software. Yes, there are good ones out there but if you don't know what you are doing, or are trying different software to recover, every time you try for a recovery, the less chance you will have of getting your data back on further runs if that didn't succeed. Be careful!
  11. I've always found that no matter where I am, and there isn't a queue available, there is nothing more relaxing than standing in one spot and forming your own queue. A good cuppa is miles away from this feeling IMO.........................
  12. I think you just nailed that smew, he is a real kite flyer....................
  13. Granted, not in Pattaya but we were open for 12 years, 8 months & 4 days and not one satang went to the police. And was never even asked for. My experiences in Pattaya ended in 1999 and at that time the police were playing second fiddle to those offering proper protection, but that would also depend on what area you were in. So any comment from me regarding Pattaya would only be 'recent history'....................
  14. Looks like I got that wrong for 12 years then. Could employ staff at 18, but couldn't have customers under 20 for that time. And that was just a bar. Maybe things have changed.
  15. No you don't, need police protection running a bar here. Urban myth.