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  1. Not sure where they get 'the latest fad' from, we have had these (or very similar) in Phitsanulok for at least 5 years. They may protect from the sun and rain, but when up against wind, not so good. Really really dangerous even with the wind generated by a passing bus or truck.
  2. OP needs to be aware that if he has a multi re-entry attached to his extension of stay, he will need to cancel this otherwise he won't be able to void his extension.
  3. That is the only minus for me with the entire vaping thing here in Thailand. Until the consumables are properly regulated, IMO, the fluid could easily be harmful if somebody copies the production and takes shortcuts to increase profits. To me it is similar to buying hard drugs off the street after they have been cut numerous times. Apparently you don't get a good high from 30% baby milk, 25% chalk and 10% rat poison mixed with the product. Secondhand info there so maybe wrong. Similar thought process for me regarding the juice, buy cheap and expect problems. In fact there is nothing to stop someone adding product to aim for a high. Next big problem when they eventually get their act together and tax the hardware and regulate the consumables IMO. Watch this space.....................
  4. I liked your post because I was thinking exactly the same thing........................
  5. Good luck with that. Cant see many cross-border incidents happening in the near future. I reckon they will find most of the items have been smuggled into Thailand.
  6. Agree, if a dog attacks in the public domain then it certainly should be put down. But this action is after the fact, not preventative. It won't give the victim or victim's families any piece of mind, or very little and then just based on revenge. As said earlier, the onus should be on the owner. If no owner takes responsibility, cull the lot. Sounds cruel, but something needs to be done.
  7. Not disagreeing about functioning dangerous dog laws, but how would you do it? Most Western countries that have introduced dangerous dog acts have based their definition of dangerous dogs on breed, ie, banning ownership of certain breeds of dogs. This IMO is completely wrong. Onus has to be on the owner's, again, IMO. If a dangerous dog act was in place it still wouldn't have addressed this issue unless 'Thai' dog breeds were banned and this of course wouldn't happen as they are part of the 'culture'..............................
  8. I just hope it isn't hot air brought on by anger of the moment by the brother and they do go after this scum to the limits of the law. Even if the girl was wrong (and I am in no way blaming the victim here) there is absolutely no justification in taking actions that this guy has taken IMO. Deleted
  9. Don't understand the pampering some people go to regarding the other half. I do what I want when she wants. Has worked for the last 18 years so that ticks the boxes for us..................
  10. Mine still has trouble reverse parking....................... Feeling pretty safe here.........................
  11. The guy was talking/imagining about sorting the entire problem out: "Semi-automatic 22 cal pistol with silencer + large box of ammo = problem solved." Either that or he already knows that a suppressor attached to a .22 reduces accuracy.................................
  12. Your friend got rabies ? In Pattaya? How long ago was this? And if you are taking things to extremes, why would you need a silencer for your .22? Suppressors don't add to accuracy with weapons................... And I'm sorry, you say that your friend is a dog trainer, what did he do to trigger the attack? Dogs do not attack for no reason, regardless of how small that reason may appear. Otherwise you would be reading about multiple attacks by the same pack in the same area. Then you would need to ask why the few shop owners who came to his assistance would tolerate that. Because they are Thai and thick it is funny? Doubt it very much. Again, this is not blaming the victim, just asking a few questions......................
  13. Fear is certainly a condition, because of the fight or flight reaction it can generate as you have described above........... But you also have to bring into account the other states of mind that can be present in the animal, such as territorial and dominance and of course, plain out aggression. The two examples you gave shout out territorial or dominance. If it was aggression they would not have stopped. Dogs are social animals, this is why, if socialized properly become such good pets. A lot of people would say that their animals are part of the family, which is true as they have become part of their human pack. In the wild (in this case as soi dogs, not feral yet) the majority of dogs will seek leadership, seek becoming part of a society, and that is how packs are formed. Leaders and followers plain and simple. Once the pack is formed, forget breed and think dog. Entirely feasible for the 'alpha' to be a bitch poodle leading shepherds and rotties, which is why the pack can be so dangerous to people who can't identify the leader. Getting back to the problem (and it is a huge problem) I would like to see the reports of all these 'attacks' and see how many of them were triggered by people (especially children) with their best thoughts in mind, trying to befriend the dogs. In that I mean how many reached out a hand to pet while looking at the dog in the eye that escalated the situation where the dog, followed by the pack, attacked? And after the first instance, how much of the experience is retained by the dog(s) to repeat over and over again? Because this is how they learn. And with what I have said above, I am in no way trying to make the victim responsible for whatever happened. It is just my experience that people usually don't recognize the signs of what is happening until it is too late. The authorities need to take firm action of this situation across the nation and the only way to do this is by culling the strays IMO. Leave this any longer and you will start seeing deaths occurring through dog attacks IMO.
  14. Love it. I tried that once, but I got a better range of reactions from frantic tail wagging to them going for the throat............. Dogs do not know what you are saying to them! However that said (and yes, being serious now) what they do recognize is tone of voice, body language and state of mind. If you are scared, angry, happy, etc they will pickup on that. Enhance your happy, confident mood with treats and you are half way to becoming a dog trainer using positive methods.................... But never take them for granted and always be aware that dogs act differently in the pack than when they are by themselves.
  15. Interesting article but in none of the replies to the questions regarding proof of funds does it say that the proof must be in currency or traveler checks. So for me, being a tourist reading that before a first trip to Thailand, I would assume a bank book/statement, credit/debit card, etc would be sufficient proof of funds. This, as has been repeatedly reported, is not the case.