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  1. Looking at your Outlook email client, you appear to have the client setup for Thai with an added language pack. Entering an email address to the To field will not change your menu bar to a different language. As the computer language is set to English (bottom right of task bar), what language is displayed when you type into the Subject line? Edit: Removed by poster (email format protected and not displayed) ...........
  2. Couldn't agree more. Present an ID card (if in doubt) or don't get what you are asking for. Simple.
  3. And in the other poll that is making the news, one third of Thais blame road accidents on fate. IMO this shows that population percentage statistics are badly flawed. Still, all depends on who is being questioned and how the questions are presented.
  4. That is incorrect. The 7 day grace period after the report date is only applicable if you (or representative) are attending to do the report in person. And I believe it is 14 days before.
  5. What a BS article about a third of the population citing road deaths/accidents are to do with fate. The surveyors couldn't even reach 2,000 people to interview. That, IMO, is not a true representation of a country's population
  6. Even though I don't for a minute think that cold weather was the cause of death, just a couple of observations to the OP. A lot of people automatically associate that Arne, being Norwegian, lives in Norway and his body is still acclimatized to Norwegian weather. The only thing the OP stated is that he returned from Oslo, was this just for a visit? If he has been living in SEA for any period of time he would be more used to the hot weather than the cold. In Phitsanulok yesterday the temperature was 35 C during the afternoon, I would imagine similar to Uttaradit. If for example he had spent the afternoon in the sun, drinking alcohol, and then retired to the house with the air-con cranked right down, this will obviously affect his body core temperature. Range of temperature is important here. Add to that his age and the possibility of the use of sexual enhancement medication, this sort of thing may not end well. All speculation of course, but providing a 180 degree possibility of what may have happened. No better or worse than what has already been written in this thread....... I know for me, after visiting Northern Ireland (for only 10 days) a few years ago in January I thought I was going to die from the cold and the temperatures were not even below freezing. I had a fleece attached to my back the entire time I was 'home' and the only time it was off was when I had a shower or was in bed. So, for me, body acclimatization is a big thing. This is from someone who has spent winters in the Falklands and South Georgia and been to Scandinavia countless times in my other life during the winter. For the long stayers in Thailand, do you not wonder why you feel freezing when the temperatures fall in the winter months (or weeks) here, when you would think nothing of these temperatures when you are in your home country living full time?
  7. Ukrainian deported for overstay

    Still apparently had enough for the fine and the flight if he is already deported.
  8. Not normally this sympathetic but my heart goes out to this lady, based on the few facts that have been given. How this habit of family compensation (especially when the concerned person is already serving time) to keep guilty people spaced from justice really needs to be rethought in this day and age. If the reported facts are true, this will be the reason the teacher won't get a retrial. All horribly wrong.
  9. What a strange message coming from the deputy PM to the public with reference to IS. For me there is no doubt that among the 30+ million visitors there will certainly be some linked to the Islamic State, but why would he specify that IS operatives would be over-stayers in Thailand? Emphasis on the word 'operatives'. Unless participating in action, why would an operaive overstay here when his/her services would be needed in other parts of the world? If I were the deputy PM, or indeed had any connection to the Junta involving specific security of the country, I would be more concerned about the 'home-growns' rather than vague references concerning immigration issues given to the public without proper threat assessment statements. And IMO, no matter what I may think of ISIS and affiliates, if they planned an infiltration in Thailand, they would be under the radar with correct paperwork. These are dangerous people and not stupid. Don't blame immigration and get a handle on your own internal security would be my message instead of making unsubstantiated statements to the public.
  10. Never was a big fan, but the crowds still feel him. This from One Love Manchester earlier this year.....................
  11. Reinstall Windows 10..

    I still prefer NTLite to strip down the images, but everyone to their own. (32 & 64 bit in the link) https://www.ntlite.com/download/
  12. CAT torrent capping ?

    Need to ask yourself how many other people on the node are getting 1.6 Mbps download speeds.
  13. I don't think (in my case anyway) it has anything to do with disliking my home country, or even liking Thailand more. Things happen during everyone's life on individual basis that lead to decisions being made that are more complicated than where you actually live. I also think a lot depends on what sort of life you have lead as well and what that life consisted off. Also where you are in your expected life cycle.................. In my case I came to Thailand for a 6 month kick-back holiday after a 23 year commitment to the armed forces of the UK. Twenty years later and I am still here; party time played out, married for the last 18 years, full time employment, own house, own car, etc, etc. In fact, this is the longest period of my life that I have been in the same place since (and including) leaving 'home' at the age of 15. One of my observations though over this time has been that some people are more concerned about geographical placement than getting on with their lives where they want to live. Don't believe in thinking of the past, but more living in the now.
  14. This of course would make interesting reading...................... I am still confused that with this alleged figure of 100,000 people on overstay and the recent focused raids that have been going on, the number of people detained for overstay and alleged crimes is so low. This in itself, given the figures that were released, IMO, shows the inefficiency of the Immigration Investigation Branch. And for clarity, I do feel sorry for the immigration branch, controlling visitors to one's country, both legal and illegal is a nightmare for any country reliant on tourism boosting the economy.
  15. It would be my guess that they could never get 100,000 names of 'tourists' to make the list never mind publishing it. Perhaps if they added workers from surrounding countries they might get close to it.