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  1. I looking for a Windows 10 ISO Lite Version

    If I was looking for a Lite version, I would do it myself for a fully personalized install. Download the original ISO straight from MS for piece of mind. Preferred software (for me) would be NTLite which can be found at: https://www.ntlite.com/download/ If you are unsure what to keep, what services to disable, etc, try Black Viper. He has been advising on configurations on windows operating systems since before XP for different users. Found at (for W10 configs): http://www.blackviper.com/service-configurations/black-vipers-windows-10-service-configurations/ There are images available out there, all you have to do is look. But it all comes down to trust in the person making those images, ie, it is almost as easy putting things into an operating system as it is removing things from it....................... Good Luck.
  2. The big problem I have with this is that when a criminal background check is conducted, in the majority of cases, the information comes from data banks showing those that have already been convicted and paid for their crimes. Hence the reason they are registered. In an extremely few cases only, will the check show people with active warrants against them or that are currently suspect for crimes committed. After all, what responsible government would allow these people to travel abroad? (IMO if any of this group want to bring themselves into the public eye, even by getting married, then they deserve to be caught). What the check doesn't show is criminals that are currently active and haven't been caught. You know the ones, this is the group that could cause problems to not only the good name of Thailand but to the safety of the citizens as well. Sooooooooo, what is the point in the overall reality of the things? Seen to be done? Persecuting people who have already paid for their crimes? I would never personally condone criminal actions, but through the years I have met (and known) a LOT of people who have made mistakes in the past, got caught and served their time and moved on with their lives never looking back. Just an observation, and for clarity, I am not one of the ones mentioned in the above paragraph, I was never caught for my mistakes.........
  3. What was the American wearing on his feet? If he was wearing flip flops as would be normal for most, then IMO, there would be more chance of impact damage (fractured eye socket) from a knuckle than a flip-flop even given the increase of force caused by stomping. Again, assuming he was wearing flip flops.
  4. Personally I think the jist of the OP is out of date by at least a decade as far as juvenile use of ya ba goes. While it can be said that it is increasing, the problem has been around for too long. Too late for education for too many.
  5. Even though she appears to have falsified the claims, the above statement from the police is a bit extreme, denying her medical treatment without knowing what she was on during an interrogation.
  6. Not at all. In this world that we live in today, where everybody 'needs' to know what is happening about everything, once a person is in the limelight through social media, for whatever reason, all the skeletons will be dragged from the closets. Pretty sure he didn't want the publicity like this. If he did, then IMO he is a false flag. But, only my opinion, I think he is doing a great job and if I had time on my hands I would hope to do something similar. That is easy to say though..................
  7. You said that better than I could have canuckamuck, but my thoughts exactly.......... It is great to have a nature for helping people with the only reward wanted is the feeling of sabai sabai, but now that he is indeed in the spotlight the world will expect 'the world' from this kind guy and his wife. Unfortunately I can see a conflicting story about Herr Reiner as to why he is so jai dee as people dig into his past. Just a feeling....
  8. That figure should read 500,000 baht, not 100,000.