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  1. Aussi father and son killed tinkering with their pool

    ALWAYS ALWAYS when installing pool equipment make provision for local isolation to each bit of equipment. Rotary isolaters are best even a simple plug and socket would be of great help to isolate any piece of equipment before carrying out any work. Of course RCBOS RCDS and other such devices are of first importance.
  2. Pool pump and white plastic valve

    An extremely valid point, never mind warranties etc , there is a big problem with look alike equipment. and inferior quality equipment which may well prove dangerous. It may cost a bit more but stick with known suppliers and big brand names for peace of mind and your family safety,
  3. From previous experience ionization seems to work well in some pools and not in others the main thing depends that the water is kept in good chemical balance as per the langelier saturation index. You will however have to keep a small residual of free chlorine of around .5-- .75 ppm of free chlorine in the pool. Must admit my observations have been based on indoor pools. and not pools that rely on stabilized chlorine.
  4. Cable width for zipline (basket) across valley

    Takes a Sapper to get it right calcs and all, now where is my old pocket book?
  5. Fluoride for drinking water?

    This may be of interest to some. FLUORIDE CONTENT OF COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE BOTTLED DRINKING WATER IN BANGKOK, THAILAND Praphasri Rirattanapong1 and Opas Rirattanapong2 1Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, Bangkok; 2Surin Dental Care Clinic, Mueang, Surin, Thailand http://www.tm.mahidol.ac.th/seameo/2016-47-5/27-691223-1112.pdf
  6. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    sorry sir didn't mean to offend
  7. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    I thought Naam would beat me to it. Oils that absorb water are said to hygroscopic. A hydroscope is an optical instrument for looking underwater.
  8. Air Conditioner Gas Refill Cost

    OK to put things in perspective, Small top up is generally included in the price of a service here in Chiang Mai 500 baht per unit on average, and I mean a full service not just cleaning filters. Fully recharging a unit is a different matter refrigerant is around 950 baht per kilo, some small units will contain .75 kg whilst larger units can contain 1.5 kg. Plus labour for repairs etc. 1000 baht is not a rip off. A big no to soldering. Source of info au prices for refrigerant Mitsubishi brochure for quantities.
  9. Bangkok bank will certainly print out a statement to cover these condensed entries if you require one, well they do at my Sansai Branch.
  10. Leaking Filters

    OK if you look at the exploded drawing you will note items 5 and 6. 6 is the o ring that is probably causing the problem this can be caused at manufacture due to in correct tightening sequence. You will have to remove the lid and drain some water out, and remove the diffuser cone these are pushed over the pipe and usually held in place with a self tapping screw. Next slightly loosen the union and turn the vertical pipe through 90 deg to allow access to the retains nuts under the rim gently tighten these one at a time opposite each other until all have been tightened. Re assemble and test. If this fails you may have to replace o ring 6. The lid seals on these filters do not usually give much problems. good luck.
  11. Jacuzzi

    Sorry I cant give you a positive report but a few things to look out for. A genuine Jacuzzi should give you years of trouble free use, they are installed by manufacturers trained engineers and have good warranties. Jacuzzi is a trade name much misused same as hoover to describe vacuum cleaners Most offerings are hot tubs or spas to use their descriptive names. Most of the cheaper models have tremendous problems ranging from cheap undersized pump badly designed plumbing and terrible electrics and electronics.As a benchmark for quality this company is a leader https://canadianspacompany.ca Or look for some European brands some are made in china but research on various forums. Good luck with your quest.
  12. Leaking Filters

    http://spareparts.astralpool.com/en/exploded-view/00497 You probably just need a new lid gasket. another little trick is to remove the old gasket reverse it then apply silicon grease. What reading does the pressure gauge read when it is running?
  13. Grating

    Maybe get some purpose made HDPE grills , though might take a bit of effort to find some one to machine it up. http://www.polyadvisory.com This is a company I used in the UK, Their brochure may give you some ideas to show any Thai company that may be interested.
  14. MY wife and I did our 90 day report at 3.15 painless experience less than 5 mins spent more time chatting to the charming captain, very nice witty lady with perfect english a credit to CM Immigration service.
  15. Copper pipe

    Try this site http://www.thainair.com/ENG/index.htm