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  1. Immigration Office Construction Update

    What on earth has your outing to Promenada got to do with the new immigration building near the airport???
  2. Tour guide

    Lanna kingdom tours, nice family run company who will do thier best to do a tailor made tour.
  3. Flocculant and its dosage

    Hi no reason to start a new thread could you supply a bit more info so as members of this forum may guide you. what is the size of your pool.? Do you have any readings of chemical levels? If you have detected an ammonia type smell is the pool indoors. for a very small kids pool a touch of household bleach whilst not recommend won't do any lasting damage the problem it is very week in the range of 1-5 percent of sodium hypochlorite as opposed to sodium hypochlorite for pool use 10 -15 percent i.e. liquid chlorine.
  4. Flocculant and its dosage

    Free chlorine level is exceeding 20 ppm. To me this is excessively high 10ppm would have sufficed The color of the water went from green to a white green color. They ordered a flocculant. It's a fluid one. On the container there aren't any labels. So we called the pool company and they said we have to add 7.5 L per 500,000 L of water. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR POOL OUT OF A CONTAINER THAT HAS NO LABLE TOTALY FOOLHARDY AND POSSIBLY DANGEROUS. But overnight there was nothing much sinking to the bottom of the pool. After checking back some sites in the Internet I think maybe that was not enough of the fluid flocculant added to the pool. A lot more of this stuff would need to be added (from what I read) but of course I do not know the concentration of this chemical. Or what infact the chemical was. Ok you have been going up the wrong track to tackle the problem You need to treat with an algicide first. Secondly a flocculant generally called a clarifier , the object is to coat all the small particles that are in suspension in the water so as they become large enough to be caught in the filter and not cause them to sink to the bottom . Hence the continual filtration and successive back washes as laid out below. 2 hours is not long enough to run the pump try 24hrs This is part copy of a reply to you on a similar problem back in June. Calculate the volume of your pool this ensures that you get the correct amount of chemicals required. A good quality algaecide and pool water clarifier, the later is important (polyaluminiumchloride based is best, PAC) Ensure the chemical level in the pool are as required see labels on bottles very important.. Add algaecide as directed ensuring pool is circulating. Brush vigorously the areas that are infected, use pool vac to pic up as much debris as you can, but don't worry if you cant Run the pool circulation for a full 24 hours to ensure even distribution of algaecide. Backwash filter Add pool clarifier to the water run pool circulation for say 4 hours backwash filter, repeat this process acouple of times. DO NOT USE ALUM AS A CLARIFIER IT WILL MESS YOUR FILTER UP. As I have said before GET A PROFFESIONAL COMPANY IN TO LOOK AFTER YOUR POOL.
  5. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    I asked at my local post office in Sansai and the manager said it makes no difference at all if the address is written in English or Thai. He said they do prefer block caps though.
  6. The posts have now been taken down now. without fully naming the regiment to save them any embarrassment, lets just say they are good at fixing land rovers and other bits of kit. Hope this helps and please you should now know the name but don't repost it.
  7. How to plumb my pool

    For ensuring you have the correct flow. these are a good retro fit flow meter.. Also a good idea to fit gauges before and after filter this gives you a good indicator to detect how you filter is performing .Also useful for commissioning .A COPY OF THE PUMPS PERFORMANCE CURVE IS ESSENTIAL http://blue-white.com/blue-white-products/f-300-pitot-tube-acrylic/
  8. absolutely fantastic for small above ground pool, they go against all pump design criteria but they do the job and very well in the few cases i have seen, small resorts.due to the nature of construction they can be difficult to repair. I thought Des joyoux had the patent on them.
  9. How to plumb my pool

    By the sounds of it you have got the right idea , if the design is right there should really not be a lot of visible movement on the surface,. If you feel really brave you could do a dye test with potassium permanganate , you must have no chlorine in the pool though. video the resulting flow patterns and post on here. Sod the bathing beauties its flow characteristics that does it for me.
  10. He was a veteran verified by a lot of his old comrades, they even started fundraising until the real truth was reposted on the regimental forum.
  11. They certainly will Have reposted the article on some UK veterans sites, the REME were supporting fundraising not now though.
  12. Have reposted the article on some UK veterans sites, the REME were supporting fundraising not now though.
  13. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    Well done op glad you have it sorted, and alls well that ends well .good luck to everyone involved.
  14. Photography courses in Chaing Mai?

    Join Chiang Mai photographic group.Loads of help and advice available . From box brownie to the latest multi million baht gizmo. Forum member Greenside is a good contact just pm him for more info. What camera do you have and what are your photographic interests?
  15. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Try googling CM FLYING or Facebook same they are the local drone experts and have a field just off the 118 neat doi saket