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  1. sappersrest

    Help Placing a pet into a good home

    Your dog has now got a fantastic new home he will think he is in doggy paradise, with people who will love and cherish him.
  2. sappersrest

    White Fortuners Tailgating

    Every time I get cut up, tailgated or witness a traffic infringement it is not by some white fortuner, but usually by some idiot sporting a fish motif on the rear of their car is this some sort of award given to idiot drivers or some dark secretive sect?
  3. sappersrest

    dog trainer near Chiangmai or Lamphun

    lucky dogs forum sponsor. Also wing 41 at the airport has a police dog section and do undertake private work.Sorry don't have any contact details.
  4. sappersrest

    dog trainer near Chiangmai or Lamphun

    lucky dogs forum sponsor. Also wing 41 at the airport has a police dog section and do undertake private work.Sorry don't have any contact details.
  5. sappersrest

    Salted Pool nightmare ; salt on deck everywhere

    What acid are you using? If you are using dry acid it will make matters worse. Also it will not do your salt chlorinator much good either, the plates will get coated in sulphates .
  6. sappersrest

    water testing

    There are a few good pool companies in your area one particular one springs to mind Golden pools and sauna.http://www.goldenpoolandsauna.com/contact-us.php. Very knowledgeable . I haven't used them as I don't have a pool of my own, we do have a nice 25m pool in our village though. have a good read of the book. Shall be out of town for 5 days if you are still having problems or would like a bit of help PM me in 6 days to arrange a time when I can pop over in the mean time get some good test strips as well. I am not in business , am retired and have a vast experience of pools mainly in the commercial sector.Here to help if needed.
  7. sappersrest

    if anyone attacks my dog

    It is a shame you don't live in my district in Chiang Mai , our local village policeman treats animal cruelty as a very serious offense, and often stops traffic so as community dogs can cross the road safely.
  8. sappersrest

    Heads Up (Brits)

    Thank you for the reminder much apreciated .
  9. sappersrest

    water testing

    No and No. Have a read of this booklet and it may set you on the right path. Once you have read it it feel free to ask more questions on this forum. Get yourself some 6 in one test strips. http://lovibond.eu/downloads/handbuch_gb.pdf
  10. sappersrest

    Pool chemical calculator

    This looks like a useful tool maybe it could be a pinned topic as it answers a lot of folks questions. https://www.poolcalculator.com
  11. sappersrest

    How much chlorine?

    PUBLIC POOLS 0.5 PPM of free chlorine is the absolute minimum to prevent normal cross infection between bathers, mainly ecoli , it is not a target level there are different schools of thought as to what the correct levels of free chlorine should be.. Normal levels of 0.5- 0.75 are however permitted if a primary disinfection such as UV or ozone are used, remembering public pools will run there filtration systems 24/7 with auto dosing of chemicals. Home Pools Home pools are a different kettle of fish .Choose a level you are happy with usually about 1.5 - 2ppm make sure your ph is around 7.2 - 7.4 and your cynuric acid levels are around the 30- max 40 ppm over use of cynuric has no benefit whatsoever , intfact using electronic measuring of free chlorine (redox potential or HRR) has shown that cynuric acid over 30ppm has a detrimental effect on the oxidizing properties of the chlorine (hypochlorus acid) . Teach yourself about balanced water and how to maintain it. Or you could rely on the bucket and chuck it method adopted by pool companies and end up swimming in a chemical soup.Ask to see the results of any pool tests.
  12. Jon you may not need anything as drastic just go and see Dr Supachia the cardiologist at Lanna, failing that I know a few ex REME fitters who may be able to sort you out on the cheap. take care .Frank
  13. Hi Jon It may not need something as drastic as having a mri scan. Had similar problems with some slight chest pains, after all the usual tests blood, X-rays ECG, Echo cardiogram and the old treadmill I was passed as ok, The specialist changed my hypertension tablets (had been given the incorrect ones at another clinic) and I have been ok since. Cost about 11k Recently I had a DVT and was treated by the same specialist with a good outcome. The hospital was Lanna hospital ( part of the Ram group but cheaper ) on the super Highway and the specialist was Dr Supachai speaks good english and is very thorough. first class hospital and staff. Room fees 2,400 per night inc nursing and food private modern room with ensuite etc.
  14. sappersrest

    New 118 -121 junction and bridge

    First two photos show before and after at the traffic lights near Koolpuntvill 15 at Tha Rua market junction of 121 and 3013.. The third photo shows extent of complete works to 121
  15. sappersrest

    New 118 -121 junction and bridge

    approximately 2 years