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  1. Chlorine TABLETS in Buriram, where?

    contact the forum sponsor for good advice and prices.
  2. HCl, Hydrochloric Acid

    I an not sure about fish ponds way above my pay grade as fish are more easier killed than humans. If I may be so bold as to recommend some alternatives for ph correction. Sulphuric acid a much kinder acid as it does not gas off wildly available in Thailand can be obtained from most battery shops in any village. Sodium bisulfate a powder form easy diluted with water to make a workable liquid solution
  3. Chlorine tablets

    Whilst i find your post informative, can you please back up with quotes to scientific papers or quotes in in trade publications post 2000. Especially Ammonia in pools. It is generally accepted in most circumstances excessive ammonia in pools is caused by extremely poor chemical management and poor pre swim hygiene i.e. getting into a pool being covered in sweat and pee ing in pool. If you have a plunge type pool with a small volume you will need to increase the turnover time and increase back wash accordingly i.e. a well designed spa pool will have a turnover time between 6 - 10 minutes. Good turn of reference especially for a small pool should be an introduction of 30 liters of free water per bather i.e. if you go into your pool 3 times a day 90 liters of fresh water should go in.
  4. I have found that all the Immigration officers that I have dealt with are very helpful and professional and a credit to their organization.
  5. These couplers will not work with pvc pipe. don't waste your time and money.
  6. PVC plumbing advice

    Not sure of availability here but the product is first class https://www.tradecounterdirect.com/product/virgin-white-ptfe-thread-paste_size-120ml.html
  7. 316 is the way to go it is far more resistant to chlorides, One of the projects i worked on in the UK was a 50 m overflow pool constructed of 316 s/s all welded joints, no tiles no grouting??? Swedish company constructed the whole tank. So for a small pool considering labour costs in Thailand it is not a bad option.
  8. Thought this book may be of interest to some folks. Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook (2016).pdf
  9. Hi just putting out a bit of info so it may be of some help to others. My lurcher dog had a very high ALT result two weeks ago 585 after two weeks on samylin this has now dropped to 320. (but he is still taking doxycycline plus Clindamycin these in combination may affect his alt results,doxy for e canis and clindamyacin for babesia )scan shows his liver is perfect The better news is my little thai dog a bangow cross has respond well to prednisalone and diet in one week platelet count up 85 000 .but is still on doxy for e canis For any who may be interested the diet consisted of. broccoli soup, mixed veg soup, spinach soup,, and chicken broth cooked with bones etc. obviously removed prior to serving. sesame oil sprinkled on the food plus tinned fish.Varied each serving. The dry food is Taste of the wild brand ,grain free. A good place to buy samylin is from Miscota no duty and 2200 baht for 30 sachets.
  10. New pool check list

    How about turnover times. Filtration rate. Velocities of inlets and outlets . Pipe sizes. Feed water analysis as this will determine chemical choice. Safety features. Full electrical specification. Specification of equipment used inc manufacture literature and conformity certification . The list can go on. If your pool contractor cannot provide you with a list of worked calculations and a detailed specification with choices of equipment walk away. many are tied to a specific manufacturer in both chemical treatment pumps and filters. The info is out there Mr google is a good friend. On that note avoid any thing written in the 70s 80s or early 90s it is way out of date.
  11. Prednisolone Also used for raising blood platelet count. Ask vet to arrange for a real time PCR test approx 1400 baht this will identify the dna strain of blood parasite so as to treat it effectively with different drugs not a one size fits all approach. snap tests are not conclusive as i have found out to my horror conducted by a major animal hospital here in Chiang Mai ,snap test negative PCR test proved positive. Kidney function levels can or as in our case go high, so at present using samylin plus extra milk thistle supplement, The dogs are going for specific tests tomorrow 1 for palette count and the other for alt . Question for meatyboy what is the average alt for a sight hound as reading your posts you have had dealings with greyhounds I know bred specific they can be higher than other dogs. One of our dogs is a lurcher.
  12. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Privatise it all cuts out the dead wood and free competition will make people more accountable. and drive down prices.
  13. Immigration Office Construction Update

    What on earth has your outing to Promenada got to do with the new immigration building near the airport???
  14. Tour guide

    Lanna kingdom tours, nice family run company who will do thier best to do a tailor made tour.
  15. Flocculant and its dosage

    Hi no reason to start a new thread could you supply a bit more info so as members of this forum may guide you. what is the size of your pool.? Do you have any readings of chemical levels? If you have detected an ammonia type smell is the pool indoors. for a very small kids pool a touch of household bleach whilst not recommend won't do any lasting damage the problem it is very week in the range of 1-5 percent of sodium hypochlorite as opposed to sodium hypochlorite for pool use 10 -15 percent i.e. liquid chlorine.