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  1. The threshold for income in Thailand before paying your UK student loan is 7100 pounds.,6678668&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
  2. Yes folding , will try to upload some photos , they do have samples in the showroom.
  3. I take it you no longer require them , or are you using aluminum foil?????
  4. Drive towards the city on the 118, over the 118 / 121 junction towards the city. On the left after about 1k you will see a factory that supplies colored roofing sheets ,Directly to the left is a small office that sell upvc windows., they supplied mine very pleased.
  5. If you pm me with your address I can pop a couple in the post to you.
  6. It is apparent that the manufacturer did not put in an expansion joint???
  7. The clue is in the forum heading, DIY, this forum as I see it,is to help people who have no specific knowledge but are prepared for whatever reason to have a go at DIY in a safe manner.
  8. Not so far out . copied from wiki. Castor oil was the preferred lubricant for radial engines, such as the Gnome engine after that engine's widespread adoption for aviation in Europe in 1909. It was used almost universally in radial engined Allied aircraft in World War I. Germany had to make do with inferior ersatz oil (a German term for alternative, substitute, replacement) for its radial engines, which resulted in poor reliability.
  9. Do not use to seal sink waste fittings
  10. Do not under any circumstance run a pump dry even to test , it will damage the mechanicals seals
  11. It feeds via an internal pipe , just go to any diy store and have a look.
  12. LUK is absolutely correct save that you are using mains water, as it looks an oldish installation perhaps it may prudent to get a local company come to check it out.
  13. A very good read, and having installed a large no of UV treatment plants I tend to agree with the author 100 per cent he brings up some extremely good points.
  14. There are plenty of small packed water treatments inc RO and water softness to remove lime scale. some softer claim that the ph can be lowered but this is only marginal in some research. However you can only alter the pH BY THE ADDITION OF CHEMICALS.
  15. Can you let us know what your pH levels are? How hard is your water any indication of the measurement of hardness, this would be useful in assessing your needs.