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  1. The Chinese and Thai governments will always have cordial relations given the current global/regional dynamics - whether the Thai government is military, democratic, Thaksinite or a different stripe.Don't read too much into this story.
  2. It must be hard believing or pretending that the outside world takes a different view from the maniacs in charge in Thailand - though I suspect even the maniacs in charge understand - as you apparently do not - that this is all theatre.Still for bears of little brain here are some salient facts. 1.Interpol is not looking for Yingluck.Any request by the Thai government would be binned. 2.Interpol in any case is just a clearing house 3.Interpol will not process applications where the case is politically motivated 4.The "crime" she is accused of (mismanagement by an elected PM) is not regarded as an offense let alone a crime. 5.Yingluck can travel anywhere she wants bar Thailand 6.Extradition is not in fact wanted by the Junta. 7.Extradition is in any case not possible (see 4 above) Finally foreign countries keep an eye open on the trajectory of events in Thailand.None want to be in the position of the Iranians just before the downfall of the Romanian dictator, Ceausescu.The Iranians welcomed him to Iran on a state visit with full honours .Shortly afterwards the Romanian peopke rose up and Ceausescu/wife were placed against a wall and shot.I'm not saying anything like that will happen in Thailand but most countries are not deceived on the real agenda here in the vendetta against Yingluck.
  3. UK foreign secretary coming on two-day visit

    Actually one needs to be a bit careful here.Certainly Boris Johnson is an unusual politician but I'm sceptical about the media war against him in the Guardian/Independent - countless hostile articles.THe lefties howl with rage when they see someone on the right getting traction.Look at the fusillades against the Moggster. If you look at the gaffes BJ is supposed to have committed they usually don't add up to much and foreigners are generally not "offended" in the way his UK critics suggest.To take one recent example in which I have first hand knowledge his alleged gaffe in Burma when he quoted Kipling caused little upset on the spot but a tidal wave of indignation in the UK press. Is he a character? Yes.Is he someone you would trust your wife with? No.Is he a buffoon? No.Is he more intelligent than anyone reading this post?Probably.Is he a career centred opportunist? Yes - as are most ambitious politicians.Is there a whiff of thuggery about him? Yes.Is he a patriot? Yes.Is he funny/ Yes - sometimes hilariously, the most entertaining political figure in decades. Perhaps most important.You are a Thai (could be any country) leading politician.You have an appointment with the British Foreign Secretary.Would you rather it was with some automaton or Boris Johnson.There's excitement in the air when BJ waddles into sight even if there's also a whiff of sulphur as well.
  4. I agree.Whatever the offense (and I note that many are rushing to judgement ) the corporate action is a matter for Ital-Thai.If the shareholders/family feel that no action is needed, that's their call.One might suppose in a Western context the fellow might be put out to grass for purely commercial reasons, ie the negative impact on business.I suspect this is increasingly a factor in Thailand but it's hard to underestimate the arrogance and sense of entitlement in the Sino Thai tycoon class. Incidentally while not discounting the gravity of the offense (deserving huge fine maybe jail time), in the overall scheme of things is this really a crime more base than............ (fill in with your own details of atrocities/treason committed by various general and politicians very much at large)?
  5. Just watch this space. A critical test in terms of measuring the bullshit from on top will be whether the guy be awarded bail for some paltry sum or will he remain in the slammer as an ordinary Thai would be pending trial.Oh he has already has....
  6. Red-shirt TV channel suspended again

    And when history books are written of these times who do you think will be ranked the deeply flawed but inspirational leader who consistently won the support of ordinary Thais? And who will be ranked as a reactionary blowhard, illegally seizing power and serving the interests of a corrupt set of unelected elites?
  7. More evidence, as if it were needed, that one is not dealing with the sharpest knife in the drawer.Advice is the same - ignore the fellow.
  8. Ignore him.If you look over his posts it's clear he isn't just ignorant but also not that bright - and a troll to boot.This is a forum where all views can be exchanged and there's certainly a respectable case for some kind of benign authoritarianism in Thailand - not that I share it.Over the years there have been some quite intelligent proponents of this view on the forum though they are not much in evidence these days.My point in summary is that is perfectly reasonable to expect the case against democracy to be made on this forum.That has been part of the to and fro between political philosophers for centuries.But just don't expect it from this fellow.The distasteful aspect is that these views if coming from some sections of Thai society are comprehensible if not actually admirable.But coming from less than top tier foreigners - who don't really understand the context - they are as much bizarre as despicable.
  9. Red-shirt TV channel suspended again

    I'm not sure I would necessarily agree with you that Prayuth is a criminal nor your claim that the military is subject to his private whims.
  10. Agreed but can anyone answer my original question, the subject of this thread - namely whether there are any restrictions placed on Thai kids educated in international schools in entering universities like Thammasart? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. Military ‘exposed in online poll fraud’

    You raise an interesting point about losing fear.In this context there are only two intelligent choices for the Junta, namely to accept its mission has been a failure and embrace democracy even in the knowledge it may get messy OR to crush all dissent ruthlessly and impose its agenda by force.What doesn’t make any sense is its current behaviour - aimless dithering punctuated by childish fits of pique. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Don’t Resign, Plead Prawit Wongsuwan Fans

    Rubbish - dishonesty or wilful ignorance.Corruption continues as before.Such high profile attacks on corruption as have taken place have had ulterior motives.All savvy Thais know the score here regardless of their political loyalties.
  13. "The Prime Minister has tasked the national water resources management office with realizing the nation's water management policy" Fair do's.Only a veritable genius could come up with a phrase like this.
  14. It’s worth pointing out that Charnwit is one of Thailand’s most distinguished historians, one of the country’s relatively few academics with a stellar international reputation. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  15. That's no way to speak about Nicola Sturgeon even the Scottish people are turning against her.