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  1. Liability to Thai tax for residents (180 days+) is not restricted to income generated in Thailand.If you enter the Thai tax system, that's the potential downside - ie funds brought into Thailand being taxable.Lots of detail about distinction between current income and savings etc all of which is available on this forum.Is there much of a practical risk? Probably not but it's not completely negligible.It's risk enough for many savvy retired expatriates to keep clear of the Thai tax system.
  2. In this instance an awareness that Thai bureaucrats tend to be socially conservative.
  3. This is all good advice though my experience is only with PR.I would add one point namely that if you do decide to use a lawyer pay close attention to reputation and track record.Treat with distrust firms that pitch exclusively to farang clients.Do careful due diligence.If special payments are demanded, end all dealings.If there is any suggestion of corrupt practice, end all dealings.Don't work on a payment by results basis.A good secretary as Arkady notes can be very effective.In practice a decent immigration lawyer has staff (usually female) who do most of the paper work and scurrying around.But it's important to have that figure of knowledge and integrity in the background.
  4. Five minutes every five years isn't really what most people call "regular".90 days reporting is "regular".In truth maintaining PR isn't onerous. You have a point on PR's limitations though it isn't worthless, notably its provision of an absolute right to stay and the peace of mind that confers. Believe me, whether for PR or citizenship, an "unsuitable" wife will be an issue - albeit one not publicly discussed on the Thai side.Experienced hands will know exactly what I mean.
  5. Not really accurate on PR as has been discussed umpteen times before.For example the police report is just once every five years - I don't even turn up.Send my driver.On the whole these posts dismissive of PR are invariably by those who don't qualify anyway. Still if reports are true (and I have no reason to believe they're not) the citizenship route through marriage may be the best for some.Having said that I wonder whether wives background might be an issue in some cases - ie if not middle class/well educated.
  6. "We must all come together. Hope, not hate. Nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do with Muslims. Just a rogue individual, possibly in the employ of some mysterious foreign agency. Just terrorism, bad people. Unaligned wickedness. Nothing to do with religion. We must all come together. And show love. And solidarity. Hope not hate. Je Suis Ariana Grande. Already viciousness is being expressed on social media sites. People jumping to all sorts of conclusions. Horrible, horrible, people – no better than the murderer. Who might just as easily have been a Methodist. Remember Jo Cox? That wasn’t them, was it? There, you see. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– So we should come together. Hope not hate. Nothing to do with immigration. Nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do with Muslims. Just horridness of no discernible provenance. Hope not hate" R.Liddle
  7. I didn't say you were blue collar: I said the forum is generally a blue collar place.I know nothing about you.Nor do I regard "blue collar" an aspersion.My father was a blue collar worker
  8. I don't look down at all on ordinary girls whether "working" or not.Many have restricted choices and I would be a hypocrite if I denied taking advantage of that side of life. I suppose I do have a measure of contempt for the type of foreigner who pays cash for sex and lacks the self awareness to understand the implications, and goes on to make absurd generalisations about Thai women being "easy". Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Arrogant perhaps but not ignorant.A minority perception perhaps on this essentially blue collar forum but that does not make it wrong.I am also sure that the Thailand I describe is not the Thailand that you know - but that reflects on the very limited perception I have been at pains to outline on this thread. If some of you regard most Thai women as "easy" and available for sex in exchange for cash, so be it.Most long term well informed expatriates would disagree.There's no moral judgement here just a sense of astonishment that there are so many low grade foreigners without any real clue about the country they live in. But I suppose once a sex tourist always a sex tourist with the debased values associated with that status, even if "settled down". Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. From everything you have written I am now quite sure (there are plenty of clues) you have no substantive contact with well educated middle class Thais at all, let alone the decent Thai majority.You hand out cash to girls you are "dating" and somehow think this is normal.You consort with prostitutes and semi prostitutes and think that their behaviour reflects that of the majority of Thais.You think it is "beyond comprehension" anyone could think Thai girls are not "easier" than Western girls - a view that is a real give away of your ignorance and of the reasons (i can only speculate) why Western girls aren't falling over themselves for you.Any long term expatriate who isn't a glorified sex tourist would tell you the same thing. I'm guessing without googling you have no idea what a Polo Club or a Mater Dei girl even is.Offer someone like this your grubby cash and she would slap your proletarian face.
  11. You keep giving examples of girls who trade sex for cash - however dressed up or disguised - but ignore the huge majority that I doubt you have much access to.You get laid more often in Thailand because you pay for it.Try it on without the cash transfer and see what happens.Try it on with an old Mater Dei girl or a girl at the Polo Club and see what happens. If you are young, handsome and charming I accept you can open doors anywhere.But the way you talk suggests there may be some shortcomings particularly in the latter category. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. There is no difference at all except that Thailand is slightly more socially conservative.Yes there are expenses involved in dating all over the world but handing out cash does not figure in that process.I don't know what you mean about girls being "more available" here.Certainly there is a huge prostitute population which people like you comically believe is a "dating" pool: in that sense this army of prostitutes certainly provides large numbers offering sex for cash.As for girls in the population of Thailand as a whole - the millions of middle class and well educated, not to mention the rural teenagers working on farms and in noodle joints etc - these certainly not "more available" to use your unlettered and crude language.
  13. You seem anxious to convince yourself - for reasons I can only speculate on - that your "dating" habits in Thailand are normal.As far as I remember taking a girl on a date in the US or the UK does not involve handing out cash.Actually it doesn't In Thailand either except for the foreigners who regard time with prostitutes as "dating". You are wrong to believe I am being moralistic.I really don't care and in any event I have been around the block in Thailand.But hypocrisy is hypocrisy. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. It's just bar talk nonsense.It's true that farang are less respected than thirty years ago and I suppose mass tourism has some thing to do with that.But for the vast majority of Thais both then and now there is no particular feeling one way or the other. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app