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  1. I'm not suggesting there haven't been significant abuses: clearly there have.My point was that taking a Western global and strategic foreign policy position, Thailand is not seen as a particularly pressing problem and there is merit is slowing down China's influence.
  2. Ludicrous nonsense at so many levels.The fact that he references his "argument" with a Wikipedia extract is evidence of the banality.His ignorance is underlined by the laughable suggestion made that Thailand is efficient and organized at time of war; clearly his in depth reading has not taken into account (for example) the Thai Laos border war of 1987/8.The education system in Thailand is certainly flawed but I have seen no evidence on this forum that members critical of the government suggest the Thai people are not capable of making rational choices when given a chance to do so.He absurdly and pompously aligns his opinion with the Junta (which he thinks is doing a "great job") suggesting the Thai people aren't ready to elect a decent Government.How this arrogant racist bile squares with his belief that foreigners are too critical of Thailand is a logical muddle perpetuated by an apparently addled brain.Here is some news for this fellow.Many here have long experience of Thailand stretching back many decades and have read widely and deeply.We have seen how millions of decent Thais have shown courage and determination in the fight for democracy in the 1970s and after.And as a footnote don't deal in lies (perhaps sheer ignorance) in suggesting the Junta stopped the outbreak of severe violence before it seized power.It was a situation its leaders played a key role in engineering.
  3. I've noticed that Facebook is buzzing with activity as the silly section of the Bangkok middle class react in outrage at the very idea of the EU taking a position...we are not a colony etc Still silly as they are, they do have a point.I don't really see that foreigners can sit on judgement ...especially as current events show outsiders are in no position to moralize. And in the grand scheme of things Thailand isn't a very bad offender - no torture, no deaths, a lively social media and press.More like a dull toothache. Change must be in the hands of the Thai people.
  4. Prawit’s watch could be ticking time bomb

    It is a good editorial but in my view it misses one critical point.While it is correct the watch should have been mentioned on the assets declaration, it doesn't touch on the discrepancy between the very modest salary and the insanely expensive bit of bling.If the war on corruption is to be taken seriously every senior bureaucrat or military officer must be ready to explain such anomalies.
  5. Suthep’s video reminds junta of its roots

    I was referring to the Bangkok middle class. I'm aware of the political affiliations in the NE but I think with respect you are conflating the red shirt movement with the PTP though of course there's an overlap.They are not the same.I do however agree that there's under appreciation of how the PTP (and variants) has support outside the farmer constituency.As far as I can tell even in Bangkok there is much support not only among workers, the lower middle class and the young generally.Even in the constrained elections of the last few years that support has been astonishingly high at the polling booths, though still a minority as yet.
  6. Suthep’s video reminds junta of its roots

    He still has a lot of support among the middle class.They see him as a heroic leader who spearheaded and won the fight against the Shinawatras.THe PDRC rallies were hugely popular among the urban middle class.He has a loyal following in the middle class as opposed to Prayuth who is seen now as having ideas above his station.A substantial number see Suthep as a bulwark against popular democracy.They don't care about his record of corruption.Don't write him off.
  7. Very interesting.Though qualified for a long time I only got PR relatively recently and I must say there was little evidence of a particularly rigorous approach on the Thai language, basically a jokey session for about 45 minutes - nothing like the 5 hour marathon mentioned by SteveB2.My Thai is fluent enough but in no sense very accomplished.In terms of points system and criteria generally I suspect there is an X factor at play sometimes - your Police General contact perhaps? I know that in my dossier there was a very warm letter of support from a source that meant rejection was virtually impossible - though as my lawyer pointed out it was really a fool proof back stop since I met all criteria.
  8. Don't know where to start with this one.In an ideal world it would make sense but in the Thailand context I'm afraid it doesn't. Firstly the Junta has much rhetoric about corruption and argues it justified the coup.But in fact corruption continues unabated and "corruption" is often just code for democratic politics/elections. Secondly the main anti corruption body (NACC) is part and parcel of the regime with the same aims and objectives.It is as likely to come down hard on Prawit as a playful kitten. Thirdly the law is pliable in Thailand, and double standards abound.There is no way the self appointed "good people", however venal and corrupt will be treated comparably with anyone tarnished by the Shin brush. Fourthly expressing the wish that everyone should be accountable is a fine sentiment.But those in charge now are not accountable and never will be.The many crimes of the Thai military are covered up and ignored, and senior army officers never take responsibility. Fifthly in this sordid case any comparison with Thaksin is off beam since he is a wealthy plutocrat who could buy that watch out of small change.He is certainly vulgar enough to do so but unlike Prawit there would be no suggestion of hanky panky.
  9. And the capital for investment comes from where? In cases of this kind there is always an “explanation”.I wonder if there exists in Thailand a politician, a civil servant or a general that has not had the good fortune to inherit or win enormous sums of money. As a reality check can you imagine a retired British general spending that kind of absurd money on such a mind numbingly vulgar object? Whatever the truth there is a stunning lack of class at work here. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Strip this post of its Pavlovian dog Thaksin ranting and unsupported speculation, and the message is clear.Korn is looking to promote a more sensible and transparent rice price support policy than that implemented by the PTP.I wish him well and though he ain't exactly a country boy he at least has a respectful attitude to the country's farmers.I wonder however whether the Bangkok middle class will start screaming at him that he's condoning the red mob and trying to buy ignoramuses' support at the expense of tax payers. Actually the Junta has also been exploring similar schemes, with the aim of shoring up its support in the North and North East.Good luck with that.
  11. I inherited some land or I sold some land is the usual lie.Actually what interests me more is the stupefying vulgarity, vanity and cultural vacuum of a fat ugly old man acquiring a watch like this.
  12. I have never claimed that so your insecurity gibe makes no sense.However when I see ignorance or dishonesty (or both) I often point it out.If that is interpreted by some as arrogance, so be it.
  13. Of course she could afford it.You of course are keen to believe she is just another itinerant tycoon heading for London.You can't bring yourself to believe that in the civilized world there is much sympathy for a democratically legitimate leader hounded by a vicious vendetta, and she certainly doesn't need an "investment visa".
  14. Anybody is free to refer to "farmers suicides" as you have just done.It simply means you have lost - on the Godwins Law principle - the argument (not least because the usual suspects always ignore or gloss over how the banks were pressurised not to lend)
  15. But she doesn’t and nor does her brother. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app