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  1. Prices for Uloric or Febuxostat 40/80mg

    It seems to be a very effective treatment.My father suffered badly from gout for years, went on allopurinol and never suffered again.He quit the booze and improved his diet at the same time so perhaps that was also a factor. I think he was on 100 mg a day but note you are on 300 mg.Did you ever consider reducing the dosage if your uric acid levels OK?
  2. JRM is a Roman Catholic and I imagine he is as appalled as you or I by child abuse within the church.If "elitist" means a preference for education, intelligence and distrust of the mob, then JRM is an elitist - as am I. Nothing in your rather peculiar final paragraph in which you ramble on anxiously and somewhat unconvincingly about obscure social origins convinces me that JRM's real crime in your eyes is that he is a old fashioned toff.
  3. Royal ex-officer lauds spirit of 1973

    But it's worth saying that General Vasit is absolutely right, and I am moved that such a distinguished person speaks with humanity and respect of the events of 1973. I suppose a concern are the unspoken questions of what the brave student generation of 1973 would have made of current military control and why the current student generation - with a few remarkable exceptions - is largely apolitical. The answer is blowing in the wind.
  4. You obviously don't follow recent current events at all closely or you would be aware of the foolishness of that statement.Clue for the bewildered.What else was going on in Sondhi's life and who might have become an enemy?
  5. You have overlooked another important factor.The crime for which extradition is sought also must be a crime in the country from which extradition is sought. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Interpol seeks more information on Yingluck

    The resort of those out of arguments and perhaps intellectually impoverished - abandon rational discussion and turn to simple minded epithets like "Shin lover" If you bothered to read or do any research you might be aware of the pliable nature of the Thai judicial system, and specifically how it has been harnessed in recent years and by whom. The issue of a political witch hunt is not really up for debate:no rational person disputes this, even political enemies of the Shinawatra clan.The question is rather whether there is any criminal culpability, a point that has to be taken seriously given the recent verdict and jail sentence.Since the Thai authorities are actively engaged in pursuing her extradition we fortunately might soon have an independent view on this issue (agreement or rejection) from a civilized democratic country operating under the rule of law.The provisional view is that no crime has been committed; indeed the whole wretched business is seen by democratic governments as absurd, if slightly sinister and chilling.
  7. Interpol seeks more information on Yingluck

    Give it a rest.We have heard this tired old nonsense from you umpteen times before.It's off topic and irrelevant.Incidentally I can think of many Thai politicians past and present who rational people would regard as "disgraced" and Yingluck is certainly not one of them.When there is a politicised witch hunt it is the pursuers who are disgraced not the pursued.
  8. Interpol seeks more information on Yingluck

    I don't know whether she is in the UK or not. However for most Western European countries, as regards extradition, it is critical that the crime the person is accused of committing is also a crime in the country from which extradition is sought.The problem for the Junta is that in the eyes of the civilized world Yingluck has not committed a crime at all.No doubt the frighteningly intelligent and expensive British lawyers she will be hiring will present evidence on the independence of the Thai judicial system and its likely subservience to Yingluck's enemies, or not as the case may be.One cannot help thinking that it will hardly be a superhuman task for these legal eagles to prove conclusively she is the subject of a vindictive politicised witch hunt. Interpol's role is really just that of a conduit.It will do what it is told by key countries.Its role being highlighted in Thailand is really just theater as has been conclusively demonstrated elsewhere on this forum. Since the UK is the probable country of Yingluck's current residence, attention should be drawn to a very recent article on Thailand in the Financial Times by Michael Peel, recently departed from Bangkok after some years as the FT correspondent.It cannot be referenced here.The Financial Times is probably the most influential paper in the UK read by politicians, senior bureaucrats, judges and so forth.These opinion makers will be reminded of the current monstrous reality in Thailand, and no doubt will bear the facts in mind if called to opine. I don't think there was ever any doubt that Yingluck would be safe from the Junta's clutches.But as far as the UK is concerned the FT article is hardly helpful to the Junta's cause and is correspondingly helpful to Yingluck.
  9. Thaksin faces more agony

    Typical response of a certain type.Ignores the question and tries to pin a Thaksin fanboy label on anyone he disagrees with.Low grader who can safely can be left on the sidelines to rant and froth.
  10. Thaksin faces more agony

    You can wait until hell freezes over but you will never get an honest answer to the question you pose.In addition to the self appointed military governments there was also of course the Abhisit administration - which did nothing.
  11. British school to open in Bangkok

    Neither St Andrews nor Bangkok Prep are in the first division. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. You could say the same of millions of marriages all over the world.Not sure why there's so much interest in this particular relationship.In our little Thai world we know - how sophisticated we are - the auguries aren't great for the usual reasons hashed over in this forum endlessly.But who knows? The heart has its reasons.There are countless seemingly mismatched couples out there that make one wonder how or why they ever got together.But it makes perfect sense to them.
  13. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    You said - I summarise - all constitutions are much of a muchness.They aren't:the 1997 Constitution developed under the lead of Anand Panyarachun was a model document properly consultative, thoroughly democratic, including necessary checks and balances and universally praised by all sides.Your comments on it are unintelligible so no response on my part is needed.The current proposed constitution is what it is;its purpose is well known and it was drafted by Junta stooges. I made no comment on the quality of the Thai army's fighting qualities.I made a comment on the objectives of the Thai army which to recapitulate have nothing to do with deterring the country's non-existent enemies and everything to do with politics and money.
  14. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    Since when has this constitution been debated? It is in fact prohibited to do so.The Junta won a referendum without any debate taking place.What this implies is open to interpretation.What is not open to interpretation is that any kind of debate took place. The proposed constitution cannot be compared to the 1997 constitution since it is neither democratic, properly debated nor intelligently managed. The purpose of the Thai army is not to defend the country from external enemies since there are none.Its purpose is to reinforce the internal power structure and to conduct business. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. She will have to duel it out in the UK courts. Now let's see, who would you put your money on to make the best case? A automaton spokesman for the Junta or a razor sharp top British barrister? Actually what I'm hearing is that she is unlikely to receive political asylum in the UK, not that we know she has asked for it.She's more likely to receive a long term permission to stay in the UK or Western European country of her choice.This will suit her as she just wants a quiet life now and to look after her son.It suits the Junta too as there will be no embarrassing international scrutiny of its legitimacy. Extradition is out of the question for reasons discussed elsewhere.The question is whether the Junta will press for it anyway just because it can.That really depends whether Prayuth who is a wily old bird in his way predominates over the crazies who wouldn't recognise an obvious heffalump trap.