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  1. The reaction of the Junta leader is wonderfully typical, and actually one that can be found in countless areas of Thai life. In other words, it's not the issue itself that is the problem but more the fact that it can be used to criticize leadership.
  2. There is a lot to be said for those who are self-educated (tip of the hat to Wikipedia) even though they might not have what the stuffier type of don would call a trained mind. The problem is they often don't know the difference between real understanding and showing off. And as in this instance, they are often not very analytical (not to mention problems with spelling and grammar!)
  3. Ah the musings of an autodidact, always good for a giggle. But examine the detail and it's almost always nonsense. It would be absurd to debate which of the Ramakien and Beowulf is "best". The comment on Murakami and Japanese literature is ludicrous - he's in vogue but not even the most accomplished modern Japanese novelist. Who is debating which civilisation is best? Not me. And I note your racist assumption that somehow it needs Egypt to make African civilisation compete. You simply haven't read enough.
  4. Culture is not just what we make it.There is always a subjective element of course - but it’s no use pretending that all civilisations are of equal value, except perhaps to anthropologists. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. It’s nothing to do with Thai culture - of little moment or interest compared with those of the great civilizations of Japan, China and Renaissance Europe for example. It’s to do with the mindset of foreigners who have no knowledge or appreciation of any high culture.They are therefore happy with the superficial life of a Thailand expatriate (obviously not talking about those who have been sent here to do a proper job of work) I don’t blame these people and understand the attraction of the dolce vita. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. If you have to ask the question, you could not possibly understand the answer.
  7. Actually given the oversupply of condos in Bangkok rent is often the better way (not to mention other benefits of flexibility etc). The rule of thumb is that annual rent is about 5% of capital value. On this basis, there are some very cheap rentals available. I say this as an owner of a house.
  8. Since you appear to have no cultural interests other than eating and taking snaps, it's not surprising you can exist on a pittance.
  9. A few howlers here 1. He is silent on what he means by "talking down Thai culture". Unless he can define what he means by Thai, his comment is meaningless. 2. Aren't foreigners entitled to a view? It is fatuous and absurd to suggest Thai affairs are none of their business. 3. Western countries do not dictate other countries should choose what system they want. They do support universal values of liberty and democracy. In any case, it wrong to suggest for example military dictatorships are "chosen" by the people. 4. To criticise an unfair process is not the same thing as a slur. 5. Thai people should certainly be allowed to determine their future. The problem is they have not been allowed to.
  10. jayboy

    Thai parliament to close forever new year's eve

    Er, quite. Is there any other country in the world where parliament would move out of its perfectly adequate premises before the new building was ready? But to delve deeper into this question would probably be unwise.
  11. There is something tragi-comic at work here. It is as though a burglar has smashed his way into a house and then started belabouring the hapless occupants that they are not taking his barked commands very seriously.
  12. My White Certificate of Residence book is nearly full. I also have to get my new multiple re-entry shortly. I'm not sure whether issuing the new book can be easily (and quickly!) done at the same time as getting the multiple re-entry. Would it be sensible to make these two separate exercises?
  13. jayboy

    Should We Learn The Language?

    I would tend to agree with this but adding a caveat it was a view much more prevalent in the 1960's and 1970's.At that time Bangkok had a much smaller and generally higher social status expatriate community, mostly employed by trading companies, embassies and the leading universities.Many - perhaps most- had girls or boys on the side and I expect these had a better grasp of basic Thai than the others.There was certainly no particular status attached to speaking Thai well though the capability would have been respected.I think you are right that the more patrician type of Thai would have been mildly puzzled at a foreigner speaking fluent Thai.Strangely enough I think there was more social mixing then than now between foreigners and well born Thais, but the language used would generally have been English.Now there are far more Thai speakers at a good level, notably the army of teachers which didn't really exist in the old days.In addition there was no army of expat residents who were in the country for no apparent reason than liking it .Some of these speak quite good polite Thai but most don't, not really surprising given the company they keep.
  14. jayboy

    Should We Learn The Language?

    A linguist by definition is some one accomplished in languages. Sometimes these same professionals have no idea how hard it is for others to learn languages. I personally have a difficult time with the tones. Also trying to find an accomplished teacher within the confines of my work schedule. The few Thai words and statements I know often hit a brick wall. Not solely due to pronunciation but also the inability of many Thais in hearing thai from a foreigner.Sent from my i-mobile i-STYLE Q6 No, the example I gave (J.Marvin Brown) was a highly accomplished academic linguist but his career was distinguished by an expertise in training those who were not linguists, in fact complete beginners.Thousands of foreigners speaking good Thai can attest to his methods.He was very clear that in learning Thai the tonal system was a not a high hurdle.He also said that if one looked at the difficulties of learning a language for Westerners in a range of 1 to 10, French would be 2, Thai about 5 and Japanese/Arabic about 9 -10. The comment you make about Thais being unable to understand Thai when spoken by foreigners is another well worn cliche that novices often come up with.The reality is that if Thais don't understand what you are saying you are probably speaking unclearly and inaccurately.