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  1. Neither Iran nor Iraq won the war between their two countries.They fought themselves to a draw so the result was a stalemate. I'm not an undiluted fan of Kissinger but he got it right when he said it was a pity both sides couldn't lose.
  2. jayboy

    Prayut still top choice for PM, poll finds

    I was wrong.I suppose over a long period of time there might be some movement in that direction but very little sign of it now.Let's be honest and accept that in the region at large there's little to support liberal and democratic values.More widely there's suspicion of populism and traditional Western democracies are hardly an expiring example.
  3. jayboy

    Prayut still top choice for PM, poll finds

    And of course the poll was organized by NIDA. That's about the sum of it.Monstrous though developments are, I feel less engaged than a few years ago: it's somewhat absurd for a foreigner to feel strongly on matters most Thais seem not to care about.It's all up to the Thai people and the remedy is in their hands. But I see no sign of other than occasional mild discontent - certainly among the Bangkok middle classes.And the whole region is moving in a direction inimical to democracy.So as you say one can always enjoy the soap operas (though I hate them).
  4. jayboy

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    To paraphrase Talleyrand on the restored Bourbons, some people forget nothing and yet learn nothing.
  5. jayboy

    The existential threat to Thai universities

    Generally Thai high school graduates do not go to academically selective Universities in the US or the UK, unless they have been prepared at one of the elite international schools or at good schools overseas.Thai high school students are in the main unfortunately not taught to think analytically or critically, and are more at home with box ticking exams rather than those that stretch the mind.On the other hand there are many outstanding Thais who take an undergraduate degree at one of the better Thai universities (okay not a very high bar) and then proceed to a a Masters or Doctorate at a decent university overseas.The great disadvantage even very able Thais have to contend with is the steaming pile of cultural nonsense they are spoon fed from an early age.I don't say all that Thai mumbo jumbo isn't necessary or won't work in the home environment but it tends to make Thais like ignorant children in the globalized environment.There is actually a reason why not one Thai has made any kind of serious impact in the wider world.There is actually a reason for the sorry history of under achievement.
  6. jayboy

    The existential threat to Thai universities

    I am not a member of the grammar police but in this instance given that you are making a perfectly fair point on the importance of adequate English usage, it is probably best to double check to ensure one's own post is not riddled with errors and clumsy expression.
  7. Difficult to interpret this because it's so sloppily written but I think he's saying we are too small minded to understand that corruption on a massive scale undertaken by Western governments equals or eclipses the relatively small scale corruption that exists in countries like Thailand.So I imagine his fatuous conclusion is something like - as regards corruption - all countries are as bad each other. So that's alright then.Thailand can relax and show sangfroid as its ranking on Transparency International's list of corrupt countries continues to hurtle downwards.
  8. It's a question of degree.Of course corruption can be found anywhere but it's muddying the waters to suggest every country is as bad as another.Thailand (and to be fair some other countries in the region as well) is appallingly corrupt on a scale that simply doesn't occur in places like Singapore, the UK or New Zealand.A word's needed on the US where corruption does exist though nothing like the scale of Thailand.In the US corrupt people do face massive fines and jail time.Nothing like that faces corrupt criminals in Thailand where corporate abuse goes unpunished.Also in the US and the UK moderately paid public servants and senior army officers do not end up acquiring vast fortunes.
  9. Good question - particularly in view of KP's high prices, surly uninterested staff and (cough cough) unattributable overheads.How is KP so successful?
  10. I have no idea what this gobbledy dook means.
  11. Come off it - it's a tiny breeze compared to the hurricane of Junta propaganda.
  12. jayboy

    Reduced tolerance to alcohol

    I think it's a question of not receiving if you don't suffer from hangovers.As I understand it, liver disease particularly cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol (the liver being an amazingly resilient organ) is often symptomless until it's often too late to deal with - other than with drastic options.Having said tha,t there's a genetic aspect involved which makes some people less susceptible to hangovers than others.There may also I suppose be a genetic factor also involved in how the liver deals with heavy drinking - just speculation on my part.I guess the sensible approach to those of us worried about our drinking is to have regular check ups.Some when seeking medical advice will be prompted by symptoms and some of us won't.
  13. jayboy

    Reduced tolerance to alcohol

    I remember a doctor friend telling me that people with your tolerance for alcohol need to be particularly careful since they are not receiving the body's warnings.
  14. jayboy

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    You thought wrong.