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  1. I am still happy to have the PR, even though it does not help with the WP. At least I don't have to worry about staying in Thailand when I lose my job. That said, I would be even happier if a PR meant that no WP is needed and I could own a company - such as a the PR in Laos. Which makes sense, actually.
  2. In other countries (such as the EU, the US, or Lao PDR) you don't need a work permit any more once you have the PR. Unrelated to Thailand, just saying.
  3. What kind of goods does she want to import? Does she have a company that will be the importer? Is that company registered with customs?
  4. I have sent you a PM.
  5. The red books were printed many decades ago, so they now look brown. On mine (obtained in October last year), I cannot even read the name of the book, that's how old it is.
  6. Congratulations! My province is Bangkok, so I will check with the Khet that put me into the blue tabienbaan. I just talked to my landlord (in whose tabienbaan I am), and he'll support me so we'll go there together.
  7. Thanks Arkady, just one more dumb question. Will Thai Immegration stamp new passport or old? They'll stamp the new passport. (Forgive me for answering even though I am not Arkady.)
  8. I'm in the same situation and went to Chagn Wat. They told me the visa is still valid, and they won't move it to the new passport. I should carry both passports when travelling. I haven't tried it yet, will do so probably next week and report back. In any case, it was one of the veteran PR officers who told me, and I believe her.
  9. One more remark about this bus service: It is not meant for visa runners, but for people who want to have an alternative to flying. The whole idea started with the Cross-Border Transport Agreement (CBTA) that both Thailand and Cambodia signed but so far failed to implement at their common border. Last year in June, the Thai and Cambodian sides signed an follow-up agreement to issue 40 licences each for direct truck and bus services. This article is the first sign that anything happened. The article does not say how the border issue is handled, and the questions posed are reasonable. The big issue here is that the Thai bus can now enter Cambodia; there is no compulsory change of buses at the border any more. I don't know whether it is more convenient for passengers than changing the bus, but it's a first step. I am looking for Thai trucking companies to receive licences, as this will have a big positive effect on cross-border trade.
  10. Yes, it is. The solution would be to campaign for all countries in continental ASEAN to drive on the same side of the road. While this is unlikely, the issue becomes more interesting when we expand the area beyond ASEAN (as surely road transport and connectivity will improve over the next decades): India drives on the left while China drives on the right. So, no way all the continental countries in Europa and Asia will drive on the same side of the road. We'll have to deal with this another way. But forbidding it is not reasonable - we have UK and Irish buses and trucks in continental Europe. In the 1970s, trucks in Italy had the steering wheel on the right-hand side, even though they drove in the right lane. They weren't supposed to overtake.
  11. I have deleted a few more British/Australian off-topic posts.
  12. When I recieved my Thabian baan, we had a very very long argument regarding ID, the district office insists that this pink card is only for 3 nationalities i-e: Burma, Combodia and Laos ( means for those who are here in Thailand on temporary basis) at that time I dont had any proof to continue my argument, I contacted some of my freinds on TV but none of them recieved any type of card till I read thaiowl got one.... So I request thaiowl if he can scan his card as an evidence for all of us out here with PRs ( who loves to have one ) to present it to our district offices. Sorry...I don't want to have my new ID plastered over TV! I wasn't expecting and didn't ask for this ID card. When I got my name put on my tabien baan, the tesabaan just said that they would issue me me with one. And they did.Understandable. Thanks for sharing your experience though.
  13. Collected my ID card...job done. Congrats! I want one of those...
  14. Ah, thanks. I had heard earlier (and that was still in Soi Suan Plu) that the number of applicants in 2006 were 300. So there must be still almost 200 pending...
  15. Where did you get that figure of 105 total approvals from?