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  1. The vans that go east have moved to Morchit bus terminal.
  2. If the road has 2 lanes, undertaking is allowed by Thai law.
  3. The bike was going too fast and should not have been overtaking in the right hand lane. The cop was doing stupid stuff too.
  4. The woman ran in front of the bike.
  5. The numbers keep changing. 1 for 13.5 billion or 2 + 1 free for 36 billion?
  6. You can legally film government officials.
  7. 1000bt a page to check grammar and spelling.
  8. Yes, Uber and Grab are part of Thailand 4.0.
  9. It was the hooker that lost the phone. The woman with the kid took it.
  10. Your question is not clear.
  11. Do the taxis that take fares out of Bangkok have to use the meter, or are they still asking for a fixed rate?
  12. Should be the kids dancing.
  13. I had an AJ 12000BTU potable air con unit. It was useless and noisy and would not cool a 12m2 room. Do not waste your money. P.S-it also used more electricity than a fixed unit.