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  1. You need to ask at the Amphur office what documents they require. Get the name of the person you speak to and don't be surprised if the requirements change when you return again. If they keep asking for extra documents, they are basically trying to dissuade you from returning.
  2. Remove the pan from the cooker and let it cool for about 30 minutes before trying to remove the rice. You will find that the rice is not stuck to the bottom.
  3. stubuzz

    Free Mosquito Lavicide

    I went to the town hall today to get some free mosquito lavicide as the area around my house floods. There are also some old fish breeding tanks and various ornamental water features that have fallen into disarray. I was told that aedes mosquitoes ( the dangerous ones) don't breed in this type of water and the lavicide will not kill any other species of mosqito. They recommended filling the land to stop the flooding or concrete it over as mosquitoes don't like concrete. I eventually got bored of listening to her rubbish and insisted that I wanted some and i was given a little bit by a very unhelpful woman.
  4. Are you sure he didn't mean the Tabien barn of the property you are renting. The first 2 pages show the owners name.
  5. stubuzz

    E-bike... Police confused

    You got a ticket for what exactly?
  6. I think it can only be the compressor or the fan. Is it still under warranty?
  7. stubuzz

    Big C current Stamp collect promotion

    I had this before when the item was out of stock. I did get a call when it arrived.
  8. But the engine temperature doesn't rise and there's no obvious leaking when stationary.  The gauge wont register if there isn't any water flowing over it. Get a hand held IR thermometer and check the temperature of the top and bottom hoses. Expect to see a temp of about 80c when warm.
  9. stubuzz

    How long before 95 gaz goes bad ?

    Gasohol will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. If you plan on leaving the vehicle standing for a while, fill up with benzine.
  10. stubuzz

    registration charge

    It sounds expensive. Was the bike registered to a company? What is the value of the bike?
  11. stubuzz

    Cordless Battery Repair at Amorn

    Other members have had new packs made at the BKK branches. I could order from China, but batteries are heavy to ship. I could probably get a new drill for less.
  12. stubuzz

    Cordless Battery Repair at Amorn

    I have zapped the cells already. They come back to life monetarily, but die again shortly after.
  13. Hi, i have a couple of duff cells in my ni-cd drill battery pack and need to get it fixed. Do all of the Amorn centers offer this service? The closest one to me is Branch 69 Ramkhamhaeng - Address : 2/1 Soi. Ramkamhaeng167 Ramkamhaeng Rd. Saphansung Bangkok (Minburi). Thanks.
  14. stubuzz

    Rebuilding air flow sensor: possible?

    Call them and ask how much to release it.
  15. No age limit: However, older vehicles cannot get 1st class insurance.