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  1. I have several Mango trees in that garden that are in poor health and oozing brown gunge. I i have fertilized then and i would like to give them a spray to kill any bacteria or fungus that is present. Can anybody recommend a good product?
  2. Why wait until March?
  3. Easy Pass Toll Card

    Thanks. I Just got one from Krungthai Bank.
  4. Easy Pass Toll Card

    Can easy pass and m pass be used interchangeably?
  5. Easy Pass Toll Card

    Is a toll both the only place to buy an easy pass gadget?
  6. What snake is this?

    Be careful as they do bite!
  7. Box Metal,how to prime.

    Cavity wax can be used on the inside.
  8. Box Metal,how to prime.

    Red oxide primer is old fashioned and probably contains lead. Newer acrylic or 2 pack based primers should be used after thoroughly cleaning the metal. However, If you want better protection, use a zinc based primer that can be welded over.
  9. Poseidon addon problem

    Deleted Cypher and all is OK. Thanks.
  10. Poseidon addon problem

    Yes i have the Cypher Locker repo installed. \
  11. Poseidon addon problem

    I have installed Poseidon and Triton (soulless repo) from a zip on my computer and from the HTTP link and it installs and works. However, after every restart it is gone and has to be reinstalled from the repo for it to work. Any ideas?
  12. Addicts are usually using drugs to dull the pain of something. This could be a loss or a breakup or even realization that they have no education or work skills and are destined to live in poverty for the rest of their lives.
  13. The junked up loggers held the special forces at bay and then escaped with a 3 hour head start. Amazing!
  14. Full license. DLT in Chachoengsao.
  15. Last week, the DLT told me 3 months before.