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  1. Everybody can sleep safely tonight now that this criminal is behind bars.
  2. Battery won't charge help.

    I have done this with 3.7v lithium tablet batteries that have gone too flat to charge. There are instructions on YouTube.
  3. Battery won't charge help.

    What is the voltage of the battery? I have had to "jump start" dead batteries with a higher voltage before they would accept a normal charge.
  4. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    The experiences you have coming here on holiday will be completely different to the ones you will have living/working here. It will be fun for a year or two and then...
  5. checked luggage scam?

    The weight is printed on the baggage tag.
  6. End for Kodi users in sight

    I already have a subscription and a working add on on my desktop. I wanted to add it to my laptop, but maybe i will just watch it via my browser.
  7. The 7-11 opposite my local Uni never stopped selling alcohol.
  8. Blade sharpers are the way to go. You can see them here.
  9. End for Kodi users in sight

    I am looking for kinkins repo as i want the Filmon.TV add on. Any ideas?
  10. Rats in the attic...

    They can climb up anything. You should clean the nest out of your roof space, if you can, as the smell will be inviting others to invade.
  11. Rats in the attic...

    You will also need to block the entry/exit holes in the fascia. It's best to use bread and peanut butter in the trap and submerge it i a bucket of water to drown the rats. Furthermore, you will need to continue trapping as it appears that there is a very high rat population in your area.
  12. Rusty re-bar

    I have seen many concrete structures being made with re-bar that starts to rust before the concrete is poured. Is this a problem?
  13. If the contract has ended, the work permit will be returned to the labour office. Ask the school for a photocopy of the work permit.
  14. Any opinions on the new MG SUV?

    See what Jeremy Clarkson has to say here.