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  1. I wonder how he would describe the air quality in Thailand?
  2. Telling the people what to do again!
  3. There is always somebody collecting money for parking on public roads at every event.
  4. Is he going to be prosecuted for spreading false news?
  5. Get workpermit without degree, how to do?

    Although a CELTA is based on teaching adults, i agree that it is one of the best entry level qualifications for the TEFL industry. However, most employers prefer applicants to have an accompanying BA/Bs. In most of Asia, too.
  6. Get workpermit without degree, how to do?

    A real TEFL teacher will have a B.A or M.A in TESOL or linguistics or something like that and will easily obtain a work permit. A guy with a 120 hour TEFL certificate will be shown the door.
  7. It is the kind of thing a child would say.
  8. UK - Paying voluntary NI contributions

    You can check your NI payments online. You have to register with the UK.gov site. Google it.
  9. You will find "Vios" in with the Soluna.
  10. 475k is overpriced, but is to be expected from a dealer. The prices for a 2014 vios are between 329k and 438k as shown HERE. Does it have ABS and service history? When was it built? Sometimes the car can be a 2013 model that was registered in 2014. You can use a VIN decoder to see the build date.
  11. 1. Insurance can be redeemed. 2. You can see the level of cover offered from Gluay Gluay Insurance click Here. 3. Please share the negotiation tactics 10% is good going.
  12. Get workpermit without degree, how to do?

    All of our "teaching assistants" were rejected by immigration when they went to extend their permission to stay. They were told the loophole is now closed and a degree is needed for a non B extension. This is in the outskirts of BKK.
  13. Teaching English in Thailand

    If you did this on the back of a TEFL and CELTA certificate, then congratulations.
  14. Teaching English in Thailand

    The difference is, I am qualified and i get a lot of money and satisfaction. Just remember, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Have a nice day.
  15. Teaching English in Thailand

    Yes, most of them without education related degrees. Handling a class and being able to plan a lesson with the correct methodology and appropriate objectives that can be quantified to establish that learning has taken place are two different things.