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  1. The car was sold and taken to be registered in a Northern province about 600km away. I have the details of the buyer, who is a friend of a friend, and a receipt.
  2. As the title says, i have a lane change fine for a car i no longer own. It looks like the new owner did not register the car in their name, so what to do with the fine?
  3. And what is the total cost to legalize/notarize 1 document?
  4. stubuzz

    M Pass dongle

    Thanks. I will see if it works on the way back tomorrow before getting a replacement.
  5. stubuzz

    M Pass dongle

    This morning my 8 month old M pass didn't work at the first 3 booths. The guy had to put it against the window on the booth and suggested the battery is dead. However, it worked at the last booth i entered. So are the batteries changeable, or do i have to take it back and get a replacement?
  6. stubuzz

    Ford Ranger Spare Parts

  7. stubuzz

    Car spares

    https://www.rungroat.com/products/e001097-ปั๊มน้ำ-ford-ฟอร์ด-ranger-เรนเจอร์-9903-รุ่นแรก-ranger-เรนเจอร์-ดูราทอร์ค-0609-รุ่น-2-mazda-มาสด้า-bt-50-บีที-50-0609-fighter-ไฟเตอร์-979902-เครื่อง-2500-คอมไม่คอม-เหมือนกัน/ http://www.sangsawangautopart.com/product/ปั้มน้ำ-ford-ranger-ฟอร์ด-เรนเจอร์/ Many more here.
  8. The free bags i get are used to line the bin. If i don't use the free bags, i will have to buy bin liners.
  9. stubuzz

    Punishment for students

    If you haven't written your own classroom management plan-aka (discipline management plan) and discussed it with the students, ask the school for theirs. If they don't know what it is, or don't have one then you know things will never change.
  10. stubuzz

    Snake identification

    Copper head racer; see here. It is in German, but you can see the pictures.
  11. Just what does that phrase mean? English isn't my first language. Still hasn't paid.
  12. stubuzz

    Moto rally: Riders demand Grab play by the rules

    Most of the motorcycle taxis in my province are unlicensed and unregistered and wear fake orange vests.
  13. stubuzz

    What's the scam?

    Got it. Thanks
  14. stubuzz

    What's the scam?

    There are several very cheap cars in the classified section, but none have a phone number. For example there is a Suzuki Swift and a Honda Accord for around 110k, so what is the scam here? I have emailed one and received a very long reply. Here is part of it: Before moving, I have entrusted my car to a colleague IN Muang Buri Ram that the proxy from the sale and you will meet him to finalize the sale. I don't sell it for money because it's worth more than that. My colleague will come to you in order to deliver the vehicle with all its papers in orders: Blue book Horse power Insurance Certificate of fitness And a copy of my identity card. Regarding the deed of sale I had already pre-established and signed the seller part so you will fulfill only the buyer part with my colleague. If you still interested, leave me your contact information as follows. I will convey my colleague who will contact you to finalize the sale.
  15. stubuzz

    Agency threat 45.k fine

    What does your contract say?