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  1. They want you to forget so you have to pay a fine.
  2. It was on the news last week that cars 7 years and over would have to pay a higher yearly tax.
  3. Low stomach acid also causes GERD, and this is a simple test to check it.
  4. This was a risk i was willing to take when the fine was 2000Bt. However, the country is now controlled by the military and the new fine is 100,000bt.
  5. I have told my school i will no longer work or judge competitions outside of my school ( registered address on my WP) as i will be liable for a 100k fine. They will not accept this and will not accept that my work permit is location based.
  6. I have GERD and gastritis and the worst thing to take is PPI and antacids as it only hides the symptoms. It is mainly caused by poor bad eating habits and not enough stomach acid, so apple cider vinegar before meals works for me. If i have a a particularly bad episode i will take 1 motilium tablet.
  7. I thought the job of the police is to enforce the law, not make them up.
  8. I mean the search function at the top of this page. Or click here.
  9. Use the search function.
  10. All of my data is on D drive and is backed up regularly. I have a usb to sata cable that i connect to a spare hard drive.
  11. I have never tried to cancel a regular payment. Maybe select the talk to net officer link. Other than that, go through the fund transfer link at the top of the page.
  12. 15 years ago when i applied for my licenses, i had to give them something like this.
  13. I installed the repo from a zip but it will not connect to server when trying to install from the repository. Is the repo dead already?
  14. Is there a charge for the service?
  15. You need to watch this.