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  1. Whatever happened to Underboobs?
  2. and ironically, and be creating lifers, who can't afford healthcare till 65 years old, until they turn Medicare into the next Charter School lie.
  3. Let Them Eat Cake
  4. Yes, I think like Bill Clinton, their answer is to "block grant" Medicaid, as they did with Welfare, which means the the Chump supporters in the states that didn't "have a gun to their head per the SCOTUS" , will continue to suffer, for their ignorant use of Fox "news", of neoliberalism by the Carlos Slim's and Bezos MSDNC,etc. Though, the corporate Romneycare , is a Devil's Bargin.......; Obama blew it , when no public option was allowed, coupled with Kennedy's Brain Tumor ......
  5. Yes, yes, expanded Medicaid, hence problem solved for this guy, instead of not "buying" insurance, if he has a next time, sign up, assuming he doesn't want to avoid state taxes. Yes, I am aware Medicare is not Medicaid, thanks.
  6. I'm talking about Medicaid, not Medicare. In my State anyone below $18k MAGI, gets put into Medicaid, and doesn't use the exchanges, Medicaid is Free, though, can be problematic to find Doctors and get Authorizations, depending whom is administering it. However, in some ways, the coverage is actual more comprehensive, it may be you have to show residency to get it, which you may not want for other reasons, like state taxes , etc
  7. She looks a bit like a Vampire. Maybe Buffy the Vampire is the new trend, that would be cool.
  8. riding pinion on motorcy might not be covered too ....... also shipping out patients to other hospitals, whom they don't want ......whatever thats called
  9. purines and colchicine
  10. .......and did the MD give you a reason or you just to take it on faith, what do you imagine causes ear infections ? trapped water from having the plug in during swimming ?
  11. fwiw, those meds do nothing but treat symptoms, and side effects of the NSAIDs, RA has a factor that shows up in blood tests, if she has it. I would guess since they didn't say she did and 'did a lot of blood tests' it would seem she doesn't have RA There are many types of arthritis, also non-specific means nothing either, so you kind of have a whole lot of nothing there to go on. what is her age ? another classic questions is whether she has morning stiffness, that gets better as the day goes or vice versa. To test for OA often they just do an Xray which will show how much joint space there is or isn't , MRI is overkill if not done yet , unless they suspect something more complicated, that would cause flareups, but then I would not think that was so much arthritis .... need more infos :)
  12. I hope they weren't secretly assembled in Malaysia , might get stuck in Customs, if you know what I mean, wink wink .....
  13. VPNs for real geolocation are pretty worthless for anyone whom cares, Craigslist & Yelp just flat out refuse all VPNs endpoints along with Tor , Cloudflare added is death of any anonymity including Geolocation. I think Google consciously allows it for things they care about, disallows it for others. Google is the new Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid :) see: 2) Dont use google's DNS, use the VPNs or OpenDNS ; and check your VPN for leaks maybe, anyway your modem packets go thru your Thai ISP , what that ISP does with the packets may depend , esp in Thailand under military rules :)
  14. you might not really wanna know :,_Proxy_Chains,_and_VPN_Services#Comparison_of_Tor_and_VPN_services
  15. you probably could just do what the other guy is doing if you think you will be permanently over the upper end of the bracket, just convert up to the limit of your bracket, if you want all the hassle of doing it, not a bad idea to be 'tax diversified' betwen TIRA and RIRAs, they always say, it partially depends on what happens to the brackets when your time comes to take the RMDs .... which of course no one knows, hence the reason to be diversified, or what john probably said