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  1. you might not really wanna know :,_Proxy_Chains,_and_VPN_Services#Comparison_of_Tor_and_VPN_services
  2. you probably could just do what the other guy is doing if you think you will be permanently over the upper end of the bracket, just convert up to the limit of your bracket, if you want all the hassle of doing it, not a bad idea to be 'tax diversified' betwen TIRA and RIRAs, they always say, it partially depends on what happens to the brackets when your time comes to take the RMDs .... which of course no one knows, hence the reason to be diversified, or what john probably said
  3. maybe some kind of nebulizer machine, and/or inhalers , if it's respiratory, colored sputum , etc
  4. is this a serious question? there are only a few hundred colored cabs to choose from, and most would love to 'go airport' , as it's a good fair 400Baht, don't be cheap charlie just take the expressing 'Tang Duan' in pasa thai iirc..... grabtaxi used to be good for getting a drivers whom isn't hung over from whiskey or still mao/drunk(which I've had) at that hour., but GT was not good few months ago and waste of time for this purpose...... I think certain colored taxis are more reliable as they are owned by the owners or such ... i think green tricky part is always aligning yourself on the correct side of the street to get onto expressway.....but you don't need know that in this case, i'm sure. bpai sanam bin reo reo 55
  5. no https ! dodgy mak imho what gives ?
  7. so, your questions is ? should i continue SOH yoga? or maybe..... how long will it take to heal till its safe to do SOH? or which is more likely cause: I'd easily go with the airplane. however, that said generalized intercranial pressure, will temporary cause some increase blood BP to the head , I would think , however, the head being so close to the heart, it probably is pretty good at regulating that. does BP in the head effect, the inner ear pressure, possibly indirectly, enough to cause a puncture. maybe lost in translation , dr. being conservative meant to cut out the SOH for a while just to make the healing go faster ........... however doubtful the physiology of the healing might be.....:)
  8. why do OPs , write something, then never opine back another comment. sure makes it looks like they are anti-BBL trolls, to me. I guess it sparks various tangents/stories from the TV gang, but seems incoherant IMHO. no further follow up what "hacked" means, sounds like some misinformed vocabulary usage to me, just take everything offline, no ATM card, probably solved if its that bad ........sigh PS new brand of skimmers called shimmers, beware of any and all ATMs in LOS, stick to the one outside a branch perhaps, keep small amounts in the main ATM account ........... cover your hand when you enter your PIN 55
  9. Thai Soap or Similar with subtitles? on can anyone recommend something on youtube with english subtitles, or similar doesn't have to be soaps
  10. Read Dyanetics, Tom Cruise was cloned at birth .....
  11. no never said it did, but what is your suggestion or do you have one? use vpn for financial /bank login sessions?
  12. though, I always do use this : though, I think certificate system remains fairly broken, not sure on the latest , re: which browsers allows which root certificates, etc
  13. but afaik it's what there is ; unless you know something else ? ; i don't actually ever used it, myself, just a reference fwiw
  15. so pib, tallguy, etc. as a run for online banking, investment, most security needed logins, do you use the VPN on or off . seems to me a guess, as to do you trust your local ISP more than whatever VPN provider you've chosen. I'm not sure how trustworth Thai ISPs are vs. USA ones? of course if your using wifi the equation might change a little , i prefer VPN while on any wifi, however 100% if not my router ......