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  1. Thai Drivers License Checklist

    What paperwork is required for an expat renewing from a 2 year to 5 year DL please ? if any
  2. thing is, for anything that is not a 1040EZ, CPAs in the US are $3-400 /hour , tax preparers less, but an average one will miss things that would have saved you money ; so even $50 on sale once per year from Amazon download (which they match costco's price in January) is cheap. then you are also less likely to get the costly vague letters from the IRS a few years later, asking you to explain things ..... I value the consistency of the interface of TT , year to year, though, it seems unable to improve on some fronts, like deducting federal interest on state taxes ( my poor brother seems to have lost $1000s on that, till I informed him ....he used/uses Tax Act to save his pennies ) :)
  3. offtopic but libreoffice IMO
  4. What if you were to go for your Extension of Stay Sept 2018, for a 1 year stamp expiring Oct 2018 on an original O-A that expired Sept 2017 . Would I bring Quarterly Investment statements from my US Investment Firm going back 1 year or does it matter if it is "year to date YTD" income vs. a 1 calendar year lookback ?
  5. How to get a driving licence in Thailand

    so to renew an inital 2 years Motorcycle and Auto DL, no paperwork to bring? no medical certificate? , just show up early to beat the cues ? Last time I used the one out towards On Nut Sukhumwit
  6. Joe, permit me to addendum question, which I did a TV search for, and have asked in the past, ....... in the USA there are IRA accounts, from which if inherited folks, are required to take a "minimum distribution" based on life expectancy, which is what I do ... However, this isn't a 'return on investment' per se , (which to me is one of the definitions of "income" e.g. interest , dividends, and possibly capital gains ...... ) As, perhaps, you know. It's simply a movement of money from a Tax-deferred account to a Taxable account. But, if there were any confirmed cases of this being OK or not OK to use towards the affidavid at USEmbassy, sure would be nice to know, as in my case, with it, I have the income. Without I would not ...... and I prefer to be honest , if I commit to long term ex-pat status ....... in Sum: Can US IRA distributions be used toward the "monthly income" minimums for an extension of stay / US Embassy Affidavid certification ..... 2018
  7. Dont worry, Australian owned Fox News will get the EPA to allow anything the emolliants clown wants
  8. so by "coming in" you don't mean into Thailand but into , for example, a US account ?
  9. so, the CW officers just want the embassy letter, and if they want "something more" it's OK , if that "income" is outside the country , like Dividends and IRA distributions that are based in the US?
  10. it gets quite time consuming to wait for The taxi that will accept where you are going , and time of the day , I always thought Grab was less exploitive than Uber, and refused to ever use Ubers, despite Barrow's fascination with them ..... as I think Lyft is less exploitive than the Uber , 'you are the product, get used to it' ethos
  11. Health Insurance - newbie question on no claims

    I thought that after age 55, it was difficult to get policies while living in Thailand ?330days / year , not 60 ....... or perhaps at *starting at age 59 would be more expensive than starting at age *54 and aging to *59 while in Thailand ....... I wonder what counts as "pre-existing" ........ so if one has osteoarthritis mild in their knees, could they never get any treatment for it, if it was 'pre-existing' ?
  12. so, it is not necessary to show that an average of $65,000THB /mo has flowed into Thailand @ CW during extension of stay ONLY that for a calendar year there was "income" of said amount that averages out to $65,000THB at the present time (2018) ?
  13. Let's say I have RMD distributions from an IRA do those count towards the "income" at the US Embassy? ....... I am aware it's an affidavid and the CW may not ask for any "proof" ...... but ...... I need to choose whether to do a new round of OA then possibly EOS vs. ?60- day tourist visas with 30 day extensions from a hassle and cost and frequency of Thailand visits prediction
  14. printing forum hardcopy?

    yes, I know the basics Joe, but the latter grabs all the images, which are sometimes difficult to edit out and time consuming, and the point also being that this is a forum not just another website, && used to have such a button ...... and there is the trust issue with TV , though I forget all the history btw, in my user settings, I can only go see 1 page of my old posts is that also by design ? (yes I guess I could do a search for my name in the search engine but..)
  15. so it's ok on Tertiary roads , like sub-sois , lol , what happened to the crackdown on "underboobs" .......