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  1. just keep repeating , "incompetent demagogue" ; would waste any of 'thought' on the bastard regime IMO
  2. <deleted> qatari's , trying to save their ass from the Saudi Wahabi Salafist's , also paid off Stormy Daniels for Cohen , what a sad state the Citizen's United verdict has created for Rome
  3. take 1) When does "opinion" becomes propanganda, I wonder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda 2) Or can it been objectively analyzed to obtain a relative percentage of everything The Australian Robert Murdoch owns ..... ; maybe he is no worse than Randolph Hearst just with much deeper "Mediums" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_medium_is_the_message
  4. these look like customsofficers ......sorry
  5. no word on the Big Man who hired them ; ridiculous
  6. chubby

    Sizzlers salad bar

    the old adage of if you can't peel it, probably still applies , who would think salad could kill someone ....... https://www.livescience.com/8253-washing-lettuce-rid-bacteria.html
  7. so you don't have a mortgages in Germany and the banks don't sell that debt as Mortgage Backed Securities. IMO it's pretty much be design now for 'developed' economies' ..... now need to push austerity, and try to exploit what spoils are left off shore aka 'the world bank'; EMF, etc ...... The Goldman Sachs steal from the poor , but it's blamed on the governments, hence the arising so- called populism , which is just misdirected at the 'government' , except in China, where there is still state owned captial
  8. chubby

    Chest Infection or something else

    COPD is by definition emphysema (your FEV1 test- forced expiratory volume in 1 sec - generally not an advanced test to my knowledge), with chronic bronchitis, which I believe has to do with volume of phlegm any color expectorated on a regular basis. colors indicate infection, unfortunately COPD is progressive, and your probably at risk based on your history of PPD packs/day ; and higher risk for pneumonias and upper tract infection because the mucosa are probably damaged that move the phlegm so if your going to have exacerbations and live a good distance from a hospital, it's good you have the nebulizer, maybe some Azithromycin, and even oral steroids on hand .... if you start having > 2-3 exacerbations / year (which may be another way of diagnosis of the COPD); maybe even a finger O2 saturation checker, though COPD is really a problem of CO2 getting trapped from the obstruction
  9. damn straight, dittoheads reap the whirlwind, finally got their Koch Bros world, now they just need a war with Iran to seal the deal
  10. Hello I went by the local state shop for these background checks and was told there is the traditional one with a stamp that is $30, and there is some online version that gives a code, or cerfication with a code, but no stamp for $15 ; I wondering if anyone has tried using the non-stamped version for an OA or METV at the Los Angelas Thai Consulate by chance?? Consulate says *6. Four copies of police verification stating the applicant has no criminal record issued by the authority concerned of his/her nationality or residence. The verification must not be more than three months old. Please note we will not accept the receipt for Request for Live Scan Service unless it includes the actual report/results Local Office says You may obtain an instant criminal history record check online The criminal history record report will be emailed once payment is received online. However, please check if the agency you will be submitting the clearance to accepts online printouts. If they do not, you will have to mail your request and payment to the Criminal History Record Checks (CHRC) Unit. I don't really know what a Live Scan is, but either way, be nice to know , if anyone has gotten a METV or OA without an embossed seal ; I suppose I can take the "online printout" and get It notarized ....... maybe just pay the $30 and forget it
  11. "am Shocked, Shocked! to find out there is gambling going on in here" claude rains
  12. no point argu'ing too bad TV doesn't post URLs for references, sigh https://www.nestpick.com/furnished-apartments-rent-index/ Mark Twain poignantly remarked that "statistics" are the worse type of lies ; lately people can't even agree what "news" is anymore, much less valid science and it's interpretation, I blame media consolidation and the evangelicals
  13. I guess so few people use DD-WRT that they don't even use the term "stock ROM" firmware ....... just model numbers, which presumably no one ever re-flashes to up to date firmware even of the Brand of the hardware
  14. how about Wat Pra Kaew, tuktuk's offer free gem tours there
  15. trump's whole life is a slur, fool has no right to ask anything of anybody...... reap as you sow ; president rot http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/05/15/new-york-daily-news-slammed-for-mocking-deplorable-ivanka-trump-as-daddys-little-ghoul.html