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  1. chubby

    question about blood pressure meds

    as long as you don't stop and start betablockers, like carvidelol , that can be dangerous , eg don't allow the prescription to finish before you have a refill
  2. Am I understanding this correct? Someone renewing a 2 year DL on a "retirement" O-A visa (not an extension)...... will only get 2 more years, NOT 5 years ? I used Bang Chak DLT for the 2 year and it's due in Dec
  3. chubby

    low testosterone, possibly?

    Interesting that viagra is suggested instead to me, viagra is legit, if used as intended, the world now seems to fetishize supplements and "ask your doctor" about various nuanced medical issues, where the basics get lost. B12 maybe, OP doesn't state his age , Thyroid levels can change one's energy , I don't know why one would start with hormone levels ...... I'm surprised anyone still eats meat, seems fairly obvious it's loaded with antibiotics and is a deadend for the earth ......been that way for a few decades
  4. chubby

    knee's cartilage erosion - advise

    There is this thing called the placebo effect, many ppl swear by Glucosamine, if that is good enough for you "try it" , but quite likely to not do anything, (except cost you 1000s of baht)you can also try viscosupplementation injection, but same thing, ortho docs are willing to do them at least, but ...... if you can find some quality tumeric and don't mind the prices, use that, ice your knees often for 20 minutes esp after any long walks, do isometric quad exercises or concentric/eccentric with resistance if it doesn't flare up the problem and last I've heard cartilage replacement required one to not move their knee for 3-6 months and is experimental ...... often you can make problems worse by trying to fix them ..... <- 1st hand experience in that
  5. chubby

    low testosterone, possibly?

    just call it successful advertising "hey guys, I was a paratrooper and love my Motorcycle, but lately I'm not feeling myself" ...... https://www.wired.com/story/testosterone-treatment-myth/
  6. I realize it is unlikely anyone might have done this. So, feel free to ignore. Apparently, it's an affidavit as the income requirement one is , but legally, I wonder why it should matter whom notarized one's affidavit, but I'm not familiar with Thai Law or possible reciprocity with other countries ..... I'd guess just like the Medical Certificate, it's just Thai Bureaucracy Theater ...... ; I believe I once tried to use a medical certicate that I used for my Thai Visa in LA, but that just gave them a reason to say "no" anyway forget I asked
  7. I believe they want the US Embassy form , and notarized FOR proof of address at Bang Chak for a renewal , I'm looking to renew my 2 year to make it a 5 year
  8. funny when I got my 2 year, I had neither WP nor yellow book, maybe that is where the form from the US embassy comes in ...... ? I have a med certificate from July 2018 , from my US Doctor, I wonder if I might be allowed to use it Dec 2018 for renewal ? I guess for 100 B, might as well get a new one , is there any medical clinic near the DLT @ Bang Chak or Phom Phrong or so that one can recommend?
  9. as I understand notarys, all they are doing is validating your signature, not necessarily the document , I want to use my local US bank's notary, which is free for me, instead of the $50 notary service on wireless road
  10. Using Notary from US instead of USEmbassy for DLT renewal? Has anyone ever attempted to use a notary besides the USEmbassy for Americans getting a new or renewal for a Thai DL from the DLT ? Maybe it's not worth trying ? So much easier and cheaper if I do it in the US vs. the $50 USD and hassle of dealing with the US Embassy, which I did for the initial license. The form seems to have also changed and now is this one: https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/commonly-requested-handouts/ https://th.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/vehicle-license-affidavit.pdf Is that right? PS: Seems my sub-soi off soi 11 for med certifcate may be gone , any recent med certificate suggested places in lower Sukhumwit please ?
  11. .......defamation risk, computer crimes act, lese m... yada ; "harmony" over justice seems the asia way .... and karma working its way through the cycles....
  12. the "over-15" thing is also nonsensical, but we're not supposed to comment on the prose on TV
  13. puke away " In other cases, Americans of Mexican heritage have had their passports revoked while abroad, preventing them from coming home. In one case, the State Department denied a passport to a 40-year-old Army veteran named Juan who had a birth certificate showing he was born in Texas. According to the Post, Juan’s passport was rejected even though he had spent three years as a private in the Army, then as a cadet in the Border Patrol. He now works as a state prison guard."