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  1. The Mother's FB page is now stating that he has been found - alive and they hope to bring him home soon.
  2. I flew over the compound the other day and noticed the big dome was very dull. It looks like they have removed all of the gold statues.
  3. The speedboat guys just want a bigger slice of the pie - If they cut the price of park admission, the 'all in' boat and entrance fee will still be the same but the boaties will get a bigger cut.
  4. The military government (or any govt for that matter) is transparent alright - anyone should be able to see right through them.
  5. I've had similar issues with delays and losses thru "Laksi" - the Laksi in question for me wasn't in north Bangkok though, it was in Malaysia.
  6. No scam here - that's standard recruitment process.
  7. I googled McGarrett oats because I'm having the same problem - mine also seem to absorb less water so I get a separated, watery chewy and inedible bowl of porridge. I've switched brands now - the oats seem harder somehow, almost as if they have been toasted or dried out.
  9. "sideline", "pretty", "cheating" - all of these words can be defined by the user and are open to a large degree of speculation and, in the case of the first two, overlap.
  10. Back in the mid 90's, two Thai guys lived with us in NZ. They represented our school at table tennis and swept all the awards. In their own capacity, they also went on to take first and second places in the youth provincial championships. They were even celebrated in the local press. Our school couldn't have been prouder of them for making a genuine difference and accomplishment in their (temporarily) adopted country.
  11. Christ I wish I'd not clicked on this. This is sad beyond words.
  12. I have two email addresses linked to my account - no problem In addition, I have found the call center staff to be extremely helpful and efficient should I run into any issues.
  13. In Bangkok - on Soi Sarasin by Lumphini Park, there's a place called ProBike. They have been around forever (long before the craze hit here) they have a massive range and are really worth checking out. They also have a great website.