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  1. I agree that DHL is useless, read post 57. An update on my first , AND LAST, shipment by Ebay GPS. They sent me an email yesterday with a big SUCCESS on it. Your package has been delivered. Maybe it was, but not to me. The email was one that you could not respond to so I went through their website and complained. I got another email from them, no response allowed, stating that I needed to wait a while for the seller to straighten it out. The seller delivered to GPS and GPS is ebay so I responded as such again though their website.. This morning I got an email, again no response allowed, from a real person apologizing for the problem and stating that they would check by contacting the agent here. He also said that I should ask for a refund but that their system would not allow me to do that until after the end of the delivery window that was May 3. I respond again through their website terminating the email that IMHO the only resolution to the problem was euthanasia of the entire GPS staff and have yet to hear back. IMHO the only reliable service from either the UK or the US is the postal system! I'm sure others will disagree!
  2. True Visions is a joke. When I added my third set top box they told me on the phone that 20 meters of cable was free and anything over was 20 baht/meter. When they came out to install it I told the guy that I measured it and that I needed 25 meters of cable. He said 20 meter free and cut the cable at 20 meters. Even though I had installed a wire channel, when they left it looked like the first picture with the splitter dangling out of the wire channel beside the TV cabinet in full view. No mater how much I complained they wouldn't add the extra cable to make the installation right - I even had a barrel connector. I reworked it myself and 1 hour after they left the cable had been extended and screwed to the wall behind the TV cabinet. The installation was "free"! I complained to them via email and the next day the same crew came back to correct the problem. Guess what I wouldn't let them in the house nor would I sign work order.
  3. I can see the owner's reasoning for banning 14-18 year old blacks, but why 14-18 year old dogs!!!
  4. No, but if you find one let me know. I had my hip replaced 5 years ago and it has been acting up recently and all that I can get from the Doc is paracetamol!
  5. Unfortunately the PEA pole is not in the neighbor's yard, it is in the "PEA right of way" and ,although it you would expect that you neighbor would want to keep it aesthetically pleasing, it is not his responsibility. You see government crews clearing the brush from the right away beside roads all of the time.
  6. Can you get two SIM Cards with the same telephone number?
  7. I live in a remote area of Nakhon Sawan Province. The last package that was sent from the US via DHL, even though I requested USPS, was delivered by the motorcycle noodle vendor that comes to our Village everyday. It was delivered after DHL had declared that it was "lost somewhere in there system in Thailand". The noodle vendor's husband is a driver for a Thai "fly by night" delivery service. I ship a lot of farm equipment and repair parts and never use couriers. I also never use the eBay Global Mail Service, if I can help it as they are all a rip offs. The international mail services in the country of origin are the best if the package qualifies. Otherwise I normally ship by sea, either consolidated or a full container. I use an International Logistics company to coordinate the whole process on both end s including customs clearance and delivery here. They have their own customs department. Unfortunately I now have a small package from eBay, worth about 8 GBP that is being sent by their Global mail service. I didn't realize it at the time that I ordered. I just can't wait to see what happens. The supplier shipped it to them on 18/4. If they had shipped it Royall Mail International Tracked, which is what I thought I paid for, I expect that it would be here next week with no duty applied since it is less than 1000 baht.
  8. The Thai neswsvideo, past and present, are now working on my stone age thingy with a Sanskrit II operating system. Thanks!
  9. I made a total botch of the calculations above but didn't correct it due to the follow on comments. The decimal point should move i place to the left, 2000 watt unit = 720 baht/month, 880 watt unit = 316.8 baht/month and the 150 watt unit = 180 baht/month. I agree with your above statement about proper insulation and leaving the units on 24/7 and looked at a single unit with distributed air when I built my house 18 years ago but my wife put an end to that as she did not want air in the living area. The house that I built in the US was in Southern Mississippi where the weather for 3 months of the year is actually hotter and more humid than here. It was wood frame with brick veneer with R4 insulation in the walls and R6 in the ceilings and lined curtains on the windows and exhaust fans in the gables in the attic. It was over 500 square meters and was cooled by a 48000 BTU unit which was integral to the natural gas heater. with the thermostat set at 72 degrees F.
  10. I just drank a glass of WD40 and all that it did was give me a stomach ache, no improvement in the movement!
  11. Yep, didn't work again. I tried to copy a picture from google. "picture of plug in ac voltmeter" I copied it and pasted it in. The picture appears and I get the following message : "You have pasted content with formatting. Remove formatting" If I post without removing the format the picture doesn't appear, if I remove the format and post it, the picture still doesn't appear. I can copy the picture to a word file and save it and post the link and the picture appears when you open it. voltmeter.doc I don't remember this problem happening before.
  12. No wall, no fence, no gate! Only have a painted wrought iron thingy to keep the ferocious lickers in!
  13. As Crossy said, surge protection needs to be discussed in a separate thread, but that statement also applies to extension cords which have been discussed ad nauseam in past years.
  14. I would have to disagree with you! First of all you don't put water in free standing air conditioners, you put water in evaporation air coolers. They are two totally different machines and the cooling principles are totally different. I have two "evaporation coolers". Both have large water tanks and only one has a place to put ice. The cooling is done through the evaporation of water that is passed through the cooling pads and using cold water actually defeats the principle since it takes longer to evaporate. It will only give you short term cool air. I've never put ice or cold water in my coolers. I fill the tanks with tap water, one 32 liters, the other 40 liters. I wheel them over to the bathroom door and fill them with a hose that I have installed in the bathroom, takes about 3 minutes each. I'm sitting here typing this in my living room which is about 86 square meters. The temperature displayed on the digital clock/thermometer on the wall on the other side of the room is 37 degrees. The cooler is currently on high, about 1.5 meters from me, blowing cool air. The digital thermometer on the desk beside me registers 29,3 degrees. So I'm sitting in a 37 degree room with 29.3 degree air blowing on me which makes it very comfortable If I were sitting here with a floor fan blowing air on me I would be blasted with 37 degree air. The unit draws 150 watts so at the current electric rate if I use it 10 hours a day it will cost 1800 baht/month with no installation costs. If I were to air condition the same area, 86 square meters, I would need 60000 BTUs of cooling. Assuming 10 hours/day at 30% duty cycle it would cost about 21,600 baht/month. I would also have installation costs, would have to upgrade the above ceiling insulation and rework the electric distribution system to provide the extra power required and I'm not sure that the local supply could support running four 15000 BTU units at the same time which would be necessary to properly cool the 86 square meters. So, IMHO, they are not useless if used as air coolers, they are not air conditioners designed to cool an entire room and cannot be used as such in this high humidity environment, but they are definitely better than just a fan!
  15. If it's wired correctly then you should not be concerned about safety. As far as surge protection that is an entirely different animal and you basically have none nor do I. Crossy has and I'm sure that he can explain what is necessary better than I can, Basically, it requires a surge protection device on the input to your house and little surge protectors in each of the wall sockets.