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  1. The Borg would reject you as you have already assimilated with TV, far worse than the Borg!
  2. Common building mistakes in Asia and Thailand

    Obviously a statement from a licensed and experienced contractor. I built a house just north of New Orleans in the USA, do you think it had a basement when New Orleans is 13-18 feet below sea level. At times you could go out in the pasture and jump up and down and watch the waves of earth ripple before you due to the low water table. Many of the septic tanks are below the living space because the living space occupies the entire plot of land, there's no way you can put it 4 meters away.What is the point of your post as you obviously don't have a clue?
  3. Like I said before, that won't happen unless trump stops listening to Stephen Miller and John Kelly. He's indicated that he is willing to give in before to DACA resolutions and then the two "alt right" advisors get involved and he changes his mind. Currently, unless he gets funding for his "wall", and elimination of the other two immigration bills, DACA will go nowhere. McConnell can make a deal and pass an acceptable bill and it will die in the House and not even be introduced. Kelly might be on the way out and Miller put in the back ground after his outburst with Jake Tapper but unless they both go there's no hope!
  4. Depending on the issues being discussed, Putin has agreed to timeshare his puppeteer role with Steven Miller, John Kelly and Jeff Sessions especially on issues dealing with immigration.
  5. Unfortunately McConnell can do exactly what he promised and the Senate could come up with and pass a bill that is acceptable to both parties. It would then be passed to the house, Trump could just pick up the phone and tell Ryan that he won't sign it and that's the end. Ryan will not introduce the bill for discussion and up/down vote!
  6. Another definition of "control" is that the majority leader, McConnell, determines if and when a bill will be introduced for debate and vote. In the case of the Graham/"Dickey" Durbin bill that they felt would pass with at least 60 votes, McConnell wouldn't introduce the bill so that it could be debated and voted on. So McConnell effectively "controlled" the Senate because "he thought that the President wouldn't sign the bill"! If he had introduced it at least it would have been voted on and then passed to the House. If they passed it, it would then go to the President for signature. If, by some chance, 2/3 of congress, both the House and Senate, had passed it , he could not veto it and it would become law! No fair immigration bill will ever make the President's desk for signature as long as McConnell thinks that he needs to get the President's approval before introducing the bill and Trump continues to listen to Steven Miller who is a flaming racists and John Kelly who should have just retired from the Corps and stayed home!
  7. You could volunteer your expert programming skills to the TV geeks, they certainly could use some help!!!
  8. Join blue plastic pipwork underground

    I don't know what the code is today since copper will cost you an arm, a leg, and a right gonad today, but the code in the US when I built my houses there was continuous copper under the slab, all joints in the wall above the slab. IMHO the only way to go. The initial cost is far better than having to rework leaky joints under/in the slab.
  9. Until Trump stops listening to his 32 year old senior political advisor, Steven Miller, nothing will change. He's a white supremacist and has been all of his life. If he gets fired he could go get a swastika tattooed on his neck and go buy a white sheet and he would immediately get a job with the white supremacist movement or become and advisor to David Duke. Unfortunately General Kelly's hard line immigration policies doesn't help much either. IMHO, I would have expected more from the General after serving in the Corps for so long, but the military is one place where those in command were allowed to harbor and practice their feelings about inequality. I really thought that he would tell Trump to shove it after he politicized the death of his son!
  10. within a month it would be clogged with food stalls!
  11. Or they could just put in normal tracks and an existing train and have it go both ways in reverse and call it "back to the future"!
  12. Join blue plastic pipwork underground

    Using a union is not the answer as once the two sides are glued on at least one side has to be flexible enough to move it into place to properly join them. Which pipe do you think can be moved? The 90 degree fittings are the best option other than digging up the whole mess!
  13. Import

    I've imported many things from the US and China including John Deere Combines that were disassembled and packed in 40' containers. I use and International Logistic Company in Bangkok and they can handle everything including obtaining an import license if required. Here's the contact info, you should contact Marc as he is the Bangkok Manager. Ralf is the COO and spends his time between here and Miami, Florida: CUSTOMS BROKER AND LOGISTICS, BangkokThailand SENATOR INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS LTD. 2nd Fl. Permpoom Bldg. 32 Sukhumvit Soi 87 Bangjak, Bangkok 10260 Thailand Tel: +66-2-3114408 Ext. 100 Ralf Ext. 105 Mark Fax: +66-2-3114409 Mobil: +66-81-8488171 Ralf +66-81-8488370 Mark Email : [email protected] Email: [email protected] Internet: http://www.senator-international.com
  14. What are you eating? (food porn)

    The house is filled with the aroma of a 1.5 kilo chunk of beef brisket cooking in the slow cooker with red wine, polpa tomatoes, onions, carrots, thyme, rosemary, soy sauce, salt and pepper! It'll be done around noon but needs to be prepared properly and is intended for dinner tomorrow, but I'll probably steal a little today. There's enough for me and five others so Pa will get a plate and I'll have 4 meals to put in the freezer. Wish that I could post the aroma!
  15. I remember when I came to live and work in Samui in the late 1990's, there were many "lost" people wandering around day and night!