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  1. Nothing around here will be ready for harvest until at least late August, early September (other than the occasional few ears of bay corn that I steal for stir fry, just about gone). No price info available right now.
  2. Without knowing what power is avaiable atthe pole on the street it's difficult to say. It could be that PEA/MEA has told the mattress place that in order to get the power that they need for their new building, they will have to purchase a transformer,. It could be that they are trying to "sucker" you into sharing the cost, they're not cheap, of the transformer which you would need if the current available power is sufficient for your house!! You will need your own meter not matter what, either a 15/45 or 30/100 single phase.
  3. I doubt that you will find it at either Home Pro or Thaiwatsdadu. What I buy is sold in hand filled and tied fiber bags and comes directly from the "sea salt" farms which are along the road south west of Bangkok between Bangkok and Hua Hin. It's sold here at the Ma and Pa grocery store. A lot of the farmers use it mixed with water and spray it as a weed killer since the cost of commercial weed killers such as paraquat is very expensive if you are using it as an emergence treatment for many rai of farmland. I have never checked at either Home Pro or Thaiwatsdadu since the closest HP is 110 kilometers and the only TW is 200 kilometers. It's not been cleaned or bleached and is also available in 1kg hand filled bags for 10 baht.
  4. If you want to stop the weeds from growing and never coming back, buy a big bag of sea salt and spread a layer where you don't want them to grow and water it and let it slowly leach into the soil. Nothing will grow there in the future for a while but you also have o be careful of the run off. Sea salt is available here at the local Ma and Pa grocery store for 140 baht for a 35 kilo bag.
  5. Paraquat should be available at any of the small farm supply shops. A 1 liter bottle will be about 160 baht. I mix it at a 50 to 1 ratio with water. It is not a selective weed killer and will kill any foliage that it is sprayed on. The only English on the bottles that I buy is "paraquat dichloride" in small print somewhere on the bottle. Then all that you need is a backpack sprayer (700 baht hand pump to 3500 baht gas engine powered ) to apply it! But for small applications a spray bottle will work. Also make sure that you wear proper protection Thai Style - a "T" shirt tied over your head so only your eyes are exposed, a hat, a long sleeved shirt, gloves, long pants and rubber boots. You also might need a first aide kit as you "boy" will most lively have a fit when you enter the house dressed like that!!
  6. I can see no reason why you would use nitrogen in an accumulator tank for a water pump, however, if you are pumping hydraulic fluid, it is essential that an inert gas such nitrogen be used. If normal compressed air is used, in certain conditions the hydraulic fluid can react with the oxygen in the compressed air and cause an explosion. I have three corn combines that have accumulator tanks in the hydraulic system and they must be filled with nitrogen. The tanks are about the size of the small ones on the water pumps and might even be interchangeable. If they are interchangeable it would be prudent for the manufacturer to fill all of their tanks with nitrogen to avoid possible accidents.
  7. Unlike most of the reports that I have seen, the rain here has been exactly what was needed. A long slow nightly rain with almost no standing water in the morning. All of the corn has tasseled and cobs are forming,(had some stir fried baby corn yesterday) and unless there's some horrible weather between now and harvest time, about 6-8 weeks, it will be a "bumper" crop. Of course that will most likely be offset by low prices. The beasts are being readied as I type.
  8. I have two Black & Decker and one Hitachi units. I have had no problems with the drill motors, one is 19 years old. The biggest problem is the batteries. II have bought replacements from China through Aliexpress and have heard about Amorn being able to re-cell them., but I live in rural Nakhon Sawan Province and the Amorn store in NS went tits up. I tried to contact Amorn via email to see if I could send them the batteries and have them re-celled but never got a response. When I called them no one spoke English and my Thai is lousy so they hung up! I now have three drills with only two good batteries!!!
  9. Yep! A lady in the small village where I live makes/sells it every morning. 20 baht/bowl without the egg, 25 baht/bowl with the egg. Acyually it's quite good and I sometimes add an extra egg if I take it home!
  10. The only thing to do with a cold soft boiled egg is to crack it into a bowl of piping hot Khao Tom and let it finish cooking! Why would anyone buy a cold soft boiled egg?
  11. I agree, but so far where I have used it it's still in place doing the job intended, and I learned a long time ago "not to fix something that is not broken"!
  12. I guess that I would have to disagree. When I built my house 18 years ago the kitchen sink came with a set of gray plastic drain pipes that were designed to hook together with gaskets and screw on fittings (attached to the pipes) The problem with them was that the fittings would not tighten enough and would strip or "jump" the plastic threads, Teflon tape was useless. I never could get them to completely seal and there were leaks. I bought some "aqua putty" and sealed all of the fittings using it fully intending to replace the drains with PVC at a later date. It's now 18 years later and the original drains are still in place. The "aqua putty" is an epoxy glue and will dry hard but should supply the required seal. I keep a tube in the workshop for emergencies and have temporarily repaired leaking pipes and even holes in large plastic containers.
  13. Unfortunately NS immigration still adheres to the old 30 day in advance policy for extensions. I confirmed it with the IO when I was there yesterday. She also confirmed that they now accept income affidavits up to 6 months old, They would only accept ones less than 30 days old for a long time after the policy changed but have now got on the band wagon.
  14. Since I hadn't yet received my 90 day receipt for the report that was mailed and received by immigration on the 20th of June, I traveled the 110 kilometers to get one. I also visited Makro for a periodic restock. I came from the southeast past the railway station and was at Makro at 0710. It was pleasant shopping as it was basically empty and on checkout I had somehow managed to get 7200 baht with of goods that fit into one Makro bag!. I got to Immigration at 0840 and explained my problem to the lady that does the extensions. She checked and it had been processed but evidently had been lost in the mail. I got a new one with the next report date within 30 days of my extension date so I can do both at the same time. I was out by 0855 and on my way home without ever having to put up with the traffic light at the Big C intersection.
  15. Could it be that they are closing due to the Thai mentality? If there is a restaurant on the corner of an intersection that is doing good, all of a sudden three others open on the other corners! My wife had a small restaurant in our village. When she died 2 years ago my niece took over the restaurant and two other restaurants opened in the village, one next door and one across the street. There are only 21 houses in the village, all farmers. Now all three are having problems.