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  1. Do you know what country you are in? It is a way of life here.
  2. Not true at all. Are you saying the police follow the law?
  3. So the Moto taxi asked his passenger to steal the wallet, and they did...Amazing!! All a "misunderstanding" I am sure
  4. Political ban ‘here to stay’

    4 years to "expedite" ?
  5. Better chance of Prayuth still being in charge
  6. That will sure prevent him from going off on the next person who honks at him.
  7. A "Wai" can solve all violent behavior , but smoke a joint and your life is ruined.
  8. Are they(government) planning to pay EVERYONE for lost income, so they can feed themselves and pay bills?
  9. I think Thai males are taught that when someone honks at you they are telling everyone " You are worthless and have a small dick"
  10. Thai people have had enough! What can they do? Stay in line or called in for "attitude adjustment" Sad, sinking ship
  11. So when driving drunk, just claim your an alcoholic and everything is ok?
  12. PM Prayut prepared for visit to US

    Hopefully reporters will give him some tough questions! Not the softballs he demands here.
  13. I guess the Russians, Chinese and Middle Eastern are the future of Thailand
  14. Numbers certainly don't jive with the people that work in the tourist industry. They are hurting
  15. We are guests in their country. Surely it should not be up to us to "fix" the problem. When you go on holiday do your file reports for every problem you see? It is the governments job to fix it. But that would require real, actual work with no financial reward.