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  1. All the money must come through BKK for any work. That is why when Thaskin was PM Chiang Mai got everything done as he is from here. The current Govt. hate Chiang Mai(red shirts) and won't give them anything.
  2. Wake up Thailand. My (Thai) wife just got a 10 year multiple entry USA visa with no 90 days reporting for 6000 Baht and a Canadian 5 year multiple entry visa no 90 day reporting for 5500 baht.
  3. Are you saying taxi's in Thailand are fair and honest?
  4. Next they will require "police insurance " . Tea money is paid from it In case you need the police to do their job during your visit
  5. Typical left attitude "If you don't hate and despise Trump as much as me, I will beat you up or insult you because you must love him"
  6. That one was still open. Just had a 3 month membership there. They also have Tennis School there so I would think it would stay open. They have tournaments scheduled until the end of the year.
  7. Not at all true. A Super Fitness Center run properly is a cash cow. Having a TV/satelite company run it is not the way to go. They run it as a VIP extra and give too many freebies away..
  8. He feels insulted, so he is going to hold his breath until...
  9. Famous Thai maintenance again
  10. It is the main reason to cheer against Leicester City F.C.
  11. For a country that still uses buffalos on farms, I think they still have a few more steps before robots.