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  1. There must have been betting allowed. What else would get them away from their daily card game in the back of the station.
  2. "Good guys in, bad guys out" Unless you bribe someone
  3. Does that include teachers bullying students?
  4. Luckily, your not jumping to any conclusions
  5. Why do they never look for "bar girl" when a foreigner dies from condo fall?
  6. Alcohol promotion crackdown to hit Phuket

    Just another "kickback" option. The coffers are running low
  7. Wow. Never thought I would see a Thai apologists defending road carnage in Thailand. Clearly you should be on the next "safety panel" which I am sure will be put together within days
  8. Bangkok airport infrastructure faulted

    Thailand does not plan, they react. Upgrades will START when it starts hitting the bottom line. 5-10 years late
  9. How many would die during the test
  10. I am sure it is a misunderstanding. Govt. will be along soon with their own poll naming Thailand roads as the safest
  11. Because you are supposed to be home and able to cook in your own kitchen. Why should people be forced to "eat out" through no fault of their own? People pay for hotels when they travel too, should everyone be expected to pay their own hotel an extra night when flights are delayed overnight?
  12. Why do the idiot drivers always survive? A$$hole