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  1. One of the few "honest" mistakes they have ever made
  2. 3 Million Baht fine would solve it. 3000 is no incentive to do the work of background checks
  3. Should have shot him dead and said he lunged with the knife.
  4. If he is guilty, dismember him for 10 days
  5. "Water Survival Skills"? Its called swimming
  6. No doubt he used his phone throughout this whole ordeal
  7. Looks like they slowly walked
  8. up 12-14% is a standard number Thai government uses. Tourists numbers go up 12-14% every year without fail as well
  9. He has been using whitening cream
  10. Scary that a Thai International Drivers License is accepted in other countries
  11. Probably the low guard rail. Most don't even come up to your waist. Not hard to imagine leaning over and falling..
  12. Will the Generals assets be seized if this does not work?
  13. What a fool. Troglodyte!!
  14. Being in Korea when she had her heart attack may very well have saved her life.