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  1. Right. They are clearly at fault because they exist. Victim blaming supreme
  2. 8 Months? Right before "election". How convenient
  3. I do criticise , but credit is do here. Good police work
  4. Too bad the victim didn't pull out a gun and shoot down the one who actually deserved it.
  5. Lots more just like him. Anyone with money can buy a job as a cop
  6. Why is it always up to the victim. Lazy and pathetic @$&% ers
  7. One of the biggest problems with Thailand is the use of this phrase.
  8. Deez

    British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    If we start seeing it on a daily basis, many will agree with you
  9. It is unfortunate that Thailand has no one to uphold the law and punish those "bad" drivers
  10. 1.02 unemployment? 99% of Thais "working" you
  11. Just jumped out on its own. Clearly he is blameless then