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  1. Hopefully he finds some cellmates in prison who are better at sex..
  2. Stay tuned for a taxi driver returning a bag of cash..
  3. Lucky the victim does not need to file a complaint for the police to charge someone with murder
  4. Because there can be no tea money from the Germans
  5. His approval rating has plummeted from 120%
  6. The "green" zone can be right next to the "happy" zone
  7. So your the smartest guy in the room and anyone who disagrees with you is spewing garbage? Got it.
  8. And you know they will too
  9. Instead of rewarding a gang of Rats, why don't the police just do their job!!
  10. If Americans used Thai "logic" they would all be fined $10,000 and publicly shamed
  11. How is it an insurance scam? They lost 100 euros
  12. Right. After 4 years at the trough, it is now time to declare who wins.
  13. About as believable as Pattaya as a family resort